History quiz 2011 prelims with answers


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KQA History Quiz set by Manjith and Praveen

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History quiz 2011 prelims with answers

  1. 1. “Seek Under Porus”KQA History Quiz 3.0
  2. 2. Prelims
  3. 3. 1. Complete the title of this famous poem by Percy Shelley, apparently inspired by the inscription at the base of a statue of Rameses II. The poem describes a collapsed statue in the desert, with nothing but desolation around. I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed. And on the pedestal these words appear: "My name is _______, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.
  4. 4.  Ozymandias
  5. 5. 2.* Story goes that the noble man was being carried away on a litter (palanquin) when he was finally tracked down by Mark Antony’s men. He calmly ordered his men to put the litter down, and held his neck out to be cut by the assailants. His last eloquent words are said to be “There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly." Name.
  6. 6.  Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  7. 7. 3.What famous offer was thus declined by Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War? I appreciate most highly Your Majestys tender of good offices in forwarding to this Government a stock from which a supply of ____ might be raised on our own soil. This Government would not hesitate to avail itself of so generous an offer if the object were one which could be made practically useful in the present condition of the United States. Our political jurisdiction, however, does not reach a latitude so low as to favor the multiplication of the ____, and steam on land, as well as on water, has been our best and most efficient agent of transportation in internal commerce. I shall have occasion at no distant day to transmit to Your Majesty some token of indication of the high sense which this Government entertains of Your Majestys friendship. Meantime, wishing for Your Majesty a long and happy life, and for the generous and emulous People of Siam, the highest possible prosperity, I commend both to the blessing of Almighty God.  Your Good Friend, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Washington, February 3, 1862.
  8. 8.  War Elephants, offered by the King of Siam to help Lincoln win the Civil War.
  9. 9. 4. A national icon, one of his most famous comments was “They may crush the flowers, but they cant stop the Spring.” Once, the foremost political leader in his country, he was later ousted from all positions of power, and ended up as a mechanic in the forest service. Name this gentleman.
  10. 10.  Alexander Dubcek, leader of Czechoslovakia during the Prague Spring, famous for his policy of “Socialism with a human face”.
  11. 11. 5. “Swastika flag-draped coffins, beneath Nazi flags, …… rest on a pier in New York, May 19th, 1937, awaiting return to Germany.” – Life Magazine Who were the unfortunate men ?
  12. 12.  Victims of the Hindenburg disaster of 1937.
  13. 13. 6. In 1903, the Second Congress of the RSLDP party was held in Brussels. After the authorities interfered, the congress had to be shifted to London. There was a keen tussle on the issue of who should be allowed to join the party – some advocating a liberal membership policy, while others demanding a stricter stance. The “soft” faction won the vote 28-23 against the “hard” faction. Another contest was to decide the composition of the editorial board of “Iskra”, the party newspaper. The “hard” faction demanded that the board retain only three leading members, who were already carrying out the main tasks. The “soft” faction demanded that the status quo of six members be maintained. The vote was settled 19-17 in favor of the “hard” faction.What description originated from this second vote ?
  14. 14.  The winning side in the Iskra board contest came to be known as the “majority” or the “Bolsheviks” while the other faction were labeled “Mensheviks” or the “minority”. This was despite the fact that the “hard” faction did not really have a majority at the congress. The liberal wing of the Russian Social Democrat Party eventually took control, leading a frustrated Vladimir Lenin to split the party with fateful consequences for the world.
  15. 15. 7. On December 9, 1893, a French anarchist named Auguste Vaillant made a sensational attempt to avenge the execution of Ravachol, a fellow anarchist. His attempt injured several people and he was arrested and sentenced to death. Vaillant defended his actions during the trial, maintaining that he merely wanted to wake up the privileged classes. How did Vaillants actions and his words come back into the lime light some 36 years later ?
  16. 16.  Bhagat Singh’s actions in 1929 were inspired by Vaillant’s bombing of the French assembly. He also paraphrased Vaillant’s statement “It takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear” in the pamphlets thrown inside the Central Assembly Hall.
  17. 17. 8. Id the subject of this museum.
  18. 18.  Imelda Marcos, whose extravagant shoe collection has now been turned into the “Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum”.
  19. 19. 9. What is happening ?
