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Ar praveen kumar soma

  1. 1. © Confederation of Indian IndustryGreen Residential Interiors15 June 2013Bengaluru© Confederation of Indian IndustryConventional Vs Green InteriorsInterior DesignDesign PrinciplesFunctionalityAestheticsGreen InteriorsDesign Principles,Functionality, Aesthetics+Deep Commitment toEnvironmentAvani Residence, IGBC Platinum
  2. 2. © Confederation of Indian IndustryResidential Green InteriorsFocus Areas1.Materials that are softer on Nature2.Energy Efficient Interiors3.Concern for people4.Water use optimisation‘Holistic Approach towards Green’© Confederation of Indian Industry#1. Materials that are softeron NatureConventionalHigh dependencyon virgin materialsHigh embodiedenergyTiles, Plywood,Laminates,Furniture, CeilingGreen InteriorsSame Materialswith higherRecycled ContentLess dependencyon virgin materialsCourtesy: Avani Residence
  3. 3. © Confederation of Indian IndustryReused bottles - PlantersReused bottles - PartitionExamples:Recycled MaterialsLight fixtures – Recycled materials© Confederation of Indian IndustryWood ApplicationsConventionalNew WoodDepletion ofForestsGreen InteriorsComposite WoodCertified WoodSalvaged MaterialsRapidly Renewable
  4. 4. © Confederation of Indian IndustryUse of Salvaged MaterialsExcellent example of changing mindsetsAvani Residence, IGBC -PlatinumViswa Syamalam, IGBC -Platinum© Confederation of Indian Industry#2. Energy Efficient InteriorsConventionalLighting design0.4 to 0.5 W/sq.ft100 sq.ftroom – 55 W:T12Green InteriorsLighting design0.25-0.3 W/sq.ft100 sq.ftroom – 26 W:T5
  5. 5. © Confederation of Indian IndustryLightingConventionalIncandescentFluorescentT12High % of MercuryGreen InteriorsCFlsLEDsT5, T8© Confederation of Indian IndustryLED Lighting of the Future100% LED in a Green HomeIGBC Platinum - Viswa Syamalam, Chennai
  6. 6. © Confederation of Indian IndustryAppliancesConventionalEnergy GuzzlersGreen InteriorsBEE Star ratedSolar AC© Confederation of Indian IndustryAir ConditionersStar ratingCoolingCapacity (W)PowerConsumption(W)Energy EfficiencyRatio (EER) (W/W)One star 2,423 996 2.43Two star 4,876 1,889 2.58Three star 5,214 1,861 2.80Four star 5,375 1,696 3.17Five star 5,693 1,128 3.25
  7. 7. © Confederation of Indian IndustryHarnessing Day LightAvani Residence, IGBC - PlatinumVisa Syamalam, IGBC Platinum© Confederation of Indian IndustryConcept of Sun pipeBest solution dark spaces in home© Confederation of Indian IndustrySun Pipes used to lit basement,Avani ResidenceSun Pipes used at Visa Syamalam, ChennaiVisa Syamalam, IGBC Platinum
  8. 8. © Confederation of Indian IndustrySun PipesView from Exterior View from Interior© Confederation of Indian IndustrySun Pipes in Visitor ParkingAvani Residence, IGBC Platinum
  9. 9. © Confederation of Indian Industry#3. Concern for peopleConventionalKitchen & Toiletsare usually not apriority for IndoorAir QualityCarbon DepositsInfectionsGreen InteriorsHigh emphasis onventilationKitchen – 100 cfm/100 sq.ftToilets– 50 cfm/100 sq.ftBCIL CollectiveOval Nest – IGBC Platinum© Confederation of Indian IndustryConventionalChoice of Paint leftto PainterLowest priced &Nearest vendorHealth IssuesAllergies, AsthmaPaintsGreen InteriorsOdour lessNot harmful tohealthPaints are carefullychosen with lowVOC50-100 (g/l)
  10. 10. © Confederation of Indian IndustryAir PurifiersConventionalSpraysAir FreshenersDetrimental tohealthAllergies / AsthmaGreen InteriorsAir Purifiers –Indoor Plants© Confederation of Indian IndustryIndoor PlantsBest air purifying plants forgeneral air cleanlinessAreca Palm Snake PlantBest Air PurifierMoney PlantRemoves Nitrogen Oxides& absorbs formaldehydes
  11. 11. © Confederation of Indian IndustryCross VentilationConventionalWindows on oneorientationTo have morestorage spacesGreen InteriorsOpening in two facesMandatoryAvani Residence, IGBC Platinum© Confederation of Indian Industry#4. Water Use OptimisationConventionalHigh dependencyon Municipal waterGreen InteriorsLow Flow Fixtures20-30 % Savings
  12. 12. © Confederation of Indian IndustryWater Efficiency: Best practicesLow Flow Fixtures8-10 Liters per minuteTaps fitted with AeratorsLow Flush fixtures3/6 liters per flush – dual flushAeratorsSmall in Size, Big in SavingsAerators© Confederation of Indian IndustrySum UpTangible BenefitsEnergy Savings : 40 – 50 %Water Savings : 20 – 30 %Intangible BenefitsBetter Health of peopleQuality of LifeSaving of Natural resourcesGood for individual, society &the Community as a whole
  13. 13. © Confederation of Indian Industry