KQA History Quiz Seek under Porus 2012, prelims with answers


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Prelims of the KQA History Quiz, Seek under Porus 2012.

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  • Nazigermany, US military
  • Indian Army, Indian History
  • Moghuls, Indian History
  • Russia
  • KQA History Quiz Seek under Porus 2012, prelims with answers

    1. 1. SeeK under Porus4th Edition of KQA History Quiz
    3. 3. 1 In February 2012, it was reported that UnitedStates Marine Corps scout snipers had been usingthis device to symbolize their function since at leastthe 1980s. It was adopted from the indigenousGermanic character which originally symbolized thesun. This simple but striking device consisted oftwo letters side by side like lightning bolts. Thisdevice became so popular in Nazi Germany thattypewriters had an extra key so that one can printthis character with one key stroke instead of two.What?
    4. 4. The Answer is….
    5. 5. 2One of the major changes in the Indian armypost independence was the dropping of a termwhich is derived from a Persian word meaningarmy for a Persian word meaning young. Thefirst term is preferred by the British historians todenote an event in Indian History while Indiahistorians generally dont use it. What was thechange?
    6. 6. The Answer is….
    7. 7. • Sepoys came to be referred to as Jawans
    8. 8. 3* His father Umar Sheikh Mirza died in a freakaccident. An avid pigeon flyer, he lost his lifewhen his dovecot built on the edge of a ravinein the corner of the castle tumbled down intothe depths below in a landslide carrying himalong with it. "Umar Sheikh Mirza, flew with hispigeons and their house and became a falcon"wrote his son in his memoir, considered the firstof it’s kind in the Islamic World. Who?
    9. 9. The Answer is….
    10. 10. • Babur writing about his father in Baburnama
    11. 11. 4 Which war fought in the period of 1917-23 hadthe belligerents grouped as white, green, red andblack?
    12. 12. The Answer is….
    13. 13. • Russian Civil War
    14. 14. 5This ancient Sumerian city is now within anAmerican Air Base in Iraq. In 1999, SaddamHussein denied Pope John Paul II access to thesite, which is supposedly the birthplace ofAbraham. Which City also famous for thismassive structure?
    15. 15. The Answer is….
    16. 16. • Ur, the picture is of Ziggurat of Ur
    17. 17. 6 In 2010 this comic journalist visited India to doa long form feature on rural poverty. Thecommunity he chose to study was themusahars, the traditional rat catchers of NorthIndia. He went to a historical town in UP to dothe research and named the resulting work afterit. Name the comic and also explain the town’shistorical relevance. Pic
    18. 18. The Answer is….
    19. 19. Joe Sacco named his comic, Kushinagar whichalso the place where Buddha attainedParinirvana
    20. 20. 7 It was this Tamizh scholar who collected andpublished Tamizh Sangam era classics. Thusstarting with Jeevaka Chintamani in 1887, heprinted and published Manimekalai(1888), Silappathikaram (1889), Paththupaattu(1889) and Purananooru (1894), all appendedwith scholarly commentaries. Who? Whatnickname did he get because of these efforts?<pic>
    21. 21. The Answer is….
    22. 22. • U. V. Swaminatha Iyer• He was called affectionately called the Tamizh Thatha
    23. 23. 8 Excerpt from a 1924 article titled "Shall We AllCommit Suicide?" : " …..Could not explosiveseven of the existing type be guided automaticallyin flying machines by wireless or otherrays, without a human pilot, in ceaselessprocession over a hostile city, arsenal, camp ordockyard?" Words of someone who claimedthat he could pass an examination on H.G.Wellss works. Who and what present daymenace did he imagine at that time?
    24. 24. The answer is…
    25. 25. • Churchill on Drone Warfare
    26. 26. 9In USSR the term "vrag naroda" was used to atvarious times applied, in particular, to TsarNicholas II and the Imperialfamily, aristocrats, thebourgeoisie, clerics, businessmen, anarchists, kulaks, monarchists, Mensheviks, Bundists, Trotskyists, Bukharinists etc. What similar term was invogue in the States during 1930s?
    27. 27. The answer is….
    28. 28. • Public Enemy, vrag naroda means enemy of the state in Russian
    29. 29. 10It was described as, "The pearl in the necklaceof the forts of Hind". This place is also famousfor the last stand of Rani Lakshmibhai. Thediscovery of a tablet recording the establishmentof a small 9th century Hindu temple in the fortgenerated a lot of interest as it was the oldestrecorded evidence of something. Id the fortand also What did they find here?
    30. 30. • The answer is …
    31. 31. • The Gwalior Fort• The oldest record of 0 for which a date can be assigned was found in that tablet
    32. 32. 11 The Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi isprobably the oldest lunatic asylum in Asia. Twoinmates of this hospital were released as agoodwill gesture in 2003. This was right afterwhen PM Atal Behari Vajpayee visited aneighboring country. They have been inmates ofthis institution under special status for 42 years.One of these inmates suffered briefly fromschizophrenia but otherwise both of them werehealthy. Who are these people?
    33. 33. • The answer is ….
