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2008 2012

2008 2012






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    2008 2012 2008 2012 Document Transcript

    • Name: Alekhya APet name: AlekhyaEmail ID: alekhya.201@gmail.comMobile no: 9703896689, 9440134288Address: C/o A. Dhanunjayarao A.B.M, LIC of India Rajam Srikakulam.Date of Birth: 18-06-1991A word about my class: it’s fun to be a member in this class 08341A0201
    • Name: Allaka VivekPet name: VivoEmails: allaka.vivek@gmail.comMobile no: 9493470638, 08941251723Adress: S/o Viswanadh Agraharamstreet, Dr-no 4-79, Rajam, Srikakulam.Date of Birth: 03-05-1991A word about my class: Difficult to define in a sentence…… 08341A0202
    • Name: Bharath kumar AmananaPet name: BharathEmails: amananabharatkumar@gmail.comMobile no: 9000051005Address: S/o A. Neelakantam Dr no 4-375, Near LIC office, Rajam, Srikakulam.Date of Birth: 19-08-1990A word about my class: my class is just rockinggggggggggg………. 08341A0203
    • Name: Sivaaditya APet name: GuruvugaruEmails: sivaadityaaa@gmail.comMobile no: 8142360149, 9177577917Address: S/o A. Bhaskar Rao Municipal office, Phoolbaug Street Bobbili. Vizianagaram dist. Pin-535546Date of Birth: 19-01-1990,A word about my class: incredible, speechless 08341A0204
    • Name: Jawahar AnnabattulaPet name: JawaEmails: 0891jawahar@gmail.comMobile no: 9642230685Adress: plot no 171, sector 4 MVP COLONY VISAKHAPATNAM Pin: 530017Date of Birth: 01-09-1990A word about my class: EXCELLENT 08341A0205
    • Name: A RAJA PAVANPet name: Bujjibabu, RajeshEmails: raja.pavan06@gmail.comMobile no: 9948518137, 7702721758Address: S/o A.vasudevarao Dno:6-15 Saradhanagar 6thst, 1stlane, Anakapalle Vishakapatnam dist.Date of Birth: 15-06-1991A word about my class: mallinaku chadava valisina avakasam vaste. Ipray to god to give me these friends in my four year engineering. 08341A0206
    • Name: A. MadhaviPet name:Emails: madhavi.attada@gmail.comMobile no: 8985906727Address: D/o A.Ramarao Dr no: 13-362 Kottagavidistreet, Chipurupalli, Vizayanagaram district.Date of Birth: 10-06-1991A word about my class: Miss u all. 08341A0207
    • Name: Balla. MouliPet name: BillaEmails: mouli208eee@gmail.comMobile no: 9494690208Address: S/o B. Sujatha China street, Zinkibhadra (vill) Sompeta Mandal, Srikakulam dist. Pin: 532284Date of Birth: 09-08-1991A word about my class: cheerful 08341A0208
    • Name: Rupavathi BPet name: Dhana, pottiEmails: rupa209@gmail.com brupa209@gmail.comMobile no: 8106420821Address: Jarjangi (vill) Kotabommali (Mandal) Srikakulam (dist)Date of Birth: 10-08-1991A word about my class: I love my class. 08341A0209
    • Name: B SHIVAPet name: BantuEmails: bantu.siva@gmail.com, siva.bantu@yahoo.comMobile no: 9502222070, 7842664089Address: S/o B. Chinnayya Dr no: 319 Indira nagar Colony, Palakonda (mandal) Srikakulam dist. Pin-532440Date of Birth: 15-07-1991A word about my class: Funny, cute, boring… combination of allmixed feelings is my class.. I like it a lot :) 08341A0210
    • Name: B SrikanthPet name: Sree, 113Emails: srikanthgmriteee@gmail.com, srikantheee113@gmail.comMobile no: 9494695113, 9030032665Address: S/o B.chakradhararao Dr no: 10-2-68 Market road, Srikakulam, Pin-532001Date of Birth: 02-06-1991A word about my class: From 1st year onwards there is a lot ofbatches, each are individual and rebel batches are they think. Inbatches they coordination is superb .but they like that if any problemfaced then all batches become unity and solve any type of problem.I like my friends. :) 08341A0211
