Class 8 social media and the corporate world (1)


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Class 8 social media and the corporate world (1)

  1. 1. Social Media and theCorporate World
  2. 2. Agenda• Housekeeping• Eric Qualman• Test Recap• Crisis Detection• Crisis Communication• Intro to SEO• Social Media Press Release
  5. 5. TEST RECAP
  6. 6. Test Recap• Class Average (86.7%)• Test worth 10%
  7. 7. Test Recap• Measure Social Media ROI • New Business • New Leads • New Sales • New Visitors • New Page Views
  8. 8. Test Recap• - Link shortener - Also measures clicks and where they come from (GEO and Source)
  9. 9. Test Recap• Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic - Social Media Dashboards or Engagement Consoles.
  10. 10. Test Recap• Social Media is the new Inbox - Is email declining? A lot of people just said social is rising in importance. Mention how email is diminishing in importance.
  11. 11. Test Recap• Currency of social media and search is:•CONTENT
  12. 12. Test Recap• Creative Commons helps content creators and those that want to share content. And saves the legal implications. Win for everyone (content creators, content distributors, and us the consumers/ readers/viewers)
  13. 13. Test Recap• Two ways that key performance indicators (KPI’S) are used for measuring are:• Benchmarking - Follower Count, Reach, Mentions, Web Traffic (Google Analytics)• Growth - Campaign tracking, Brand Health, Crisis Detection, Impressions, Competitive Intelligence
  14. 14. Test Recap• Bounce rate - when someone views just one piece of content on your site and leaves.• Social is making it go up for almost all websites, as we point them to the content they want most.
  15. 15. Test Recap• Referral Traffic is where people are coming to your site from.• Social fits in:• Facebook insights tell where people are coming to your page• Also see which social channels are driving traffic.
  17. 17. Crisis Planning• Crisis Control is a myth• "You cant take something off of the internet. Thats like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool" - Joe Rogan
  18. 18. Six Things To Remember 1. Monitor the conversation 2. Maintain your voice, and communication to your audience youre giving them breaking news 3. Have a quick response team 4. Know your audience 5. Speak the same language 6. Its about trustSource:
  19. 19. Monitor!• Use a tool (Sysomos, Radian 6, Google Alerts) to track to any unusual spikes in activity • Spikes that don’t relate to a campaign you’re running• Monitor your own internal forums and message boards • Allows you to control the conversations • People can support each other
  20. 20. Crisis ControlBe prepared to respond:• Have multiple members of your team with access• Have Twitter on your smart phone, and set up notifications in case something goes wrong• “Firefighter with an iPhone”
  21. 21. Example – Kevin Smith • "@ThatKevinSmith hey Kevin! I’m so sorry for your experience tonight! Hopefully we can make things right, please follow so we may DM!“ - @SouthwestAirSource:
  22. 22. Example – Kevin Smith • "Our apology to @ThatKevinSmith and more details regarding the events from last night – #Southwest“ • Didn’t get defensive. • Apologize even if you may be right • Respond quickly, sincerely and empathetically and you will be trusted more than beforeSource:
  23. 23. Red Cross
  24. 24. Example (of how NOT to do it)• Donald Trump Jr.
  25. 25. Example of how not to do it
  26. 26. Social Media Press Release• Classic PR Tactic• Push your story to as many journalists as possible• Hope the message is heard• Social media has changed the way that press releases are done
  27. 27. Social Media Press Release• Multimedia • Photos and videos• Drive online traffic • Easily shared • Drive traffic through links, video• Measurable – can measure shares, email, times it has been picked up• Example: out-of-real-time-entertainment-metrics-tsx-svc-1557755.htm
  28. 28. Social Media Press Release• The same rules apply • Don’t spam! (Target your audience) • Write properly• New rules apply • Write for search engine optimization (we will talk about this next week) • Make it easy to share • Provide all the necessary links • Keep the title short
  29. 29. INTRO TO SEO
  30. 30. Search Engine Optimization• Making yourself appear at the top of Google • Make your site easier to index• Paid ad search• Organic SEO• Black hat • Dirty tactic• White hat • Good tactics
  31. 31. Importance of SEO• Advertising may not work• A site that looks great, may be hard to find• How many Google results do you look at? • 62% of users click a link on the first page • 62% of users click a link on the first page • 28% check the second page • This is on the rise but still low• Rank 1 receives 42.1%• Rank 2 receives 11.9%• Further reading: twitter-social-media-statistics-for-business-people.html• numbers•
  32. 32. What happens in Google?• Social connections• Advertisements• Organic search results
  33. 33. SEO Basics• Vary your language – use a thesaurus or Google Keywords tool• Add text to your links. People search with words• Multiple domains – redirect• Work with your network to provide “link love”• Give yourself some link love – map your site out well• Install a plugin• Hire a professional
  34. 34. Assignment• Write a social media press release for a company of your choice• 500 words• Include three links • Company website • Social Profiles • Previous press release about the company• One Video• Two photos • Logos • Key people or products• Format in Microsoft word. Just include the video link