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  1. 1. The World Of Small Materials And Machines.”What is Nanotechnology ?
  2. 2. • Health benefits• Environmental benefits• Economical benefits
  3. 3. Prevention of diseases:–Creation of antimicrobial coatings - silver nanoparticle coatings on their refrigerators allows them to keep food fresher and kill bacteria thus
  4. 4. CONT…….• Nanotechnology is able to make materials on a small scale.• Nanomask is capable of filtering particles up to 0.3 microns.• That is sufficient to block viruses.• Viruses are smaller thus are more affected by the Brownian motion, making them more likely to hit the filters.
  5. 5. • Coating of important arteries with a material (Thaxtons nanoparticles) to smoothen the walls of the arteries to prevent cholesterol from
  6. 6. • A layer of nanostructures (Titanium Dioxide) could be added to the bone. –Improves the bone hardness –Carbon nanotubes can be placed in between bones to speed up recovery
  7. 7. Dendrimers• Based on nanoscale particles – Dendrimers• The coat the cell to prevent HIV viruses from entering• Are able to do so as they are smaller than the virus itself
  8. 8. Not many people go for frequent checkups– Once a year or once every two years– Nano Sensors • Placed in the bodies • Monitor the condition of the body in real time • Detect diseases in early
  9. 9. Generating less pollution during the manufacture of materials• silver nanoclusters - as catalyst can significantly reduce the polluting byproducts generated in the processorganic chemicals polluting groundwater. Cleaning up used to manufacture propylene oxide. The iron nanoparticles disperse throughout the body of water and decompose the organic
  10. 10. Solving global warming
  11. 11. Economical Benefits
  12. 12. Electronic Chips:• Chips tend to overheat due to increase in processing speed in the chip• Carbon nanotubes can help to decrease temperature of the chip
  13. 13. Nanotubes
  14. 14. uses - used as a needle at a molecular level – Injecting liquids into cells – Cells remains unharmed – Used by Fujitsu to make heatsinks – Semiconductor wiring material – zinc oxide nano-particles will become the best sunblock in the market – Help humans transmit nerve signals – May provide a cure for cancer as they kill cancerous cells and allow noncancerous cells to live.
  15. 15. Agriculture • Benefits: higher crop yields, reduction in the use of pesticides and improved water management • Applications and Uses: nanoparticles for removing contamination, moisture sensors, detection of pathogensCosmetics • Benefits: UV protection, enhanced delivery of medicated skin products • Applications: clear sunscreens, beauty care products, Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals .
  16. 16. • The future of nanotechnology could very well include the use of• These nanorobots have the potential to take on human tasks as well as tasks that humans could never complete.• The rebuilding of the depleted ozone layer could potentially be able to be performed.
  17. 17. • The future of nanotechnology rests in the hands of the current scientists that are ready and able to help guide this very young science into the next realm• Much of the funding for nano— research may very well require something amazing in order to continue. The funding
  18. 18. Reference••••
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