    • Name: B VeerendraPet name: VeeruEmails: Veeru4228eee@gmail.comMobile no: 9491714228,Address: S/o B. Adinarayana Doctorgariveedhi, D-no: 8-94 Ravurupadu, Tallapudi (Mndl) WstGodvari(DST) Pin: 534340Date of Birth: 09-01-1991A word about my class: A separate world with lot of fun. 08341A0212
    • Name: B.Siva SindhuraPet name: SindhuEmails: sindhu.ashi@gmail.comPh no: 9133660779Address: D/o B.Srinivasa rao, Near kinnera theatre, Srikakulam, Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 13-07-1991A word about my class: Class provided me sweet memories. 08341A0213
    • Name: Dali naidu BPet name: PrabhasEmails: dalinaiduboddana@gmail.comPh no: 7893417995,Address: S/o B Bangaruraju Syampuram, Penubaka Post Rajam Pin: 532127Date of Birth: 29-10-1989A word about my class: Piccha keka 08341A0214
    • Name: B Siva kumarPet name: SivaEmails: sivakumar.215.eee@gmai.comMobile no: 9441936198Address: S/o B.Balaji Rao Dr no: 16-1-3/25 B r nagar, Amadalavalasa Srikakulam dist. Pin-532185Date of Birth: 28-11-1990A word about my class: I like my friends specially back bench boys 08341A0215
    • Name: B SureshPet name: SurriEmails: sureshbonela@gmail.comPh no: 8688898890,Address: S/o B Yerakayya Medhara street Gunapalem Srikakulam, Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 14-12-1991A word about my class: Racccha 08341A0216
    • Name: B.TULASI RAOPet name: TulasiEmails: tulasirao217eee@gmail.comPh no: 9494690217Address: S/o B.GURU NAIDU PULIGUMMI Dr no: 2-25 Merakamudidam (Mndl) Vizianagaram , Pin: 535102Date of Birth: 01-07-1991A word about my class: Super 08341A0217
    • Name: Ch.TulaseeramaPet name: TulasiEmails: tulaseerama@gmail.comPh no: 9494774618Address: D/o Ch. Balaram naidu Burja Sitanagaram (Mndl) Vizianagaram, Pin: 535546Date of Birth: 08-12-1991A word about my class: i like my class so much. 08341A0218
    • Name: Ch Madan gopalPet name: MaddyEmails: madhanrakhi@gmail.commadhangoapalkrishna219@hotmail.co.ukPh no: 7799271634Address: S/o CH.A.S.Satyanarayana Dr.No:29-13-38/4, Dabagardens, Lalitha Colony, Visakhapatnam, Pin: 530020.Date of Birth: 17-01-1991A word about my class: I like my class so much. 08341A0219
    • Name: CH RajaharshaPet name:Emails: rajaharsha.ch@gmail.com,rajaharsha220@gmail.com ,rajaharsha220@yahoo.comPh no: 7799271634Address: S/o Ch.V.VSatyanarayana, 430/C, Sector-6, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam. Pin: 530032.Date of Birth: 31st July, 1991A word about my class: I like my class so much. 08341A0220
    • Name: D. Maruthi ramPet name: MarusEmails:maruthiram.darlapudi@gmail.comPh no: 7382115329Address: S/o D. Muralinarasimham Kothagavidiveedhi, Cheepurupalli, Vizianagaram, Pin: 535128Date of Birth: 15-02-1990A word about my class: A Lump filled with different kinds of peoplewith different attitudes 08341A0221
    • Name: D. ShivakumarPet name: ShivaEmails: shivkumard222@gmail.comPh no: 8790824890Address: S/o D. Shivakumar Paul nagar, Plat no 83, Vizianagaram, Pin: 535128Date of Birth: 09-05-1990A word about my class: Cocktail 08341A0222
    • Name: D. RajeshBabuPet name: BabuEmails: rajesh.dasu13@gmail.comPh no: 9491615350Address: s/o D. L. Naidu Dr no: 14-731, Seethampeta road, Palakonda Pin: 532440Date of Birth: 13-12-1990A word about my class: Banana juice 08341A0223
    • Name: Jyotsna RaniPet name: JoEmails: priyamvadha.jyo@gmail.comMobile no: 9666082417Address: Bhavanapuram (vill) Meliaputtimandal, Palasa town Srikakulam dist. Pin: 532221Date of Birth: 06-05-1991A word about my class: I like myclass. 08341A0224
