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IACC Newsletter Issue 12 December 2011
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IACC Newsletter Issue 12 December 2011


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The twelfth issue carries features like Happenings at IACC, Business and Corporate News,Updated Trade & Analysis, Must attend Upcoming Events, with new addition of Major trade show

The twelfth issue carries features like Happenings at IACC, Business and Corporate News,Updated Trade & Analysis, Must attend Upcoming Events, with new addition of Major trade show

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. IACC NewsletterIssue#12,December2011 ByIACCHeadOffice, Mumbai
  • 2. IndexContents  Index................................................................................................................................. 2  President’s Message .......................................................................................................... 5  From the Secretary General’s Desk .................................................................................... 8  Happenings at IACC ........................................................................................................... 9  Indo-US Corporate News ................................................................................................. 33Amul seeks partner for North America ................................................................................................ 33Rs 11,196cr oil refinery to come up in Vizag ........................................................................................ 33Wal-Mart to set up e-commerce R&D centre in Bangalore ................................................................. 34Mahindra Defence, Telephonics Corp. JV to manufacture radars, electronics .................................... 35Cargill to re-enter packaged food business .......................................................................................... 35ICVL to tie-up with Virginia for coal mining.......................................................................................... 35KSIDC inks pact with US firm to make electric vehicles........................................................................ 36IBM opens three new offices in India ................................................................................................... 36United Health Group picks up HCL Tech for transitioning to new coding system ............................... 36US firm EATON sees India among key markets in aerospace sector .................................................... 37iGate to de-list Patni shares from Indian bourses ................................................................................ 38Westinghouse launches home appliances in Indian market ................................................................ 38Ashok Leyland, US Company John Deere enter into joint venture ...................................................... 39Accentia Technologies gets nod to raise $10 million via various route ............................................... 39India to become biggest e-commerce market for Michigan based Dominos ..................................... 40Yum Splits India into Separate Division, Names New International CEO ............................................. 40U.S health insurer Cigna & TTK Group signs pact to sell health services ............................................. 41Kraft: Expect India to Account Significantly in Overall Growth ............................................................ 41L&T executes first US order for nuclear equipment............................................................................. 41Applied Materials Foundation and SELCO Solar partner for electrification......................................... 42USA eyeing Indias infrastructure opportunities want bilateral investment treaty ............................. 43India invites US investment in aviation sector ..................................................................................... 44  India’s Investments in U.S ................................................................................................ 45Yash Raj launches company in Hollywood to make international films............................................... 45Online Shopping Store Flipkart Acquires Mallers Inc. To Launch Digital Music Store ......................... 46Chakillam Infotech acquires Texas-based Cigniti Inc............................................................................ 47Shree Naman Group signs MoU with Maryland based TripleStone..................................................... 47
  • 3.  US investments in India ................................................................................................... 48JP Morgan Global Fund picks 45% stake in Nitesh Estates for $40 million .......................................... 48Baltimore, MD based Premier Rides joins hands with Adlabs Entertainment to build theme parks .. 48READ Global receives $4.7M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .................................. 49Massachusetts-based AB Sciex acquires Labindias Mass Spectrometry unit to expand in India........ 50Coca-Cola to invest $2 billion in India over the next five years ........................................................... 50U.S. will loan $18.9 Million for SolarWorld Exports to India ................................................................ 51Raytheon eyes missile sales for MMRCA contract ............................................................................... 51California based Infineria plans to expand R&D in India ...................................................................... 52U.S Based Company, Location Labs Acquires Wirkle Inc. to Expand Operations in India .................... 52US Briggs and Stratton buys Indian farm machines maker ................................................................. 53  In the News ..................................................................................................................... 54China’s No. 1 target is the U.S, next is India: George W Bush.............................................................. 54U.S. and India sign Aviation Safety Agreement .................................................................................... 55India a top priority market: McCormick & Company, Inc..................................................................... 55US carriers seek to block financing of Air India jet purchases.............................................................. 56Dr. Arun Majumdar nominated for Under Secretary of Energy ........................................................... 57Parita Shah promoted to Deputy Director of Public Affairs in the Commerce Department................ 57Number of Indian students in US colleges drops by 1%....................................................................... 58GM appoints Lowell Paddock to head India operations ...................................................................... 59U.S. Department of State Expedites Student Visa Processing ............................................................. 60Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Singh before bilateral meeting ............................ 60Kalyan Banerjee, President of Rotary International meets Ambassador Nirupama Rao ..................... 61USAID announces $81 million assistance to India ................................................................................ 62Raytheon in race to provide missiles for combat aircraft .................................................................... 62York University looks to team up with Indian institutions ................................................................... 62World Trade Centre proposed in Bhubaneswar................................................................................... 63India, US looking to partner in education sector.................................................................................. 64India eyes Raytheons airborne surveillance radars ............................................................................. 64India continues to be attractive for foreign investors: E&Y report ...................................................... 65US B-school woos India Inc for jobs...................................................................................................... 65Ambassador Rao and Houston Mayor Inaugurate New Consulate Office ........................................... 66US should conclude Free Trade Agreement with India soon: Senator Joe Lieberman ........................ 67Maryland-Andhra Pradesh sign “Sister State” pact.............................................................................. 68Honeywell Develops Flying Competition to Educate Next Gen. of Indian Aerospace Engineers ........ 68India, US Join Hands for Open Source Platform ................................................................................... 69Fewer U.S. students visit India ............................................................................................................. 69
  • 4. Pune to host Indo-US education conclave ........................................................................................... 70US supply chain managers body opens office at Mumbai ................................................................... 70US studying new Indian rules for nuclear liability ne ........................................................................... 70Maryland, India Sign Agreement to Boost Exports, Imports ................................................................ 71Governor O’Malley Meets with Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Joins Maryland Businesses ............. 72  Indo-US Trade Statistics.................................................................................................... 74  Calendar of IACC Events for 2011-12 ................................................................................ 76  International Trade shows ............................................................................................... 77Major Trade shows in India .................................................................................................................. 77Major Trade shows in U.S.A ................................................................................................................. 86  How to reach us: ............................................................................................................. 90
  • 5. President’s Message The current free fall of the Indian rupee against major currencies, and slowdown in GDP growthin India creates new challenges. The US Government has taken several forward thinking steps tosupport the US economy, and we encourage the Indian Government to take appropriate steps aswell. In a welcome move, the Indian Government stepped in to sell currencies, and we hope tosee currency stabilization albeit at a higher rupee rate than gives comfort to Indians. Suchuncertainties coupled with the global economic situation, and the perceived inaction by theIndian Government authorities in the recent past, does not augur well for domestic economicgrowth.The annual Finance Ministry consultations with apex industry associations and others have beeninitiated for the formulation of the Union Budget 2012-13. I am delighted that IACC had a verysuccessful dialogue with the Union Finance Secretary and his team on 30th November 2011 inDelhi. In our presentation, which lasted for more than an hour, we gave our views on variousfiscal measures that are needed to bolster the economy. Rationalization of direct and indirecttaxes, particularly relating to exports, venture capital funds, allowing depreciation on incomefrom goodwill, reduction of tax incidence on light commercial vehicles, service tax reforms,suggestions for revamping tax administration etc. were some of the highlights of ourpresentation. The presentation is uploaded on our website.We also propose providing our thoughts on the new Companies Bill.
  • 6. The “Global PE Issues-India Focus” conference held in Mumbai on 30th November 2011 broughttogether an impressive panel of speakers, experts and industry representatives. We discussedthe present state of PE investment in India and steps that are needed for the accelerated flow ofinvestment through this route to take care of increasing need of India Inc. for mergers,acquisitions and cross-border investment, particularly outside the metros. The presence of Mr.H.R. Khan, Dy. Governor, RBI, and Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, Whole time Member, SEBI, amongdistinguished international and Indian speakers and participants, helped in making the dialogueconstructive across take holders. IACC will be holding such micro debates on topical businesssubjects often.The cabinet nod for opening up of the multi-brand retail trade raised some cheers, as alsovociferous opposition. IACC has been supporting opening up the sector for quite some time tofacilitate reduction in the current waste of agricultural produce in the course of reaching theconsumer, and for easier finance to farmers and food processors, better prices to the farmers fortheir produce, creation of employment opportunities, and to ensure consumers quality andhygienic products. However, the Government has put the proposal on the backburner for now.IACC, through a press communiqué, has urged for greater consultations among the stakeholdersand a mass sensitization program to make the common man understand the benefits of openingup of this sector.I had the opportunity to visit some of our regional and local chapters to meet with the membersduring the month. I was delighted to visit Varanasi for a Seminar and the Dev-Deepavalicelebrations held by our Varanasi branch on 10th November 2011. I am happy to note that theevent was participated from the US side by Mrs. Judy Reinke, Minister Council for CommercialAffairs, US Embassy and Violeta Talandis, Vice Consul, Consulate Section. The meet underscoredthe need for intensifying partnership between Indian and US corporations in augmenting thefacilities in the region and thereby enhancing the presence of US corporations and investment inUP. I along with Mr. Sarkar, Regional President, and IACC-NIC had the privilege of interacting withour members and to gather their economic challenges and wish lists. The celebration wasdelightful, and I would encourage all of you to visit Varanasi for this fantastic event!I had a fruitful interaction with our members at the Pune chapter at their Annual FellowshipNight on December 1, 2011. Mr. Peter Haas, Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai was alsopresent at the distinguished gathering. These platforms, apart from increasing bonhomie, helpaddress issues and identify opportunities for greater interaction between India and US business.Another highlight was a conference on “Indo-US Prospects in the SME Sector” held in Kolkata on2nd December 2011, which coincided with our Executive Committee meeting. Dr. Manas RanjanBhunia, Hon’ble Minister for Small Scale Enterprises, Textiles, Irrigation and waterways, theGovernment of West Bengal attended this important event, and spoke passionately about theneed to increase business and development in West Bengal and the Eastern part of India. SMEsare the most relevant form of business activity in creating relationships and employment. Mr.Clinton Tad Brown, Acting US Consul General, Kolkata and Mr. Richard Craig, Principal Officer,Consul Affairs, US Consul General, Kolkata also attended.
