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  1. 1. Praveen Kumar <br /> +91- 9038055516<br />Snapshots :<br />4+ Years of Exp. on J2SE and J2EE, Web Services, IBM WebSphere Portal 6.x<br />3 Years Experience in Websphere portal<br />Exposure to MVC Architecture and Other Design Patterns.<br />Excellent Knowledge of OOPs Concepts Multi Threading and Messaging.<br />Expertise on JBOSS, IBM WAS 6.x, IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.x.<br />Hand on Expertise IDE like MyEclipse 6.x, RAD7.0.<br />Excellent knowledge of Struts, Spring, Hibernate.<br />Widely Implementation of JSR-168 and JSR-286.<br />Good Knowledge of Database Like MySql ,Informix, SQLServer and DB2.<br />Work History:<br />Presently working as a SE in IBM, Kolkata From May-10 to till Date.<br />Previous working as a SE in Estel Technologies Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon From Jan-10 to May-10.<br />Previous working as a SE in ProSoft CyberWorld Pvt Ltd, Noida From April-06 to Dec-09.<br />Academic Profile: <br />Bachelor of Engineering (C.S.E) From SEC With 72%, Orissa in 2006.<br />I.Sc from Gossner College in 2001<br />Matriculation from SSVM in 1999.<br />Technical Skills Profile:<br />Operating Systems :Windows Xp, Win2000,Linux.<br />Technologies :Java, J2EE, JavaMailing, Portlet, WCM, JMS & EJB.<br />Frameworks :Struts, Spring, JSF.<br />Web Technologies :Html, JavaScript, AJAX, XML.<br />Appl. Servers :IBM WAS 6.x, IBM WPS 6.x, JBOSS 4.x.<br />Web Servers :Apache Tomcat 5.5.<br />IDE :MyEclipse 6.x, RAD 7.<br />Database :DB2, Informix, MySql, SQL Server 2000<br />ORM Tools : Hibernate.<br />Report Tool :Dynamic Jasper Report.<br />EAI / Integration :IBM WAS 6.x, IBM Websphere Portal 6.x<br />Portlet : JSR168,JSR286 and IBM websphere portlet<br />Responsibilities:<br />Gives attention to Detail and Commitment to Deadlines.<br />Work with leads to write reusable code.<br />Designing, Configuring and Customizing Software solutions as per the functional and technical requirements of Client.<br />Analysis and Design (Including DataBase Design).<br />Areas of Strengths: <br />J2SE, J2EE, EJB, Struts, Hibernate, JSR168, JSR286.<br />Self Motivated and Able to Perform with Minimal Supervision.<br />Excellent Analytical Problem Solving Skills, Implementing Various Design Patterns.<br />Exposure on the APIs(Java,Jasper,Struts,Spring,Hibernate, JSR168, JSR286)<br />Professional Experience:<br />Project Name:Ecommerce Shopping Cart.<br />Client:Avaya<br />Team Size:3<br />Duration:Ongoing<br />Technology:jdk 1.4,Java, EJB, Hibernate, Weblogic 8.0, Oracle, RAD7,SAP<br />Project Description:This Project is based on Online Shopping cart. This Application is <br />personalization to user. The User booking the cart, configure and <br />shopping cart.<br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />Administrator Interface<br />Cart Management.<br />Price Management.<br />Price Rules<br />Organization Controller<br />Responsibilities:Off-side Support.<br />Client Communication<br />Optimize Code.<br />Documentation.<br />Bug Fixing.<br />Testing<br />Project Name:Online Mobile Recharge.<br />Client:Pinpay, Lebanon and OLR<br />Team Size:5<br />Duration:Jan-10 – May-10<br />Technology:jdk jdk 1.6, Spring, Hibernate,Webservices,Jboss4.2, Informix, <br />Micro Banking platform enables un-banked users to get virtual, <br />limited features bank accounts, which turn their mobile phones <br />into secure mobile wallets or debit cards.<br />E-Voucher operators can buy recharge e-PINs from prepaid <br />operators and store them in the database. E-PINs of multiple <br />prepaid operators can be stored, where each prepaid operator is <br />configured in the system as a vendor. Multiple denominations of <br />e-PINs for each vendor can be stored.<br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />Administrator Interface<br />m-wallets (virtual bank accounts) .<br />Voucher Management<br />Billing and Subscriber Management<br />Pinloaded<br />Mobile Commerce<br />Transaction Search<br />Internalization <br />Micro Banking<br />E-Voucher<br />Responsibilities:Requirement analysis.<br />Client Communication<br />Optimize Code.<br />Documentation.