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Smart Phones - 101
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Smart Phones - 101


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • In 1996, Nokia introduced the first PDA with full mobile phone functionality, the 9000 Communicator, which became the world's best-selling PDA. The Communicator spawned a new category of PDAs: the "PDA phone", now called "smartphone".
  • Samsung BADA, Meego (Linux), Symbian (Nokia+NTTDoCoMo+Sony Ericsson & Symbian; and is currently maintained by Accenture), WebOS (HP)
  • Apple - - -
  • Apple - - -
  • SMS – Short Message ServiceMMS – Multimedia Message Service
  • Use the security lock code or PIN feature.Keep Phone Details including The IMEI number (on GSM phones)Register your loss immediately: If stolen, contact your service provider asap. Advise your IMEI number, so they can block your account, handset, outgoing calls and sms. If done, this will prevent anyone from using the phone across any network, even if the SIM card is changed.Keep records of this call - the date, time, any reference or contact details. This is important in case the thief makes fraudulent charges on your account.File a police report immediately Some phone companies may require proof that the phone was actually stolen, versus it having been lost. A police report serves as evidence, which will make your wireless provider more cooperative, especially if insurance is involved.Consider adding a security mark. Use an ultra violet pen, engraving tool, non-removable label or other. An alternate contact number on the phone would also help the finder of your handset to contact you if they intend to return it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Smart Phone - 101
    • 2. 0:25 – 1:20|3:00 – 3:32 |3:54 – 4:23
    • 3. History
    • 4. Introducing Nokia 9000 Communicator – 1996 Samsung Galaxy S III (29 Aug 2012) • 397 gm • 133 gm • Intel 24 Mhz i386 CPU • Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 • 8 MB Memory • Up to 64GB, 1GB RAM | External Up to 64MB • GEOS 3.0 • Android 9110 9000
    • 5. ―An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separatedevices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. Andhere it is.‖
    • 6. What is a SmartphoneA smartphone is like a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs: music, video,camera, email, games, internet… and the basic phone function.
    • 7. Operating SystemIn general, a smartphone is based on an operating system that allows it to runapplications.Apples iPhone runs the iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones run the BlackBerry OS. Otherdevices run Googles Android OS and Microsofts Windows Phone.
    • 8. APP STORE GOOGLE PLAY MARKETPLACE (Feb, APP WORLD 2012)Over 701,702 apps in Over 430,000 apps in 3 billion download andtotal. Approximately total. About 72% of all of Over 100,000 apps in counting: BlackBerry37% apps are free. Google Play apps that total. App World had reached are free. a new milestone last month from a total of 90,000 appsApplicationsAn app is a small piece of software that runs on an operating system. In general, an appis designed to accomplish one primary task. For e.g. Camera app, Weather app, etc.Select your app based on your needs:Yelp, Facebook, IMDB, Dictionary, Kindle, iBooks, Spotify, GIST (ISP Speed), TVRemote, Starbucks, GasBuddy, CardMunch, SketchbookX
    • 9. QWERTY KeyboardMost smartphone includes a QWERTY keyboard – same as on your laptop. The samekeyboard layout makes the end user experience seamless.
    • 10. MessagingApart from SMS & MMS messages, smartphones are capable of syncing emails fromvarious accounts, like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Enterprise for corporate users.iMessage – Unlimited messages to iOS5 users.Standard SMS & MMS
    • 11. SIM Lock / Locked PhoneA SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) lock is a capability built into mobile phones by mobilephone manufacturers. Network providers use this capability to restrict the use of thesephones to specific countries and network providers.Which phone is better: locked or unlocked?
    • 12. MobilePlans
    • 13.
    • 14. BYODBYODBYOD Unlimited Unlimited $55 NA Unlimited
    • 15. MobileHacks
    • 16. Type of Hacks- Auto sign up for an expensive subscription SMS text- Copy of all your input, including passwords and other personal information- Send a message to everyone on your contact list- View your personal content (photos, audio, video, docs)- Track your locationSecurity Tools Android: Norton Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security iPhone: Trend Micro Mobile Symbian: Trend Micro Mobile, Kaspersky Mobile Security, McAfee WaveSecure BlackBerry: McAfee WaveSecure Windows Phone: McAfee WaveSecure
    • 17. Primary Features of Anti-Virus Tools • Anti-Malware: Scans for infections on phone and checks the safety of any new apps before installation. • Lost or Stolen Device Access: Using another mobile phone or a website, the missing phone can be made to send information about its location, based on the built-in GPS or its location relative to cellphone towers. In case of non retrieval of device, provides remote lock, or wipe phone memory features. • Anti-Spam: Block incoming text messages and/or phone calls from specified numbers. • Site Safety Check: This feature checks to see if a site will try to install malicious software or phish for personal information via mobile web browsers. • Backup: Some programs include the ability to back up phone data to an online storage account. That way, if a phone is damaged or wiped of the data remotely after losing it, the secure copy of information exists in the cloud.Apple maintains strict control over whats offered in the iTunes App Store — Googledoesnt supervise the Android Market.
    • 18. StolenPhone
    • 19. How to Prevent/Report Stolen Phone• Use the security lock code or PIN feature• Keep Phone Details including IMEI (*#06#) number (on GSM phones)• Register your loss immediately to your provider• File a police report immediately• Consider adding a security mark
    • 20. ConclusionFinding the right smart phone is the holy grail of today’s smartphone users. It is achallenging task, given the vast choice of providers, platforms and models.No smartphone is the right phone, some are good at one thing, some are at others.Make a laundry list of all the features you would like to use in a smartphone and tryto narrow down your choices.Don’t be afraid of buying a wrong one, the world is not going to end with yourchoice; because, even the dumbest smartphone is smart.Stay connected!Praveen VermaTwitter: @praveenkvma