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on deedi and gulmohar

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  1. 1. erPbKlY es›uG ]q-|u~ Ku«-¥ali† quot;†_u-ZG f-cs-c-Œr« bu-ŠG žN-…u-¥œl»uG ZsZr Zl-¥al-Zc-ž„ta-h·o rt-žb hr-r-a-bl-br-cu~u. $¥]¶lŽ ]q†-W #-¥cl-Kp-¥Œl-žS Xr-c-|-Yl- cNbr-¥d-|o Xr-cr-žN-Œu-I-bl-Wo quot;e† hr -n-abn¬- F-√mw ]p-cp-j≥ n-iv-N- ™p a-e-bm-f kn-n-a-bn¬ kv-{Xo-bp-sS th- {]-i-kv-X Xn-c-°-Ym-Ir-Øv Sn. Zm-tam-Z-c- bn-°p-∂p. kw-hn-[m-w ap-X¬ B-cv jw. C-f-°-an-√m-sX Xp-S¿-∂ Cu B¨-tem-I- s‚ a-I-fmb Zo-Zn C-t∏mƒ tIm-gn-t°m-Sv A`n--bn-°-Ww, B-cp Im-W-Ww F-∂p-h-sc. tØ-°v Ir-Xy-am-b kv-{Xo-]-£ n-e-]m-Sp-I- sF.F-®v.B¿.Un-bn¬ {]n≥-kn-∏-em-Wv. tIm- tI-h-ew A-`n--b-Øn-s‚ c-t≠m aq-t∂m Np-h- tfm-sSbmWv Zo-Zn Zm-tam-Z-c≥ IS∂p-h-∂Xv. gn-t°m-Sv B¿-Sv-kv tIm-tf-Pn-v k-ao]-sØ Sp-Iƒ, H-cp ]m-´v, H-cp I-c-®n¬ ˛ A-tXm-sS I-gn- quot;Kp¬-tam-l-dn-'-eqsS. quot;]m-∏m-Øn' F-∂ ho-´n-en-cp-∂v Zo-Zn kw-km- cn®p. Xn-c-°-Ym c-N--bp-sS km-t¶-Xn-I h-i- ߃ F-ß-s-bm-Wv kzm-b-Ø-am-°n- bXv? ANv-O≥ F-∂pw kn-n-a-bp-sS Xn-c-°n-em- bn-cp-∂p. quot;Cu m-Sv', quot;hm¿-Ø', quot;Im-‰-sØ In-fn- °q-Sv' quot;1921', quot;Im-e-]m-n' Xp-S-ßn a-e-bm-fn-I-fn- jv-S-s∏-´ 71 kn-n-a-I-sf-¶n-epw A-Nv-O≥ sN-bv- Xn-´p-≠v. B Xn-c-°-Y-I-fn¬ `q-cn-]-£-hpw tI- s´-gp-Xm≥ A-Nv-O≥ F-t∂m-Sm-Wv B-h-iy- s∏-´-Xv. Xn-c-°-Y-bp-sS km-t¶-Xn-I h-i-߃ Aßs-bm-Wv h-i-am-Ip-∂-Xv. ANv-O-s‚ kzm-[o-w Po-hn-X-Øn-epw kn-n-a-bn-epw i-Iv-X-am-bn-´p-t≠m? Xo¿-®-bmbpw. Xm-c-n-_-≤-am-b B¨ kn-n-a-Iƒ sN-øp-tºm-gpw quot;C-∂-s√-¶n¬ m- sf' t]m-ep-≈ i-‡-am-b kv-{Xo-]-£ kn-n-a- bpw A-—≥ sN-bv-Xn-´p-≠v. A-Xp ¬-In-b am-- kn-I-am-b I-cp-Øv h-f-sc h-ep-Xm-Wv. s]-Æm- bXn¬ A-`n-am-n-®p-sIm-≠m-Wv h-f¿-∂-Xv. R߃ ]m-Xn X-am-i-bm-bn-´v ]-d-bpw quot;A-Nv-O- p-d-ßp-∂ ho-Sm-Wv' R-ß-fp-tS-Xv