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Discover how to get paid to drink coffee.



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Weight Loss Coffee-Products Presentation Weight Loss Coffee-Products Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Realfit Wellness Inc Products Presentation .
  • America’s Health Challenges..
  • Obesity In America
    • The U.S. Surgeon General report declared that obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year.
    • 3.8 million Americans carry over 300 pounds
    • With the average adult woman weighing in at a staggering 163 pounds
    • 400,000 Americans (mostly men) fall into a super-massive 400+ pound category
  • Addiction To Pain Pills
    • More prescriptions are being written, with less thorough understanding of the patient’s physical condition , than ever, and under those circumstances, it is not surprising that prescription drug abuse, according to the most recent prescription drug addiction statistics, is on the rise.
    • The US Department of Health and Human Services, in its latest publication of prescription drug addiction statistics, has both pinpointed those over sixty as the group among whom prescription drug abuse is the highest.
  • Toxins
    • It is common knowledge that 80% to 90% of most chronic health conditions are triggered by toxins.
    • Toxins are carcinogens which cause damage to our DNA , and brain function , cause cells to divide faster than their normal rate, thus causing all kinds of cancer , as well as neurological disorders .
  • America’s Economy
    • The jobless rate in the United States is skyrocketing and is now 6% higher than it was before the recession of 2001. Not good, and downright dangerous
    • Manufacturing jobs have shed over 212,000 jobs in the past year.
    • The Financial Services industry has shed over 79,000 in the past year .
    • And that’s only two industries.
    • We Have The Solution..
    • Introducing
    • Realfit Wellness
    • An Innovative Health & Wellness Company
  • Who is Realfit Wellness ?
    • Realfit Wellness in owned by a six year financial services company
    • Based in Las Vegas Nevada
    • Innovative Wellness Company with premiere life changing wellness products
  • The Opportunity...
    • As a Realfit Wellness distributor you will have the opportunity to feel great while earning extra income simply by sharing our unique product line with others
  • Weight Loss Coffee
    • Trim Bean’s weight loss and Acai berry coffee's are a breakthrough in coffee science.
    • Whether you need to lose weight or take a daily antioxidant to help protect against a myriad of different diseases, Trim Beans has you covered. 
    • Now you can drink this great tasting coffee and stay healthy and fit at the same time
  • Weight Loss Coffee Dr. Studies
    • More and more studies are surfacing from accredited universities such as Harvard Medical School, Dr Oz etc. that show coffee as being the ultimate antioxidant that helps fight ailments ranging from Type II Diabetes to Alzheimer's Disease. 
  • Weight Loss Coffee Coffee Consumption Trim Beans has taken coffee to the next level with it's proprietary weight loss and antioxidant blends.  More than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year across the world, that's more than any other beverage except water. If your a coffee drinker, give your body a superior and healthier blend with Trim Beans Varieties… 
  • Weight Loss Coffee About Our Coffee Trim Beans Weight Loss Java combines the finest Arabica beans with a proprietary blend of all-natural, herbal ingredients to help promote weight loss by suppressing appetite , increasing metabolism and helping promote healthy blood sugar levels.  Trim Beans will help knock out your appetite while at the same time increasing your metabolism so that you are burning more calories throughout the day. 
  • Weight Loss Coffee About Our Coffee Most importantly, Trim Beans tastes great.  You will be surprised that this taste's better than the coffee you are accustomed to so that you can drink it on a daily basis to not only lose weight, but also keep it off. Trim Beans is one of the first company to launch a weight loss coffee that truly works and tastes great.  Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds Trim Beans weight loss coffee will get you on your way .
  • Weight Loss Coffee Testimonials I never drank coffee before Trim Beans java (maybe that was a good thing.) But, when I was out, I missed it. Starbucks didn't even sound good. You have an excellent tasting product and I really enjoy your coffee.  Brenda W, Wisconsin! I brew up a pot every morning along.. along with all  the other coffee I do....  We also have made sign-age and pamphlets to put on the tables re.. the product as people are always asking about it... I  workout quite a lot, and am usually famished by the afternoon.. I have a couple cups in the afternoon... and have  a definite decrease  in desire to snack... which all of my workout buds love this effect as I have them now converted to Trim Beans java.... Carole, from the Dakotas Thank you so much for introducing Trim Beans java to us at the trade show.  You were kind enough to bring several cups of freshly brewed Trim Beans java to our booth through the course of the show.  Each evening, after spending the entire day in the booth, and missing lunch, we were surprised to realize , when we sat down to order dinner, that we just weren't hungry at all!!  Very impressive product that tastes great and really does suppress the appetite! Thanks Again, Linda and Jim Montgomery
  • Our Products.