  • 7. I am delighted to report that our SME and Education forums are progressing very well. TheAerospace and Defence Forum is also taking shape, as is the Legal Forum. We have also re-enlivened our Ladies Council. I have discussed in some detail the programs that we held duringthe month with the objective of driving home a few points. We can participate in shaping policy,increasing business opportunities, and assisting in economic development across India and theUS. I encourage more members to participate in the forums and on our committees. I alsoencourage all our committee members to be more proactive and take on responsibilities.Let me end with an interesting anecdote - In the late 1800s, Swami Vivekananda went to Chicagoto attend the Parliament of Religions. One of the people he met was John D Rockefeller, who hadmade a great fortune.Swamiji, explained that God had given him all his wealth in order that hemight have an opportunity to help people and do good. Annoyed that someone dared to tell himwhat to do, Rockefeller stormed out. Coming back a week later, he brought plans to donatemoney to charity. This was Rockefeller’s first large donation to the public welfare. “Well, thereyou are,” he said to Vivekananda, “You can thank me for it.” Swamiji then said softly, “No sir, it isfor you to thank me.” What followed is well-known in the US.My best wishes to all of you for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! Anand Desai National President, IACC
  • 8. From the Secretary General’s DeskDear Members,The total U.S. trade in merchandise goods with India during the period January to October 2011 hasreached US $ 48.53 billion as compared to US $ 41.13 billion during the same period in 2010. USExports to India has gone up from $ 25.04 to $ 30.83 billion and imports from $ 16.09 to $ 17.70 billion.This calendar year IACC expects the two-way trade to cross US $ 56 billion. Both US exports and importsto and from India has gone up consistently.IACC has planned the visit of several delegations to US in 2012. The Flagship events 8thIndo-USEconomic Summit and 3rd Summit For US-INDIA Trade & Economics (SUITE) 2012 will be held in NewDelhi and Washington D.C/Fairfax County in April & May 2012 respectively. We look forward to yourparticipation and support in our upcoming events. For more information on upcoming events kindlyvisit our website which is being updated on regularly.I am also pleased to inform that as in the previous years, this year also IACC was among the select fewChambers specially invited by the GoI, Ministry of Finance to make a presentation on Pre-BudgetMemorandum. IACC presented its recommendations to the Ministry on November 30, 2011 which waswell received and appreciated by the Ministry. We thank our members for their contribution andcomments.If you have any success stories of your company with US partners on joint ventures, mergers &acquisition etc., please do let us know. We will be happy to carry a case study on your company’ssuccess in the newsletter.This month we have added information on “Trade Shows in India”, besides our regular features. Hopeyou will find this issue informative and usefulWith regards,R.K. ChopraSecretary General, IACC Click here for index
  • 9. Happenings at IACC IACC Head OfficeGlobal PE Issues - India Focus, Conference 2011, November 30 – Hotel Taj President, Mumbai Mr. H.R.Khan, Deputy Governor, RBI addressing the audience, seated (L-R) are: Mr. R.K. Chopra, Secretary General, IACC; Mr. Blair Parks Hall Jr., Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs, Environment & Science Affairs, US Embassy; Mr. Anand Desai, National President, IACC; Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, Whole time Member, SEBI, and Mr. D. Sivanandhan, Retd. Director General of Police, Maharashtra, & Commissioner of Police, Mumbai Mr. Rajeev Agarwal delivering his speech to the audience, others on the dais (L-R) Mr. R.K. Chopra; Mr. Blair Park Hall, Jr.; Mr. Anand Desai; Mr. H.R. Khan; Mr. D. Sivanandhan; andMr. L.S. Kanodia, Regional President -WIC, IACC
  • 10. Mr. H.R. Khan, Deputy Governor, RBI delivering the Keynote address (L-R) Mr. Kirti Shah, Director- Corporate Advisory, BDO Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Mr. D.K. Vasal, Justice V.C. Daga, Retd. High Court Judge, Mr. Abhishek Mehrotra, Associate Director, M&A Advisory, Grant ThorntonMr. Peter J. Buscemi, Associate, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP, Mr. Anand Desai, NationalPresident, IACC, Mr. Colin Leaver, Partner, Simmons & Simmons, Mr. Anurag Kashyap, Director Fraud Investigation Dispute Services, Ernst & Young
  • 11. Summary of The Conference: IACC HO organized the Global PE Issues- IndiaFocus Conference on November 30, 2011 at the Taj President Hotel in Mumbai.Mr. H. R. Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India was the Keynote Speakerand Mr. Rajeev Agarwal, whole time Member of Securities & Exchange Board ofIndia (SEBI);Mr. D. Sivanandhan, Retd. Director General of Police, Maharashtra, &Commissioner of Police, Mumbai &Mr. Blair Parks hall Jr. Minister CounselorforEconomic, Environment & Science Affairs, US Embassy, NewDelhi were the Guestof Honor. Other speakers included experts from the PE and financial industryfrom India, USA, UK and Singapore. All the sessions were Interactive and wellreceived by the participants. Dr. L.S. Kanodia, Regional President, WICSummarized and gave vote of thanks at the inaugural session.
  • 12. WIC EventsThe Economic Times ACE Tech 2011, 3-6 November, 2011The Economic Times ACE Tech Exhibition 2011 supported by IACC, WICIACC stall at the Economic Times ACE Tech Exhibition held at Mumbai
  • 13. Pune Branch Annual Fellowship Nite, December 1, 2011(L-R) Mr. Ranjit Wandrekar, Vice Chairman IACC Pune Felicitating Mr. Anand Desai, IACC National President Ms. Trisha Chilimbi, Economic Specialist, US Consulate Mumbai (on extreme left), & Audience during Keynote Address by Consul General Peter Haas(L-R) Mr. Peter Haas, Consul General, US Consulate General, Mumbai with Mr. S.K Jain MD, Synergy Emulsifuels Pvt. Ltd; Mr. Shalendra Porwal MD, Battelle India & Mr. Rohit Arora
  • 14. IACC Pune Branch Office bearers (L-R): Mr. Alok Kumar, Mr. Ashutosh Paranis, Mr. Prashant Krishnan,Mr. Anand Desai, Mr. Amarnath Mahashabde, Mr. Peter Haas, Mr. Shekhar Agharkar, Mr. Ranjit Wandrekar, Mr. Raghavendra Ponkshe, Mr. Surendra Kumar Jain, Mr. Nitin Deshpande, Mr. Suresh Joshi(L-R) Mr. Vivek Rachh, Director Corporate Solutions- Pancshil Reality, Mr. Anand Desai IACC National President,Mr. Peter Haas, Consul General, US Consulate Mumbai and Mr. Amarnath Mahashabde , Chairman, IACC Pune.
  • 15. Innovation at Breakfast Session – 3 on “Innovation in Manufacturing Practices” November 25, 2011, at Vivanta by Taj Blue Diamond, Pune.Speaker – Mr. Ramchandra Rao, Director- Executive Director- Automotive Division Eaton Corporation, giving the presentation Discussions & Networking over the breakfast Panel Discussion & Interactive Session Panelists from L-R (Seated): Mr. Ramchandra Rao, Mr. Ranjit Wandrekar- CEO of Tower Network OperationSystems Ltd., Mr. Amar Variawa – GM John Deere Technology Center, Mr. Umesh Deshpande- Plant Manager- Wave Suspension Systems India Pvt. Ltd. & Mr. Ashutosh Parasnis
  • 16. Felicitation of the speaker Mr. Ramchandra Rao by IACC Pune Chairman Mr. Amarnath Mahashabde- MD IEC Air Tools Pvt. Ltd. Felicitation of the Sponsor: - IEC Air Tools Pvt. Ltd- MD Mr. Amarnath Mahashabde by Mr. Prashant Krishnan- NEC Member IACC.Summary:IACC Pune Branch conducted the 3rdSession of the Innovation at Breakfast Series on November 25,2011 at Vivanta by Taj Blue Diamond, Pune. The topic for the session was “Innovation inManufacturing Practices” presented by Mr. Ramchandra Rao, Executive Director- Automotive DivisionEaton Corporation.The session was well received and attended by 15 participants of known organizations like, JohnDeere, Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Wave Suspension Systems India Pvt. Ltd, New Hydro Equipment’s,Bhate & Ponkshe, Inteliment Technologies Pvt. Ltd etc. to name a few. The event was sponsored byIEC Air Tools Pvt. Ltd.
  • 17. NIC Events Varanasi Branch InteractiveRoundtable Session with Shri Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Union Minister for Commerce, Industry & Textile, 19 November 2011- Hotel Clarks, Varanasi (L-R) Mr. Ashok Kapoor, Mr. Naveen Kapoor, Chairman of EUPEA (), Mr. Binay Kumar, Member of FICCI; Mr. Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Union Minister for Commerce, Industry & Textile, Ms. Rita Menon, Secretary,Textiles, Government of India and Mr. Ashok Gupta, Founder Chairman, Indo American Chamber of Commerce Audience during the interactive roundtable session
  • 18. Mr. Anand Sharma Interacting with the audienceIndo-American Chamber of Commerce, Varanasi Branch, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce andIndustry (FICCI), and Eastern U.P. Exporters’ Association (EUPEA) jointly organized an Interactive Roundtable thwith Shri Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Union Minister for Commerce, Industry and Textile on 19 November 2011.Chairman of EUPEA Mr. Naveen Kapoor welcomed Mr. Sharma, Mrs. Rita Menon, Secretary, Textiles,Government of India and Senior Officers of Industry and Textile Department of Varanasi and all participants. Mr.Binay Kumar, Member, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) said that Uttar Pradeshhas an eminent position in terms of its contribution to the Carpet, Handloom, Beads, Jari and Handicrafts in thecountry. Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Founder Chairman, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, submitted amemorandum demanding, amongst other things, a textile park and centre of excellence in Varanasi.Mr. Gupta said that Varanasi is one of the most important textile centers and the district alone has more thanhalf a million weavers engaged in carpet, silk/handloom industries. The Handloom products made of these parksbe set up in the city to vive a fillip the textile sector in UP. Addressing the audience, Mr. Anand Sharmaannounced that mega handloom cluster in Mirzapur, Bhadohi and Varanasi carpet belt costing Rs. 100 crore,technology enhancement, skill development scheme, mega leather cluster costing Rs. 125 crore. Mr. Sharmasaid that a mega handloom cluster of 25,000 handloom units is being developed in Varanasi with a cost of Rs. 70crore. The Central government has given its approval in principle for the establishment of a textile park inVaranasi. Responding to the demand of exporters associated with Indo American Chamber of Commerce, U.P.Branch, Varanasi (IACC) and Eastern UP Exporters Association (EUPEA) Mr. Anand Sharma, said that in principle,the establishment of Textile Park in Varanasi has been approved. For this purpose, the financial provision wouldbe made in the coming budget session.During meeting with the minister, the entrepreneurs also suggested public-private partnership model for skilldevelopment as textile and handicraft industries are facing severe shortage of skilled laborers. According tothem, the individual industrial units could provide skill development training to a certain number of personsevery year. The government and industry could share the cost of training, and certification could be provided bythe appropriate authority on completion of the training. This scheme can be as effective as the Mahatma GandhiNational Rural Employment Guarantee Act, they believe. Besides, the entrepreneurs also demanded excise dutyexemption on carpet.CA Mukul Kumar Shah, Chairman, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, U.P. Branch, and VaranasithankedHon’ble Shri Anand Sharma, Mrs. Rita Menon and all Government Officer, senior office bearers of IACC,participants and media persons.
  • 19. “Indo-U.S. Economic Scenario & Strategic Partnership: Emphasis on Eastern U.P” 10 November, 2011 (L-R) Mrs. Violeta Talandis- Vice Consul., Consulate Section, U.S Embassy, C.A Mukul Kumar Shah, Chairman,IACC U.P Branch, Varanasi Mr. Anand Desai, National President, IACC, Mrs. Judy Reinke, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs U.S Embassy, New Delhi, Mr. S.K Sarkar, Regional President, IACC-NIC, Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Past Chairman, IACC, U.P Branch, Varanasi Mr. Anand Desai, National President, IACC, addressing the audience
  • 20. Mrs. Violeta Talandis- Vice Consul, Consular Section, U.S Embassy Delivering Speech during the event Mrs. Judy Reinke, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S Embassy, New Delhi
  • 21. EIC Events st 41 Annual Members Convention 2011-12, held on 4 November, 2011 at Bengal Club, Kolkata st Interactive session with Mr. Dean R Thompson, USConsul General, Kolkata at the 41 Annual MembersConvention held by East India Council of IACC on November 4, 2011. Seen in the picture above from L-R are:Mr. Shourya Mandal, Executive Vice President, IACC; Mr. Dean R Thompson, US Consul General, Kolkata; Ms. Heena Gorsia, Regional President, EIC andMr. D Mookerjea, Regional Vice President, EIC. Ms. Heena Gorsia, Regional President, EIC presenting a memento to Consul General Dean R Thompson On the occasion of the reception by IACCto Mr. Dean R Thompson, US Consul General, Kolkata. (L-R):Ms. Heena Gorsia, Regional President, EIC; Mr. Dean R Thompson, US Consul General, Kolkata; Mr. Shourya Mandal, National Vice President, IACC and Ms. Madhusree Daityari, Regional Director, EIC.
