What to do when you have a hot water heater leaking problem


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A presentation on how to solve a water heater leaking problem

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What to do when you have a hot water heater leaking problem

  1. 1. What To Do When You Have A Hot Water Heater Leaking ProblemSUMMARY - Water heaters often have leaking issues, particularly olderonesThis information shows what action to take in simple steps and covers awide selection of hot water heater leaking problems in a clear andunderstandable guideWater tank leaking is never a positive event to occur in your daily lifeand we never want to see this happen It is best not to panic about the situation as discovering the problem isactually a good sign especially if you catch it early - this article will helpyou and give you possible solutions for the water heater leakingThere is often different degrees of severity of water tank leaking whichranges from a very small puddle to a mini-flood What is important to note is that you do not ignore the problemYou should immediately take action straight away as in the long run youwill potentially save a lot of money, hassle and time A small leak can very often turn into a much bigger leak and in somecases can cause the hot water tank to fully rupture Look at the size of the water tank and imagine all that hot water all overthe floorsSo what causes your water tank to leak? Well there are many reasonswhy your hot water tank is leaking and they can usually be determinedby the exact location of the leak itselfFirstly though, make yourself safe If you have an electric water heater turn it offTurn the water supply off as well, after you find the location of the leakas it may actually stop once the water supply is offNow you can find the water leaking location so we can find a solution tothe problemhttp://www.waterheaterleakingsolutions.com/
  2. 2. You should check that the leak is not coming from any overhead pipesand make sure that you check the pipes that are attached to your hotwater heater tank If the leak is actually coming from one of the pipes then consideryourself lucky All you will have to do is simply replace - dont bother trying to repairhere as the cost involved is relatively cheapThis means that you will not need to replace the water tankNow find the exact location of the water heater leakage so you can applythe correct solution for your problemIf the leak is coming from underneath the hot water heater, then it couldbe two things The leak can be explained in two ways, one possibility is that the valve(called the drain valve) is faulty and leaking (this needs replacing) or thatthe water tank has rusted at the bottom A rusted water heater tank is never a good thing and is a sign of failure,you should immediately consult expert advice and ideally look to replacethe water heaterIf the location of the leak is from the top of the tank, then you should firstcheck the TP valve (temperature-pressure) first This is usually the main reason of leakages from the top of the heater If the valve is responsible for the leak, then you have two solutions totry, firstly reduce the temperature inside the heater, this can often stopthe leak If this does not work try flipping the valve as dirt often gets stuck inside,if neither of these work then you should replace the valve It is very important to get this fixed, the main reason being is that thisvalve makes the heater safe, if the valve is faulty , that means pressurecan build up, more pressure than the tank can handle and BANG - nomore heater and a flood in your houseIs the heater leaking from the tank itself?http://www.waterheaterleakingsolutions.com/
  3. 3. You will find in most cases that this is down to rustThis in a funny way is a good sign, as it signifies that the water heater isfailing and it is time to either call a plumber to assess or simply replacethe heaterThe reason being is that the hole where the leak is coming from will onlygrow and eventually the tank will fail and hot water will be thrown all overthe placeRepairing the heater is not really advisable and is not an option mostplumbers will give. Not only would it be quite expensive to repair, theparts inside would need to be replace (like the anode rod) so it does notfail so quicklyhttp://www.waterheaterleakingsolutions.com/