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Blogging for-profit2

  1. 1. Learn The Coveted Secrets Of TopBloggers. Learn How You Can StartA Blog and Get Paid
  2. 2. Click Here To Start A Blog ThatMatters!All Images courtesy of
  3. 3. Why Blogging?A few years ago all of a sudden you began hearingabout everyone becoming bloggers. The lifestylewas tooted as being carefree and easy. Well thatis not 100% true.While it is relatively easy to get started as ablogger there really isn’t any one place to go tolearn how to make it a full time profession.I will attempt to show you how profitable andsimple blogging can be to start as a business.Blogging is how website owners communicatewith their audience and content engines such asGoogle and Yahoo love to visit these blogs asmuch as people do to help more people find yourcontent.The only thing you have to do as a blogger isprovide fresh content on your blog a few timesper week to keep people and the search enginesinterested. I’ll go over with you exactly how togrow a profitable blog in the next few pages.
  4. 4. The Different Types ofProfitable Blogs;As a blogger you have a few options for types of profitable blogs;Advertising BlogsYou can create a blog on any topic with the specific intention of earningrevenue through advertising. With this blog model you would you’re yourmoney from selling ad space on your blog. How much you earn is going to bedependent on how many people visit your website, how targeted your adsare to their needs and how long they stay.Affiliate blogMuch like the advertising blog model you would earn your money by runningadvertisements on your blog, the difference is that you would get paid morewhen the visitor takes an action on the advertised website. So instead ofSubscription blogThis is where you would focus your intention on providing extremely highquality content for a fee. People would sign up to pay you for your knowledgeor expertise on a monthly recurring basis.This type of blog is very successful when you know your topic very well andhave enough material to provide new fresh content weekly or daily.
  5. 5. Once you have decided on the type of blog you areinterested in running you need to choose the nicheor topic for your blog. It should be something thatyou have an interest in because you will need toconsume yourself in this niche in order to stayrelevant in your field. If you are not remotelyinterested in the topic you can always outsourcethe content to a writer.Once you have chosen a topic you will need to do a little research to see ifthis is a viable niche to work in.Researching Your BlogTopicNot Every Niche Is Profitable!For Example The Joke Niche Is One That Though ItHas A Ton Of Traffic, You Would Not Earn YouMuch Money At All.
  6. 6. You need to find a niche where people are spending money every day. How do weknow if we have a profitable niche? Answer these 4 questions “yes” and you have aprofitable niche.1. Are there advertisements on your main keyword in Google?2. Does amazon have at least 10 books for sale on this topic?3. Is there a “Dummies” book on this topic? ( Are there at least 1000 searches per month your main keyword? (Googlekeyword tool)How Do I Find A Profitable Niche?There are a few places you can look to find a nicheto target and to find out what people want to know…1. Yahoo Answers2. Amazon Bestsellers3. Forums (www.Big-Boards or Obscure Niches or Rising Trends;- or- to Conduct Keyword Research- Google Keyword Tool- Google Trends
  7. 7. How to Profit From Your BlogAs A Blogger You Get Paid By Either;- Promoting other people’s products- Selling ad space- Selling your contentFind Other People’s Products to Promote From the Networks Below;Affiliate NetworksClickbank Google Affiliate NetworkCommission Junction ShareasaleLinkshare AmazonRevenue wire eBayWarriorplus JvzooDigiresultsCPA Networks see all offers at one site ( Hydra networkMax bounty NeverblueClickbooth Convert2Media
  8. 8. Selling Ad SpaceYou can sell your ad space directly by placingadvertising for sale signs on your blog or if you prefernot to handle this yourself you can submit your adspot to a network with buyers who will sell it on yourbehalf for a fee.Here is a list of places that can help you sell your adspace- http://web.blogads.comSelling ContentIf you want to sell your own content you will need toinstall a membership plugin and have a way to acceptpayments from people. You can accept paymentsthrough or and Irecommend using www.wishlistmember.commembership software for wordpress to createrestricted areas of your blog that people need to pay tosee.
  9. 9. Setting Up Your BlogWordpress is the recommended bloggingplatform for a number of reasons. Mainly it isvery well supported and there is an enormouscommunity of developers who create pluginsto enhance your website some for free andsome you have to buy.Which Plugins To UseAll in one SEOContact FormPrivacy PolicyGoogle XML SitemapsInstalling WordpressIt is easy to install wordpress, if you have ahost account with a control panel usuallythere is an automatic wordpress installer thatyou can click on to install wordpress in 1 click.It may be called “Fanatstico” or “Softaculous”
  10. 10. Domain/HostingGet a domain and hosting for your blog. If you wan to beprofessional you do not want to use free blogs and free domains.Always pay for your own domain and hosting.A word to the wise, avoid buying your hosting from the same placeyou get your domain. I know it is convenient to buy them all atonce but in my professional opinion I have never seen hostingfrom a domain provider that didn’t have restrictions that maderunning certain software, applications or plugins an issue.My recommend host is and you can buy yourdomains from
  11. 11. Getting TrafficOnce you have your blog setup you need traffic so how do we get people tovisit our blog? You should do as many of the traffic methods mentionedbelow possible and do them continually.Your strategy should be always to find multiple streams of traffic so thatyour business is not dependent on any one source.Free Traffic MethodsGuest BloggingThis is where you write articles on popular blogs with lots of traffic.When you guest post you get the benefit of backlinks and directtraffic. If you can guest post on high traffic blogs you can seesignificant traffic immediately, through your link right in the authorbio box.
  12. 12. SEOBy far SEO is the slowest method of gettingtraffic. But it is free traffic, and it will costyou in time spent waiting for the traffic. Byall means make sure your blog is optimizedand ready for Search Engine traffic but don’tdwell on it.Forum MarketingThis is the easiest to start with and themost often over looked. Simply put a linkto your squeeze page in your signatureand hang around in forums related toyour niche. Post often but make sure youare not spamming just to get your linkseen.
  13. 13. Paid Traffic MethodsIf you are going to do paid traffic methods youshould make sure you are sending the traffic to apage where you can capture the leads informationof have them perform some specific action thatearns you money. You can setup a squeeze page forthis type of traffic.1. PPV – This is where you run ads on pay perview networks such as www.directcpv.comand Your ads willappear when someone views a websiterelated to your offer.2. Solo Ads – The crème de la crème … I savedthe best for last. Running paid ads sent toother people’s lists, that is what’s called a soload. Solo ads are inexpensive compared toother traffic methods and your audience canbe very targeted in most cases. The bestplaces to find solo ads are You will pay somewhere around$0.50 – $1.00 per subscriber depending onthe ad cost.Rinse and Repeat Often!
  14. 14. All Images courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.netClick Here To Start A Blog ThatMatters!