Message engineering: A radical new approach to marketing
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Message engineering: A radical new approach to marketing



Find out how your marketing team can deliver more - more leads, more web hits and deeper social media engagement with a brand new concept.

Find out how your marketing team can deliver more - more leads, more web hits and deeper social media engagement with a brand new concept.



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Message engineering: A radical new approach to marketing Message engineering: A radical new approach to marketing Presentation Transcript

  • MESSAGE ENGINEERING… A New Approach to Marketing Author: Prayukth K V Design: Prabahar Chitraikani June 2014
  • Message Engineering Messaging constraints  Channel  Degree of personalization  Time of delivery/receipt  Content packaging and appeal  Offers  Audience profile and relevance  Impact forecasting
  • Message Engineering Messaging constraints  Maximum/minimum no.of campaign elements to ensure delivery of the chosen high level message  Nature of messages to be sent per program  Nature of assets to be shared  Constraints as applicable to each campaign program  Audience sensitivity  Message entropy  Combination of words needed to create maximum impact
  • Message Engineering Messaging scenarios Stable and effective messaging High degree of instability Decay Irrelevant Campaigneffectiveness Messaging entropy Case one
  • Message Engineering Messaging scenarios Sensitivity Messaging relevance Case Two Low degree of personalization Emergence of appeal Lead
  • Message Engineering Messaging scenarios Relevance Impact Case Three High degree of insensitivity Expect a response Expect a query Zone of maturity Zone of connect/understanding
  • Message Engineering Message engineering  Is a measure or a set of measures designed to increase the impact of marketing campaigns using conventional and non-conventional techniques through messaging  Involves understanding the forces at play which create barriers in deriving effective campaign messaging  Is not restricted to methods, principles, algorithms, channels, language, syntax or any campaign or program parameter  Can be done manually or through an algorithm
  • Message Engineering Why is it essential  Helps increase the conversation/lead pipeline  Improves campaign relevance and effectiveness  Helps reduce wastage of marketing effort and Dollars  Helpful across all types of marketing activities  No more “shoot in the dark” campaigns  Promotes targeted and relevant campaigns  Increases the “loiter time” on your web pages
  • Message Engineering Algorithm-based message engineering  Involves quantifying all campaign constraints and advantages  Core messaging is also quantified by converting the syntax into numbers  The algorithm generates a plot to display the zone of feasibility for good and relevant messaging  It also displays the fringes or best possible area or an area of significant messaging impact potential  Reduces influence of constraints  The area is then studied to derive messaging with minimal role of constraints and maximum campaign impact
  • Message Engineering Getting the plot Constraint one Constraint two Virtual constraint Optimal Vertex Zone of feasibility X1 X2 X1: Regular campaign effectiveness X2: High impact campaign effectiveness
  • Message Engineering Manual message engineering  Is a more laborious and time consuming effort  The target segment is broken down into further homogenous groups for this exercise  Involves feedback loops that capture messaging impact in minute detail  The feedback is analysed to determine key set of high impact words and sentences  A refined campaign based on the above is released  The process is repeated with different segments of the target audience (low risk, low business impact parts)  A final and high impact campaign messaging is finally derived and released to the preferred segment of the target audience
  • Message Engineering Enter entropy  Message entropy deals with the increase in randomness of messages as they move from one step of the campaign message propagation process to the other  A message that is deemed ‘apt’ during a marketing brain storming session may turn irrelevant by the time it reaches its target audience  This happens because of many reasons; teams involved, channels, improper segmentation of TA, bad timing, verbose elements, distractive offers or technical issues  Suppose ideal message strength= 100 %and attained strength (at the TA level)=30%; the entropy level here is 70  Message engineering can counter entropy and reduce it to manageable levels  Understanding the impact of entropy on your marketing effort is essential to increasing your lead pipeline
  • Message Engineering I.E.,  Just like Chinese whispers, your core message could decay or transmogrify as it travels across channels and people  The stronger your message, the lesser the chances of it changing its form
  • Message Engineering For more marketing strategies and ideas…