Business plan and presentation ii - marketing and operations


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Business plan and presentation ii - marketing and operations

  1. 1. Business Plan and PresentationII. Marketing and OperationsBy: Sohan Babu KhatriCEO Learn | Consult | ResearchThree H Management
  2. 2. Sohan Babu Khatri - IntroductionProfessional Engagements:• CEO – Three H Management Pvt. Ltd• Director of Board – Grand Bank Nepal Ltd , Just-One-Nepal, SCDRR-NepalResource Person:• Ace Insititute of Management• Kathmandu College of Management• HVAP – MoAD (SNV)Educational Background:• Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) - Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Nepal• Masters of Business Administration (MBA - Finance and Marketing), Bangalore University, India• Certified Financial Manager (CFM), Centre of Financial Management, Bangalore• Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA) - Charter Holder – International Research Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  3. 3. Agenda for three sessionsDay 1 - Business Idea and Concept PresentationDay 2 - Marketing Plan and PresentationDay 2 - Operational Plan and PresentationDay 3 - Financial Plan and PresentationDay 3 – Growth/Sustainability/Risk ManagementPlan and Presentation
  4. 4. The whole aim of this part is
  5. 5. You’ve Dared – Recognition ?
  6. 6. Describe • Available and Potential Market • Target Market – Define them as narrowly and clearly as possible • Market Structure – Level of competition – Readiness of Target Market – Growth Potential of Target Market
  7. 7. Marketing Mix
  8. 8. Present in following order• Product Features – From Value Perspective – From Benefit Perspective – From Customer’s Perspective• How are you target customers going to know you ? – Promotion• How does your revenue model work ? – Pricing – Various pricing for various revenue models• How do you make it available to customers ? – Distribution / Place
  9. 9. While Presenting …..
  10. 10. Effective Promotion…..
  11. 11. About Product…..
  12. 12. Mobile App Marketing
  13. 13. How do you grow from just another little fish in a big pond, to a superstar? Learn | Consult | Research
  14. 14. CSFs• Loyal User Acquisition• In-App user engagement• Revenue
  15. 15. Use Variety of Marketing Channels• Social media and PR will help get the word out about your app, and the feedback you receive from users will help you make improvements• The most effective way to maximize your loyal user base and revenue is mobile advertising• Add in-app and mobile web advertisements to your marketing mix, and be sure to use many ad networks and big publishers.
  16. 16. First Impressions Count• Beautiful, perfectly functioning app• Rely on a coveted “Featured” spot in the app stores?• Design attractive advertising banners that will strike a chord with potential users• It’s also the job of your icon, screenshots, and description text to sell your app and convert clicks to downloads.• Be creative and aim for a big impact in a few seconds.
  17. 17. Get Found Via Search and High App StoreRank• A big chunk of users (63 percent) say they’ve used search to discover new apps.• Just as SEO is important in online marketing, so is App Store Optimization (ASO) for app marketing.• Research relevant, long tail keywords, and experiment with them each update cycle to see how they affect your search rank.• Also know the techniques that are unique to your operating system. – In iOS 6, you can now use singular forms in your keywords to save on characters (since you just have 100).• Use tracking technology for maximum cost-efficiency, and focus on achieving quality downloads from reputable, high- volume traffic sources.
  18. 18. Be data-driven: track and optimize your ad campaigns• With sophisticated tracking technology and fingerprinting, it’s possible to analyze your advertising campaign data and achieve maximum transparency and efficiency in your marketing.• With a data-driven approach and the right technology, you can instantly identify your valuable traffic sources, eradicate underperforming and fraudulent publishers, and select your best campaign settings.• This will maximize your downloads from loyal users, and your return on investment.
  19. 19. 4Ps are OUT4Es are IN Learn | Consult | Research
  20. 20. 4 Es of Marketing • from Product to Experience • from Place to Everyplace • from Price to Exchange • from Promotion to Evangelism
  21. 21. ...........• Understand End to End Customer Experience• How would you make that experience rich ?• Understand full range of possibilities of reaching customers• Intercept than Interrupt• Make contact when they are most receptive to engaging with you.• Today we have to intercept consumers on their turf and on their terms, and that could be anyplace or everyplace
  22. 22. ……….• Focus on customer’s attention, engagement and permission.• Create a mission and brand experience that are so inspiring to consumers that they engage with you – and share their enthusiasm with others.• What makes evangelism so powerful today is how it marries the oldest form of persuasion – word of mouth – and the newest – social networking and Web 2.0.
  23. 23. Branding
  24. 24. The Big Ideal – The emotional center
  25. 25. Promotion for Mobile Apps • How are you going to create ? –Triggers –Incentives –Engagement in daily life
  26. 26. 4Cs of Marketing
  27. 27. Operations Learn | Consult | Research
  29. 29. ….. • Connect complimentary competencies • Describe the role of each in the business • Its always good to get sense of passion and business model getting attached with people.
  30. 30. Operations • How are you going to produce, provide and operate ? – Production Process • What is your operational flow chart ? • What technologies are you using and why that’s the good one ? • How are you going to manage your supply chain and logistics ? • How are you going to source the required resources ?
  31. 31. ………• Talk about any unique feature of your operations – if there is any.• Any planned growth/change in the production/operation plan in near or mid- term future ?• Your Quality Control Policy ?• Other Policies ?
  32. 32. Order of Presentation Learn | Consult | Research
  33. 33. Stepwise • After Business Concept, talk about Product….. • Technology, Operations, Distribution and Activities • Team, Capabilities • Promotion, Pricing • Others
  34. 34. Best of Luck !!By: Sohan Babu KhatriCEO Learn | Consult | ResearchThree H Management