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PRDS129 Summer 2012 notes on Facebook

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PRDS 129 Facebook

  1. 1. FacebookA look at the professional uses
  2. 2. Agenda• Housekeeping • Discussion • Quiz • Take-up • Expectations• Facebook • Best Practices • Creating a Facebook Brand Page
  4. 4. Frequently Asked Questions• What if I hand in an assignment late? • Everyone gets one late assignment with no penalty. If you truly are too busy to get an assignment done, please email me 24 hours in advance. This doesn’t count for the final assignment.• How much work can we expect each week? • Up to three hours of work outside of class, typically it will be about 1-2 hours.• Should I be tweeting? • Yes! Part of your participation grade comes from activity on social media• Should I read the next chapter? • Absolutely! Don’t not read because you’ll spoil the class. Read as much as you can. Expect the quizzes to cover one chapter a class.• Why do I need to print out my assignment • It makes marking them all much, much, MUCH easier
  5. 5. FAQ cont• Why do I need to print out my assignment • It makes marking them all much, much, MUCH easier
  6. 6. Page Creation and Best PracticesFACEBOOK
  7. 7. In the last year• Has gone public• Stock price dropped 50%• Changed it’s interface to timeline• Acquired Instagram for $1 billion dollars
  8. 8. Read the TOS!KEY TERMS
  9. 9. Group or Page? Facebook Page Facebook Group• “Like” a personal profile • Can be private• Subscribable • Few to a few• One to many • Usually an actual group communication
  10. 10. Facebook: Page Creation• Live demonstration• Follow the instructions – they make it as easy as possible!
  11. 11. Facebook: Best Practices• Brand yourself! • Get the right name! • Get the vanity URL –
  12. 12. Facebook: Best Practices• Welcome with a landing page NOT a wall
  13. 13. Facebook: Best Practices• Engage!
  14. 14. Facebook: Best Practices• Use the insights! • We will talk about this more indepth later• Learn your audience• Learn what they like• Consider an ad buy
  15. 15. Timeline• Use it to your advantage!• Showcase in your cover photo• Integrate history, tell a story• Be creative
  16. 16. Starbucks
  17. 17. Steam Whistle - Unliked
  18. 18. Steam Whistle - Liked
  19. 19. Posting toFacebook Engage! Call to action Have a goal and Post a photo, video, or some measure! sort of rich media.
  20. 20. Resources• • ••••
  21. 21. Assignment• Join Facebook• Join class Facebook Group• Create Facebook Page – Done in class! • List five best practices and why they are important• Critique a Facebook page of a competitor to where you work, or a company you like. • Three things they do well • Three things you would do differently