    • Name: D V AdityaPet name: KunniEmails: aditya1.durvasula@gmail.comMobile no: 9177566037 7416426404Address: S/O DVN Somayajulu Dr no: 9-9-35/1/30, T5 Pusapati towers Doctor’s colony, Peda waltair VISHAKAPATNAM, Pin: 530017Date of Birth: 06-10-1990A word about my class: Sweet memories with all my friends andenjoyed a lot. 08341A0225
    • Name: E. AppannaPet name: AbhiEmails: appanna226.eee@gmail.comMobile no: 9494586126Address: S/o E. Gopalarao Ajjada village, Balijipeta mandal, Vizianagaram, Pin: 534546Date of Birth: 10-06-1991A word about my class: Place with large amount of fun and joy. 08341A0226
    • Name: Gatti. BhanuPet name: BabuEmails: bhanunaughty1@gmail.comPh.no:7569427858Address: S/O G. TirumalaRao Dr no: 4-1, Kotla Street, Santakaviti. Pin; 532123Date of Birth: 10-07-1991A word about my class: Rocking... 08341A0228
    • Name: G. AbhishikthaPet name: AbhiEmail Id: abhishiktha229@gmail.comMobile no: 8099213807Address: C/o P. Umamaheswararao Dr no: C-112(1), Dwarkanagar-2, Near fisheries office, Srikakulam. Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 28-12-1991,A word about my class: Engineering classes are ever and forever. Icannot forget those sweet memories. 08341A0229
    • Name: G. NareshPet name: GembaliEmail Id: naresh230eee@gmail.comMobile no: 8179288616Address: S/o G. Gumparaju Geddathiruwada (village) Jiyyammavalasa (M.D) Vizianagaram (D.T) Pin-535526Date of Birth: 16-07-1990,A word about my class: It’s a place where different persons havedifferent ideas 08341A0230
    • Name: G. Pavan KumarPet name: PrincePh no: 9912727230 230838Email ID: 1)231pavan@gmail.com2)princepavan369@hotmail.com3)5feet6inches@gmail.comAddress: Flat no: T2, RK Avenue, Indra nagar, Vizianagaram, Pin: 535002Date of Birth: 25/05/1992A word about my class: Kevvu Keka 08341A0231
    • Name: I. Anjan KailashPet name: IppiliEmails: anjan.kailash@gmail.comMobile no: 9440534221Address: S/o I. Surya Prakash Rao D.no.504, Madhava towers, Opp. Income tax office main gate, Vishakapatnam, Pin-530020Date of Birth: 02-09-1990,A word about my class: it’s a place I felt more useful than what Ihad seen these twenty years 08341A0233
    • Name: Jeffry AnandPet name: JeffyEmails: anand.jeffrey@gmail.comMobile no: 9052727093, 9176044311Address: S/o P. Tamminaidu, 102, Shorelineapartments 26Mythirya nagar, Pandurangapuram Beach road vizag Pin: 530003Date of Birth: 14-07-1990A word about my class: Fun 08341A0234
    • Name: Harikrishna JPet name: HariEmails: jhkrishna235@gmail.comPh no: 8985775835,Address: S/O G. Satyanarayanamurty Sri Laksmiganapathi Timber depo Kadiyam, Pin: 533126Date of Birth: 18-06-1991A word about my class: Always noisy and cheerful. 08341A0235
    • Name: J. TejeswararRaoPet name: Srinu, PeddabujjiEmails: srinutejeswararao@gmail.comMobile no: 8712276931, 9502085216Address: S/o Hemaraju Dr no: 3-32 Peddavidi Street, Bethalapuram, Ganguvada post Mandasa Mandal Srikakulam district.Date of Birth: 18-03-1992A word about my class: EXCELLENT 08341A0236
    • Name: K. Jagadeesh KumarPet name: JagguEmails: jagadeesh953@gmail.comMobile no: 9492423181Address: S/o K.VISWANADHAM Dr no: 10-242, S.S colony, PATHAPATNAM, SRIKAKULAM (dist)Date of Birth: 17-04-1990A word about my class: We are the best batch in both academicsand giving respect to our faculty. 08341A0237
    • Name: Karri. SumanthPet name: Suma, SummaEmails: sumanthpower@gmail.comPh no: 7893654054, 9494624757Address: S/o K. Krishna Mohan (Advocate) D.No.10-14-7, Etcherla Street, Srikakulam. Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 05-11-1990A word about my class: Jill JillJigaJiga... 08341A0238
