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InfoCurrent Interview Tips
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InfoCurrent Interview Tips


InfoCurrent Interview Tips Presentation for SLA@Pratt Career Fair on Friday, April 24, 2009. Posted with permission from InfoCurrent.

InfoCurrent Interview Tips Presentation for SLA@Pratt Career Fair on Friday, April 24, 2009. Posted with permission from InfoCurrent.

Published in Career , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Guide to Successful Interviewing presented by InfoCurrent
  • 2. General Preparation for Interviews
    • Remember the 3 C’s: calm, cool, confident
    • Research company prior to interview
    • Know who you will be meeting with and their position in the company
    • Create a list of questions to ask about the company and the position you are interviewing for
    • Presentation is a key factor. Make sure your clothes are neat and presentable
  • 3. Interview Etiquette
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early
    • Dress accordingly and find out what level of professionalism is appropriate
    • Bring resume to the interview and portfolio/notepad
    • Do not bring food, bags, gum, etc.
    • Turn off cell phone prior to interview or leave in car
    • Shake hands firmly at the beginning and end of interview
    • Maintain good eye contact throughout interview
    • Write a thank you note
  • 4. Interview Dress Code
    • Women
    • Suit: preferably skirt suit, pants acceptable
    • Skirt: not overly short or tight
    • Makeup: minimum, nothing too bold
    • Jewelry: nothing too large or noisy that would
    • be distracting.
    • Perfume: light application, if any
    • Nylons/dress socks- in similar color tone to
    • clothing.
    • Shoes- no sneakers or sandals or open toed shoes
  • 5. Interview Dress Code
    • Men
    • Suit preferable - jacket, tie, & slacks acceptable
    • Cologne - light application, if any
    • Jewelry - a watch and a ring are acceptable-no earrings or any other visible piercings or tattoos
    • Dress socks - try to closely match the color of your dress pants
    • Shoes - no sneakers or sandals
  • 6. The Day of the Interview
    • Speak positively about yourself and others
    • Use body language to show interest
    • Sit forward
    • Sit up straight
    • Smile
    • Reflect on the interview
    • Ask yourself:
    • - What did I do well?
    • - What could I prepare to answer better next time?
  • 7. What to Expect of a Telephone Interview
    • Turn off all surrounding noise such as cell phones, radio, television etc.
    • If you own a pet, ensure that they are properly put away so they will not distract you during the interview.
    • Ensure that you have made proper child care arrangements so that they will not distract you during the interview.
    • Number of interviewers can vary from 1-3 or more.
    • Conversational skills will be the main focus. Your ability to verbally convey your skills and qualifications will be examined closely.
    • There will be a lack of physical cues to guide you in the length or strength of your answer .
  • 8. Tips for Telephone Interviewing
    • Speak directly into the phone and keep mouthpiece about 1 inch from your mouth.
    • Select a quiet space for your phone interview.
    • Do not eat food, chew gum or smoke during the interview.
    • Have a copy of your resume and references in front of you during the interview.
    • Smile over the phone.
    • Pretend as if the person is right in front of you, it will help you.
    • Sound “friendly” and enthused.
  • 9. Interview Success Factors
    • Verbal and written communication skills (including listening)
    • Analytical/logical thinking/problem-solving skills
    • Interest in industry/company/function
    • Interpersonal comfort and skills
    • Enthusiasm
    • Knowing what they want/having focus
    • Leadership skills
    • Confidence
    • Staying focused on the question & not going off on a tangent
  • 10. Questions/Feedback Session
    • What specific areas did you find most interesting and why?
    • What did you learn today did you did not know before?
    • What would you like to see in the future?
    • InfoCurrent-New York
    • 1156 Avenue of the Americas
    • New York, NY 10036
    • 212-642-4321
    • www.infocurrent.com
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Mark Kamien, Branch Manager ( [email_address] )
    • Kate Dietrick, Staffing Specialist (kate.dietrick@infocurrent.com)