  • 22. Panel Discussion on “Indo US Prospects in the SME Sector” on 26 November, 2011, Oberoi Grand, KolkataOpening remarks being given by Mr. Anand Desai, National President, IACC at the inauguration of the program on “Indo US Prospects in the SME Sector”Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Micro & Small Scale Enterprise & Textiles and Irrigation & Waterways Depts., Government of West Bengal addressing the audience during the event. A memento being given toMr. Clinton Tad Brown, Acting USConsul General, Kolkata by Mr. Anand Desai
  • 23. A memento being presented to Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Micro & Small Scale Enterprise & Textiles and Irrigation & Waterways Depts. Government of West Bengal by Mr. Anand Desai. Mr. N.V. Srinivasan, National Chairman IACC, SME Forum addressing the Panel Discussion on “Indo US Prospects in the SME Sector”The Panelists for the Panel Discussion on “Indo US Prospects in the SME Sector”(L-R : Mr. Gaurav Prakash Seth,Vice President & Head of Business Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland; Mr. Amit Kumar Sen, (Past NationalPresident, IACC) Managing Director, East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.; Mr. N N Debnath, Director MSME DI,Kolkata, Govt. of India; Mr. S D Mookerjea, Regional Vice President, IACC,EIC (Moderator); Mr. Richard Craig,Principal Commercial Officer, FCS, US Consulate General, Kolkata; Mr. Srinivasan, National Chairman IACC, SMEForum
  • 24. Summary: On the occasion of the 2nd Executive Council Meeting of IACC held in Kolkata the East India Councilorganized a Panel Discussion on “Indo US Prospects in the SME Sector” with eminent Panelists on Saturday,November 26, 2011, at the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata. Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhunia, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Micro& Small Scale Enterprise & Textiles and Irrigation & Waterways Depts. Government of West Bengal was theChief Guest for the Program and Mr. Clinton Tad Brown, Acting US Consul General, Kolkata was the Guest of ndHonor .The Panel Discussion was followed by lunch and then by 2 Executive Council Meeting. ND 2 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING IN PROGRESS AT OBEROI GRAND, KOLKATA nd 2 Executive Council Meeting in progress (L-R): Mr. R K Chopra, Secretary General, IACC; Mr. Anand Desai, National President, IACC; Mr. Shourya Mandal, Executive Vice President, IACC; Ms. Heena Gorsia, Regional President, EIC.
  • 25. SIC Events Andhra Pradesh Branch Breakfast Meeting with the Delegation of Maryland and Governor Martin O’Malley, on 29th November 2011at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad Mr. Martin O’Malley, Governor of Maryland, Addressing the gathering IACC Andhra Pradesh Branch Committee members with Mr. Martin O’ Malley, Governor of MarylandThe IACC-Andhra Pradesh branch in association with TiE and AMCHAM hosted a breakfast meetingfor theTrade Delegation of Maryland and the Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley on 29thNovember 2011at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad.The meeting was attended by 76 delegates and 97members of IACC, TiE& AMCHAM.
  • 26. Karnataka Branch Celebrating Thanksgiving Carnival, November 19, 2011, Hotel Royal Orchid, BangaloreMrs. Katherine Dhanani, Consul. General handing over the cheque to Agastya International Foundation Team IACC Karnataka at the Thanksgiving Carnival for the less privileged Children
  • 27. Launch of the IACC Thanksgiving Brochure, (L-R) Mr. Bhaskar Ghosh - MD, Accenture, Ms. KatherineDhanani, Consul. General of the US Consulate, Hyderabad, Mr. Abhay from Applied Materials, Ms. Priyafrom Crown Worldwide, Mr. Harish Hande, MD, SELCO-India & Mr. Gurudutt A, IACC Karnataka Chairman Children from the three NGOs at the IACC Thanksgiving Carnival
  • 28. Tamil Nadu BranchColloquium on “Catalysing Research & Innovation to address emerging needs” November 18, 2011, Raintree Hotel, ChennaiChief Guest Mr. James Duffey, Secretary of Technology, Virginia State addressing the gathering. A Cross section of the audience present at the above mentioned Colloquium
  • 29. Breakfast meeting: “SELECT USA – As your favored investment destination” November 14, 2011, Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai Mr. Barry E.A. Johnson, Executive Director of SelectUSA, launched SelectUSA in India on November 14, 2011Established in June 2011 by Executive Order of the President, “SelectUSA” is a government-wideinitiative to encourage, facilitate and accelerate business investment by both domestic and foreignfirms in the United States. The initiative is housed within the Office of the Secretary of Commerce andreports to the President quarterly.Mr. Johnson spoke about the opportunities available for global investors in the U.S. across aspectrum of sectors. India ranks among top ten countries for sources of investment in the U.S.Johnson noted, “We value investment and are open for businesses either for entry or expansion. Wewelcome small and medium enterprises, large firms, firms at multinational level or with highergrowth from variety of geographic locations for job creation with broader economic impact.” Mr. Barry E.A. Johnson along with the representatives of Indo American Chamber of Commerce (TN) and U.S Embassy- Consulates
  • 30. A Cross section of the audience at the launch of “SelectUSA”
  • 31. Luncheon meeting with Ms. Jennifer McIntyre U.S. Consul General in Chennai, Hotel Residency, Coimbatore Mr. Karunagaran I.A.S, District Collector, Coimbatore, addresses the gathering. On the Right (L-R) Mr. K. Ramaswamy, Chairman, RootsGroup, Ms. Jennifer McIntyre, U.S Consul General in Chennai,Mr. Govindarajan, Chairman, IACC-TN, Mr. James Golsen PrincipalCommercial Officer in Chennai. Audience interacting with the speakers during the event Click here for index
  • 32. Summary ReportCoimbatore and U.S. businesses can work together in several areas and this will help the industries hereachieve their ambitious development goals, Jennifer McIntyre, U.S. Consul General in Chennai, said here onFriday.Addressing Coimbatore industrialists at a meeting organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce(Tamil Nadu), she said that U.S. companies would be able to partner with Indian high-technology companies tobuild high-speed infrastructure.Bilateral trade and U.S. investments in India had grown manifold. In order to achieve and realize the next levelof relationship, the two countries should build on several natural platforms, such as human development, andin the fields of education, women empowerment and health where Coimbatore was making impressivestrides. People-to-people connections would help build mutual understanding and trust.In the coming years, cities such as Coimbatore would play a key role in increasing commercial and transitlinkages throughout South Asia. The U.S. was committed to expanding bilateral economic ties with India.It was the third largest foreign direct investor in India, with substantial investments in computer software andhardware, telecommunications, housing and real estate and construction. In 2010, the U.S. provided over 27billion dollars of FDI.Through a U.S. – India initiative called the economic and financial partnership, the U.S. government wasworking with India to develop financial instruments and public-private partnership models to mobilize thesignificant private capital needed to build the India of tomorrow.On the bilateral trade, exports from the U.S. to India had quadrupled over this period, while Indian exports tothe U.S. has grown by over 180 per cent. However, despite the increase in bilateral trade, India was only the12th largest trading partner for the U.S. “Given the size of our respective economies, we must do better. Bothof our markets have enormous untapped potential,” she said.James Golsen, Principal Commercial Officer, US Consulate General, Chennai, said the Consulate worked withIndian businesses on several areas. It provided basic introductions, especially for the small and medium scaleunits, and organized Indian delegations to the trade shows in the U.S. It also arranges trade finance. Tradebetween India and the U.S. was growing dramatically. Several multinational companies were already presenthere and now the U.S. small and medium-scale enterprises should come here, he said.Earlier, Mr. Raman Govindarajan, Chairman welcomed the gathering and Mr. K. Ramaswamy, Chairman, RootsIndustries and co-opted member, IACC gave the vote of thanks.
  • 33. Indo-US Corporate News Amul seeks partner for North AmericaWhile many consumer goods firms are seeking opportunities in India, domestic dairy cooperative dairy Amul isseeking American partners as part of a bid to meet overseas demand for its products. Despite its massivedomestic market, where there are still many opportunities, Amul sees a good future abroad. Amul dairy, partof Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), registered total sales of R9,774 crore during2010-11 of which exports contributed a tiny Rs 100 crore, this despite a government ban on the export of milkpowder since early 2011.Amul is aiming to double exports in the next one year. “We already export a number of Amul products to theUS and other global markets,” said R.S. Sodhi, managing director, GCMMF. “While the focus is on domesticexpansion there is an opportunity to leverage the Amul brand equity in global markets.”Amul executives are currently looking at tie-ups with American dairy farms to manufacture Amul productsbased on the cooperative firm’s guidelines. Having a facility abroad will help Amul cut logistics costs andshipping time.At present Amul exports products such as ghee, butter, cheese, paneer, gulab jamun and others to thismarket. “The market for Indian products is picking up,” said Devendra Shah, chairman, Gowardhan. “Most ofthe buyers are Asians but natives too are picking up our brands with more presence in sales outlets, especiallymodern stores.”While India’s dairy exports are still small, estimates suggest the country will triple its dairy production in thenext three years, in which the share of exports will be substantially higher as compared to the present. Click here for index Rs 11,196cr oil refinery to come up in VizagThe Andhra Pradesh government and Hyderabad-based Amerind Petroleum Private Limited on Wednesdaysigned a memorandum of understanding to set up a petroleum refinery near Visakhapatnam with anestimated cost of Rs 11,196 crore. In the first phase, the company will relocate an existing oil refinery, with aproduction capacity of 1.5 lakh barrels per day; it bought from Sunoco, New Jersey. “The cost of the first phasewill be Rs 2,525 crore,” Dr J. Geeta Reddy, major industries minister, said. The minister said that the project,which is expected to generate revenue of Rs 15,544 crore for the Centre and state governments every year inthe form of various taxes and duties, will be accorded a mega-project status and given special incentives as perthe industrial policy.While the American Industrial Corporation, an industrial project management company, is providing technicalassistance, the Exim Bank of USA, issued the ‘letter of approval’ to provide 80 per cent financial assistance, forrelocating the oil refinery. Amerind is promoted by city entrepreneur Syed Badruddin who, according to anofficial press release, hails from a well-known aristocratic family in the city and is a successful technocratentrepreneur with industrial experience of 36 years.Mr. Badruddin said he was the chief promoter and MD of Anjani Portland Cement, in which he still holds sevenper cent stake. “The US authorities are fully backing the project because of my 25-year association with themin my capacity as the National President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce,” he said.
