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Group pp presentation.pptx

Group pp presentation.pptx



Kristina, Tiff, Myra, Ildelisa, Lorraine, Ruth

Kristina, Tiff, Myra, Ildelisa, Lorraine, Ruth



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  • Values and Ethics from the victims perspective: <br /> Values <br /> -Someone that has been trafficked coming out of their situation may value the freedom to make their own choices and decisions, independence from being bound and held down, and the support and true love from a family. <br /> - Some people might value trust and the dignity and worth of each individual. <br /> Ethics <br /> - some of the ethics one might have for their reasons in speaking up  is that they want society to know that Human trafficking exists and that it needs to stop. - They believe that we all need to do what is right and not compromise the value and worth of a person. <br />
  • For a long time, society has put a stereotype on adolescents who prostitute as worthless, throwaways, and runaways. There is no empathy for adolescents who live lives as human trafficking victims. Whether the child is 11 or 17, society believes they had a choice to live the lifestyle they do. Morally it is considered wrong, and adolescents in the profession have no values. <br /> From a law enforcement perspective, the Police Chief of Atlanta wants to ban prostitutes by passing a banishment law which means any person, regardless of age, even adolescents, who are caught prostituting, or trafficking will be banned from the city always. Victims are not victims if they have to be “coerced” into testifying and asked if help is needed. Those so-called victims of human trafficking are not worthy enough for help as they do not have the same problems as real victims like those who are raped, victims of domestic violence, domestic assault, and molestation from family members and friends. There is no option for rehabilitation and no value for the victims life. <br /> Victims are not victims if they have to be “coerced” into testifying and asked if help is needed. Those so-called victims of human trafficking are not worthy enough for help as they do not have the same problems as real victims like those who are raped, victims of domestic violence, domestic assault, and molestation from family members and friends. <br /> Proposition 35 was passed to increase the prison terms for human traffickers and to hold criminals responsible for their actions. Those convicted of human trafficking would have to register as sex offenders, and the funding would go to victims services. The proposition has had lots of people question he morals and values of society, and that it would ruin the lives of many people. A woman who states she provides erotic services to people says that the proposition could ruin hers and her military sons life because if she is arrested for her profession, her and her son would have to register as a sex offender and be prosecuted as a human trafficker because financially she helps him out. Those who opposed the law also believe that there is no way to pinpoint victims. Most also believe that victims stay with their pimp because life is better as a human trafficker than it was before……or is it?? <br />
  • When she was only 11 years old, Sara Kruzan met a man named GG. GG promised her everything in the world and taught Sara that she should never given sex to anyone for free. By age 13, Sara was ready to be put out on the streets. She became a full time sex trafficking victim. After 3 years of working as a victim, Sara snapped and planned an attack on her Pimp. She set up a meeting with GG and killed him. Sara was still a juvenile and got life in prison without parole. The justice system failed to protect her and at the time did not believe that Sara deserved treatment and had questioned her moral scruples. Sara did understand what moral scruples were at the time and as she has spend time in prison, has educated herself in the meaning of honesty and integrity. Sara has made a promise to herself that at her parole hearing, she will let them know that she has learned what morals and values are. <br /> Around October of this year, at age 35 and after serving almost 20 years behind bars for committing what some call a heinous unjustified crime, Sara has finally been set free. <br /> Some people in the justice system still believe that what Sara did was wrong and that there should be no mercy for her. Was what Sara did morally wrong? Maybe. Should she have gotten the punishment she did? Maybe not. This case proves there are those who believe that victims of human trafficking are not in fact victims. <br />

