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Seller Presentation

  1. 1. Presented to Gary Jantzer5/13/08
  2. 2. About Premiere Estates Auction CompanyPremiere Estates Auction Company (PEAC), the nationwide leader in auctions andvaluations of residential and commercial real estate, is known for our cutting-edgeapproach of blending different types of auction methods with customized marketing,advertising and promotional campaigns designed to maximize market value. We haveoffices throughout the U.S. and have over 2900 Alliance Partners in 46 states as well asLondon, England.PEAC has sold some of the highest-pricedproperties in the United States. Our specialty ismarketing and advertising properties using ourWORLDBIDSM Auction Platform, reaching ourproprietary database of qualified buyers world-wide. Our award-winning marketing team hasover 40 years of multimedia experience. Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 2
  3. 3. Premiere Estates Auction Company – Live in Action! When Buyers Compete, You Win! 3
  4. 4. Why PEAC Auctions Work in Today’s MarketAuctions are the proven way to achieve maximum value for your property in theshortest possible time frame.Auctions create a sense of urgency with buyers—a “one day, one chance”opportunity–and provide affirmation that the seller is committed to the saleBuyer interest and excitement increases because of the PERCEIVED deal, value,and/or opportunity that only the auction can generateInfusion of marketing dollars—PEAC creates a strategic, aggressive marketing andadvertising campaign with National and Global reach PEAC auctions often generate offers PRIOR to Auction Day. As a traditional listing, this spectacular Malibu property sat dormant on the market for over a year. Premiere’s concentrated marketing and advertising campaign and open houses drove dozens of buyers to the property and motivated buyers to submit offers prior to auction day. Ultimately, the home was sold before its scheduled auction date. Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 4
  5. 5. How PEAC’s Auction Platform Benefits You• You pay no commission; the winning bidder pays it through a Buyer’s Premium.• Your property sells “AS-IS” with no contingencies.• Property exposure is maximized via our Worldwide Accelerated Marketing, whichdraws the attention of multiple, targeted buyers who can bid from anywhere in the worldusing our WORLDBID Auction Platform.• Upside potential is unlimited with regard to sale price.• Buyers are motivated to make a decision in a slower “buyers’ market”.• Choice of auction platforms – We help you choose the most effective auction platformfor your property, whether it’s live (on site/ballroom), by telephone, remote (online/webcast), sealed bid, or a combination. We allow prospective buyers to bid from anywhere inthe world! When Buyers Compete, You Win! 5
  6. 6. How PEAC’s Agent Participation Program Benefits You• Receiving local market expertise; PEAC’s auction specialists are national & globalmarket experts, but partnering with agents helps us better understand highly targeted localmarkets, which yields a more focused marketing strategy and beneficial local MLSadvertising.• Partnership with Top-Producing agents provides us with credibility in the marketplaceand allows us to benefit from utilizing the partnering agents proprietary database ofqualified, motivated buyers.• Agents are motivated to sell the property because they are the agent of record, have areputation in the local market, and have the ability to represent both you and the buyer,while knowing that there is a set sale date.• Ability to show property throughout the course of the entire marketing campaign;our fast-paced campaigns generate multiple interested buyers who will want to see theproperty on demand. Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 6
  7. 7. The WORLDBIDSM Auction Process From Beginning to End3.PEAC discusses auction process and marketing plan.4.PEAC and seller define expectations.5.Seller reviews proposal and budget.6.Seller, broker and PEAC execute contract.7.Photographs, information, etc. compiled.8.PEAC marketing campaign (45-60 day duration).9.Open houses, showings and inspections.10.Offers may be presented during the marketing period.11.AUCTION DAY - SALE OF PROPERTY!12.Buyer provides non-refundable deposit.13.Sale closes in 45 days or less.14.Check deposited in the bank and champagne celebration begins! When Buyers Compete, You Win!
  8. 8. PEAC Absolute Auctions – The Numbers Speak for ThemselvesPEAC’s Absolute Auctions generate on average 175% more buyers and sale prices havesurpassed those in Reserve auctions by as much as 41%.“What is an Absolute Auction?” When a property is sold to the highest bidder on AuctionDay regardless of price. It is an auction where all buyers with slight-to-very high interest inthe property participate. In an Absolute Auction, all buyers are motivated to participateallowing true market value to be realized.As Auction pricing experts, we’ve learned of many reasonsan Auctioneer may recommend an Absolute Auction vs.a Reserve Auction (where the seller can reject the final bid) Worldwide AcceleratedCompete, Specialists When Buyers Marketing You Win!
  9. 9. PEAC Absolute Auctions – The Numbers Speak for Themselves• An auction that is Absolute will attract a substantially larger pool of buyers which equates tohigher prices, because competition levels increase simply by the sight of more “potentialcompetitors.”• At an Absolute Auction, a person is guaranteed that they are going to go home with the prize ifthey are the final bidder! This is a fact we have proven through the history of real estate auctionsdating back to the 19th Century.  Example 1: Oceanfront Home – Number of Bidders 68, Estimated Market price $2.9 million, sale price $3.92 million, which is 41.3% above market sale price.  Example 2: Estate Home – Number of Bidders 110, Estimated Market price $530,000, sale price $708,000, which is 26% above market sale price. When Buyers Compete, You Win!
  10. 10. PEAC’s Accelerated Marketing Plan – The Process In order to achieve the highest sale price possible, we market to targeted potential buyers and generate maximum excitement, interest and motivation. We implement and manage the marketing and advertising campaign from inception to completion. Our campaigns are based on a grassroots formula to leave no stone unturned. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs and/or challenges of each property, as well as the demographics and geographic area of potential buyers. The duration of our campaigns is typically 6-8 weeks. Depending on your level of investment, many of the media components will be used daily and/or weekly.We provide you with a line-item budget prior to the contract execution, as well as copies ofinvoices from outside vendors. We do not add a premium to any of the marketing or advertisingcosts; we pass any discounts and/or savings along to our clients. Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 10
  11. 11. Premiere Estates Auction Company – Marketing Innovators PEAC President Ed Kaminsky on Nightline When Buyers Compete, You Win! 11
  12. 12. Weekly print ad in Austin American Statesman targeting affluent local buyers Email blast sent outweekly to 20,000 agents Full-color glossy 4-page brochure distributed to proprietary database of agents, professional sports teams, and celebrities Direct mail sent out to custom list of high- income homeowners in affluent zipcodes Call Tracking extensions allow us to assess advertising performance Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 12
  13. 13. Auction Day: When buyers compete … EVERYONE WINS! Your agent receives Full Commission paid by the buyer Your home gets SOLD for The winning bidder market value gets a fabulous …immediately! new home When Buyers Compete, You Win! 13
  14. 14. Premiere Estates Auction Company – Live in Action! Worldwide Accelerated Marketing Specialists 14
  15. 15. Questions? Contact Michael Schwartz Office 310.698.3625 x212 Mobile 310.291.8467 Email Michael@PremiereEstates.comACCELERATED MARKETING SPECIALISTS CREATING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS NATIONWIDE When Buyers Compete, You Win!