  • 34. “We proceeded with the MoU only after confirming with the Exim Bank about its willingness to fund theproject,” a senior industries official pointed out. On the request of the promoters to provide 700 acres in thePetroleum, Chemical and Petro Chemical Investment Region, the official said the company would be asked toacquire land on its own with assistance from the government.The MoU was signed in the presence of CM N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Dr. Geeta Reddy and a delegation of USConsulate officials including the chief of consular services Michael Yoder. Click here for index Wal-Mart to set up e-commerce R&D centre in Bangalore newsUS-based retail giant Wal-Mart is setting up a research and software development centre in Bangalorethrough its new social media arm WalmartLabs to develop technologies and solutions for its global e-commerce business, the company said on Wednesday.WalmartLabs is a part of Wal-Marts global e-commerce division, and is the companys hub for creatingtechnologies and businesses in social and mobile commerce for global shoppers. The move underscored Wal-Mart’s drive for technology innovation in powering the next generation of e-commerce."We think there is a fundamental change happening in the way people shop, driven by smart phones andsocial media," Anand Rajaraman, senior vice president of global e-commerce operations, said at a conferencein Bangalore. "This new way of shopping will blur the lines between e-commerce and offline retail shopping."The company plans to hire up to 100 developers in its new unit. WalmartLabs” India will be a strong andtalent-dense base for us, and we are looking for developers who want to push the envelope to change theworld of e-commerce, Rajaraman said. Wal-Mart entered into a retail joint venture with Indias BhartiEnterprises in August 2007, and currently operates 13 wholesale cash-and-carry stores in partnership withBharti. Globally, over 200 million visits are made to Wal-Mart storesacross 28 countries each week.New technologies generated from WalmartLabs would help it eliminate boundaries between brick-and-mortarstores and e-commerce to give shoppers a seamless experience anywhere and on any device, the companysaid. India allows 51 per cent foreign direct investment in single-brand retail, but not in multi-brand retail, as itseeks to protect small shopkeepers. The issue of allowing FDI in multi-brand retail has been hanging fire forsome time now, as global retailers such as Wal-Mart and Tesco keenly await such a move to take advantage ofIndias growing income levels.WalmartLabs is a product of the Arkansas-based companys acquisition of Kosmix, a California-based datamining firm, which was co-founded by Rajaraman. The new venture will develop applications to providecustomers with the exact location of a certain item in the companys sprawling stores and detailed productcomparisons - a feature typically found only on online shopping web sites.WalmartLabs currently has one software development centre in San Bruno, California, which employs about100 people, Rajaraman said. Wal-Mart has recently forayed into social media in its attempt to exploit thewindow into consumer tastes and preferences provided by social media outlets such as Facebook.The company joined hands with Facebook in October and launched My Local Walmart, a page that lets theretailers roughly nine million Facebook fans follow what is happening at stores in their neighborhoods. Click here for index
  • 35. Mahindra Defence, Telephonics Corp. JV to manufacture radars, electronicsMahindra Defence Systems (MDS) and the US-based Telephonics Corporation announced a joint-venture forthe manufacture of radars and surveillance and communication systems for the Indian armed forces.The JointVenture intends to provide systems for air traffic management services, homeland security and otheremerging surveillance requirements of the defence forces as also for the civilian applications, an MDSspokesperson said here.Under the agreement, a plant will be established in India to manufacture and service airborne radar systemsthat have been supplied to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and to support airborne maritime surveillancesystems for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. The JV will license technology from Telephonics Corporation foruse on a wide-range of products that have both defence and civil applications. Meanwhile, approval has beensought from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board for establishing the JV as per the rules of governingforeign direct investment.Vice chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, said on the occasion that the JVwill strive to develop niche technologies in the defence sector. We are delighted to partner with Telephonicsand are committed to supporting the Indian MoDs requirement of having a capable indigenous defenceprivate sector. We will continue to strive to develop niche technologies that support the nation, such as our JVwith Telephonics, he said.Noting that Indian defence market was an important part of their expansion plans, the CEO of TelephonicsCorporation, Joseph Battaglia, said, The defence market in India is an important part of our internationalexpansion plans and Mahindra is the right company for us to grow with in India. Click here for index Cargill to re-enter packaged food businessUS agri-business conglomerate Cargill plans to re-enter the packaged food market in India with staples andcereals over the next two years to become an integrated food ingredient company, a senior official said. "We have ambitions to become a large food company in India, especially in food ingredient," Cargill Indiachairman Siraj A Chaudhry said. The $119.5-billion company plans to extend its edible oil brands Nature Freshand Sweekar, which it recently acquired from Marico, to the packaged food segment.Cargill is also exploring the option of acquisition of packaged staples brands, Chaudhry told."We are amongst the largest suppliers of domestic and imported food grains to the private sector andgovernment. We would leverage such linkages to grow in consumer space," he said. Click here for index ICVL to tie-up with Virginia for coal miningInternational Coal Ventures Ltd (ICVL), a joint venture floated by public sector firms such as SAIL and NMDC toacquire overseas coal assets, will forge a strategic relationship with the Commonwealth of Virginia, US.The SAIL Chairman, Mr. C.S. Verma, who currently leads ICVL, held discussions with a delegation led by Mr.Robert F. McDonnell, Governor of Commonwealth of Virginia on Monday November 21, 2011 for facilitatingacquisition of coking coal assets and companies for ICVL. Click here for index
  • 36. KSIDC inks pact with US firm to make electric vehiclesThe MoU, to assemble and manufacture electric scooters, bikes and electric mobility vehicles, was signed inthe presence of Mr. P. K. Kunhalikutty, the State Minister for Industries and IT. The MoU was signed betweenMr. Dennis Gross, Managing Director, Parallel Intelligent Transportation Ltd, and Mr. Alkesh Sharma, Secretary(Industries), and Managing Director, KSIDC, on Tuesday in Thiruvananthapuram.KSIDC will arrange the required land for setting up the assembly unit. The States promotional agency will alsoprovide financial support and other assistance to establish the project in Kerala.After completing the feasibility report, a production centre will be established in the State. In the first phase,completely knocked down (CKD) parts will be imported and the vehicles will be assembled and distributed inthe country. In the next phase, the components and parts will be manufactured and, in the final stage, thecomplete production line will be established. Click here for index IBM opens three new offices in IndiaIBM has announced the opening of three regional offices in India as part of the companys on-goinggeographic expansion in the country. The new offices in Dehradun, Guwahati and Raipur provide IBM with afootprint of 18 branch offices across India to date. IBM is currently focused on increasing its presence insmaller, rapidly developing Indian cities as part of its plan to establish a presence in 40 Indian cities by 2013.The company is witnessing demand for information management, security, cloud computing and businessanalytics solutions as businesses and government organizations turn to IT to reduce costs and gain competitiveadvantage. The company is also investing in the education system in these regions with a number ofpartnerships and academic initiatives, especially to support the growth of Open Source technologies. IBM haspartnered with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Guwahati."These are dynamic times for Indian regionaldevelopment and there is tremendous market potential in these cities that we are expanding into," said Mr.Nipun Mehrotra, Vice President, General Business, Geographic Expansion, IBM India/South Asia. Click here for index United Health Group picks up HCL Tech for transitioning to new coding systemHCL Technologies has been selected by United Health Group; a healthcare player in the U.S. to support thelatter’s transition to the new ‘ICD-10’ diagnostic and healthcare coding system. ‘ICD-10’ is the latest medicalclassification list for coding of diseases, symptoms, findings and diagnosis. Although many countries are usingthis new system to classify diseases and mortality data, the US is still on the previous ‘ICD-9’ version forreporting of healthcare diagnosis, procedures and Medicare claims.The shift will necessitate an overhaul of the current systems and business operations in the healthcare sector.It will also involve new software installations and employee training — the new version is said to containnearly ten times as many codes as the previous version.After the deadline, medical claims that do not adhere to the new coding system will be rejected in the US.Since the transition will require investment in upgrading of IT systems, it poses significant opportunities forIndian players such as HCL Technologies, TCS, and Infosys.“HCL is committed to helping the healthcare industry prepare for the transition and will continue to add valueto the customers through comprehensive service offerings. Our customers will be able to realize the benefitsof the transition quickly,” said Mr. Pradeep Nair, Senior Vice-President for Healthcare, HCL Technologies.United Health Group will incorporate HCL’s ‘ICD Crosswalk Mapping tool’ into its healthcare managementportfolio to ensure a smooth transition to the new coding system.