F-∂v. kn-n-a-bn-te-°p≈ {]-thi-w F-fp-∏- am-bn-cpt∂m? Nn{X߃: hn.]n. {]-ho¨-Ip-am¿ Hcp kn-n-am -Sn-bp-sS Po-hn-X-hpw Iym≥- k¿ h-∂v A-h¿ a-cn-°p-∂-Xp-am-b H-cp I-Y Rm-pw P-b-cm-Ppw N¿-®-sN-bv-Xp. Aßs- sbmcp Xn-c-°-Y ]q¿-Øn-bm-°pIbpw sN- bvXp. A-Xn-n-S-bn¬ B kn-n-a, a-√n-Im sj- dm-h-Øn-s m-bn-I-bm-°n ln-µn-bn¬ sN- øm≥ P-b-cm-Pn-v A-h-kc-sam-cp-ßn. B kn- n-a-bp-sS Nn-{Xo-I-c-Ww Xp-S-ßp-∂-Xn-p-ap-ºv, Pbcm-Pn-v a-e-bm-f-Øn-epw H-cp ]-Sw sN-tø- ≠Xp-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. ]p-Xn-b Xn-c-°-Y-bp-t≠m F∂v B-h-iy-s∏-´t∏mƒ Rm≥ quot;Kp¬-tam- ZsZr Zl-¥al-Zc„ l¿' ¬Ip-I-bm-bn-cp∂p. Rm-Xv aq-∂v h¿- 32
  2. 2. erPbKlY jw ap-ºv ]q¿-Øn-bm-°n-b-Xm-bn-cp∂p. a-e-bm- ¥‹G-Nxo, Zs-Zr Zl-¥al-Z-c„, au¹ f kn-n-a-sb-∂ ]p-cp-j-tIm-´-bn¬ H-cn-Sw I- s≠-Øm≥ quot;Kp¬-tam-l¿' F-n-°v A-h-k-cw ¬-In. ]t£, Kp¬-tam-l¿ H-cp B¨-kn-n-a- bm-bn am-dn-sb-∂ B-t£-]w Nn-e¿ D- b¿-Øn-bn-cp∂p? Hcp s^-an-n-Ãv F-gp-Xn-bn-´pw F-¥p-sIm- ≠v Kp¬-tam-l¿ B¨-kn-n-a-bm-bn am-dn F- ∂m-Wv kp-lr-Øp-°ƒ Dƒ-s∏-sS-bp-≈ ]-e-cp- sS-bpw hn-a¿-i-w. A-Xn-p-≈ a-dp-]-Sn-bm-Wv Kp¬-tam-l-dn-s‚ C-t∏mƒ ]p-kv-X-I-cq-]-Øn¬ ]p-d-Øn-d-ßn-bn-´p-≈ Xn-c-°-Y. H-cp kv-{Xo-]- £ Xn-c-°-Y ]p-cp-j≥ kw-hn-[m-w sN-øp- tºmƒ F-s¥m-s° am-‰-߃ G-sXm-s° co- Xn-bn¬ h-cp-∂p F-∂v A-Xv hy-‡-am-°pw. F¥mWv kv{Xo-Iƒ-°v Xn-c-°-Ym cw-K- tØ°v I-S-∂p-h-cm≥ X-S-kw? km-t¶-Xn-I-am-bn tm-°p-I-bm-sW-¶n¬ Hcp X-S-k-hp-an-√. Xn-c-°-Ym-c-N- _p≤n-ap- ´p≈ H-cp Im-cy-a-√. kv{Xo a-‰m¿-s°m-s°-tbm th-≠n-˛ `¿-Øm-hn-pw Ip-´n-Iƒ-°pw H-s°-bm- bn-˛ Po-hn-°p-∂p. `q-X-hpw `m-hn-bpw am-{X-am-Wv Ahƒ-°p-≈-Xv. H-cn-°-epw h¿-Ø-am--an-√. Xn-c-°-Y F-∂pw h¿-Ø-am- Im-e-Øn-em-Wv Fgp-tX-≠-Xv. ðs a-šl†-ž|l-ž|-¥bl ¥e-›r- Ps-er-|u-~u. `q-X-euG F¥m-Wv ZoZn-bpsS kn-n-am k-¶¬-∏w? `l-er-buG al-ó-al-Wo quot;-eŽ-|u-¨-Xo. D-cr-|-duG