Big deal big data


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Big deal big data

  1. 1. What is the big dealabout Big Data?A bubble or a boom?Sudheer MarisettiAbacus Concepts Inc.“A Data Engineering Company”
  2. 2. The Incredible Big Data !!Story of woman in Washington State who wassuggested a friend in Facebook who turned outto be the second wife of her husband !!Story of a father who complained to Target retailstore about getting coupons for pregnant womennot knowing that Target knew his teenagedaughter was pregnant even before the fatherknew !!The story of my friend who is puzzled howrestaurants he visits knows his preferences !!
  3. 3. Intelligent AppliancesNest Labs Intelligent Thermostats that knowswhen and how you want to be comfortable athome.Passive digital sensors in industrial equipment,cars, electrical meters, shipping cratesmeasuring temperature, vibrations, humidity,chemical changes.Stretchable Electronics – wearable in your clothsthat monitor your health – Nike+ Feul Band
  4. 4. Social Network & Big Data United Nations Global Pulse initiative – leverages Big Data using sentiment analysis of messages in Social networks and text messages to predict job losses, spending reductions, disease outbreaks in Africa.
  5. 5. Education & Data Analytics Coursera – Daphne Koller Ted Talk Video Khan Academy – Salman Khan’s Ted Talk Video Arizona State University – eAdvisor Austin Peay State University – Degree Compass program recommends courses for students (Poster) Distance learning University Athabasca – focus on topics it predicts that student will have trouble in.
  6. 6. …. EducationFlagging students who have higher tendency tofail and drop out.Social ties of students can influence academicsuccess so student social activity trackedthrough student ID card swipes atcafeteria, fitness center, book stores, etc.Engaging the students in a subject by trackingtheir progress. Improving professors teaching byanalyzing student’s missteps.
  7. 7. Where is Big Data now?“We’re in the pre-industrial age of BigData.” Martin Wattenberg, creator of wind mapand now at Google.Unlock the “the gold locked up in 30 years ofrelational databases.” – Clear Page Founder
  8. 8. Is it a Bubble?It is possible. Like the previous bubbles –Railway bonds, Radio, RCA, Internet/dot com – itcould burst but will settle down like the rest toplay a significant role in our lives.
  9. 9. How to be a Data Scientist McKinsey Global Institute projected that US needs 140k to 190k workers with "deep analytical" expertise and 1.5 million more data literate managers Statistics, Linear Algebra Algorithms, Machine Learning Programming Languages – R, Python, Java Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Pig
  10. 10. Recommended Coursera CoursesStatistics OneWeb Intelligence and Big DataMachine LearningComputing for Data AnalysisData Analysis
  11. 11. Future of Big Data in India A country of 1.2 Billion people Second largest mobile phone users Nation full of social problems looking for us to solve them What works in India works is useful even developing nations – Reverse Innovation