  20. 20.  US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr demonstrating “The Great Seal Bug” (also known as “The Thing”) which the Soviets had planted in the US embassy in Moscow. In 1946, the Soviets had used a group of school students to present a wooden replica of the “The Great Seal of the United States”. A listening device hidden inside was discovered in 1952. Lodges unveiling of this Great Seal before the Security Council in 1960 provided proof that the Soviets also spied on the Americans, and undercut a Soviet resolution before the Security Council denouncing the United States for its U-2 espionage missions
  21. 21. 10. An English poem written by Joanna Baillie in 1849 reads: "For thirty years her reign of peace, The land in blessing did increase; And she was blessed by every tongue, By stern and gentle, old and young. Yea, even the children at their mothers feet Are taught such homely rhyming to repeat "In latter days from Brahma came, To rule our land, a noble Dame, Kind was her heart, and tright her frame, And ___ was her honoured name.“ Name this enlightened monarch who ruled over a kingdom from 1767 to 1795.
  22. 22.  Ahilyabai Holkar.
  23. 23. 11.* Identify this gentleman who became the first president of a newly independent country in 1960.
  24. 24.  Archbishop Makarios (Makarios III) of Cyprus.
  25. 25. 12. “I can neither forget nor express the strong emotions which agitated my mind as I first approached and entered the eternal [C]ity. After a sleepless night, I trod, with a lofty step, the ruins of the Forum; each memorable spot where Romulus stood, or Tully spoke, or Caesar fell, was at once present to my eye; and several days of intoxication were lost or enjoyed before I could descend to a cool and minute investigation.” What resulted from this moment known to history as the “Capitoline vision” ?
  26. 26.  Edward Gibbon started work on the monumental work, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”.
  27. 27. 13.** At the age of 17, this stunning beauty was pictured, while working in a metal factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her image was later used by artist J. Howard Miller, making her a symbol for a generation.  Claim to fame ?
  28. 28.  “Rosie the Riveter”, the iconic propaganda poster symbolizing American women during WWII, was based on a photograph of Geraldine Doyle.
  29. 29. 14. Some of the disputed accounts of Stalin’s death state that, when he died, he had some old letters in his desk. One of them was the last letter written to him by Lenin and another was from Bukharin. The third one was from 1950, written by one of his former allies. It went like: “Stop sending assassins to murder me. We have already caught five, one with a bomb, another with a rifle…If this doesn’t stop, I will send one man to Moscow and there will be no need to send another.” Who was the alleged author ?
  30. 30.  Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia.
  31. 31. 15.  This castle, located near Vienna, has a name that means “bright stone” and is responsible for the naming of a European country. The family that owned the castle desired a seat in the “Reichstag”. But without any territory held directly under the Imperial throne, the dynasty was unable to meet a primary requirement to qualify for a seat in the Imperial parliament. They purchased the lordship of Schellenberg and the county of Vaduz which had no feudal lords other than the Emperor. The territory was soon declared a sovereign state of the Holy Roman Empire.  the Princes of ___ did not set foot in their new principality for over 120 years after their purchase. Name.
  32. 32.  Liechtenstein, which literally means “bright stone”.
  33. 33. 16.* The painting “A Very Gallant Gentleman” by John Charles Dollman. Who is the subject ?
  34. 34.  Lawrence Oates, who chose to sacrifice himself to save R F Scott’s expedition. Oates, worried that his ill health was compromising his companions’ safety, walked out of his tent in the midst of a blizzard with the words "I am just going outside and may be some time".
  35. 35. 17. This enormous boulder, nicknamed the “Thunder Stone”, is often claimed to be “largest stone ever moved by man”. In 1770, it was used to build the pedestal for a famous statue. The stone was moved from its source to its destination over a period of two years. Legend has it that while this statue stands in the middle of the city, enemy forces can never take the city. True to the belief, the city did not fall despite a 900 days long bloody siege during WWII. The statue derives its more popular name from an 1833 poem, considered to be a literary landmark. Name the statue and the city.
  36. 36.  “The Bronze Horseman”, a statue of Peter the Great, in St. Petersburg. This popular name was derived from an Alexander Pushkin poem about the statue.
  37. 37. 18. The first modern one of its kind was the “Degania”, established by sociologist Arthur Ruppin in 1920. What community enterprise that literally means “gathering” or “clustering” ?
  38. 38.  Kibbutz, an agriculture based community settlement of Jews.
  39. 39. 19.* A 1795 painting of the remains of a fort which was established in the 1350s to house a walled city. The structure’s name, derived from the successor of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, is famous for other reasons. What name ?
  40. 40.  Feroze Shah Kotla. The fortress (“Kotla”), named after Feroze Shah Tughlug, Sultan of Delhi, lent its name to the Cricket stadium.