  • 37. HCL’s software tool provides features to analyse data, configure rules and automate the mapping from the oldto new codes, a HCL statement said. But the company did not divulge the size of the order.HCL conducted significant research prior to beginning the transition process for the US Company. It analyzedthe historical data for over six months, which included 600 million claims service lines. Click here for index US firm EATON sees India among key markets in aerospace sectorUS electrical components company Eaton says it sees plenty of opportunities for itself in the countrysunfolding civil and military aerospace story. Thanks to increased aircraft purchases by the military anddomestic airlines, among other factors, India looks set to be one of Eatons key markets in the coming years,two senior officials said in email responses to Business Line.Eatons aerospace division globally supplies hydraulics and fuel systems that go into flight control devices ofAirbus, Boeing aircraft and many domestic and global military planes.Mr. Joe-Tao Zhou, APAC President, Aerospace Group, Eaton Corporation, said, “India is expected to emerge asone of the largest aviation markets in the world and is likely to be a key market for Eatons aerospace productsand solutions.”“India has a significant defence budget. Over the next five years, we see opportunities for Eaton in enablingdevelopment of new indigenous platforms and modernization or replacement of its ageing fleet,” said Mr.Einar Johnson, VP – Customer Service & Solutions, Aerospace Group. As domestic carriers looked set to grow,“we see a great opportunity in the commercial segment.”It also saw its opportunity in the new-generation MMRCA fighters that the IAF is close to finalizing; and theJaguar and Mirage upgrade proposals, they said, without elaborating. The components and post-sales marketalso looked rosy. Asked if Eaton planned local tie-ups to tap the defence offsets business, the Eaton officialsmerely said, “We are always open to opportunities in the form of joint ventures or partnerships.” For instance,Eaton recently became the first foreign partner in Chinas commercial plane Programme, the COMAC C919.Eaton supplies products for indigenous military aircraft programmes such as the Tejas light fighter, the basictrainer and the light combat helicopter; the civil plane programmes Saras and Hansa. Eaton also supplied forthe IAFs and the Navys aircraft that were flying with western military platforms - Jaguar, Sea Harrier, Hawk,Lockheed C130J or the IAFs VIP plane, the Boeing business jet; and the Boeings C-17 Globemaster heavy-lifttransport planes.Mr. Johnson said, “Although we do not have a manufacturing facility for aerospace, we are already present onthe Indian skies as we have significant content” on its planes. Its components are on all B737s and A320s thatare currently flying, including those operated by domestic airlines. Sixty per cent of Eatons global aerospacesales come from supplying commercial aircraft components and systems. Of late, it has made significantaerospace acquisitions in the West and is increasing the focus on Asia, China, South America and Africa, theysaid.The aerospace business, Mr. Johnson said, was an important growing segment although currently at a modestlevel. “With 2010 revenues of $1.5 billion, which amounts to 11 per cent of Eatons total sales (of $ 13.7billion), the aerospace business continues to be a key growth driver for us. With emerging economies, newproducts and programmes, acquisitions, alliances and energy efficient solutions, we are well-positioned toaddress the current and evolving needs of the aerospace market.”Over the past five years, Mr. Zhou said it was developing a supplier base for machined parts in India. The IndiaEngineering Centre in Pune provides design and engineering services for old and new systems. Click here for index
  • 38. iGate to de-list Patni shares from Indian boursesNasdaq-listed iGate Corp. recently announced its boards decision to delist its shares from Indian bourses andAmerican Depository Receipts (ADRs) from the New York Stock Exchange following the companys acquisitionof Patni Computer Systems for $1.22 billion early this year.iGate holds 80.4-per cent of Patnis normal shares and ADRs through its subsidiaries - Pan-Asia iGate Solutionsand iGate Global Solutions. Based in Fremont, California, with its Indian headquarters in Bangalore, theinformation technology solutions and services firm will raise $215 million (Rs1, 090 crore) via debt to fund thepurchase.The de-listing, to be done through a reverse book building process, is expected to be completed by mid-2012.iGate has indicated a floor price of Rs356.74 per share. The delisting is subject to the approval of Patnishareholders and regulatory approvals. iGate chief executive officer Phaneesh Murthy said, We believe thatgiven the low liquidity of Patnis equity shares, the delisting offer would provide the public investors of Patniwith the ability to exit fully from the shares of Patni.Murthy added, If, however, after the reverse book building process, we conclude the ultimate discoveredprice to purchase the Patni shares outweighs the benefits, we will examine our alternatives.The company also said the ADS representing the ordinary shares of Patni could be delisted in accordance withapplicable rules and regulations. iGate has the right not to purchase the offered shares if it does not findacceptable the final price discovered through the above process. Click here for index Westinghouse launches home appliances in Indian marketDiversified US engineering, power and consumer durables group Westinghouse Electric Corporation todayannounced its entry into the Indian home appliances market with the launch of kitchen appliances, includingmixer, electric pressure fryer, grill and microwave oven.Westinghouse will manage its India operations through its global licensees, Hong Kong-based W-Lifestyle Ltdand Dubai-based Mapana Middle East FZCo. The company, however, will invest around Rs70 crore onmarketing and product development in India in the next three years.The company, which is targeting emerging economies to boost sales, said it expects Rs200 crore sales in Indiain the next three years. The company plans to introduce its air-conditioner brands in India in the near future.Our goal is to achieve sales of Rs200 crore by 2014. We are launching our products in a phased mannerstarting with North India. By 2013, we expect to go pan-India, Westinghouse Appliances sales and marketinghead R Venkat said at the launch of the products.Going ahead we believe that 30-40 per cent of our revenue will come from emerging markets. While thereare already big players in India, we feel that this is the right time to enter as the country still lacks varieties inproducts, W-Lifestyle Limited and Mapana Middle East FZCo Chairman and Founder Bert Doormalen said. Forthe present, the company will supply products through its global distributors and position its products in themid and premium segments of the market. The products will be made available through traditional retailoutlets. Westinghouse offers a wide range of home appliances, including house fridge, house washer,dishwasher, house refrigerators, wine coolers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washer and dryer that areprocured from White Westinghouse of USA.Westinghouse Electric Corporation had global sales of $2.6 billion last year, with presence in various segments,including consumer electronics, lighting and domestic appliances. Click here for index
  • 39. Ashok Leyland, US Company John Deere enter into joint venture to retail construction EquipmentHinduja Group flagship Ashok Leyland has entered the construction equipment business, along with Americancompany John Deere, with the launch of the 435 backhoe loader.Priced at Rs 23.5 lakh (ex-Tamil Nadu), the backhoe loader is the first product to roll out of the 50:50 jointventure, Ashok Leyland John Deere Construction Equipment Company.“The joint venture marks a marriage of experience with expertise, global vision with local relevance. Thebackhoe loader has been designed for the Indian market conditions and the requirements of Indiancustomers,” said Dr. V. Sumantran, Chairman of the joint venture company.Around Rs 200 crore has been invested in the first phase of the 435 backhoe loader.Branding: The product will be sold under the ‘Leyland Deere branding and manufactured at a Greenfieldfacility in Gummidipoondi, near Chennai. It addresses the critical considerations of lower operating cost, fueleconomy and low maintenance and repair costs, said Mr. Douglas Meyer, Director, Construction andEngineering, John Deere.The 435 is powered by an Ashok Leyland engine from the H-series platform and promises features such aspower shift transmission, large cabin space, higher visibility, higher breakout forces and greater dig depths.The product will be initially launched in the southern states, before being rolled out nationally. The companyhas tied up with partners such as TVS Logistics for distribution. “For now we will focus only on the domesticmarket,” said Dr. Sumantran.Two more products are being developed by the joint venture company. The second product from the jointventure – a wheel loader – will be rolled out in 2013.Mr. P. Ravi Shankar, CEO, Ashok Leyland John Deere Construction Equipment Company said the company islooking at a capacity of 10,000 units by 2016-17, across the three product categories – the backhoe willaccount for 8800 units.The backhoe category in the country is at 20,000 units a year, growing at 30-35 per cent. JCB is the marketleader in this segment with a 75 per cent share. Click here for index Accentia Technologies gets nod to raise $10 million via various routeAccentia Technologies has received its board’s approval to raise funds up to $10 million towards growing itscore business in Healthcare Receivables Cycle Management including Transcription, DRT, Coding, Billing andCollections and its newly added integrated Software as a Service(SaaS) offering covering the above mentionedareas in the United States of America.The company’s board has also decided to raise the said amount by issuing preferential shareallotments/warrants to promoters/PACs and through preferential allotment/convertible bonds to foreigncorporate bodies/domestic corporate bodies/foreign financial institutions/domestic financial institutions at aprice as per Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) pricing norms under preferential allotment.Further, the company’s board has decided to increase the authorized capital of the company to Rs 25.00 crore.It was decided by the board that the decision to increase the authorized capital of the company will be keptfor the approval of the shareholders in the ensuing Annual General Meeting (AGM).Accentia Technologies is a leading Business Process Management and Solutions Company offering managedservices in the Healthcare domain in US, UK, Middle East and India geographies. Click here for index
  • 40. India to become biggest e-commerce market for Michigan based DominosIndias e commerce story is set to receive a big boost. Michigan based Pizza chain major, Dominos, whichmoved to the online platform, only last year, is already betting on India being the biggest market for its onlinesales globally, in a few years. Dominos, which went online in September 2010, currently has over 10% of itsannual sales coming from the online medium. Although the figure might seem small compared to the 30%globally, Indias internet market is far from undersized, it says.Whats more, its not just the local internet domain that the tech-freak Indians are consuming. Interestingly,half of the 4.1million Dominos fans on its US Facebook page are Indians. "India has a lot of young people whoare tech-savvy. For us, e-commerce in India is definitely going to grow huge," Patrick Doyle, president andCEO, Dominos Pizza Inc., told TOI. Considering the rapid growth of internet in the country, Doyle says it wouldnot be long before India overtakes US regarding online sales.Its not just Dominos that is buoyed by the growth of ecommerce industry in India, growing exponentially withtransactions rising 50% annually. Some estimates peg the business to business ecommerce market in India tobe worth over Rs 10,000 crore a year, while the business to consumer market is about Rs 30,000 crore, ofwhich the travel sector alone contributes Rs 20,000 crore.This includes players like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Jet Airways, IRCTC, besides others. Of the non-travel b2c e-commerce market the large players are Amazon, eBay, Infibeam, Flipkart and Indiatimes. The sector is growingat around 35% year over year. Click here for index Yum Splits India into Separate Division, Names New International CEOYum Brands Inc. is separating its India business into its own standalone segment, a strong indication of thefast-food operators interest in expansion there given the only other international market it breaks out isChina. The owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell named NirenChaudhary, 48 years old, president of the newlycreated Yum Restaurants India division, and Micky Pant, 57, as chief executive of its remaining internationaldivision.Mr. Pant previously was president of Yum Restaurants International and Global Branding, and as of Dec. 6 issucceeding Graham Allan, 56, who is retiring early in 2012.Mr. Chaudhary joined the company in 1994 and took over the companys India operations in 2007.While India is still substantially smaller than Yums China division, "the decision to report it separately reflectsYums expectation that the country will be an increasingly important growth driver," said Sara Senator, analystat Sanford C. Bernstein.Last year, Yums KFC opened its 100th restaurant in India, where it also has 175 Pizza Huts. By comparison, inChina, as of Sept. 3 it had 3,475 KFC locations and 564 Pizza Hut Casual Dining restaurants. "There is clearevidence that we are at the same stage of development [in India] as we were in China at a similar juncture inits life cycle, and Im confident we will turn India into a major growth engine for Yum," Chairman and ChiefExecutive David C. Novak said in a statement.For the past few years, Yum has touted its strength in China and focused on growth there and other emergingmarkets, making up for its weak U.S. performance. Yum said that in the third quarter ended Sept. 3, itsemerging markets, excluding China, saw same-store sales growth of 7%, compared to 19% same-store salesgrowth in China. It also opened 127 new units in emerging markets and 138 restaurants in China in thequarter. While India only made up 1% of Yums international divisions total sales in fiscal 2010, through itsthird quarter this year, India has exhibited the most growth, with sales rising 42%.Yums increased transparency could put pressure on McDonalds Corp. to offer more insight, as it now lumpsAsia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa together in one division. McDonalds has recently started offering moredetails of its China business to investors, possibly in response to Yums increased focus on the region, whereYum has more restaurants than McDonalds. Yum has said it is also particularly excited about its growth inRussia, Germany, Africa and France.
  • 41. But shifting to such an international focus, with a lot of exposure to emerging markets, also puts restaurants atrisk of higher volatility and of losing momentum in the U.S. About a year ago, Yum said that 75% of its profitswill come from its international businesses by 2015. In the third quarter, markets outside the U.S. contributedmore than 95% of Yums consolidated operating profit, albeit that is partially because its unallocated andcorporate expenses were much higher than in the past, and its U.S. division hasnt been pulling as muchweight as it once did. Click here for index U.S health insurer Cigna & TTK Group signs pact to sell health servicesU.S. health insurer Cigna Corp and Indian conglomerate TTK Group on Monday said they have formed a jointventure to offer health services to the 1.2 billion people in India.Financial terms were not disclosed.Cigna, the first U.S. insurer to apply for entry into India as part of a stand-alone joint venture health insurancecompany, said it had begun the process of seeking approval from Indias insurance regulatory anddevelopment authority.A full license to operate would not be expected until 2013.TTK, based in Chennai and Bangalore, is family owned and operates multiple businesses, selling everythingfrom cookware to pharmaceuticals. Click here for index Kraft: Expect India to Account Significantly in Overall GrowthKraft Foods Inc. Tuesday said India is one of the key markets to the overall growth prospects of the second-largest packaged food company in the world by sales."We certainly expect that India will continue to be a key part of the overall portfolio and we are expecting it tobe a very, very significant contributor to our overall growth," Chairman and Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeldtold reporters at a news conference.Ms. Rosenfeld said sales growth in India was "exceptional," increasing almost 40% year to date, but didnt sayhow much revenue it gets from the South Asian nation. Krafts $19-billion acquisition of Cadbury PLC last yearhas given it greater access to sales in fast-growing developing countries in Latin America and Asia. Kraft hassince started selling some of its brands like Oreo cookies and Tang powdered drink mix in India.Ms. Rosenfeld said the company has increased its investment in key areas like research and development,advertising and capacity addition by almost 70% since its purchase of Cadburys India business. She didntprovide specific numbers.India offers robust growth prospects for food and beverages makers as its growing economy--estimated toexpand 7.6% this fiscal year through March--is leaving more disposable income with an increasing middleclass. The country is also seeing its middle class adapting more to Western tastes and spending more onbeverages and processed foods. Click here for index L&T executes first US order for nuclear equipmentEngineering major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has executed its first order of 12 dry shielded canisters for storingradioactive waste from Transnuclear Inc. USA, a spokesperson said. L&T will soon also dispatch two suchadditional canisters as part of its next order manufactured in accordance with the US Code of FederalRegulations (10 CFR) and Nuclear Safety Class 1 standards. The spokesperson said the manufacture of thestainless steel canisters involves maintaining stringent tolerance levels.
