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Class #4. Video, Photos, Checkins!

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  1. 1. Online ContentA look at why more content is good & the various tools youcan use to create additional content
  2. 2. Agenda• Housekeeping • Attendance • Socialnomics discussion • News• Video / YouTube• Photo Sharing• Check ins• Assignment
  4. 4. YouTube, VimeoVIDEO
  5. 5. VIDEO – YOUTUBE qI
  6. 6. GuyGal - Recap• Content is the currency of social media and search• Prediction: 90% of digital consumption will be video• “Video is the only medium that scales the full range of human emotions”.• Example of Zappos – doing video demos of shoes. 20-30% increase in sales – Increases trust• LOW cost to entry• People pay with their time. So do a good job or don’t do it at all• Subscribers > Viewers
  7. 7. Video – YouTube• Most familiar video platform• 48 hours of video uploaded every minute• 3 billion videos viewed everyday• 490 Million Users average visit – 25 minutes• Monetization (CPM – Cost per 1000 views basis)• Brand Channels• Analytics suite•
  8. 8. YouTube – Brand Channels•••• Playlists• Promote videos• Advertising
  9. 9. Video - Vimeo• A community of film people• Quality is better on default embed• Not for “commercial usage”• No monetization
  10. 10. Why Video• SEO• Easily consumable (72% YOY Growth – Forrester Research)• Social media effect – shareable• If it’s good. Bounce rate goes down!• Alleviates doubt. And increases trust (Zappos)• Cost of entry all time low• More Memorable
  11. 11. Examples• red•• – Various Examples• - HubSpot
  12. 12. Video – Recap• Great reference, great for sharing, but the videos have to be great• OR they have to be quick• Build trust with your customers• Make Money with advertising• Reach your audience through various channels• Get found faster.
  13. 13. Flickr, Twitpic,, Instagram, PinterestPHOTO SHARING
  14. 14. PHOTO SHARING - FLICKR•Online photo management and sharing• Great community•Started out as a game•You own the content•Customize who sees the content•Freemium model –ad-free unlimited photo storage• 51 million users•Owned by Yahoo (2005)
  15. 15. PHOTO SHARING - FLICKR•Online photo management and sharing• Great community•You own the content•Customize who sees the content• Most frequently used for personal usage small businesses do use it though•Creative Commons
  16. 16. PHOTO SHARING - FLICKR• Creative Commons••A great source to find images, and to have your imagesdiscovered
  17. 17. PHOTO SHARING - INSTAGRAM• iPhone (and Android) only photo sharing app•No View Analytics•“Sharability” & Early adopter factor••10 Early Adopter Brands using Instagram -•Many Brands on Instagram•Bought by Facebook for $1B
  18. 18. TWITPIC, YFROG, LOCKERZ•All popular photo sharing services• Have web presence and mobile presence•All have social media elements• Choose one and stick with it (not lockerz.. unreliable)• Yfrog has “views” updating issues no embeds (i.e Tweetdeck)•Less a community, more a sharing utlitity to other networks• no analytics at all•Twitter forcing more and more apps to use
  19. 19. SHARE OF VOICE – MAY 2011(ANCIENT)
  20. 20. MORE NETWORKS MORE REACH•Gary Vee on Pinterest
  21. 21. PHOTO SHARING FOR BUSINESS• Integrate into everything!• Instagram – 9185 Likes - 21 Likes to Facebook (Share)• Twitter - 370 Retweets• Facebook – 44,998 Likes, 1,231 Comments, 2091 Shares
  22. 22. PHOTO SHARING BEST PRACTICES• Integrate as much as possible . Share across all networks• Find the channel(s) that work best for you• Be descriptive• Tell a story when uploading an album• Link back to your website!• Use pictures whenever possible
  23. 23. CHECKINS – FOURSQUARE, GET GLUE, FACEBOOK PLACES•Foursquare – Check in any where with people who aren’tyour friends (Twitter)•Facebook – Check in anywhere with your real friends•Get Glue – Check in to what you’re watching, or reading orlistening to
  24. 24. CHECKINS – FOURSQUARE• Foursquare – 15 million users• More of a mobile app – users checkin when they’re at thelocation• Most check ins - Mayor• Tips Promotions• Badges based• Share with social network• Privacy
  25. 25. CHECKINS –GET GLUE• 1.5 million users• Stickers•More for content providers & Personal usage
  26. 26. CHECKINS – FACEBOOK PLACES•US around 750 000 checkins / day•Only 4% of adult users use location based services•
  27. 27. CHECKINS – WHY• Free advertising. People care about where others do.(Shop, Watch, Eat)• Early adopter• Meet up.• Brand recognition.• Tips•Incentivize – Free beer? SURE!•6 Successful Foursquare Marketing Campaigns to LearnFrom•5 Creative Facebook Places Marketing Campaigns
  28. 28. ASSIGNMENT•Anthropological Introduction to YouTube••Questions to be posted!