The Advantages Associated With Nutritional Supplements
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The Advantages Associated With Nutritional Supplements



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The Advantages Associated With Nutritional Supplements The Advantages Associated With Nutritional Supplements Presentation Transcript

  • Some individuals wonder about the benefits of nutritionalsupplements, even if they adhere to a healthy eating plan.Most dietary supplements contain vitamins and minerals, and are used by those who fear they are not acquiring such nutrients from their food. Although such products should not be used in lieu of a nutritious diet, they can enhance an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • They can be taken in a variety of ways, with pills orcapsules being the most common. However, they can alsobe found in the form of liquids, nutrition bars, or even tea.Many people choose to use such products if they feel they are not following an optimum diet.
  • Those who have sedentary lifestyles sometimes do not engage in enough physical activity to stimulate hunger.Therefore, their nutritional intake is not adequate. Ones age also plays a role in the absorption of nutrients. View slide
  • Due to changes in the digestive system that occur as people age, some individuals fail to absorb the nutrients contained in the food they eat. When this is the case, a person can be following a healthy diet, but he or she is simply not absorbing the vitamins and minerals that itcontains. This is where the use of nutritional supplements can be highly beneficial. View slide
  • One may choose to consult a dietitian who can answer questions regarding which vitamin supplements will bebest for his or her age and gender. However, as a general rule, one should stick with traditional vitamins and minerals that are established as healthy. Products that have not been proven effective should be avoided.
  • Additionally, vitamins D, K, E and A should be consumedwith fat. This is because they are fat soluble vitamins. The latter refers to the fact that they will not be absorbed unless fat is present when they are consumed. It is not helpful to use a nutritional supplement if proper absorption will not take place. Furthermore, vitamins B should be consumed in the morning and vitamin C and Iron should not be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Supplements can also be found in the form of beveragesand nutritional shakes. Such products are typically rich in proteins, trace minerals and lipids, all of which play an important role in ones health. Prior to the addition ofany nutritional supplement, one should discuss his or her intentions with a physician or other licensed medical professional.