    • Name: K. HemaChandraRaoPet name: ChanduEmails: chandueee239@gmail.comPh no: 8106032134, 9493436217Address: S/o K. SuriBabu, Gollapeta (vill), Poosapatirega (mandal), Vizianagaram. Pin: 535204Date of Birth: 23-02-1991A word about my class: Rabasa 08341A0239
    • Name: K SaiDivijaPet name: Divi, DivijaEmails: divija.katari@gmail.comPh no: 7702643654Address: C/o K Ashok Babu, D/No 6-135, Morampudi road, Saraswathi nagar, Rajahmundry. Pin: 533103Date of Birth: 27-05-1992A word about my class: Rocking class 08341A0240
    • Name: K. Mohan KrishnaPet name: Gali.Emails: krishnadev899@gmail.comPh no: 9502596833Address: S/o K. VenkataSwamy D. NO.14-3-28, Chinnapalli Street, Vizianagaram. Pin: 535002Date of Birth: 18-09-1991A word about my class: Incredible... 08341A0241
    • Name: K. SrinivasaRaoPet name: CnugaduEmails: srinueee.kora@gmail.comPh no: 9703843033Address: S/o K. Venkataramana Peddasana Tekkali. Srikakulam. Pin: 535002Date of Birth: 10-08A word about my class: It’s Energetic. 08341A0242
    • Name: K. Lava KumarPet name: LavaEmails: lava.kovvuru@gmail.comPh no: 9705470005Address: S/o K. Mohana Rao Dr.Viswanadham Quarters Gowthamstreet Palasa Pin: 532221Date of Birth: 22nd AugustA word about my class: Memorable. 08341A0243
    • Name: Kuppili. ManideepPet name: ManuEmails: manideep954@gmail.comPh no: 8374537813Address: Dr no-13-2-78, Balaga Street, Srikakulam Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 28-11-1990A word about my class: All are so friendly 08341A0244
    • Name: Praveen Kumar KPet name: KPKEmails:praveengadu.madeinandhra@gmail.compravpraskumar@gmail.comkpk245@gmail.comPh no: 9491326587Address: plotno-10 Backside of Dr.sivaprasad’s clinic Chinnabaratam Street Srikakulam.Date of Birth: 01-04-1991A word about my class: I love my class. 08341A0245
    • Name: Ashok LocharlaPet name: AshokEmails: ashok.locharla@gmail.comPh no: 9908060493Address: S/o L B V Ramulu D.No–3-28/A Koratam (village) Therlam (md), Vizianagaram (dist) Pin: 535126Date of Birth: 04-08-1991A word about my class: The moments which we don’t bring back 08341A0246
    • Name: Krishna kanth MPet name: KrishnaEmails:madiraju.krishnakanth@gmail.comPh no: 9652007097, 9948099784Address: S/o M. Ravindranath Dr no: 8-4-41/GF Prashanthi nagar Pedawaltair VISHAKAPATNAMDate of Birth: 05-08-1991A word about my class: It’s a great pleasure to b part of this class. 08341A0248
    • Name: M N S Ravi TejaPet name: X-CREmails: raviyyaahhoo@gmail.comPh no: 8142354814,Address: S/o M SaiPrabhakarRao Dr No - 29-2-52 Manasa Complex upstairs Ramamandiram road, Governerpet Vijayawada - 520002Date of Birth: 19-10-1990A word about my class: I’ll definitely miss it. 08341A0249
    • Name: M. Giridhar NaiduPet name: GibaEmails: majjigiridhar250@gmail.comMobile no: 9052337669, 9866135625.Address: S/o M. Sriramulu Naidu C/o Majji. Prasadu Mirthivalasa (vill) Kottakki (post) Rambadrapuram (Mndl) Vizianagaram, Pin: 535579Date of Birth: 01-06-1990A word about my class: I really enjoyed this wonderful class, and Imiss this class. 08341A0250
    • Name: Monica Clara MPet name: MoniEmails:monicaclaraeee@gmail.comMobile no: 9248472126Address: D.No:33-16-21, Ramanadham Street, KasturiBai Pet, Vijayawada-10Date of Birth: 29-11-1990A word about my class: I love my class. 08341A0251
    • Name: M.RAVI CHARAN TEJAPet name: CherryEmails: cherry252.eee@gmail.comMobile no: 7842179080, 9704712016Address: Dr no: 5-22-3/b, Chikkala road, Tadimalla, Nidadavolu mandal, West Godavari dist. Pin: 534305Date of Birth: 31-05-1990A word about my class: funny and enjoyable 08341A0252
