Eco Innovation - Innovation in SME


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Eco Innovation - Innovation in SME

  1. 1. Thematic Group for<br />CIP-EIP Eco-innovation<br />- Call for Proposal 2011 - <br />13July, 2011<br />Author: Dr. Jürgen Henke – Team Leader<br />7/21/2011<br />
  2. 2. Main Objectives<br />Objectives: Contribute to the development of Serbian SME sector and improve SMEs’ competitiveness through innovation<br />Purpose: Improving long-term partnership between Serbian institutions and SMEs and members of the international community<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Pilot Project<br />Develop communication and collaboration between enterprisesandresearch organisations.<br /><ul><li>Aim: To let more enterprises benefit from funding
  4. 4. Target: International and EU research programmes
  5. 5. Result: SMEs participate in EU networks of research and innovation</li></ul> Establish research and innovation partnership between SMEs and research organisations<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />3<br />
  6. 6. Pilot Project<br />Pilot Projects will focus on selected thematic fields like: <br /><ul><li> Information and Communication Technology
  7. 7. Eco-innovation (e.g. CIP programme)
  8. 8. Materials and New Production Technology
  9. 9. Food processing / Agriculture</li></ul>Partners will be:<br /><ul><li> Enterprises working in these thematic fields, and
  10. 10. Research institutions contributing to innovation</li></ul>7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />4<br />
  11. 11. Pilot Project<br />In the meeting today we will focus specifically on <br />CIP Eco-innovation call 2011<br />With the priority areas: <br /><ul><li> Material recycling
  12. 12. Sustainable building products
  13. 13. Food and drink sector
  14. 14. Water
  15. 15. Green business</li></ul>See details under -<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />5<br />
  16. 16. Pilot Project<br />The purpose of the meeting is to help / coaching enterprises in specifying the proposal regarding eligibility and selection criteria for proposals.<br />Target group:<br /><ul><li> Companies who have applied earlier in 2010 but have not been successful;
  17. 17. Companies who have an advanced project proposal</li></ul>Reason:<br />The closing date is 09 September 2011<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />6<br />
  18. 18. Pilot Project<br />The focus of todays meeting does not exclude other proposals for different upcomming research calls, e.g. under FP7.<br />ICIP is currently searching for additional programmes and inviting research organisations and enterprises for collaboration.<br />The following supporting steps are offered by ICIP:<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />7<br />
  19. 19. Working Steps<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />8<br />e.g. Eco-innovation, embedded ICT,<br />Virtual manufacturing, food processing<br />Define thematic fields<br /><ul><li>Relevant for enterprises
  20. 20. Research competence in Serbia
  21. 21. Expect funding sources, includ. e.g. CIP/EIP, FP7, EEN, etc.</li></ul> selection criteria -><br />e.g. Info Days on programmes, round table meetings, direct contact to organisations and clients, etc.<br />Identify Collaboration Partners<br /><ul><li>Joint group of enterprises and research institutes
  22. 22. Involve strong research partner leading smart innovation</li></ul> aiming for -><br />
  23. 23. Working Steps<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />9<br />Sample of Eco-innovation:<br /><ul><li> Materials recycling; building product
  24. 24. Food and drink sector; water;
  25. 25. greening business</li></ul>Areas of joint programmes interest<br /><ul><li>Specify research/innovation area for collaboration
  26. 26. Competence profile for partner search</li></ul> meting with Serbian <br /> collaboration partners -><br />Sample of Eco-innovation:<br /><ul><li> Define projects for joint application</li></ul>Specific Project Ideas<br /><ul><li>Identify relevant support programmes
  27. 27. Search for forecasts/work program.
  28. 28. Expected Calls for proposal
  29. 29. Alternative sources of funding</li></ul> aiming for -><br />
  30. 30. Working Steps<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />10<br />Project proposal development:<br /><ul><li> e.g. materials recycling
  31. 31. e.g. food and drink sector </li></ul>Building smart skills in thematic fields<br /><ul><li>Build in thematic fields project groups
  32. 32. Peer learning in project proposal development
  33. 33. Involve research competence</li></ul> measures -><br />Partner finding (international)<br />Sample of Eco-innovation:<br /><ul><li> Profile of research / innovation partner
  34. 34. Approach international partners
  35. 35. Networking with EU partners
  36. 36. Brokerage days in Serbia</li></ul> organising activities -><br />
  37. 37. Working Steps<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />11<br />Sample of Eco-innovation:<br /><ul><li> e.g. EU partnership in food and drink sector </li></ul>Join international Consortia<br /><ul><li>Contribution to project proposal
  38. 38. Formulate self-interest within Consortium
  39. 39. Partners responsibility</li></ul> formulate interests in Consortia -><br />Sample of Eco-innovation:<br /><ul><li> Deliver project proposals</li></ul>Project application<br /><ul><li>Prepare for alternative project funds
  40. 40. Coaching in project preparation
  41. 41. Quality check of application</li></ul> coaching support -><br />
  42. 42. Pilot Project<br />If your company is working in one of the thematic fields of<br /><ul><li> Eco-innovation</li></ul>and if you are interested in joining the Pilot Project of Building partnership between research and enterprises,<br />we offer you coaching assistance to go with you through your project proposal for the CIP-EIP call. <br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />12<br />
  43. 43.<br />7/21/2011<br />Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project<br />13<br />We would be thankful for your suggestions and comments. <br />