Class 1 - Intro to Social Media


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Class 1 - Intro to Social Media

  1. 1. @WalkerLucas
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions • Lucas, Yourselves• Class overview • Outline • Expectations• Break• Introduction to social media, and what to expect this semester
  4. 4. Lucas Walker• Acadia• Venngage• Sysomos• High Road Communications• Argos• Acadia Athletics
  5. 5. We’re obsessed with two things Sports Social Media & Digital Marketing
  6. 6. You!• Name• What you do• Hobbies• Three favourite brands• Where can we find you on social media• Get an outline
  7. 7. Class OutlineEveryone should have one now
  8. 8. It’s all about respectCLASS EXPECTATIONS
  9. 9. Expectations Dos Don’ts• Be on time • Show up late and say• Participate in social “Did I miss anything media important”• Ask questions, challenge • Go on FB chat all class us • Sit in the front row and• Make an effort in talk assignments • Half-ass things
  10. 10. Social Media Revolution•
  11. 11. Social Media Defined “Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are fundamentally changing the way businesses and consumers behave, connecting hundreds of millions of people to each other via instant communication. This is a massive socio-economic shift that is fundamentally changing the way consumers and companies communicate and interact with each other.” Erik Qualman @EQualman
  12. 12. Why Social Media?• A new way of life• Online platform to create and sustain relationships• #1 Activity on the internet• 400% increase in spending by 2014• The new “watercooler talk”
  13. 13. Shut up and drive!• Drive conversations• Drive brand awareness• Drive traffic
  14. 14. Social Media is..• Not going anywhere – permanent• Ever changing• Not a “campaign”• Profitable• Transparent• Engaging
  15. 15. Who’s on…• A smart phone (iPhone, Android)• Twitter• Facebook• LinkedIn• Instagram/Pinterest• Four/Square Get Glue• Tumblr/Has a blog• Stumble Upon/Reddit
  16. 16. What’s theROI of SocialMedia?
  17. 17. What is the ROI of Social Media? “The ROI of Social Media is that your business still exists in 5 years.” Vaynerchuk @GaryVee
  18. 18. Competition• Our audience is online• Our competitors are launching magazines, radio, print..• We’re winning in the social/digital space and it’s allowing us to thrive
  19. 19. How do we use it?•••
  20. 20. Don’t play heavy metal at a jazz bar
  21. 21. Some Tools of the Trade• Linkedin• Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic – Twitter Client• We Follow• Klout• Twitter Lists• – TRACK!
  22. 22. Facebook• Huge userbase – 800M – 1B users• Publicly traded• Flagship social network• Great for consumers• Advertising, app platform• Integrated with iOS (coming soon)• Connections with people you know very well (family – friends)
  23. 23. Twitter• Real time status updates• Built out of SMS (140 character limit)• Connect to people/brands you don’t know• Follow hashtags• Wild west (much less rules than Facebook)
  24. 24. Linkedin• Connect with people you have met• Virtual rolodex• Linkedin > Business Card• Ask for recommendations – Friends, Professors, Bosses• Promote! (For example:• Job Postings!
  25. 25. Klout • – Sign up! • Standard for influence
  26. 26. Hootsuite • Based in Vancouver, Canada • Pro ($6 month) Professional version ($1500 month) • Built in analytics and Automatic Reports • Hootsuite university
  27. 27. Professional Monitoring Tools• Sysomos• Radian6• Visible Technologies• Many.. Many more
  28. 28. Resources•• Socialnomics – Erik Qualman• Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk• Mari Smith• Being in the trenches!
  29. 29. Thanks!• Tweet us! • @WalkerLucas• Join #PRDS129 • Social Media for PR from a practical perspective