    • Name: M. PADMA LATHAPet name: RamyaEmails: ramya.31253@gmail.comMobile no: 9701366722Address: Dr no 5/32, Etcherla police quarters, Etcherla mandal, Srikakulam dist. Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 31-03-1991A word about my class: Some good memories and some worstmemories…and at the last I enjoyed a lot with all my friends.. 08341A0253
    • Name: M.PRIYANKAPet name:Emails:priyanka.mogadala54@gmail.comMobile no: 9295702937Address: D/o M. AppalaRaju, Kalepustreet, Rajam, Srikakulam (dist), Pin: 532127.Date of Birth: 5-6-1991A word about my class: Good butno unity 08341A0254
    • Name: M. A. R. Navaz ShariffPet name:Emails: ravoof.navaz@gmail.comMobile no: 9849389572Address: Dr no: 14-09-03, Sagi Subbaraju Street One way down, Anakapalli. Pin: 531001.Date of Birth: August 11A word about my class: Keka 08341A0255
    • Name: M BhaskararaoPet name: M BEmails: basu131@gmail.comMobile no: 9160335395Address: Dr no: 9-108, SCBC Colony, Chinnamusidivada, Pendurthi, Vishakhapatnam. Pin: 531173Date of Birth: 03-11-1991A word about my class: Keka 08341A0256
    • Name: N. SirishaPet name: SiriEmails: siri257@gmail.comPh no: 8978618179Address: D/o N. Satyam, Naiduvalasa Ramabadrapuram (Mndl) Vizianagaram, Pin: 535546Date of Birth: 06-10-1991A word about my class: it’s good to be a member of this class. 08341A0257
    • Name: Naidu SridharPet name: SriEmails: sridharnaidu258@gmail.comMobile no: 9553756456Address: China bondapalli Parvathipuram mndl Vizianagaram Pin: 535522Date of Birth: 06-08-1991A word about my class: Study with fun 08341A0258
    • Name: Surya ratna kiran NPet name: BunnyEmails: surya.supriya02@gmail.comPh no: 7799111666,Address: S/O N. V .Chowdary Dr no: 25-10-17/3 Opposite Saibaba temple N. R. Peta, Eluru. WstGodavari DstDate of Birth: 11-11-1991A word about my class: The sad moments in a happiest life. 08341A0259
    • Name: N. GowthamiPet name: Pinky, ChinnuEmail id: gowthami.nalla01@gmail.comMobile no: 9502068702, 08942220191Address: D/O N. Narasingarao, Plot no 196, Banker’s colony, Behind Deepamahal, Srikakulam (dist), Pin: 532001.Date of Birth: 1-7-1991A word about my class: rocking 08341A0260
    • Name: P.TANUJAPet name: TanuEmails: tanuja.pappala91@gmail.comMobile no: 9642696627Address: D/o P. Krishnamurty, Bhyripuram (vill), Merakamudidam (Mndl), Vizianagaram (dist), Pin: 535102.Date of Birth: 10-10-1991A word about my class: Keka 08341A0261
    • Name: P. Ramkee Sri harshaPet name: PentaEmails: ramkeesriharsha@gmail.comMobile no: 9494690192, 9490488127.Address: S/o P. Srirama Chandra murthy, 213, Vasundhara Nagar Venkampeta (Vill), Parvathipuram (Mndl), VizianagaramDate of Birth: 25-09-1991A word about my class: Formation of batches without unity. Not well 08341A0262
    • Name: P. VenkataramanaPet name: Pv, RamanaEmails: ramanaeee263@gmail.comMobile no: 9603306031, 9133596077Address: S/o P. Tamminaidu, Mogilivalasa (vill), Rajam (mandal), Srikakulam (Dist)Date of Birth: 06-06-1991A word about my class: It’s fun to be with our classmates. It wouldbe better if there is unity among us. 08341A0263
    • Name: P. ManasaPet name: Munna, AmmuEmails: manasa.potnuru91@gmail.comMobile no: 9705496403, 9959235625.Address: D/o P. Nageswararao, Baba Nagar, Rajam, Srikakulam (Dist)Date of Birth: 10-04-1991A word about my class: It’s fun to be with our classmates. It wouldbe better if there is unity among us. 08341A0264