  • 42. Transnuclear Inc. USA, an Areva company, has placed five repeat orders for supplying such canisters to leadingutilities based in the US and Switzerland, bringing the total ordered to 73. "This signifies internationalrecognition of L&Ts capabilities in this exclusive area and is the first step in participating in the potentiallylarge global nuclear equipment market," the spokesperson said.L&T is a pioneer in manufacturing technology, equipment manufacture and site/plant services for the Indiannuclear power plant Programme. It is the only Indian manufacturer authorized by the American Society ofMechanical Engineers to use the entire range of N, NPT, NA and NS certification which permits L&T to design,manufacture and construct nuclear island equipment as per US standards. A $11.7 billion technology, engineering and construction major, L&T has been engaged in manufacturingcritical nuclear components like nuclear reactors, steam generators, control rod drive mechanisms, heatexchangers, valves and NSSS pipelines since the past four decades. Click here for index Applied Materials Foundation and SELCO Solar partner for electrification of 1,000 village households and 10 schoolsApplied Materials Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Santa Clara, CA based Applied Materials Inc., andSELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise, have announced a collaboration to electrify 1,000 village householdsand 10 schools in Karnataka, via solar lighting systems. Most of these, households were identified as they donot have reliable access to the electricity, and they cannot afford Solar Home Lighting Systems, due to theireconomic status . With the support from Applied Materials Foundation, SELCO is now able to make the cost ofthe lighting systems affordable to the very poor households.Harish Hande, MD, SELCO SOLAR, appreciates the uniqueness of the partnership with Applied Materials. “It isthese type of partnerships between visionary companies like Applied Materials, that grassroots organizationslike SELCO can provide clear and safe lighting to poor households and schools”“Applied Materials vision is to apply Nano manufacturing technology to improve the way people live. We takegreat pride in applying this vision, by utilizing solar technology to positively impact the communities where weoperate,” said Mr. Aninda Moitra, country president, Applied Materials India.“Approximately 400 million people are without access to reliable electricity and an estimated 100,000 villagesare without access to the national grid. In these cases, the use of coal, kerosene, and other "dirty" fuel sourcesfor power, cooking, and lighting provide energy with intermittent quality and reliability, as well as causeserious health and environmental concerns. We commend SELCO in their efforts to impact lives through theuse of clean energy. We’re proud to be associated with this program that is addressing energy needs invillages where sustainable, reliable energy is not yet available.”Initiated in May 2011, this project has already been implemented in 202 households and four schools. SELCOhas followed its bottom up approach of identifying the exact need of energy, customizing the product andinstalling them at the end user’s door steps with regular warranty and after sales service. On completion theproject will positively impact over 10,000 individuals, and generate 279 kilowatt hours of clean, safe energy.The Applied Materials Foundation and SELCO were invited to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to announcetheir commitment to electrifying villages and schools and training social entrepreneurs in rural India. The CGIwas established in 2005 by former President Bill Clinton and is an annual gathering of global leaders to deviseand implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Click here for index
  • 43. USA eyeing Indias infrastructure opportunities want bilateral investment treatyWith an eye on the huge business opportunities in building Indias infrastructure, the US wants a bilateralinvestment treaty with India. Given that 80 per cent of the infrastructure of 2030 has yet to be built – the USsees a great opportunity to deepen our commercial partnership, according to Mr. GeofferyPyatt, PrincipalDeputy Assistant Secretary at the US State Department.“So, to move our investment relationship forward, we recently resumed technical discussions with theGovernment of India on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT). We believe a BIT will provide added confidence toinvestors, deepen our economic relationship, and support job creation through economic growth in bothcountries,” Mr. Pyatt said, in a speech at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)here.With 1.2 billion of the worlds consumers, and per capita incomes forecast to grow at a rate of eight per centover the next several years, India is an enormous market for the US goods and services, Mr.Pyatt observed.“For that reason, but also because it will support Indias continued rise as a global power, we want to beIndias partner in building the railroads, airports, power plants, and fiber optic networks needed to sustainIndias impressive economic pace,” he said.Between 2002 and 2010, the US exports to India quadrupled, growing from $4.1 billion in 2002 to more than$19.3 billion in 2010. From 2002 to 2010, the US services exports to India more than tripled, rising to morethan $10.3 billion in 2010.Not wanting to “give anybody the impression this is a one-way street,” Mr. Pyatt said that in 2010, Indiaexported $13.7 billion in services to the US, “roughly balancing exports to the US with imports.”Two-way trade: If trade continues to expand at its current pace, total two-way trade in goods and services willsurpass $100 billion in 2011 for the first year on record.Reflecting on the two-way nature of our relationship, India is also a growing source of foreign directinvestment into the US.Total stock of FDI has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 35 per cent from 2004-2009, making Indiathe 7th fastest-growing source of investment in the US. With business-to-business engagement at thevanguard of our relations, these statistics point to the potential for even greater innovation and businessdevelopment between our two knowledge-based societies.The task ahead, therefore, is to continue to open doors for greater private sector engagement, Mr. Pyatt said. Click here for index
  • 44. India invites US investment in aviation sectorIn Last Month India invited American business to invest in the burgeoning aviation sector, saying there is ahuge potential for investment of up to USD 130 billion over the next 10 to 15 years.Maintaining that Indias air passenger traffic would rise to 260 million by 2020, Civil Aviation Secretary NasimZaidi said private investment so far in the sector has been about USD six billion and the country would requireUSD 130 billion worth of further investment over the next 10-15 years.American companies should explore the wealth of opportunities in the areas ranging from airportmodernization and aerospace to MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) and cargo, he said whileinaugurating the third US-India Aviation Summit here.At the event, India and the US signed the Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness (IPA) agreement thatwould open up the huge market for indigenously developed aeronautical products in the US and the worldover. The pact provides for airworthiness technical cooperation between the US Federal Aviation Authority(FAA) and aviation regulator DGCA.The pact, a part of Indo-US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA), was signed by Director General of CivilAviation E K Bharat Bhushan and Dorenda Baker, Director, Aircraft Certification Service of the FAA.Noting that huge investment opportunities also existed in the airport modernisation exercise underway inIndia, Zaidi said "after successful implementation of public private partnership (PPP) in the development of sixmajor and 35 non- metro airports, we have identified 30 more airports to be developed under the jointventure or PPP modes." Click here for index
  • 45. India’s Investments in U.S Yash Raj launches company in Hollywood to make international filmsVeteran Bollywood banner Yash Raj Films has forayed into the international market by launching a Hollywood-based production and financing company that will produce international content.The company named YRF Entertainment’ will focus on developing and producing feature films for the US andthe international market.YRF Entertainment is funded by Yash Raj Films, the 41-year-old studio that was founded by filmmaker YashChopra. His younger son, Uday Chopra will serve as the CEO of YRF Entertainment."My family has a deep commitment to making and distributing quality films that entertain and enlightenaudiences. I share that passion, as well as a love for American films that I have had since childhood. It is thatenthusiasm and my love of the creative process of filmmaking that drove me to start this new venture," UdayChopra said in a statement.Uday has hired Jonathan Reiman to head development and production under him. Currently, YRFEntertainment is producing and financing The Longest Week, a comedy film, with stars Jason Bateman, OliviaWilde and Billy Crudup. Written and directed by Peter Glanz, the movie is being produced by Uday, along withNedaArmian. The executive producers are Jonathan Reiman, Chris Marsh, Stone Douglass and Taylor Materne.The film tells the story of a bratty man-child played by Jason Bateman, who still lives with his parents in aManhattan hotel, but suddenly finds himself evicted, disinherited and hopelessly in love with his best friendsheartthrob, played by Olivia Wilde. The shooting for the film began last week in New York.Uday tracked down the project after the original financier had to abandon the film and immediately fell in lovewith the material.YRF Entertainment is also building a slate of projects that it will develop and produce from the ground up. Thefirst project the company will develop is an untitled action-comedy by Dan Ewen about two twenty-somethings, who run away from their Podunk towns to pursue big dreams and become an unlikely butseemingly unstoppable duo after meeting serendipitously.Back home, the parent banner Yash Raj Films continues to produce mainstream Bollywood films. YashChopras eldest son Adityas upcoming film, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, a romantic comedy, starring Ranveer Singhand Anushka Sharma. The film releases on December 9. Veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra returns to directionafter almost seven years. The new untitled project will feature superstar Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif andAnushka Sharma. Click here for index
