A rapist is not always mentally ill


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Every Indian has responsibility to make the society better.Please see that every child grows normally without any disorder.

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A rapist is not always mentally ill

  1. 1. Rapist is not always mentally ill.Times of India reportApr 24, 2013.
  2. 2. Increase in rape is due to increase in thenumber of people with personality disorders.- Dr. S D Singh, Psychic artist
  3. 3. Personality disorder is not a mental illness
  4. 4. A personality disorder is different from actualmental illness.Some of the child sexual offenders suffer frompersonality disorder.- Psychiatrist S D Singh
  5. 5. Sexuality is a normal phenomenon in everyoneBut for people with personality disorders, sexual fantasiesoccupy a major content of their thoughts, and they makeuse of the slightest opportunity to live their fantasy.
  6. 6. These are the same people who exhibit abnormalsexual behaviour with their partners, and indulgein perverted comments and behaviour in thepublic.
  7. 7. Why children?
  8. 8. Aggression towards a child is a degree higher as thevictim is not mature enough to understand thenature of the abuse.
  9. 9. Normal, healthy sexuality is unknown to them.Many of them derive pleasure from abusing the victim.Children have no strength to resist and can bethreatened to silence.
  10. 10.  "Many of them are addicted to alcohol and drugs,which when used in excess, increases desire but affectperformance.Such people would be too insecure to approach an adultpartner and would turn to children instead.
  11. 11. What causes disorders?
  12. 12.  The offenders come from a disturbed familybackground.They might have subjected to domestic violence. Victim of sexual abuse themselves.Lack of good role modelsAt adolescence ,in our society many are not taught of ahealthy approach to sex and sexuality.Exposure to provoking scenes and ideas duringadolescence without decision making skills fordiscrimination.
  13. 13. Who is to beblamed?
  14. 14. Our Society?
  15. 15. The increasing number ofDivorce or separation
  16. 16. The increasing number of Domestic violence
  17. 17. The increasing number of alcoholicMen expect to feel more powerful, sexual andaggressive after drinking alcohol.Studies showthat men who think they have been drinkingalcohol feel sexually aroused and are moreresponsive to erotic stimuli and rape scenarios.
  18. 18. What can be done?
  19. 19. Prevention…..Prevention……Prevention……..
  20. 20. We should give equal importance to mental andphysical health as parents, as teachers, as relativesand as a responsible citizen of India …..Help them to grow best physically as well asmentally without any disorder……….
  21. 21. Acknowledgement• Psychiatrist S D Singh.• Dr C J John, chief psychiatrist at a city hospital.• Asha Prakash Journalist,Times of India• Times of IndiaPresented by Mrs.Pratima Nayak,Teacher,KV,Fort William