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Reflections and Insights
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Reflections and Insights


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. summary of my major studio work to date
    with my reflections and insights
  • 2. week1
  • 3. mapping
    individualidentity as a self and
    collectiveidentity as a part of a group
  • 4. my considerations & analysis
    *mapping out my relationships involving me and around me!
    *extension of connections and these relationships over
    the New School
    *where am I ?
    *where are we as DT students?
    *which peer groups do I belong/should I belong?
  • 5. my considerations & analysis
    *investigating my own interest + ”self discovery”
    *what defines me(?) influencing my interests!
    *my past + my present + future
    *investigating what is shared in common inside the team and knowing colleagues!
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. my challenges & conclusions
    *projecting my graphical skills onto my visualization
    *how do I get information from a source that I am notvery familiar?
    *prioritizing my wide range of interests when I am not sure what I want to do?
  • 10. my challenges & conclusions
    *exploring networks
    *locating organizations and networks that can be inspirational for myself and my work.
    *most importantly, speaking out about myidentity
  • 11. week2
  • 12. 5 designs in 5 days
    exploration and experimentation of communication
    within a set of constraints
  • 13. my considerations & analysis
    defining my parameters and constraints
    who am I designing for?
    what purposes? user scenarios?
    where/how is it going to be used?
  • 14. my considerations & analysis
    exploration of a metropolitan city and
    the way people interact with
    *each other
    *the spaces
    through multi-sensory channels within the city
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. my challenges & conclusions
    *time constraint + where to start and where to stop!
    *setting a constraint
    *setting constraints that are distinctive but related
    *reflecting myself and my design thinking on these constraints
  • 22. my challenges & conclusions
    *being able to observe people
    *putting myself in people’s shoes
    *being more flexible and faster in decision making through role playing + experience prototyping
    *understanding and exploring existing experiences
    *developing interaction prototypes, how they differ in look and feel
  • 23. week3
  • 24. scrapyard challenge
    designing an interactive musical controller out of junk!
  • 25. my considerations & analysis
    *operating physical objects
    *being able to bring together the visual cues and read
    the everyday objects
    *what information is provided inan object?
    *how do I read them? language + semiologyof objects
  • 26. my considerations & analysis
    *what affordances do objects have?
    *which affordances of the junks I can take advantage of?
    *how do bring together the conceptual map of users and designers?
    *how do I achieve a certain visual richness in my prototype?
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29. my challenges & conclusions
    *having no knowledge about electronics and
    its stress at the beginning
    *4 hours-time limit / competing against time
  • 30. my challenges & conclusions
    *collaboration with people
    *a brand new world = electronics
    *getting hands dirty and learning by doing, learning by prototyping!
    *exploring the unlimited capabilities of human–being
  • 31. week4
  • 32. designing an electric car and conquering the car industry
  • 33. my considerations & analysis
    *working on both design and marketing strategies
    *coming up with alternative design solutions
    *applying different methodologies
  • 34. my considerations & analysis
    *looking through diverse perspectives
    environmental + political + social + economical
    *emphasizing our product by designing interaction+experience and pointing out economical and environmental advantages by comparing existing cars.
  • 35. separable car units
    creating your own car
    proposals for manufacturers and users
    collaboration between manufacturers
    traffic & safety
    network of users
  • 36. my challenges & conclusions
    *when everything is possible technologically, what should be my criteria?
    *the diversity of institutions&actors involved
    manufacturers + politicians + public
    *centralized barriers, regulations and prejudice to tear apart.
  • 37. my challenges & conclusions
    seeing that designers are able to
    *lead institutional change with right manifests,
    *change centralized authorities, rules and biased perspectives
    *and transfer them into a more collective architecture by the leading the social energy.
  • 38. as a conclusion, I wanted to visualize my outcomes and my experiences through 4-weeks time.
  • 39. identity & network
    experience design
    prototyping&visual cues
    critical design
    like an equalizer, it’s been dynamic and have been changing in each week but never disappeared!
  • 40. like a water drop, they have been expanding since the day we first discussed and blending with each other.
  • 41. like stairs, they have been built on top of each other as well as leading me to jump into the next level.(spring2010)
  • 42. basakhaznedaroglu
    Major Studio : Interface
    Katherine Moriwaki / Fall 2009