  • 46. Online Shopping Store Flipkart Acquires Mallers Inc. To Launch Digital Music StoreFlipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd, which runs the e-commerce site, has acquired MallersInc.(Mime360), a company that is registered in US and Mumbai, in a cash and stock deal. Details of the deal sizeand valuation were not available.This is the second acquisition by Flipkart in less than a year. In December 2010, it acquired social bookdiscovery tool WeRead from Lulu, a US-based on-demand publishing firm. Flipkart planned to use therecommendation engine behind WeRead to make informed decisions based on recommendations frompeople within their social network.Flipkart is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in India and sells books, handsets, consumerelectronics, movies etc. As of June, 2011, Flipkart had 1,500 employees on board and offices in Bangalore,Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Backed by heavy investments from New York-based Tiger GlobalManagement LLC and Accel Partners, the company has been looking to acquire firms to complement itscurrent service offerings.MallersInc’s flagship is a B2B platform called mime360 (Manoramic International Media Exchange), targeted atthe music industry. Mime360 is an online digital media exchange platform that connects content owners suchas artists and musicians with content publishers.It resolves common issues such as piracy, varied pricing and revenue collection for the users and has arevenue share and licensing based business model. Besides the domestic market, mime360 currently reachesout to markets for Indian media content such as US, UK, Middle East, APAC, S.E. Asia and Africa. Its clientsinclude (by Times Internet), Myusic and iMusti.Confirming the acquisition to, Mallers Inc. chairman and CEO Sameer Nigam said that mime360will continue to remain an independent platform. On the reason behind the acquisition, Nigam said, “Flipkartwanted to build out its B2C story. It is already selling music CDs and DVDs on the site and now we will buildout its digital media store.”One of the founders - Rahul Chari – along with the core engineering team of 6-7 people will move toBangalore, where Flipkart is based. The current CEO Nigam, along with the business development andoperations teams will continue to be in Mumbai. Nigam will report into Binny Bansal, co-founder and COO, Music StoreFounded in 2009, Mallers Inc. had set up an online, B2C music store called It was to be anonline destination where users could stream and legally download Indian music, videos and movies.But the site was shut down in 2010 due to scale-up issues. “There was a challenge of distribution. There werelarger companies that also had music stores and they had the inherent advantage of a larger audience. As astart-up, we felt more comfortable with technology, and we decided to build a platform for the entire musicindustry,” said Nigam.The team from Mallers Inc. will now get a second chance at rebuilding a digital music store on store will be hosted on the Flipkart site and will be launched in the next few quarters, said Nigam. Click here for index
  • 47. Chakillam Infotech acquires Texas-based Cigniti Inc.Software testing services company Chakillam Infotech has acquired Texas based Cigniti Incorporated, whichwas also in the same domain and catered clients mostly in the US.The acquisition will help Chakkilam Infotech expand its footprint in the US market and set up Test Centers ofExcellence for Ciginiti’s enterprise clients. Ciginiti had declared revenues of $18 million last year. Both thecompanies are into areas such as test consulting, test management, test automation and performance testing.“Our complimenting expertise will help us cut down overall costs of testing and provide unique solutions thatcannot be solved using standard tools. It will also allow us offer more of our high-end test consulting servicesto clients in the US and turn India’s largest independent testing services company in terms of revenue,” SriramRajaram, executive VP for operations at Chakkilam Infotech. The company did not disclose the size of the deal.“Software companies all over the world are looking to engage with testing labs offering the whole gamut ofservices. By joining forces with Chakkilam Infotech, we are aiming to be a global leader in the independenttesting services space in the next few years,” Sudhakar P, CEO of Cigniti. Click here for index Shree Naman Group signs MoU with Maryland based TripleStoneTripleStone Real Estate, a real estate development and management company based in National Harbor withhotel, retail, residential, and commercial projects throughout the Washington D.C. area, signed aMemorandum of Understanding with Shree Naman Group of Mumbai to partner on potential hospitality andmedical office projects in the Brandywine area of Prince George’s County.“This investment is a testament to Maryland’s pro-business environment and strong leadership whounderstand the needs of the business community,” said Raj Patel, CEO of TripleStone LLC. Click here for index
  • 48. US investments in India JP Morgan Global Fund picks 45% stake in Nitesh Estates for $40 millionJP Morgan Global Fund has picked up 45% shareholding in a Nitesh Estates firm for $40 million (204 crore), ina rare pure play private equity deal in a slow real estate market.Private equity players are returning to the Indian real estate market with gusto. A proprietary investment armof JP Morgan will take 50% stake in a Rs 1,500 crore joint venture with Nitesh Estates for developingresidential projects in Bangalore.The JP Morgan Fund will invest $40 million, or Rs 200 crore, as equity into the special purpose vehicle (SPV)developing five projects, said banking sources familiar with the matter. The company can raise debt based onthe equity infusion.The JV between JP Morgan and Bangalore-based Nitesh Estates will be to develop over 5 million sft of livingspace with the projects valued around Rs 1,500-2,000 crore. This will be the fourth private equity investor inNitesh Estates. Click here for indexBaltimore, MD based Premier Rides joins hands with Adlabs Entertainment to build theme parksPremier Rides, a Baltimore-based theme park ride manufacturer, and Mumbai-based Adlabs EntertainmentLtd, signed an agreement to build a theme park in India. Premier Rides will design and manufacture a customtheme park attraction that will employ the very latest technologies and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.The company will use an ExportMD grant from the Maryland Department of Business and EconomicDevelopment to assist with exporting the thrill ride to India.“I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to bring to India what will be the most high tech ride in thecountry,” said Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides. “India’s dynamic economy is setting a standard for growthand expansion and we are proud to be part of a vision for a world-class entertainment destination.” Click here for index
  • 49. READ Global receives $4.7M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationSAN FRANCISCO – READ (Rural Education and Development) Global has announced a major grant from the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation to strengthen the organization’s capacity for future growth.This grant combines the foundation’s unwavering commitment to public library systems with READ Global’sunique approach to sustainable development and empowerment in rural Asia through Community Library andResource Centers (READ Centers).“The READ Global model demonstrates the positive impact that libraries are having on people’s lives in thedeveloping world. Community owned and managed READ Centers are allowing rural villagers to gain literacyskills, access important health information and improve their livelihoods,” said Deborah Jacobs, Director of theBill & Melinda Gates foundation’s Global Libraries initiative. “We are thrilled to partner with an organizationthat is changing lives and transforming entire communities through libraries.”The grant will be disbursed over three years during which READ’s operations in India, Nepal and Bhutan willinitiate comprehensive projects designed to broaden and deepen the organization’s impact in ruralcommunities. Funds will be invested in three key areas:  Expansion of information communications technology (ICT) offerings in new and existing READ Centers, enabling rural villagers to more effectively utilize technology and Internet access to improve their lives. A key part of this initiative will be the utilization of solar technology to minimize the effects of blackouts, particularly in areas where electricity is unavailable for up to 16 hours a day.  Development of higher income generating business models for the community enterprises that are paired with each center to cover its long-term operating expenses. Increased profits will allow communities to not only ensure the ongoing availability of their READ Center offerings but also provide income opportunities to more community members.  Pilot of a “hub and satellite” READ Center model that will enable READ to broaden its reach by connecting communities within close proximity and allowing them to share resources, knowledge and skills. This model will pair a central READ Center with up to three smaller centers in surrounding areas and leverage linkages to create greater impact through awareness and training programs.“We have made a commitment to establish 30 new READ Centers in South Asia during the next five years.Support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help us bring valuable resources and opportunities tohundreds of thousands of rural villagers who would otherwise have limited or no access to life-changinginformation,” said Tina Sciabica, Executive Director of READ Global. “We are breaking the cycle of poverty, onevillage at a time.”In 2006, READ Nepal received the Access to Learning Award (ATLA) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • 50. About READ (Rural Education and Development) GlobalREAD Global is an international non-profit organization focused on making rural communities in Bhutan, Indiaand Nepal viable places for people to learn build and prosper. Combining education, enterprise andcommunity development, READ Global partners with rural villages and local non-governmental organizations(NGOs) to create sustainable livelihoods. Since 1991, READ Global has built more than 57 Community Libraryand Resource Centers and provided access to vital resources for more than 1.8 million individuals. Click here for index Massachusetts-based AB Sciex acquires Labindias Mass Spectrometry unit to expand in IndiaLife science analytical technologies company AB Sciex said it had acquired the mass spectrometry business ofIndian life science solutions service provider Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd, for an undisclosed sum.ABSciexsaid that the acquisition represents its increasing investment in India, combining its global resources, world-class scientific expertise and product development leadership with well-established, local expertise and on-site support to advance science and respond to the growing needs of Indias scientific community.Labindias mass spectrometry business has been serving Indian users of AB Sciex instrumentation for the past15 years. The transition of this business, including customer relationships, personnel and application supportfacilities, to AB SCIEX is a direct result of the successful track record that AB Sciex and Labindia have had aspartners in India.Framingham, Massachusetts-based AB Sciex has a more than 20-year history of innovation and specialises inmass spectrometry, which is a workhorse analytical technique for a wide variety of scientific applications,including food contamination testing, environmental analysis, biomedical research, drug discovery anddevelopment, forensic toxicology and vitamin D analysis, among other emerging applications in clinicalresearch."Expansion of AB S Sciexs commercial operations in India will strengthen our position and help us build on thesuccess of Labindias mass spectrometry business as well as execute on our growth strategy," saidUmeshPawa, managing director, AB Sciex India. "By integrating Indian sales, service and support functions intoAB Sciexs global resources and operational excellence, we will simplify the process for customers to dobusiness with AB Sciex and drive the highest standard of support, further enhancing customer satisfactionlevels. We will now be able to engage in a new level of dialogue with Indian scientists, who are among theleaders pushing the limits to improve life in this region," he added. Click here for index Coca-Cola to invest $2 billion in India over the next five years newsBeverage maker Coca-Cola announced that its Atlanta-based parent has plans to invest $2 billion in thecountry over the next five years, starting 2012. This is the single largest investment that Coca-Cola hasplanned in India since the starting of its operations 18 years back. India ranks among the company’s top 10markets by volume globally and is the largest market in Eurasia and Africa.According to Mr. Ahmet C Bozer, Coca-Colas president, Eurasia and Africa Group, told media persons inGurgaon today that the investment would capture the opportunity in the Indian non-alcoholic ready-to-drinkbeverage market, and span across infrastructure, brand building and sustainability programmes.
