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Seminar on language teaching
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Seminar on language teaching



Published in Education
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  • 1. Seminar on Language Teaching Using Chain Story Game to Improve Students’ Writing proficiency Dewi Pravitasari 1101050118
  • 2. Simulation
  • 3. 0 •Problems in writing : 1. • organizing the idea 2. • lexical resource 3. • grammatical 4. • Less involment of the students 5. • Media
  • 4. From those problems, game is an intersting way for teaching learning process. Game is believed to help and encourage many students to maintain their interest. Games also have the teacher to create context in which the language is useful and menaningful. Therefore, game is used in teaching and learning process to stimulate studen’s idea in writing.
  • 5. THEORITICAL REVIEW  Definition of Writing According to Lion (1987) writing is a form of problem solving writers face two principle task which are : a)producing some ideas in the form of language, and b) arranging these ideas into written form, and it has to be adapted based on the readers need and the purpose of writer itself. In addition, Pardiyono(2007) said that writing is not only generating information, messages, or ideas in the sentences grammatically, but also the information is necessary cleared away in a form of text.
  • 6.  Game Hadfield(1987), game ia an activity with rules, a goal, and element of fun.  Chain Story Game According to Budden (2006), chain story game is a game or activity which is done in the whole class and ususally it needs many students to follow this game. In addition, ccording to Weka (2009), chain story is a fun and motivating way for students to demonstrate they have acquired the ability to retell a story, to sequence in action in a story, or to summarize the plot of the story. chains story game, it can be summarized hat chain story game is a game which is done in whole class and it can give motivation for the students to write the idea in the blank paper based on the story or students’ experiences. 
  • 7. The Benefit of Chain Story Game Chain story game has some advantages such as :  Develop students’ skill to think creatively independently.  Develop students’ skill to work cooperatively.  Develop English vocabulary and use grammar structure.  Develop understanding and apperception of the range of writing.  Motivate students to participate in learning process.
  • 8. Solution The teacher can use and apply Chain Story Game in writing class in order to improve students’ skill. The scope of writing itself is broad, the teacher can use the chain story game in certain material in high school level such as holiday and unforgetable experience make recount text, describing someone, thing,animal make decriptive text.The teacher can start this game by giving explanation first. The procedures of the game are : 1. The teacher tell the students that they are going to write a story together. 2. The teacher devides the students into five or six groups and asks the them to sit in circle. 3. Teacher gives a piece of blank paper for each student and ask them to write their name on the right side of the blank paper. 4. The teacher mentions to the students about the topic that is going to be discussed and asks them some W/H questions 5. The techer asks the students to answer the questions on the blank paper.
  • 9. 6)After the students already answer the first question, the teacher ask the students to fold their paper. 7)The teacher asks the students to pass their paper to the students on the right side. 8)Then, the teacher gives the second questions. 9)The teacher asks the students to answer the question. 10)After the students asnwer the questions, the teacher ask the students to fold the papers so their answer can not be seen for other student. 11)The teacher asks the students that they shloud not read about their friends answer. 12)After all of questions are given and already answered by the students, the teacher asks the students to open the worksheet and give it back to the person whose name in written on the top of paper. 13)The teacher asks some of the students to write on the board and revise the writing.
  • 10. CONCLUSION Writing is one of difficult skills for students. A lot of students face many problem in writing such as lexical recourse, lack of idea, difficulty in organizing the idea, difficulty in constracting sentences grammatically, also the students not too much involve in learning and the teacher does not provide any media to support it. To overcome this problem, Chain story game is interesting ways can be used in teaching process. Chain Story Game has a lot of benefits in helping students to develope students’ writing skill.
  • 11. REFERENCES Budden,J.2006.Chain Story Games. Retrived from http://www.teachingenglish.co.uk/chainstory-games.html Hadfield,J.1987.Advance Communication Games.Longman. Lyions, LH. 1987. Study writing a course in written English for academic and profesional purpose. London: cambridge university press. Pardiyono. 2007. Pasti Bisa! Teaching genre-based writing. Yogyakarta: Andi. Tarigan,HG.1992.Menulis Sebagai Suatu Ketrampilan Berbahasa.Bandung:Angkasa. Weka,B.2011.Chain Story Game. Retrieved from http://www.english-windows/chain-story-game-for- speaking-class.html.
  • 12. Thank you