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New Indian Education.Please share with others

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Edu news1 dec13

  1. 1. EduNew PARADIGM SHIFT Everything New in Education IN INDIAN SCHOOL EDUCATION V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 0 9 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 3 -noC fo noitcudortnI -noC fo noitcudortnI -noC fo noitcudortnI -noC fo noitcudortnI Paradign Shift In Indian School Education -erpmoC dna suounit -erpmoC dna suounit -erpmoC dna suounit -erpmoC dna suounit noitaulavE evisneh noitaulavE evisneh noitaulavE evisneh noitaulavE evisneh d tnemssessa dna dna tnemssessa dna Swami Vivekananda’s words: Are we sure that system of education in India is bringing out the internal perfection of the individual? May be is it that somehow the internal IMPERFECTION is being brought out unknowingly. This doubt is genuine looking at the events in society. Have a look at these examples: efil fo noitomorp htiw delpuoc slliks -leved no sisahpme ,evitingoC fo tnempo -ysP dna evitceffA sniamod rotomohc a fo epoh nevig sah -nI ni erutuf retteb yteicos naid • INSIDE THIS ISSUE: 1 Assessment, Evaluation 1 • The asking rate for post graduation in medicine is rumored to be exorbitant, then can people afford specialized treatment? • Even educated food grain traders do not know the thin line between buy-sell and hoarding “Education is External Manifestation of Perfection that is already present inside the man” • Paradigm Shift to a normal day Where are we Heading to? • Some of the most intelligent children after entering IITs commit suicides, unfortunately A company declares and works towards profit maximization (at any cost?) An auto driver or taxi driver makes our pocket far more lighter on a bandh day nentially. • People are more and more attracted towards money multiplying schemes, knowing very well of the risks • Misconception of quality in education ( equating with percentage of marks alone) • Pass percentage of Teacher Eligibility Test is under two digits, even after having degree in teaching Can we afford to leave the things as it is? • Extreme perversion in a few people in society leading to atrocities on women, downtrodden etc., Isn’t there any alternative where we can see whether desired behaviours and attitudes are developed or not in children and then promote desired ones • Life span of constructed structures of recent times is far less than earlier times, but the technology and knowledge exploded expo- Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of Head, Heart and Hands is one possible alternative. Assessment, Evaluation Educators help students to build lifelong learning skills through assessment and evaluation. Assessment provides feedback on knowledge , skills and attitudes and work products for the purpose of elevating future performances and learning out- comes. Evaluation determines the level of quality of a performance or outcome and enables decision-making based on the level of quality demonstrated. These two processes are complementary and necessary in education. (Marie Baehr)* Assessment is wider in scope than Examination. The purpose of assessment is to find out the existing status against the expected status. So examination is a tool for assessment. It helps to identify learning gaps * This small newsletter is an effort to understand and disseminate the ideas on Indian Education