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Project summary 1Q AP 2011

  1. 1. First Quarter Assessments Periods 2, 5 and 6
  2. 2. First Quarter Assessments Periods 2, 5 and 6
  3. 3. SevenService
  4. 4. Roles of a Deacon- Now - Visit the sick - Teach the faith - Counsel individuals Kathleen Flanagan Kristen Mulholland Katherine Murphy Madeline Scepansky
  5. 5. What is your role in Today’s Church?Deacons are called to a three-fold ministry: Ministry of Charity Ministry of the Word Ministry of the Altar Kellie Patterson Kellie Schuhl
  6. 6. Ordinary attire for permanent deacon is that of a layman.Marina Switliski, Kiley McGill, Ariana Bradley, and Michelle Parisano
  7. 7. How are they different frompriests & bishops? A bishop is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight. A priest is a person authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and deities. Deacons do the rest of the work in church . Gianna Harris Kaylor Humber
  8. 8. Katie Hartman, Taylor Randolph, and Ali Reynolds
  9. 9. Katie Hartman, Taylor Randolph, and Ali Reynolds
  10. 10. First Quarter Assessments Periods 2, 5 and 6
  11. 11. How did Paul get around?! Walked Most of the time Boats Only sometimesAmy Ly, Jenna Wilson,Brooke Jamgochian, Megan Calabrese
  12. 12. Writing• s• Emily Kollhoff, Kasey Beck, Megan Callahan and Steph Aaron
  13. 13.  51 AD letter in 56 AD Advice Begged Talked about our role, and God’s servers’ roles The importance of the Eucharist The resurrection of Christ and the dead
  14. 14. First Quarter AssessmentsPeriods 2, 5 and 6
  15. 15. RCIA The process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. During this process individuals gather with other members of the faith community to reflect upon the Sunday Scripture readings so they can understand Catholic beliefs and the call to a faith community. People are free to leave this process anytime. The faith community promises to support, pray for you and encourage Maria Newberry you.
  16. 16. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults  The R.C.I.A is a systematic look at the beliefs, practices and “laws” of the Roman Catholic Faith.  The R.C.I.A is looked upon as a “Journey of Faith”  All types of people join together to discover more about the Catholic faith.  The R.C.I.A helps adults to grow in their with God. Kayia Drummond, Tiara McLaine, Leigha Coates, Milan Urquhart
  17. 17. • R.C.I.A. stands for• Rite of• Christian• Initiation of• Adults• The RCIA is a communal process and involves a number of stages to aid and assist the potential convert toward liturgical rites including the final rites, the sacraments of initiation, usually at the Easter Vigil at which time they will become full members of the Roman Catholic Church. Taylor Owens
  18. 18. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  Today it could take, generally, one year.Some parishes could take longer. Because the new members are better educated in the facts of faith, community, ministry, and responsibility. Shannon Scott, Maddie Massie Ashley Mallory
  19. 19. Mystagogia Four Purification Steps CatechumenateKatie Farrell, Kerry Farrell, Krista Hoffmann & Inquiry or Pre-Catechumenate Jordan Monaghan
  20. 20. The RCIA of Today Begins with the RCIA process and reaches its completion in a celebration of : Baptism Confirmation Eucharist Maya Robinson, Jenae McLaughlin, Chantel Briggs, Dayah Harris, Brianna Tyson
  21. 21.
  22. 22. First Quarter Assessments Periods 2, 5 and 6
  23. 23. Leaders Of The ChurchCharles Chaput Peter James The Greater
  24. 24. Caree Dodson Rachel GravesCiara Nichols Kylia Eggleston
  25. 25. I. Name was originally Shim’on / Simon. II. Jesus change his name to Peter because of his inspired response, by Saying “you are the meSSiah”Clarke Baker III. hiS name meanS “Nakia BirtonShamirah BrownPermeah Swen
  26. 26. Highlights of Peter’s life  Peter is the first Apostle to perform miracles in the name of the Lord.  Peter was crucified on the Vatican Hill upside down because he declared himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord.  He was a member of the inner circle with Jesus, James and John  He has also been called “The Rock”Delaney Moore, LaurenPalmer, Shaminder Grewal, InaeNewman
  27. 27. Pope John Paul II• beatified 1,340 people and 483 saints• second longest Pope in reign o 26 years and 168 days• Ordained priest : November 1, 1946 (All Saints Day)• Ordained Bishop: September 28, 1958• Archbishop of Krakow: January 13, 1964• forgave man that tried to kill him Carlee Ballinger, Aubrey Dougherty, Heather Myers
  28. 28.  The line of bishops extending all the way back to the apostles. The role of the apostolic succession is to make sure that the teachings of Christ would be passed on after the death of the apostles. Alesha Womack
  29. 29. Apostolic succession is the line ofbishops stretching back to theapostles.The 12 apostles passed on theirauthority to successors, who thenpassed the apostolic authority on totheir successors, continuingthroughout the centuries, even untotoday. Joanna Saunders Caitlin Flanagan Julia Sweeney & Maura Herman
  30. 30. What is Apostolic Succession?  Line of bishops stretching back to the apostles Role is to preserve the true doctrine that is illustrated in the Bible
  31. 31.  Apostolic Succession is the line of bishops stretching back to the apostles. The role of Apostolic Succession in preserving true doctrine is illustrated in the Bible. The Church Fathers, who were links in that chain of succession. Regularly appealed to Apostolic Succession as a test for whether Catholic’s or heretics had correct doctrine. Rachel Paoletti & Samantha Blong
  32. 32. Role of the Bishop• Supreme priest• Preach the Gospel• Guide his people• Ordains priest and deacons• Celebrates the Sacrament of Confirmation• Governs local church Carolyn Ward, Christina Urso, Rebecca Lawless, Lauren Thomas
  33. 33. Roles and Duties of Bishops Teach, sanctify and govern people Preach gospel Administer the sacraments Principal teacher in faith community Lead others to knowledge of the truth of salvation in Christ Kathleen Ryan, Devan Furia, Kaitlyn Devany & Chelsey Downey
  34. 34. Peter: Leaders of the Church Chandler Dangerfield Corrine Rossiter Gabby Sanflalippo Kelly Gallagher
  35. 35. Clarke Baker Nakia BirtonShamirah BrownPermeah Swen
  36. 36.  Charles Chaput  Installation: 9/8/11  Belongs to Order of Friars Minor  First Native American Archbishop.Jennifer Lauro, Shannon Keeley, and Helen Matusik