    • Name: Potnuru TanujaPet name: TanuEmails: tanujapotnuru.gmrit@gmail.comMobile no: 8985898589Address: D/o P.VarahaNarasimham C/o Tirumala ice factory, NH5 road, Kasibugga, Srikakulam dist, Pin: 532222.Date of Birth: 14-11-90A word about my class: A very good relationship 08341A0265
    • Name: G. PradeepPet name: PradeEmails:pradeepgurrala0805@gmail.comMobile no: 9493907409, 9963425159Address: S/o G. Apparao Dr no: 1-1/5-20, Aadivaram peta Colony, Srikakulam (dist.) Pin: 532001Date of Birth: 26-04-1991A word about my class: The best place where I can enjoy with my Classmates. 08341A0266
    • Name: R.PAVAN SINHAPet name: ChinnaEmails: sinhatherockstar@gmail.comMobile no: 9705490325Address: S/o R.NARASIMHULU Dr no: 3-161-2-5-4, S.B.I colony, Madanapalle, Chittoor (dist).Date of Birth: 20-11-1990A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0267
    • Name: RaoVisweswara MohanPet name: RVEmails: rvmohan268@gmail.com, rvmohan007@facebook.comMobile no: 7207160726Address: S/O R. Suresh Dr No: 2-14, Kovvada (Village), Ganganapalii (Post), Kakinada Rural (Mandal) East Godavari (District).Date of Birth: 28-03-1991A word about my class: Cool. 08341A0268
    • Name: R.MADHUPet name: ChinnuEmails: madhurejeti@rediffmail.comMobile no: 8886126122Address: S/o R. Satyam Laveti Street, Salur, Vizianagaram, Pin: 535591Date of Birth: 08-11-1991A word about my class: Friends I never miss uuuuuuuuuuuu….. 08341A0269
    • Name: S VIJAYA BHASKAR REDDYPet name: VIJJU, BONDU, BANDA REDDYEmails: vijay.bhaskarreddy7@gmail.comMobile no: 9703224085, 0884-2327668Address: S/o S VENKATA REDDY Dr no: 16-4-17, SATYANARAYANA PURAM SAMARLKOT E.G.DIST, A.P Pin: 533440Date of Birth: 26-01-1991A word about my class: My class has one of the qualities whichengg. Students must not have that is silence, but I will always missmy friends and the 4 years I spent will be one of my memorablemoments 08341A0271
    • Name: S. Sravan KrishnaPet name: chinnuEmails: sravan.sakkhari23@gmail.comMobile no: 9553305011Address: S/o S. Krishna, Dr no: 40-3, Prasanth nagar, Official colony, Srikakulam (dist)Date of Birth: 18-07-1991A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0272
    • Name: Sanapala RajendraPrasadPet name: RajeEmails: rajendra29.eee@gmail.comMobile no: 9494203647Address: S/o S. Govindarao D.no:7-1-74, Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam (dist)Date of Birth: 29-07-1991A word about my class: Friends I never miss uuuuuuuuuuuu….. 08341A0273
    • Name: V. SankarraoPet name: SankarEmails: sankar.vovalareddi@gmail.comMobile no: 8374803743Address: S/o V. Sanyasappadu Jami (vill) (p.o) Jami (mandal) Vizianagaram (dist) Pin: 535250Date of Birth: 03-07-1990A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0274
    • Name: S. SravyaPet name: AnuEmails: vickedshravya@gmail.com , shravya30@gmail.comMobile no: 9618396658Address: D/o S. SudhakaraRao Q.tr no. 215/A, sector-2, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam.Date of Birth: 30-01-1991A word about my class: It’s fun tohang out with our classmates. 08341A0275
    • Name: SATYANARAYANA BURADAPet name: NAGEmails: satya.b276@gmail.comMobile no: 9866725113Address: S/o Peda Narasimhulu naidu Poram (vill), Vunukuru (post), Regidiamadalavalasa (mandal) Srikakulam.Date of Birth: 01-07-1988A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0276
    • Name: S. Ramesh kumarPet name: RamsEmails: rameshkumar.silla@gmail.comMobile no: 9010379128Address: Dr no: 16-10-90, Fazulbag peta Gujarathi peta (post) Srikakulam (mandal) Srikakulam (dist.),Date of Birth: 10-06-1991A word about my class: Heaven 08341A0277
