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Creative financing for michigan township officials
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Creative financing for michigan township officials


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Information for township officials on getting grants, successes, improving your chances of winning grants, and selling your proposal.

Information for township officials on getting grants, successes, improving your chances of winning grants, and selling your proposal.

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  • 1. Creative Financing Ideasfor Michigan Township Officials
  • 2. Introduction Creative Financing Right-Brain Left-Brain
  • 3. Today’s Presentation Getting Grants Grant Success Stories Improving Your Chances Selling Your Proposal
  • 4. Getting Grants Where should you look?  (Mich.) Directory of State Administered Grants  MDNR Grant & Loan Program Catalog  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance  EPA Grants  EPA Guidebook of Financial Tools   Council of Michigan Foundations  The Foundation Center
  • 5. Grant Success Stories Grand Slam for Muir?  Low to moderate income  MEDC/CDBG Grant  Sludge removal from WW lagoon; street & water improvements  Three grants so far:  2004 – $280,000  2005 – $440,000  2009 – $220,000  R.U.S. $1,000,000 ???
  • 6. Grant Success Stories MEDC Low- to Moderate-Income Communities Applications due February 22
  • 7. Grant Success Stories EDA Money for HEDCOR  Jobs Related  EDA Grants  Create business opportunities.  Create long-term jobs.  Targets low-income or un/underemployed workers.
  • 8. Grant Success Stories EDA Money for Allegan Allegan wins $4.2M federal grant for water plant Kalamazoo Gazette, September 26, 2009 ALLEGAN — The city of Allegan has won a $4.2 million federal grant toward the $9.4 million cost of improvements to its water-treatment plant. The money comes from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The plant provides drinking water for Allegan and parts of neighboring Allegan Township.
  • 9. Grant Success Stories Scottville Sewers  $9,600,000 project  RUS Grant: $4.75 million  RUS Loan: $4.0 million  DDA &Amber Township: $850,000  $50/REU/mo/40 yrs
  • 10. Grant Success Stories Hart WWTP  Created Agricultural Renaissance Zone  Tax savings used to bond $5,000,000 project  One company doubled production; another relocated HQ from WA to Hart
  • 11. Grant Success Stories Cannon Township Trail  Project: $1,300,000  MNRTF Grant: $500,000  Recreation Millage: $167,000/year for 3 years  General Fund: $299,000
  • 12. Grant Success Stories Whitehall-Montague Trail Fishing Bridge  Project: $131,000  Great Lakes Fishery Trust Grant: $100,000 for fishing access to White River  244-ft-long bridge and fishing platform
  • 13. Grant Success Stories Greenville Streetscape  MDOT TEA 21: $973,000  MDOT Small Urban: $240,000  DDA revenue bond: $4,750,000
  • 14. Grant Success Stories Kent City Culvert  FEMA Loan: $217,500  CDBG Grant: $67,000
  • 15. Grant Success Stories Montague Downtown Parking  CZMA Grant: $40,000  Private Funds: $42,000
  • 16. Grant Success Stories Plainfield Township Land Acquisition  $520,000 for Grand Island Park
  • 17. Big Rapids Big Rapids Riverwalk  Project: $1,000,000+  Local Fund Raising: $250,000  Great Lakes Fishery Trust: $200,000 for river access  MNRTF: $493,300  City Funds: $56,700
  • 18. Grant Success Stories Spring Lake Township Bike Path Board OKs bond issue for bike paths Muskegon Chronicle, October 12, 2004 Spring Lake Township Monday got the wheels turning toward construction of new bicycle paths, following voters August approval of the millage to fund major expansion of the existing network. The township board unanimously passed its intent to issue up to $3 million in bonds to finance the expansion, with the debt to be repaid in 11 years by the 10-yer, 0.5-mill property tax voters approved in August.
  • 19. Grant Success Stories Spring Lake Township Bike Path  Recreation Millage: $1,030,000
  • 20. Grant Success Stories Fargo WW Improvements  1% Sales Tax  $240 M need next 25 years  Manageable rate increases  Projected needs met  Fargo is more than a movie, it’s a regional economic center  Yes, they really talk that way!
  • 21. Improving Your Chances Regardless of Grant Source:  Completed plans are nice  At least a good study and cost estimate  Permits in hand  High match %  Multi-jurisdictional cooperation  Political connections
  • 22. Creative Funding Searches Grant newsletters or websites    
  • 23. Selling Your ProposalYou must be prepared to: 1. Succinctly summarize your proposal in one paragraph or less…it’s your headline! 2. Provide a little information on your organization and how it will manage the grant. 3. Describe your need/problem/activity in a way that is tailored to grant scoring criteria. 4. Outline your work plan and its cost. 5. Describe the outcome or impact of your request should it be honored with a grant.
  • 24. Selling Your ProposalYou must be prepared to: 6. Identify your source(s) of ―matching‖ money. ―Skin helps.‖ 7. Explain future needs for money, and/or how you will move forward after this money is gone. ―Maintenance‖ 8. Provide a detailed cost breakdown for the entire project. 9. Get your grant before you write the proposal!!!
  • 25. Selling Your Proposal A Sampling of Web Resources  EPA:  Lone Eagles:   Google: ―grant proposal writing tips‖
  • 26. Closing Thoughts Golden Fleece Award  Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire issued a Golden Fleece Award every month March 1975 – December 1988.  In his own words, the award singled out a ―wasteful, ridiculous or ironic uses of the taxpayers’ money.‖
  • 27. Closing Thoughts Golden Fleece Winners  A $27,000 study to determine why inmates want to escape from prison.  A $20,000 grant to construct an 800-foot limestone replica of the Great Wall of China in Bedford, Ind.  An $84,000 study to determine why people fall in love  The infamous $400 hammers and $1200 toilet seats  Proxmire’s favorite: A study to find out whether sunfish that drink tequila are more aggressive than sunfish who drink gin.
  • 28. Closing Thoughts Good luck! If the US can find $6,000 for Worcestershire sauce, imagine what kind of help you can get for your projects:  Infrastructure  Fire Stations, trucks  Training  Environmental initiatives  Watershed protection  Boat launch, etc.
  • 29. Closing Thoughts P&N Grant Advisory An email newsletter with the latest on current grants and upcoming deadlines. Email to subscribe. Or follow us: Twitter Facebook Pinterest
  • 30. James R. Hegarty, P.E. (616) 364-8491