User Scenarios for my thesis


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User Scenarios for my thesis

  1. 1. scenario1 urban twitter wearable twitter that pulls tweets in an urban space and demonstrate them on a shirt.
  2. 2. scenario1 urban twitter audience profile age btw 18-50 enjoying technology and using twitter spend time in public parks for lunch breaks etc.
  3. 3. scenario1 urban twitter aims to encourage people to participate in a public performance in an urban space by utilizing a familiar and common medium-Twitter.
  4. 4. scenario1 It’s another sunny nice day in Union Square and Bobby sits on a bench checking his emails in his iPhone and eating his lunch. When he looks around, he realizes this girl wearing a shirt that has a lcd screen with words scrolling. He takes a better look at the shirt and reads what says on it-”Tweet about Union Square!”. Then he reads the words scrolling on the screen-”A beautiful day in Union Square but a bird just shit on my shoulder.” He decides to give it a try and tweets something about Union Square from his account and starts to wait. After a while he gets shocked because the girl’s shirt starts to scroll his tweet- “I love the art work in Union Square-it’s so beautiful!”. Then he also sees other people trying to tweet in their smart phones and then watching the girl walking around. Meanwhile the girl sitting next to her pulls out her iPhone and starts to tweet too. Bobby and the girl look at each other happily when they both see their tweets on the shirt and then start to talk about their tweets. Bobby starts to talk about how he appreciates the art work and the girl starts to talk about why she loves this park so much that she comes here everyday. So this performance of others and whoever has a twitter account joins in this social performance and the park turns into a space of collective action.
  5. 5. scenario2 hide me a wearable helmet covering face and neck to gain anonymity against surveillance cameras
  6. 6. scenario2 hide me audience profile age btw 18-50 active citizens that engage in protesting
  7. 7. scenario2 hide me aims to provide anonymity for people during protesting or other public performances in urban areas with surveillance cameras
  8. 8. scenario2 An active citizen is in an urban area where he and his activist friends are organizing a protest in the city. He wears the helmet when the helmet detects surveillance cameras around through
  9. 9. scenario2 Joe, an active citizen and a marxist socialist organizes a protest in Union Square about the artists being banned from the area. He and his friends gather around in the area to start however they are also aware of the surveillance cameras around them, recording their face and every move. Actually Joe doesn’t care about being visible in all these cameras or the authority however he wants a sense of community inside his activist group and a sense of privacy protection againsty these authorities. So Joe gives the signal to his friends and everyone takes out their helmets that have stripes on it and wears them all at the same time. They come together and stand next to each other, with their heads looking like giant road stripes all together. They start to feel like they are bond to each other better.
  10. 10. scenario3 WiFi a mobile router providing a spot and giving the ability to change the network’s name
  11. 11. scenario3 WiFi audience profile age btw 18-50 enjoying technology and wifi hotspots in urban spaces spend time in places that have wifi hotspots
  12. 12. scenario3 WiFi aims to use wireless network names as a broadcast and a communication channel with people in an urban space
  13. 13. scenario3 Ursula is a big fan of Starbucks not only because of its awesome latte but also its free WiFi. So one afternoon she goes to the Starbucks in Union Square, gets a latte and sits down. As soon as she sits down, she pulls out her Mac and tries to connect to Starbucks wifi. But wait a second, she sees another interesting wifi network name-connect here and have your say! She gets curious about it and tries to connect and yes she gets it. She opens up her browser Firefox right away and types Google but instead she sees another website with a huge title “Have your say about what you think and feel about anything!”. She fills in the text field into “I hate when people talk shit about Obama that he didn’t keep the promises he made.” And after hitting the submit button, she also sees another line saying “Now you can change this network name into whatever you want!” She gets so surprised and happy at the same time that now everyone can see it in Starbucks. So she goes ahead and types “Free Obama, he cares about this country, ok!” And then after a while she realizes that the wifi network name changed into “That’s bullshit! He doesn’t give a shit about the health care or global warming!”