    • Name: S. JAGAN MOHANA RAOPet name: BILLAEmails: jagant.78@gmail.comMobile no: 8985021269Address: S/o S. Narayana rao, Kuna jammana peta (vill) Gone padu (post) Sarubujjili (mandal) Srikakulam (dist.),Date of Birth: 24-05-1991A word about my class: Mixed feelings,. A story with differentshades. 08341A0278
    • Name: Sheikh Takhiyun GesudarazPet name: TakhiEmails: takhiyun.sheikh@gmail.comMobile no: 9951387587Address: D/o M A Vaheed Door no. 50-83-5/95, TF 1 Amrita enclave, Madhuranagar Visakhapatnam Pin: 530016Date of Birth: 09-05-92A word about my class: Decent and sincere 08341A0279
    • Name: G. Sraavya RavaliPet name: SravsEmails: sraavya101po@gmail.comMobile no: 9390881845Address: Door no: 39-27-33/2, Appaya Nagar, Marripalem, NH5 Visakhapatnam-18Date of Birth: 15-09-1990A word about my class: The most divine place where we learntmany things and even enjoyed every moment. 08341A0280
    • Name: SRAVANI. PPet name: BujjiEmails: psravani81@gmail.comMobile no: 9701008491Address: D/o P. RamaRao(Teacher) H.no: 6-214 Bobbili Road (Rajam) Rajam mandal Srikakulam dist Pin: 532127Date of Birth: 03-06-91A word about my class: Very strong bonding between classmates 08341A0281
    • Name: Srimusiri RajuPet name: RajuEmails: srimusirii@gmail.comMobile no: 9949328873, 8142362184Address: S/o Krishna Dr no: 3-97 Nizamabad, SrikakulamDate of Birth: 07-05-1990A word about my class: Wanna catch u rest of my life 08341A0282
    • Name: L. SURIBABUPet name: PanduEmails: suribabu283@gmail.comMobile no: 9493343142Address: S/o L. Surappadu Garida (vill) (p.o) Gurla mandal Vizianagaram (dist) Pin: 535217Date of Birth: 20-08-1989A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0283
    • Name: T.APPALANAIDUPet name: SUREEDUEmails: anaidu.talada@gmail.comMobile no: 9703839453Address: Tunipalem vill Maddi post Padmanabhammandal Vishakapatnam Pin 531219Date of Birth: 14-02-1990A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0284
    • Name: T.TULASI RAOPet name: RAMEmails: tulasi7554@gmail.comMobile no: 7702317554Address: S/o T. Polarao Dr no: 3-52, Marripeta Poosapatirega (md) VizayanagramDate of Birth: 06-09-1989A word about my class: Friends I never miss uuuuuuuuuuuu….. 08341A0285
    • Name: UPPALA PRAVEENPet name: NANI, PRAVIIEmails: uppalapraveen0707@gmail.comMobile no: 9618526586Address: S/o U. UMA MAHESH PLOT NO 18, SIVARAM NAGAR, S.B.I Colony, BONDILIPURAM. SRIKAKULAM.Date of Birth: 07-02-1990A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0287
    • Name: VAJRAPU RAM MANOJPet name: MUNNUEmails: www.ram.manoj@gmail.comMobile no: 9440920833Address: S/o V.M.RAO QTR NO-LA/678, KORAPUT (dist.) SUNABEDA-2 Pin: 763002.Date of Birth: 15-03-90A word about my class: Mixed feelings. A story with differentshades. 08341A0288
    • Name: V. KarthikPet name: PanduEmails: karthikvarre289@gmail.comMobile no: 9493503283Address: S/o V.Ramesheararao Dr no: 77, Kamakshi Nagar, Vizianagaram (dist)Date of Birth: 18-07-1991A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0289
    • Name: V. Aneel KumarPet name: PanduEmails: aneelsaradhi@gmail.comMobile no: 995858055Address: S/o V. Chandri naidu Saradhi (vill) Rajam mandal Srikakulam (dist) Pin: 532127Date of Birth: 10-08-1990A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 08341A0290
    • Name: V. NuthankumarPet name: BobbyEmails: noothanveernala@gmail.comMobile no: 9494669899 9703644544,Address: ChinnaMayidiwada, Kranthinagar colony Apartments 302 VishakapatnamDate of Birth: Sept 4thA word about my class: It is simply Picchikeka enjoyed everymoment 08341A0291
