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Pre #4

  1. 1. Giving a technical presentation ● There are many good references regarding how to give an effective talk, just check them. ● The goal of a talk is to let audience know that what you have done is valuable. ● Determine what your talk should say before you create the slides.
  2. 2. The goal of Presentation You have done some research, and you need to convince the audience that the research is worthwhile. If any of these three pieces is missing, your talk is much less likely to be a success. So be sure to provide motivation for your work, provide background about the problem, and supply sufficient technical details and experimental results.
  3. 3. Rules of Talk ● Start your talk with motivation and examples. ● Don't try to tale to much in a talk: you shouldn't speak for more than a minute or so without having new information appear. ● you should not dwell on the title slide for very long, but should present a picture or text relevant to the problem you are solving.
  4. 4. About the slides P1 ● Write a title with some explains. ● The last slide should remind the audience of the take-home message of the talk. ● Start your talk with motivation and examples. ● Don't put too much text. ● Keep fonts large and easy to read from the back of the room
  5. 5. About the slides P2 ● Images and visualizations are extremely helpful to your audience. ● Avoid a presentation that is just dozens of pages of text. Use images, tables or graphs. ● It's good to use outline slides throughout the talk
  6. 6. During the Presentation ● When giving a presentation, never point at your laptop screen, which the audience cannot see. ● Make eye contact with the audience. ● If you get flustered, don't panic. Taking a drink of water is a good way to cover this.
  7. 7. Answering questions ● It is a hard work to answer questions, because you can not figure out that what they will ask. ● When you were asked a question that you don't know, it is not a good solution to say “I don't know.”only. But maybe it's not about you presentation. So you may just say like that. ● You also can prepare some materials, which is not written on your slides but still important.
  8. 8. Practice talks ● Even if you know what you want to say, it takes several revisions to figure out the best way to say it. ● Sometimes, speaking loud even may be a difficult work. ● Consider videotaping yourself to see how you come across to others. This information can be a bit traumatic, but it is invaluable in helping you to improve.