Group pp presentation.pptx Group pp presentation.pptx Presentation Transcript

  • A GROWING PROBLEM IN THE UNITED STATES Presented by: Ruth Gutierrez, Kristina Paris, Myra Lopez, Tiffany Walker, Lorraine Armenta, Ildelisa Zapata November 19, 2013
  • Slavery Ended In The 1860’s…
  • FALSE!
  • Human Trafficking… …Is modern Day
  • Trafficking?  Human Trafficking Is A Form Of Modern-Day Slavery Where People Profit From The Control And Exploitation Of Others.  As Defined Under United States Federal Law, Victims Of Human Trafficking Include: • Children And Adolescents Involved In The Sex Trade. • Adults Age 18 Or Over Who Are Coerced Or Deceived Into Commercial Sex Acts. • Anyone Forced Into Different Forms Of “Labor Or Services," Such As Domestic Workers Held In A Home, Or Farm-Workers Forced To Labor Against His Or Her
  • Quiz What Is The Percentage Of Human Trafficking Victims That Are United States Citizens? A) 35% B) 50% C) 70% D) 85% What Is The Average Age For Girls That Enter Prostitution?
  • Trafficking Wrong? Human Trafficking Is A Crime Against Humanity. The Dignity And Worth Of A Person Is Taken Away. We Value Freedom. It Is Taking Away A Person’s Liberty And Using His Or Her Bodies To Make Money Against His Or Her Will. As A Social Worker • Make Sure We Are Competent To Help A Human Trafficking Victim • Or Refer To Someone With Knowledge And Experience Who Can Help Them
  • Did You Know?  Human Trafficking Is The Second Largest Crime In The World – • Just Below Drug Trafficking  In 2007, The Trafficking Industry Generated 32 Billion Dollars • That’s More Than Nike, Google, And Starbucks Combined I am not for sale. And when I run, you’ll never catch me. When I cry, it’s not for you. It’s for my family who’s missed me, the innocence I’ve lost, and the spirit I’ve regained. Life begins now. And while I’m moving forward, you’ll always be left behind.  There Are An Estimated 27 Million People Enslaved Today • That Is More Than Twice The Number Of Slaves Seized From Africa In Four Centuries Of The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • A victim’s story
  • Services OR 1(888) 373-7888 The Polaris Project
  • Societal Awareness
  • Societal Outreach
  • Signs And Symptoms
  • OPPOSED TO HELPING VICTIMS  No Empathy For Any Prostitute Regardless Of Age Throwaways And Runaways Atlanta Police Chief-Ban All Prostitutes  Victims Stay Because They Have A Better Life  Not A Victim  Prop 35-Affects Innocent People
  • Justice System Fails Victims  Sara Kruzan-A True Story • Child From A Broken Home • Met Her Pimp At Age 11 • Sent To Work The Streets At Age 13 • Sentenced To Life Without Parole THEN You Can Listen To A Short Clip Of Sara’s Story Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR7mno6p9iQ NOW
  • Now, Put On Your Social Worker Hats Do You See Any Possible Ethical Conflicts if You End Up Working With
  • Workers Values And Ethical Principles (From NASW Code Of Ethics) • Service: Primary Goal Is To Help People In Need & Address Social Problems - Committed To Client = Non-Judgmental Despite Returning To “The Life” Many Times. • Social Justice: Challenge Social Injustice Victims Are Criminalized But If No Intervention, Abuse Continues. • Dignity And Worth Of The Person: Respect Inherent Dignity And Worth Of The Person – Promote Socially Responsible Self-
  • Challenges For Social Workers  Housing Options Safety Is Priority = Juvenile Hall= Mixed Population = Some Girls Recruit Others= Provide Treatment In Mixed Group = Possible Violation Of Privacy Separate Out Non-Victims And Treat Victims = Possible Violation Of Privacy Lockdown Vs. Secure (Not Locked) – Why Let Them
  • Statistical Data  As Many As 300,000 Children Are At Risk For Sexual Exploitation Each Year In The United States.  In 2009, 49,105 Human Trafficking Victims Worldwide Were Identified; A 59% Increase Over The Previous Reporting Year.  In 2010, An Estimated 12.3 Million Adults And Children Were In Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, And Forced Prostitution Around The World; 56% Of These Victims Were Women And Girls.
  • Statistical Data  In 2009, There Were 4,166  Undocumented Immigrants In Successful Trafficking The United States Are Highly Prosecutions; A 40% Increase Targeted: Over 2008. • Lack Of Legal Status And Protections • Language Barriers  High Risk Populations • Limited Employment Options • Undocumented Immigrants • Poverty And Immigration• Runaway And Homeless Related Debts Youth • Social Isolation • Victims Of Trauma And Abuse • Refugees
  • Awareness Telephone Calls To National Human Trafficking Hotline: 2011 – 19,000 2010 – 11,000 2009 – 8,000
  • References  The Covenant House. (2013). Retrieved from http:// http ://www.covenanthouse.org/  The Polaris Project. (2013). Retrieved from http:// www.polarisproject.org/index.php  Police Project. (2013). Prop 35 [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http:// www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com/pdfs_all/Prop%2035/Prop35.h
  • References  Secretary of State. (2013). Retrieved from http ://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/propositions/35/argumentsrebuttals.htm  Tata, S. (2013, October 29). Woman in Prison for Pimp Slaying Set for Release. NBC News. Retrieved from http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Sara-KruzanRiverside-Teenage-Kills-Pimp-Prison-Life-SentenceReleased-229746441.html