    • Name: V SaiSandeepPet name: SaiSaEmails: ssvinnakota@gmail.comMobile no: 9866255441,Address: 34th and 36th, 7th Avenue Besant nagar Chennai 600090Date of Birth: 01-06-1990A word about my class: The best. More valuable than Kohinoordiamond 08341A0292
    • Name: Y.B.CH.ANIL KUMARPet name: CHINTUEmails: chintucoolbuddy@gmail.comMobile no: 8790770600Address: S/o Y. Davidmohan Dr no-34-10-7/1, Dayas street Gnanapuram Visakhapatnam, Pin: 530004. Date of Birth: 29-10-1990A word about my class: I love my class a lot…especially mybatch…. 08341A0293
    • Name: Y. UdayasravaniPet name: ChinnuEmails: lekhamaniy@gmail.comMobile no: 9948503247Address: D/o Y. Simhachalam Gajarayunivalasa village Badangimandal Vizianagaram distDate of Birth: 21-06-91A word about my class: Hard working class 08341A0294
    • Name: Y. LekhamaniPet name: ChinnuEmails: lekhamaniy@gmail.comMobile no: 9948503247Address: D/o Y. Simhachalam Gajarayunivalasa village Badangimandal Vizianagaram distDate of Birth: 21-06-91A word about my class: Hard working class 08341A0295
    • Name: S. RahulPet name: SonuEmails: rahulseepana@gmail.comMobile no: 9494692383Address: S/o S. Krishnarao Dr no: 12-77, Budithi (vill) Saravakota mandal Srikakulam (dist)Date of Birth: 18-07-1991A word about my class: The best place where I improved myself inall the ways….. 09345A0201
    • Name: N.SRIKANTHPet name: NaniEmails: srikanthnathi@gmail.comMobile no: 9492821629, 0891-2742863Address: S/o N.SATYANARAYANA Dr no: 503/A, Sector-11 UKKUNAGARAM VisakhapatnamDate of Birth: 05-01-1989A word about my class: Friends I never miss uuuuuuuuuuuu….. 09345A0202
    • Name: P. KumariPet name: KumariEmails: bujji.015@gmail.comMobile no : 8374282566Address: D/o P. Appalanaidu Pedanaidupalem village Sabbavaram mandal VisakhapatnamDate of Birth: 20-07-91A word about my class: Very friendly and helping in academics also 09345A0203
    • Name: K.POTHINAIDUPet name: RAMMURTHY NAIDUEmails: harinaidu204gmrit@gmail.comMobile no: 9494319631Address: S/o RAMMURTHY NAIDU Dr no: 5-76, BOBBILI NEAR RAJA COOLEGE &md, VIZIANAGARAM(dist.) Pin: 535558Date of Birth: 10-07-1989A word about my class: The best place where I can enjoy with myclassmates. 09345A0204
    • Name: P. Sunil GavaskarPet name: SunnyEmails: sunilgavaskarposupu@gmail.comMobile no: 9010227282Address: Dr no: 5-76, Anaparthi post & Mndl VIZIANAGARAM (dist.) Pin: 533342Date of Birth: 26-04-1991A word about my class: The best place where I can enjoy with myclassmates. 09345A0205
    • Name: A. NireeshaPet name: NeeruEmails: nireesha.001@gmail.comMobile no: 9052214644Address: D/o A. VenkateswaraRao Door no. 3-286/6 Sri Saidurganagar, Palangi Undrajaparam mandal West Godavari dist Pin: 534216Date of Birth: 04-07-91A word about my class: Very strong bonding between classmates 09345A0206
    • Name: Y. SwathiPet name: DollyEmails: vennela.swathi@gmail.comMobile no: 8500271207Address: D/o Y. NagabhushanaRao Door no.23-293 Marutinagar, 3rd lane Narsannapeta Srikakulam Date of Birth: 12-06-1991A word about my class: It’s fun to be with our classmates.. 09341A0207
    • Name: Thandrangi BalamuraliPet name: BaluEmails: bala.ebz@gmail.comMobile no: 8121939239Address: S/o T. Bangarunaidu Gandhavaram Visakhapatnam (dist)Date of Birth: 01-08-1991A word about my class: Friends I never miss uuuuuuuuuuuu….. 09345A0208
    • Name: S.SAHANKUMARPet name: SOMA RAJUEmails: sahankumar.sajja@gmail.comMobile no: 9652783877Address: S/o Somaraju Dr no: 9-2-6, PUTCHALA STREET, VIZIANAGARAM (dist.) Pin: 535001.Date of Birth: 10-07-1989A word about my class: The best place where I can enjoy with myclasses and mates. 09345A0209