  41. 41. 20.** A high ranking bureaucrat under the Ming Emperor, he was a paragon of honesty and integrity in government service. In 1565, he submitted a memorial, impeaching the Emperor himself and was promptly imprisoned. Why would we be still remembering this story?
  42. 42.  The official was Hairui. A theatre play titled “Hai Rui Dismissed from office” was interpreted by “Gang of Four” member Yao Wenyuan to be an allegory of Mao’s dismissal of Peng Dehuai, the Defense minister. Thus began the “Cultural Revolution” aimed at cleansing the society of bourgeoisie elements.
  43. 43. 21. Hazrat Mian Mir, a Sufi saint laid the first foundation stone of this structure. Legend has it that a mason adjusted the position of the stone. The man responsible for the construction of this structure was very upset when he came to know of this. He worried that as the mason had undone the work just completed by the holy man, a disaster might come to the structure. This legend is often cited as an explanation for the many attacks that have been launched on this structure. Name.
  44. 44.  The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) at Amritsar.
  45. 45. 22. After the Battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes, the Persian Emperor, interrogated some Arcadian prisoners. He was curious about the Spartans sending only 300 men to stop the Persian army. When the prisoners cited _____ as the reason for the absence of most of the Spartans, he asked the prisoners if the Spartans received any reward for their efforts in _____. The prisoners described the reward and a very shocked Persian general exclaimed: Ye Gods, Mardonius, what men have you brought us to fight against? Men that fight not for gold, but for glory." Fill up.
  46. 46.  Olympic Games. The prisoners explained that the winner of the games would get “an Olive wreath” as the prize.
  47. 47. 23 which existed from 1100 to This archeological site was a great city 1450 AD. The name of the place is derived from a phrase in Shona language meaning "large houses of stone". This site is a source of great pride for the modern day state where this site is situated and takes its name from it.
  48. 48.  Zimbabwe
  49. 49. 24 South Court is a sea facing palatial bungalow located on Mount Pleasant Road in South Mumbai. It was designed by architect Claude Batley and constructed in 1936 using exquisite Italian marble and walnut woodwork. This historic building has been a subject of dispute between two countries and recently the owners daughter has been involved in a litigation claiming that Hindu Law is applicable to its owner as he was a Khoja Shia. ID the building.
  50. 50. This building is more famously known as Jinnah House
  51. 51. 25.** They were SS paramilitary death squads that were responsible for mass killings. Their modus operandi was typically shooting. They were responsible for exterminating Jews in particular, but they have murdered significant numbers of other population groups and political categories as well. They were meant to hand out only one sentence to prisoners and that was execution. Their name can be literally translated from German as "One Sentence Group”. ID.
  52. 52.  Einsatzgruppen -means one sentence group.
  53. 53. 26. After being expelled from his country Singhapur (present day Singur), Prince Vijaya went with his daredevil comrades to this country via crude wooden ships from Gadiara or Buttor Port of Howrah. Vijaya is the first recorded King of this country and the history of the native population started with his arrival. This story is generally accepted by historians, however the most striking evidence to this fact is that the people of this country speak a language phonetically much similar to modern Bengali. Which country?
  54. 54.  Vijaya was the first King of Sri Lanka
  55. 55. 27.* This pic was taken when Dr D.D. David was attending a conference on alternative medicine. He was an expert in the field of alternative medicine, bio energy, and macrobiotic diet and also offered his assistance in the treatment of sexual problems and disorders by using what he called Human Quantum Energy. He had his own website and used to sell metallic bullet-shaped amulets there. How do we better know this man ?
  56. 56.  Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader and war criminal who was captured in 2008.
  57. 57. 28.  This French painter was born in Louvre while his parents where staying there during the French Revolution. He specialized in battles, portraits, and Oriental Arab subjects. He was known for representing war in a realistic way. He accompanied the French Army during the Crimean War, producing several paintings.  English speaking people however remember his name for a totally different reason, from something which was first published in 1893.  Name ?
  58. 58. Horace Vernet.In Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventureof the Greek Interpreter”, Holmes claims to be related to Vernet,stating, "My ancestors were country squires... my grandmother... was thesister of Vernet, the French artist."
  59. 59. 29. Identify the two kids from this 1962 movie whose title translated to “The two who stole the moon”.
  60. 60.  The Kaczyński twins. Lech and Jaroslav Kaczynski had acted in this polish film.
  61. 61. 30. What does the purple line indicate?
  62. 62.  “String of pearls” , the Chinese strategy of setting up naval bases around India.