<br />Bug Fixing.<br />Development of Spring and Hibernate config files.<br />Project Name:DoIT (Department of IT)<br />Client:Govt. Of Delhi<br />Team Size:12<br />Duration:April08 – Dec 09<br />Technology:JSR-168, JSR-286,Java, Jsp, Servlet, IBM WebSphere Portal <br />V6.1, WCM and DB2.<br />Project Description:Project includes the development for the various sites associated <br />with DoIT with Web Content Management Tool.<br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />Opinion poll, Chat,Blogs, <br />Login Forms, <br />Telephone Details<br />Searaching Engine<br />MediaPlayerContainer<br />Registration Forms, <br />Personalization of user<br />Security of workflow of Application<br />Skin and Theme<br />Responsibilities:Syndication<br />Coding and Managing workflow security.<br />Performing Web Content Management using WCM Tool.<br />Syndicator and Subscriber<br />Creating Skin and Theme<br />Project Name:Employee Self Service Portal<br />Client:MDB, Delhi<br />Team Size:5<br />Duration:Jan-07 – March-08<br />Technology:JSR-168,Java, Jsp, Struts, RAD 7.0, IBM WebSphere Portal <br />Server 6.0, DB2.<br />Project Description:The Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal is a framework which can <br />be customized to meet almost all the Corporate who want to own <br />such a portal. It should facilitate a common corporate <br />communication platform as well as one stop for not only all <br />employee related information and employee needs.<br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />EPF Module<br />Reporting Module<br />Training Module<br />Registrar Module<br />TDS Module<br />Banking Module <br />Recruitment Module<br />Admin Module<br />Responsibilities:I Worked on Recruitment Module. <br />Implement Design Pattern, Functionality and Business Logic.<br />Documentation.<br />Creation of Skin and Theme.<br />Project Name:Export Software Automation Essentials (EASE)<br />Client:OCR Services Inc.<br />Team Size:6<br />Duration:July-06 – Dec-06<br />Technology:Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Struts, SQL Server, Tomcat, Web <br />Services, JMS,JBOSS.<br />Project Description:EASE is a web-based enterprise software solution to automate <br />and manage export/import transactions from the US and other <br />countries.<br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />Watch List/Denied Party Screening<br />License Management<br />License Screening<br />DOS License<br />DOC Licensing <br />Container Management<br />Export Docs/AES Direct<br />Compliance Request<br />Import Management<br />US Export/Import Regulations<br />MultiSite Management<br />Archive-Restore<br />ReportGeneration(Dynamic Jasper Report)<br />Responsibilities:Client Interaction and Optimize the Code.<br />Fixing bugs and Documentation.<br />Analysis and Design (Including DataBase Design).<br />Helping developers in resolving technical issues in the project.<br />Writing Coding and Implementing Business logic.<br />Project Name:NetSort.<br />Client:Bowe Bell Howell Ltd. USA..<br />Team Size:8<br />Duration:April06- June06.<br />Technology:Struts, Hibernate, EJB, JSF, JMS, Web Services, JavaMailing, <br />JBoss, Tomcat and MySql.<br />Project Description:NetSort is a wide Business Application that cut down the Business <br />processes and automates the Whole Business Cycle for USPS <br />(United State Postal Services, USA) solutions. <br />It consists of the following functionalities/modules:<br />Sorter Configuration<br />BaseLogEvent, <br />customer profiles, <br />Multisite for sending files using web services, <br />Move History<br />Move Data for update and inserting data<br />Archiving & Pursing<br />MailingSession<br />PAT (Postage Analysis Tool) for Postage Analysis.<br />Responsibilities:Managing code deployment in various environments (UAT,Prod)<br />Gathering Business requirements projects<br />Design and development business process models to be used in <br />Business Rules NetSort and REM.<br />Passport Details:<br />Passport No. :H 6364649<br />Place of Issue:Ranchi.<br />Date Of Issue:18th Jan 2010.<br />Valid Upto:17th Jan 2020.<br />PAN Card: AWOPK7741A<br />Date:…………………………………… Praveen Kumar<br /> DOB: 6th Sep 1984<br />