Rm-sm-cp kv-{Xo B-b-Xp-sIm-≠v kv-{Xo AIs∏-´n-cn-°p-∂ A-h-ÿ-bm-Wv F-s‚ hn- e†-Œ-al--ar-d½. jbw. a-e-bm-f-kn-n-a-bp-sS n-e-hn-ep-≈ A- hÿbn¬ kv-{Xo-°v A¿-ln-°p-∂ H-cn-S-an-√. _p-Zw _m-[n-®-Xm-bn tI-´n-cp-∂p. a-c-W- in-®p. A-«o-e kn-n-a-bm-WnXv. t{]w-N-µv Im- _kn¬ ]o-Un-∏n-°m-p-≈ ]p-cp-j-s‚ {i-a- sØ-∏-‰n `-b-s∏-´n-cp-t∂m? Wp-∂-Xn¬ Ip-g-∏-an-√. F∂m¬ quot;^m-an-en'°v sØ kv-{Xo F-Xn¿-Øm¬ A-Xn-¿-∞w k-Ω- ]‰n-b-b-X√ AsX-∂m-Wv A-h¿ ]-d-™Xv. `bap-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. kp-lr-Øm-b tUm- Xam-sW-∂ a-´n-em-Wv Im-cy-߃. Im-c-Ww kv- ^nenw s^-Ãn-h-en¬ h-®v Im-Wm≥ ]-‰m-sX Iv-S¿ kp-tc-jv F-t∂m-Sv t-cn-´p-X-s∂ tcm-K- {Xo-sb Npw-_n-°m-pw I-S-∂p-]n-Sn-°m-p-ap- t]m-bXv-sIm-≠mWv Cu kn-n-a-Im-Wm≥ sØ-∏-‰n-bpw Nn-In¬-kn-®m¬ t`-Z-am-Im-p-≈ ≈ ]p-cp-j-s‚ {i-a-ß-sf kn-n-a-bn-epw kv-{Xo h∂sX∂p ]-d-™n-s´m-∂pw A-h¿ hn-´p-X- km-[y-X-I-sf-∏-‰n-bpw ]-d-™p. ]n-∂o-Sv FXn¿-°m-dp-≠v. ]-t£, A-Xv k-Ω-X-Øn-s‚ cm≥ H-cp-°-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. A-Xv h-I-h-bv-°m-sX Nn-In¬-kn-® tUm. sPbnw A-{_-lm-apw kq-N--bm-Wv. A-Xp-sIm-≠v b-Ym¿-∞ Po-hn- AIØp IS∂t∏mƒ I-≠-Xv Ip-´n-Iƒ ap-X¬ tUm. Kw-Km-[-c-p-sam-s° AtX a-tm-`m-h- XØn¬ ]o-U--ß-sf kv-{Xo F-Xn¿-°p-∂-Xp- hbk≥-am¿ h-sc-bn-cp-∂p kn-n-a Im-Wp- am-Wv F-t∂m-Sv ]p-e¿-Øn-b-Xv. Cu k-a-b-Øv t]m-epw ]p-cp-j≥ Im-Wp-∂-Xv k-Ω-X-am-bn-´m- ∂Xm-Wv. F-√m-h¿-°pw {]-iv-w Rm≥ I-≠- icn-bm-b kp-lr-Øp-°-sf-bpw _-‘p-°- Wv. C-Ø-cw aq-ey-ß-sf D¬-∏m-Zn-∏n-°m-Ø, Xm-bn-cp-∂p. {]m-b-]q¿-Øn-bm-Im-Ø B¨-Ip- sf-bpw Xn-cn-®-dn-bm-m-bn. A-h¿ {]-I-Sn-∏n-® ]p-cp-j-s‚ B-[n-]-Xy-ß-sf sN-dp-°p-∂ kn- ´n-Iƒ A-h¿-°v {]-iv--am-bn-cp-∂n-√. Xo-tb-‰¿ kv-t-l-hpw km-ao-]y-hpw ]n-¥p-W-bp-sam- n-a-bm-Wv F-s‚ k-¶¬-]w. t]m-epw kv-{Xo-Iƒ-°v A-y-am-Wv Fs∂-n- s° atm-ho-cyw n-e-n¿-Øm≥ Im-c-W-am-bn- Zo-Zn