    34. 34. The inmates were Yang Chen and ShihLiang, two PRC soldiers who were held asPOWs in India. Vajpayee had gone to China andhad met Wen Jiabao.
    35. 35. 12It states that if equilateral triangles areconstructed on the sides of any triangle, eitherall outward, or all inward, the centres of thoseequilateral triangles themselves form anequilateral triangle. What theorem? <pic>
    36. 36. • The answer is…
    37. 37. • Napoleon Bonaparte was a amateur mathematician and this sort of a geometric construction is called a Napoleon Triangle and the statement is called Napoleon’s theorem.
    38. 38. 13 During the World War Two, it is believed thatthere was an informal agreement between theGermans and the Allies that the Allies won’tbomb the German towns of Göttingen andHeidelberg in return for sparing two Englishtowns. One strong evidence pointing in thisdirection is the unearthing of some Germanplans to make one of these cities the capital ofOccupied England. Name Hitler’s Englishcapital.
    39. 39. The answer is…
    40. 40. Oxford
    41. 41. 14 The library of the Archeological Department ofthe Delhi is named after the man whocommissioned it. It was his Persian translationof Upanishads that attracted Sir WilliamJones, the father of Indology, to Upanishads.His life has inspired many works of fiction oneof the most popular is shown below. Manyhistorians consider his failure as a great “ifmoment” in India’s history. Who? <pic>
    42. 42. The answer is…
    43. 43. Dara Shikoh. The heir apparent to Shahjahan, itwas by defeating him that Aurangazeb ascendedthe throne of Delhi.
    44. 44. 15ID this band named after the key witness inDistrict Attorney Vincent Bugliosis prosecutionof Manson and his followers for the Tate-LaBianca murders
    45. 45. The answer is…
    46. 46. • Kasabian named after Linda Kasabian
    47. 47. 16 Connect
    48. 48. All of these animals are named after A.O. Hume• Hume’s Warbler• The Manipur Bush Rat (Hadromys humei)• Hume’s Argali
    49. 49. 17The painting depicts the quaestor of Sicilydiscovering a famous tomb. The quaestor (sortof a Roman consul), had heard the locals speakof this tomb, but none of them knew the exactlocation. Name both the quaestor (a famousman in his own right) and the man who’s tombwas discovered. <pic>
    50. 50. The answer is…
    51. 51. • Cicero discovering Archemedes’ grave.• The tomb has the famous sphere inscribed within a cylinder.
    52. 52. 18*Located in modern day Poland, the MalbrokCastle (or Marienburg Castle) is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. It is said to be the largestcastle in the world by surface area. It was builtby a particular group after their conquest of OldPrussia in the 13th century. Name the specificgroup that built it.
    53. 53. • The answer is…
    54. 54. • The Teutonic Knights (The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem).
    55. 55. 19* This Jesuit priest was the confessor of Louis XIV. In 1804, the city of Paris bought a plot of land where he had once lived. The plot was converted into something that bears his name. Today it is the largest of its kind within the city and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. What ?
    56. 56. • The answer is …
    57. 57. • The confessor was Pere Francois de La Chaise.• The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris is named after him.
    58. 58. 20“My client is not in a hurry” – Famous response by a man when asked about the duration of his celebrated project. He had worked on it from 1883 to 1926 and left it unfinished at his death. What was he talking about ?
    59. 59. The answer is …
    60. 60. Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia.
    61. 61. 21He had attended the AICC meeting in 1928. Thirtyyears later, he visited India again. He describes ameeting thus: “Dark, cold eyes looked at mewithout feeling. Thirty years before, he and hisfather had been introduced to me at a huge rally forindependence. I mentioned this to him, but itproduced no change in his face. He replied inmonosyllables to everything I said, scrutinizing mewith his steady, cold eyes.” Who about whom?
    62. 62. The answer is …
    63. 63. Neruda about Nehru
    64. 64. 22What specific incident was the subject of this cartoon ? “They salute with both hands now”
    65. 65. • The answer is…
    66. 66. • “Night of the Long Knives” (Hitler’s purge of the SA / “Roehm Putsch”).
    67. 67. 23.• Who is being commemorated in this stamp ?
    68. 68. • The answer is…
    69. 69. • Casey Jones, a railroad engineer, who was the only casualty of the “Cannonball express” collision.
    70. 70. 24*When the Athenians were voting on whom to ostracize, to sendinto exile for ten years, by writing names on potsherds, anilliterate farmer who did not know ___ asked him to write aname down for him on his piece of pottery. _____ asked himwhat name to write, and the farmer replied “_____". Hedutifully wrote his own name, and then asked the farmer whatharm _____ had ever done him. "None at all," came thereply, "but Im sick and tired of hearing him being called theJust all the time. Name this “strategos” of Athens, who wasrecalled from his exile later and played a key role in the defeat ofthe Persian invasion.
    71. 71. • The answer is…
    72. 72. • Aristides.
    73. 73. 25.An artist’s re-creation of a famous structure in its ancient glory.Identify the structure.