    • Our natural Mineral energy pendant, is made from volcanic lava, including over 70 minerals and fused together by Japanese technology.
    • Based on the latest discovery in quantum science
    • Discovered in the 1800’s
    • Perfected in the 20 th century
    • Scalar Energy Pendant
  • Our Products.
    • Migraine headaches
    • Depression
    • Low metabolic rates
    • Scalar Energy Pendant Can Help Reduce:
  • Our Products.
    • Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
    • Arthritic, joint aches and pains
    • Hair loss
    • Scalar Energy Pendant Can Help Reduce:
  • Our Products.
    • Diabetic conditions
    • Insomnia
    • EMF- Cellular Phone Radiation
    • And much more..
    • Scalar Energy Pendant Can Help Reduce:
  • Our Products.
    • Helps Improve the general state of health
    • Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
    • Zeolite Fit tm
  • Our Products.
    • Helps re-mineralize the body
    • Acts as a free-radical reducer
    • Prevents pre-mature aging
    • Liquid Zeolite Fit tm
  • Our Products.
    • Acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory
    • Supports immune system function
    • Helps reduce cancer risk
    • Reduces symptoms of allergies
    • May improve mood
    • Liquid Zeolite Fit tm
  • Our Products.
    • Helps balance pH
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Increases vitamin and mineral absorption
    • Liquid Zeolite Fit tm
  • Our Products.
    • Safe for long-term use
    • 100% natural - contains no additives or chemical reagents
    • Easy to take - no taste or smell
    • Liquid Zeolite Fit tm
  • Our Products.
    • What are the benefits of Nano Wand? Molecular structures in liquids allow the taste buds to recognize only the taste we enjoy.
    • Any food we consume with Nanonized water will always taste better.
    • Realfit Wellness Nano Energy Wand
  • Our Products.
    • Mixing Nanonized water with a beverage reduces the effects of acidity and tannins in the body.
    • When food or medicine is combined with Nanonized water, the nutritional benefits are amplified by enhanced cellular absorption.
    • Realfit Wellness Nano Energy Wand
  • Our Products.
    • The body can absorb liquefied oxygen very quickly, enhancing internal organ functions and adding to blood energy levels.
    • This benefit is important for athletes and workers who need to maintain a high immune system under physical stress..
    • Realfit Wellness Nano Energy Wand
  • Our Products.
    • The Nano Energy Wand looks like an ordinary pen, but contains a mixture of minerals intended to improve health.
    • Based on the zero-point energy principle, the wand works on individual cells of the body, specifically targeting the immune and nervous systems.
    • Realfit Wellness Nano Energy Wand
  • Our Products.
    • Discover an exciting new product that actually helps to lose weight without having to diet.
    • Realfit Trim is a never before offered natural product that has powerful ingredients to suppress appetite and burn fat
    • Lose 8-10 pounds in 30 days
    • New Realfit Wellness Realfit Trim
  • Tools
    • Complete Marketing System
    • Lead capture Page
    • Direct new distributors to a simple four step process
    • Emailing System
    • Postcard System
    • Live Opportunity Webinars
  • Tools
    • Video Lead Generating System
    • Generate Free Leads using
    • Social bookmarking sites!
  • Tools
    • Optional :
    • Automated Cell Phone Marketing System
    • Generate Your Own Exclusive Leads
    Also Helps You To Generate an Extra $1,000 Per Month Income
  • Get Started Simple Four Step Process..
    • #1 .Contact The Person that introduced you to this presentation
    • #2. Pick a Fast Start Package
    • #3. Order Your Cell Phone Marketing System
    • #4. Promote Your Business