h¿-j-ß-fm-bn ^n-enw-s^-kv-‰n-h-ep- °p a-- n-embn. ´p-≠v. Ifn-se km-∂n-≤y-am-Wv. Im-gv-N-°m-cn- tI-c-f-Øn¬ kv-{Xo-]-£ {]-kv-Ym-w D- ]p-Xn-b Xn-c-°-Y? sb-∂ n-e-bn¬ c-k-I-c-am-b A-p-`-h- ≠m-Ip-∂-Xp ap-X¬ A-Xn-s‚ Iq-sS-bp- ßfpw -ImWp-a-t√m... Ggp kv-{Xo-I-fp-sS I-Y ]-d-bp∂ quot;sd-bn≥- ≠t√m... t_m' F-∂ kn-n-a-bv-°m-bn ]p-Xn-b H-cp Xn-c- Ip-´n-°m-ew ap-X¬-t° F-√m-Ø-cw kn-n- Rm≥ {]o-Un-{Kn-°v ]Tn-°p-tºmƒ km-dm °Y Fgp-Xn-bn-´p-≠v. Cw-•o-jn¬ n¿-an-°p-∂ abpw-Rm≥ ImWm-dp≠v. I-eym-W-Øn-p- tPm-k-^v tIm-gn-t°m-´v h-∂v R-ß-sf-s°m- Cu kn-n-a sI.F.tZ-h-cm-P-m-Wv kw-hn-[m- ti-j-am-Wv N-e-®n-t{Xm-’-h-߃-°v t]m-bn- ≠v H-cp s^-an-n-Ãv kw-Ko-X-in-ev-]w sN-øn-®n- w sN-øp-∂-Xv. Kp¬-tam-l-dn-t‚-Xp t]m-se- Øp-S-ßn-b-Xv. C-¥y≥-cm-Pym-¥-c N-e-®n-{X-ta- ´p-≠v. tIm-gn-t°m-Sv quot;t_m-[-'bpw ]m-e-°m-Sv Øs∂ A¥mcm{„ h-n-Xm Zn--am-b am¿-®v fbn¬ F-´p-h¿-jw Xp-S¿-®-bm-bn ]-s¶-Sp-Øn- quot;am-p-jn'bpw k-Po-h-am-Im≥ Xp-S-ßp-∂ Im- 8˛-v A-Xn-s‚ ]q-P I-gn-™p. ta-cn tdm-bv B- ´p-≠v. kv-{Xo-Iƒ kn-n-a-bv-°v sN-√p-∂-Xv F- ew. kmw-kv-Im-cn-I {]-h¿-Ø--hp-am-bn k-Po- Wv A-Xv n¿-h-ln-®-Xv. ∂pw Iu-Xp-II-c-am-Wv. tIm-gn-t°m-´v H-cp Xn- ham-b L-´-Øn¬ kv-{Xo-hm-Z-]-c-am-b Im-gv-∏m- tb-‰-dn¬ em-‰n--ta-cn-°≥ Nn-{Xamb quot;t_m-°' Ip-Sp-w_w? Sv a--kn¬ i-Iv-X-am-Im≥ Xp-S-ßn. a-µm-In-n- F∂ Ne®n-{Xw Im-Wm≥ t]m-b-Xv c-k-I-c-am- quot;Nn{X-`q-an' A-kn-kv‰‚ v FUn‰¿ t{]w-N- bpw A-Pn-X-bpw Kw-K-So-®-dp-sam-s°bm-bp-≈ b Hcp-`-h-am-Wv. Rm-pw t{]w-N-µpw Iq- µm-Wv Po-hn-X ]-¶m-fn. ]-Ømw-¢m-kn¬ ]Tn- ASp-∏-am-Wv Ir-Xy-am-b n-e-]m-Sv cq-]o-I-c-W- SnbmWv B kn-n-a Im-Wm≥ sN-∂Xv. Xn-tb- °p-∂ a-I-fp-≠v, ap-Iv-X. Øn-v Im-c-W-am-b-Xv. ‰¿ Imh¬-°m-c≥ ap-X¬, Xn-tb-‰¿ am-t-P¿ B¿.sI._n-Pp-cm-Pv kn-n-am Nn-{Xo-I-c-W-Øn-n-S-bn¬ A¿- hsc ]-e-cpw B kn-n-a Im-W-cp-sX-∂v D-]-tZ- 34 2009 žabo