Input devises
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Input devises



its a ppt of Input devises

its a ppt of Input devises



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  • Good Exercise: Ask students if they can name any other input devices. A hard drive can be classified as both an input device and an output device.

Input devises Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Input Devices•Input device captures information and translates it into a formthat can be processed and used by other parts of your computer. •Pointing devices •Game controllers •Keyboards •Scanners •Styluses •Microphones •Digital cameras •Web camsSimNet Concepts Support CD:“Overview of Input Devices” and “Other Everyday InputDevices”
  • 2. Input Devices • The keyboard is the most common input device. Types of keyboards include: • Wireless • Multimedia and one-touch access • Portable keyboards for PDAsSimNet Concepts Support CD: “Keyboards”
  • 3. Types of Input Devices
  • 4. Pointing Devices • Pointing devices are mainly used to choose and enter commands • Pointing devices tend to have PS/2 connectors or USB connectors • PS/2 connector fits into a PS/2 port, which a small round socket with small holes that fit the pins on the connector • USB connectors fit into USB ports, and these are small rectangular openings on the back or front of your computer, or even on your keyboard or monitorSimNet Concepts Support CD: “Ports and Cables”
  • 5. Pointing Devices • Various pointing devices are available • Types of pointing devices: • Mouse •Mechanical mouse •Optical mouse •Wireless mouse • Trackball • Touchpad • Pointing stickSimNet Concepts Support CD: “Mice”
  • 6. Game Controller• Game controllers are used mainly to play games• Types of gaming devices • Gamepads • Joysticks • Gaming wheels • Force feed
  • 7. Specialized Input Devices• Other types of input devices include: • Scanners • Styluses • Microphones • Digital cameras • Web cams
  • 8. Scanner •Scanner is a light sensitive device that helps you copy or capture images, photos, and artwork that exist on paper. Types of scanners include: •FlatbedSimNet Concepts Support CD: “Scanners”
  • 9. Styluses• Stylus is an input device consisting of a thin stick that uses pressure to enter information or to click and point• Styluses are used with: •PDAs •TabletPCs •Graphics tablets
  • 10. Microphones• Microphones are used to input audio• Three main types of microphones are: •Desktop microphones •Headsets •Directional microphones• Speech recognition is increasingly being included in application software
  • 11. Digital Cameras• Digital cameras are used to: • Download images to a computer • Post pictures to the Web • Produce videos• Resolution is measured in megapixels• Higher the resolution, better the image quality, but the more expensive the cameraSimNet Concepts Support CD: “Digital Cameras”
  • 12. Web Cams• Web cam is a video camera that can be used to take images for uploading to the Web
  • 13. INPUT DEVICES THIS PRESENTATION IS PRESENTED by :- Prem Acharya & Rakesh Konthoujam (CSE) Thank you all to give full attention to our current topic