    74. 74. • The answer is …
    75. 75. • Borobodur, Indonesia.
    76. 76. 26.In August 1943, an 18 year old soldier named CharlesHerman Kuhl got diagnosed with a case ofpsychoneurosis. He had repeatedly returned from thebattle front with similar issues and was admitted to the15th infantry hospital. Although his soldierly career wassomewhat unspectacular, he became famous during hisillness. In fact, he may well have influenced one of thecrucial decisions of the war. Explain.
    77. 77. • The answer is ….
    78. 78. • Charles Herman Kuhl was the victim of the infamous “Patton slap”.• During a visit to the hospital, General Patton was enraged when he found Kuhl, who had no apparent wounds, sitting in the hospital. He accused him of cowardice and slapped him. There was public pressure on Eisenhower to take action. It may have been one of the contributing factors for Patton not receiving a command during the first phase of Normandy landings.
    79. 79. 27 The cartoon mocks a 1901 ideology, that was added on as a corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. What diplomacy ?
    80. 80. • The answer is …
    81. 81. • Big Stick Diplomacy, as proposed by Theodore Roosevelt.• “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”
    82. 82. 28.• According to the popular story, the idea was born when the Congress leader Kamaraj was at a train intersection near the town of Cheranmahadevi in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. As he was waiting for a train to pass, he noticed young boys tending to their goats and cattle. He asked one small boy, “What are you doing with the cows? Why didn’t you go to school?”. The boy’s response made Kamaraj think, and he went back and started a new program to attract kids like him to school. What did Kamaraj do?
    83. 83. • The answer is …
    84. 84. • started the Mid-day meal scheme.
    85. 85. 29.• During his tenure at the Government mint in Calcutta, he reformed weights and measures, introduced a uniform coinage and devised a balance so delicate as to indicate the three-thousandth part of a grain. A gifted architect, he rebuilt the minaret of Aurangzeb in Benares and improved the drainage system of Calcutta by building a tunnel between the Hooghly river and the Sunderbans mangrove forest. The ghat shown below was erected in his honor by the citizens of Calcutta. Who?
    86. 86. • The answer is…
    87. 87. • James Prinsep, more famous for deciphering the Brahmi script and the rock edicts of Ashoka.• The Prinsep Ghat in Kolkatta was built in his honour.
    88. 88. 30*This castle in Rotherham, Yorkshire, was built in the1770s. The Earl who built it named it after a place toshow his support to the activists who were protestingagainst the English. So strong was his opposition to theGovernment position that he resigned his commission.Quite cheekily, he also banned a particular beveragefrom parties held at the castle . Name the castle. <pic>
    89. 89. • Boston Castle.• Tea drinking is banned here.
    90. 90. 31• The Society of American Travel Writers conducts the annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition for outstanding print, online and multimedia works and for travel photography. The awards are named after Lowell Thomas, an American writer and broadcaster who had a distinguished career at CBS and NBC radio networks. Thomas traveled all over the world and made interesting broadcasts. But he shot into the limelight through exhibitions of dramatic video footage that he shot over a short period of time in 1917. The subject of his films received world wide fame due to his exhibitions. Who/What are we talking about?
    91. 91. The answer is….
    92. 92. • Lawrence of Arabia.• Lowell Thomas was the man who made Lawrence of Arabia famous. He made several recordings of Lawrence attired in his Arab dress and engaged in his desert war.
    93. 93. 32• From the 17th century into the 19th century, the area was known to the British as the "Pirate Coast", as raiders based there harassed the shipping industry despite navies patrolling the area. The British often led campaigns against the pirate bases along the coast. Raids continued intermittently until 1835, when the rulers agreed not to engage in hostilities at sea. In 1853, they signed a treaty with the United Kingdom. The independent territories which signed the agreement were called "___", after this treaty. They were declared as British protectorates. In 1971, Britain ended this agreement and the territories joined together to form a single nation. By what name were these protectorates known till 1971?
    94. 94. The answer is….
    95. 95. • The sheikdoms were called “The Trucial States” after an agreement under which they agreed to a "perpetual maritime truce“. In 1971, they became a confederation known as the UAE.
    96. 96. 33*• Identify the person, portrayed on the cover of this book.
    97. 97. • The answer is…
    98. 98. • Roger Casement, the Irish revolutionary who was also a campaigner for human rights in Congo and Peru. The cover is from the Mario Vargas Llosa work “The Dream of the Celt”
    99. 99. 34• X = Hebrew word for German.• Y = Hebrew word for Spanish.• X and Y together form the two main subcultures of a particular group. What words ?
    100. 100. The answer is….
    101. 101. • X=Ashkenazi• Y=Sephardi.• These are the two main subcultures of Judaism.
    102. 102. 35*• This building in Tangier, Morocco is the first property acquired abroad by its owners. It is also the only ______ on foreign soil. Name the building or fill in the blanks.
    103. 103. The answer is….
    104. 104. • The American Legation in Tangier is the first property acquired by the United States Government outside the country.• It is also the only National Historic Landmark on foreign soil.
    105. 105. End of Prelims