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2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg - Social Media Campaign Strategy [case study] #gpstpete
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2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg - Social Media Campaign Strategy [case study] #gpstpete


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The story of the social media campaign strategy for the 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. #gpstpete

The story of the social media campaign strategy for the 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. #gpstpete

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  • Nice presentation. As I mentioned to Ruthie and Karen on Green Flag Day, and read in many fan posts, it is very difficult to reach gpstpete by email and is impossible to reach gpstpete by phone. After being transferred through a phone system, it hangs up on the caller EVERY TIME.

    It has the appearance of a very closed club, when in fact, quite the opposite is true. They are wonderful, appreciative hosts. And the drivers couldn't be nicer. They welcomed me with open arms when I brought a birthday cake for Danica. If I can get a multiple day access pass for next year, I would love to help accommodate the drivers and help with fan relations. I also have a few very nice pics that I'd like to deliver.
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  • End-User View:Publish message on TwitterWin TicketsTactical View:Landing Page Build in Facebook with contest Terms and ConditionsPromo message sent from @GPStPete Twitter accountMessage spreads virally via RetweetsUsers Follow @GPStPete on TwitterUsers click on link to Facebook pageUsers “Like” Facebook PageUsers enter contest through Facebook pageUser publishes messageMessage viewed by followers of followers of followers, etc.
  • 3/3/2011 – 3/28/2011SNAPSHOT
  • Transcript

    • 1. case study
      social media integration
      march 25-27, 2011
      st. petersburg, fl
    • 2. mitch
      a case study by…
    • 3. objective
      of 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg
    • 4. overview

      After an introduction meeting and out-of-town obligations, one week remained to devise a strategy and execute our plan to increase awareness of the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg with access only to social media channels.

    • 5. minimal activity
      slow growth
      minimal community interaction
      minimal integration
      existing channels
      sm history
    • 6. challenges
      limited time and no budget
      no access to integrated channels
      no historic plan for key learnings
    • 7. goals
      key (awareness) success metrics (3/20 – 3/27):
      1000 facebook page likes
      1000 twitter followers
      1000 brand mentions
      1000 campaign retweets
      100,000 user total potential reach
    • 8. existing channels
      conversational + campaign-related content
      strategic CTA’s
      self-produced, race-related content (videos, pictures, etc.)
      platform-specific content exclusivity
      limited resources, limited time:
      build community
      nurture community
      leverage community
    • 9. campaign-related
      incentive: VIP race day tickets
      encourages specific end-user CTA
      impacts specific metrics in given time period
      personable approach builds: trust + credibility
      scheduled, timely updates
      watch video , articles, links
    • 10.
      conversational content
      videos, polls
      development of brand persona: “Indy Insider”
      multi-user conversations
      sticky content
      likes, mentions, shares
      timely, on-scene updates
      1-1 interaction; personable
      follows, retweets, mentions
    • 11. title: “Race Day VIP”
      integrated channels: press room screen, onsite digital screens, word-of-mouth
      campaign content
      CTA platform
      metrics: brand mentions, followers, reach
      message syntax: username, @reply (clickable), CTA message, URL, #hashtag (searchable)
      winner shout-out w/ pic
      CTA link target
      campaign landing page
      metrics: page views, link clicks, page likes
    • 12. pre-race, during-race, post-race content production
      + tactics
      activating toward our and partners goals
      pushing partner agendas
      location scouting
      build-up for partnerships w/ @IndyCar and @MoreFrontWing
      tweetup w/
    • 13. key results
      1000+ page likes
      1000+ followers
      92895 post views
      4395 brand mentions
      997,209+ total potential reach
      318+ link clicks
    • 14. fan/like page
    • 15. fan/like page
    • 16. fan/like page
    • 17. fan/like page
    • 18. fan/like page
    • 19. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 20. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 21. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 22. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 23. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 24. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 25. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 26. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 27. “gpstpete” mentions
    • 28. link #1 (planted)
      link #2 (viral)
    • 29. takeaways
      personable, relatable, transparent, credible, trustworthy
      consumers respond to personality-driven content
      6-8 weeks min. timeline
      incentive encourages action
      leverage integrated channels
      develop strategy for long-term commitment
      community is fragmented; ready for consolidation
    • 30. thanks to…
      Honda Grand Prix of St. Pete team
      Paul Vaillancourt III and the Torchia Communications team
      race day social media team: Pavlo, Deborah, Rob
      all others who were instrumental in the race and our efforts
      mitchneff (@mitchneff), brandonprebynski (@prebynski)
    • 31. thank you.