  • 51. He added India was among the companys most important growth markets as the company worked toward itsvision of doubling system revenues. Coca-Cola has invested over $2 billion in India since it resumedoperations in the country in 1993.According to Atul Singh, president & CEO, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, Indias demographics,economic and social parameters were big growth drivers. He added the company had to ensure that itcapitalised on the opportunity. The beverage maker has logged 15 quarters of double-digit growth. Thecompany said along with its bottling partners it had plans to invest in marketing and brand building,expansion, distribution and hiking manufacturing capacity. Click here for index U.S. will loan $18.9 Million for SolarWorld Exports to IndiaThe U.S. Export-Import Bank approved an $18.9 million loan for an Indian solar power project that will importphotovoltaic panels from SolarWorld AG’s California unit.The funding will allow Tatith Energies to buy the crystalline-based devices from the manufacturer andconstruction services from North Chelmsford, Massachusetts-based American Capital Energy for its 5-megawatt plant in the western state of Gujarat, according to an e-mailed statement from the Washington-based lender.The Export-Import Bank helps exporters get credit for foreign sales by providing direct loans or guarantees. Asof Nov. 5, it had approved $176.4 million in funds for six Indian solar projects. Click here for index Raytheon eyes missile sales for MMRCA contractReports suggest American defence contractors are now eyeing sub-contracts for the medium multi-rolecombat aircraft (MMRCA) tender by offering missiles and other technologies to be mated with the fourth-generation fighter aircraft being contracted for by the Indian Air Force. US defence majors Boeing andLockheed lost the competition for the IAFs MMRCA this year to European companies Eurofighter and assault.Despite the loss American defence contractor Raytheon remains hopeful about missiles the company thinkscould easily be mated with the aircraft the Government of India selects, reports suggest.At least two American missiles – the all-weather Paveway and Advanced Multirole Air-to-Air Missile(AMRAAM) - have been tested by the Indian Air Force.Raytheon has agreed to respond to Indian request for High Speed Expendable Aerial Targeting offering theMALD, or Miniature Air Launched Decoy, said the report. The Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD) is a low-cost, air-launched programmable craft that accurately duplicates the combat flight profiles and signatures ofU.S. and allied aircraft.According to Raytheon, MALD is a flexible, modular and an expendable air-launched flight vehicle that lookslike a US or allied aircraft to enemy integrated air defence systems (IADS). An air force can confuse anddeceive enemy IADS by sending a formation of MALDs into hostile airspace.MALD weighs less than 300 pounds and has a range of approximately 500 nautical miles (575 statute miles).After it is launched from its host aircraft, MALD flies a pre-programmed mission. In addition to protectingvaluable aircraft, MALD offers counter air operations to neutralize air defence systems that pose a threat toaircraft. Click here for index
  • 52. California based Infineria plans to expand R&D in IndiaDigital optical networking company Infineria, which has around 300 of its 1,200 worldwide employees in India,plans to expand its sales and R&D activities in the country.Addressing the media, Mr. Tom Fallon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Infineria, said, “We are currentlyinvesting around 23-24 per cent of our revenues in R&D. I want to bring it down to 20 per cent by growing thetop line and I want to expand R&D in India.”He said the company, which competes with the likes of Huawei and Alcatel, was betting on video, mobility,cloud, and the interplay among these three drivers for its future growth.Infineras products are used by large telecom carriers and it has around 10 per cent market share in Indiaprimarily through Reliance ADA, company officials said. Mr. Fallon said that in India the arrival of 3G and thefuture rollout of 4G would provide the company with growth options. Click here for indexU.S Based Company, Location Labs Acquires Wirkle Inc. to Expand Operations in IndiaLocation Labs, creator of Safely, a mobile and location-based security software company, announcedexpansion in India, with the acquisition of Wirkle Inc., a mobile product development company withoperations in California and Gurgaon (NCR), India. The India Development Center will also serve as the basefor India sales operations for Location Labs.Many Wirkle team members will be based in Location Labs’ India Development Center in Gurgaon (NCR) led byWirkle CEO and Co-Founder, Varun Khurana. The sales team in India will be led by Retired Lt. General AshokAgarwal, former President of the reputed Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE).The team also includes former employees of Reliance, TATA Indicom, and Samsung India.“India is a vibrant and a very significant market for us. We looked at many different mobile companies andwere extremely impressed by the talents and mobile expertise of Wirkle,” said Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO andFounder of Location Labs. “The acquisition of IP, products and team signify a milestone for Location Labs as weaccelerate our growth in the mobile personal security space.”In October 2011, Location Labs announced the acquisition of Wirkle as well as Volly, a mobile group messagingcompany. These acquisitions increased the Location Labs’ core team to more than 150 strong. With newmobile engineers and product managers, Location Labs plans to strengthen investment in its Safely suite ofservices.Wirkle’s mobile platform for iPhone and Android has powered applications such as OfficeDrop and VideoSurfand boasts millions of mobile users. The company was founded by VarunKhurana, Lomesh Dutta and SunilGoyal in 2006.“Together we will grow the development team and build the next generation of mobile personal safety andsecurity services for a growing global customer base,” says Varun Khurana, CEO and Co-Founder of Wirkle.With deep expertise in location-based services and mobile application development, the Wirkle team expandsLocation Labs’ already strong core team of engineering and product innovators.About Location Labs and SafelyEstablished by Location Labs in 2011, Safely provides services that enhance the safety of millions of families.Nearly a dozen Tier 1 wireless carrier services are powered by Safely, helping parents to keep tabs on lovedones through mobile alerts and online activity reports. Click here for index
  • 53. US Briggs and Stratton buys Indian farm machines makerCoimbatore-based agricultural machinery manufacturer Premier Power Equipment’s and Products Pvt. Ltd hasbeen acquired by the US-based Briggs & Stratton for about $3 million. The company designs, manufacturesand markets farm equipment such as tillers, weeders, pumpsets, mini combine harvester, transplanters andgensets. It was also sourcing products from Briggs & Stratton and was a distributor for B&S engines and has adealership network across the country.Mr. Rajkumar Arumugam, Managing Director, PPE& PPL (now a 100 per cent subsidiary of Briggs & Stratton),put the value of the acquisition at about $3 million in cash. The Coimbatore Company had a sales turnover ofnearly $1 million last year. He said that the core customer base of Premier was small and marginal farmersrequiring specialised machines for land preparation, irrigation, weeding and harvesting.Adverting to the market potential for the agricultural machineries in the country, Mr. Arumugam said that thedemand for farm machines was growing due to the labour shortage and by the encouragement given formechanization through subsidies.While not spelling out details of the investment plans, he said that a substantial investment has been lined upfor the capital expansion Programme aligned with the companys growth plans and it has `planned even moreinvestments in the next five years for new product development and capital expansion. He expected theemployee strength to get a boost in view of planned growth.Asked about the market size of the agricultural machines in India, Mr.Arumugam put it around $8.5 billionincluding all machineries, much of which is accounted for by tractors. He felt that the acquisition of Premierwas a ‘very strategic move not only for the Indian market but for the other nearby markets such as Africa andSouth Asia with Premier becoming the hub for most of the growth initiatives in this region. The acquisitionalso provided the US parent an opportunity to enter the agricultural machinery segment as B&S was mainlyinto the engines, generator and lawn and garden segments.Briggs & Stratton based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the US, was the worlds largest manufacturer of gasolineengine for outdoor power equipment’s. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Briggs & Stratton power products group,LLC is a designer and manufacturer of lawn, garden products etc.In a press release, Mr. Todd Teske, Chief Executive Officer of Briggs & Stratton Corporation, said theacquisition was a step forward `in executing our strategy to expand in developing regions of the world in orderto diversify our product and geographic portfolio of the business and the acquisition would power its futuregrowth in the country. Click here for index
  • 54. In the News: China’s No. 1 target is the U.S, next is India: George W BushFormer US president George W Bush on Tuesday delivered a blunt warning to Indians about the intentions ofChina. The former president who has courted trouble in the past with his aggressive and over the-topassertions said China was looking to upstage India."Chinas No. 1 target is the US, next is India," he told a group of select CEOs at a late dinner meet on Tuesday.Bush, the two-term president whose reign saw a dramatic improvement in Indo-US relations, also said hiscountrys patience with Pakistan was wearing thin, according to one of the participants. "If the US had notbefriended Pak, Pak would have become more dangerous. But now US patience is wearing off," he said. In thecourse of a free-wheeling discussion, Bush also touched upon a number of important topics. He cautionedbusinessmen never to do business with Russia and said the EU would have a completely different look in fiveyears but the euro would stay."If Iran goes after Israel, the US will go after Iran," Bush said, referring to the tense stand-off in the Middle-East over Irans nuclear weapons Programme. "While making history, timing is most important," he added.Those attending the dinner meet included HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh and ICICI Bank Chairman KVKamath.Closed-door dinnerRPG promoter Harsh Goenka, GVK group promoter GVK Rao, Bajaj Auto chairman Rahul Bajaj and IIFLpromoter Nirmal Jain were also present. "This event was kept a secret because the main condition fromGeorge W Bushs office was that there will be no announcements about this engagement and no mediacoverage given to it. Even the list of guests was kept secret," said a senior executive from ICICI Lombard. Thevisit was organized ICICI Lombard and Fairfax Financial Holdings, a Toronto based company that owns 26% ofthe Indian general insurance company, and was attended by their top officials from India and the US.It was planned about four months ago. Bush, who was president between 2000 and 2008, addressed about 60officials of ICICI Lombard and Fairfax over a luncheon meeting. As with much else about the trip, the details ofhis address were not revealed.
  • 55. Source said Bush asked those questions about the current economic scenario in India, recent terror bombingsin Mumbai, and general security situation in Mumbai and India. In the evening, a closed-door dinner for Bushwas attended by leaders of the corporate world such as Parekh and Kamath. The ICICL Lombard spokespersonsaid the guest list was kept secret because of security reasons. State security officials said Bush was scheduledto take off from Mumbai international airport at 7 am on Wednesday. US consulate sources said Bushs visitwas private. The security at Taj hotel was increased to Z level, which is usually provided for international VVIPvisits. Sources from the state security agencies said US secret service officials scanned the area a day inadvance ahead of Bushs arrival and provided the inner security cover while he was in Mumbai. He landed in aprivate jet on Monday night and travelled to the Taj by road in a small convoy. Click here for index U.S. and India sign Aviation Safety AgreementThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Nov. 17 the completion of a bilateral agreementbetween the United States and India that will allow for the reciprocal certification of aviation products.Dorenda Baker, Director of the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service and Bharat Bhushan, Director General of theDirectorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for India signed the Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness(IPA) today in New Delhi. These implementing procedures reflect the mutual commitment of the United Statesand India to enhance international safety and will enable a more efficient exchange of aviation products.The IPA details the scope and nature of the cooperation established in the framework set up in the U.S. - IndiaBilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) Executive Agreement. The BASA Executive Agreement was signedby the FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt and the Secretary of Ministry of Civil Aviation for India, Dr. NasimZaidi, on July 18, 2011.During the signing ceremony Ms. Baker congratulated the Mr. Bhushan for demonstrating and sustaining ahigh level of competence as a regulatory agency. The agreement will further strengthen our already successfulsafety partnership. The FAA appreciates Indias long standing commitment to improving aviation safety. Click here for index India a top priority market: McCormick & Company, Inc.“We have identified a few product platforms such as cooking ingredients (sauces and pastes) and conveniencefoods (ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat,” said Mr. Satish Rao, Managing Director, Kohinoor Specialty Food Pvt.Ltd. McCormicks India joint venture. This is part of a strategy of the global food giant to grow and expand theKohinoor basmati brand.The global food and flavour giant is eyeing revenues of $85 million from India in its first year operations thisfiscal. “India is a top priority market and is in line with our emerging market growth strategy. We foresee Indiato be a significant business in 10 years and are committed to invest in this fast growing market,” said Mr AlanWilson, McCormicks Chairman, President and CEO, addressing a press conference.As part of its emerging market growth strategy, McCormick recently formed a 85:15 joint venture withKohinoor Foods Ltd, a manufacturer and marketer of basmati rice. McCormick has invested Rs 520 crore inthe joint venture that will market the Kohinoor basmati brand in India. McCormick also plans to grow itspackaged food business in India acquired from Kohinoor Foods.“The Indian packaged food industry is estimated to be $10 billion and is growing along with familiesdisposable income, making an attractive proposition,” Mr. Wilson said.
  • 56. InvestmentHeadquartered in Sparks, Maryland, the company has so far invested about $150 million in India, from whereit also sources various spices such as pepper, turmeric and ginger among others for its global operations.McCormick has a 26 per cent stake in Kerala-based Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd. Click here for index US carriers seek to block financing of Air India jet purchases newsAfter filing objections to an impending deal to provide loan guarantees to national carrier AirIndia with the US Export Import Bank, American airlines escalated matters further by seekinga court injunction to stop the $3.4 billion taxpayer-backed financing of the purchase ofBoeing jetliners by the Indian carrier.The Air Transport Association, a leading US trade group for major carriers, has sought an injunction in USDistrict Court for the District of Columbia to prevent the Export-Import Bank of the United States fromfinancing the move. It is the charter of the Ex-Im bank, an independent agency, to finance sales of Americanexports to international purchasers.It is the contention of US airlines that low-interest credit assistance to foreign carriers violates federal law andthat such financing puts them at a competitive disadvantage. They also point out that Air Indias losses andmanagement troubles should disqualify it from financing. It is also their contention that foreign carriers haveadded capacity and gained market share on international routes to and from the United States at the expenseof US carriers.Air India ordered up to 50 long-range Boeing jets worth about $6 billion in 2005, including 27 futuristic 787Dreamliners. "We believe that it is time for Ex-Im Bank to revise its practices and consider the impact on theUS airline industry and its employees," said ATA chief executive Nick Calio."We repeatedly have sought additional information about the timing and details of the Air India delivery, butthe Ex-Im Bank has refused to provide it. ATA has no choice but to seek judicial intervention in order toprevent our members from suffering irreparable injury," Calio said. In turn, the Ex-Im Bank said the ATAlawsuit is without merit."Export credit financing ensures American companies and American workers have a level playing field in theincreasingly competitive and challenging global markets," Ex-Im Bank spokeswoman Maura Policelli said. Click here for index
  • 57. Dr. Arun Majumdar nominated for Under Secretary of Energy Dr. Arun Majumdar, director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), was nominated by the White House on Nov. 29 to the post of Under Secretary at the Department of Energy.Previously, he was Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environment at Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory and a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering at the Universityof California, Berkeley. His research career has focused on the science and engineering of energy conversion,transport, and storage, ranging from the molecular and nanoscale level to large energy systems.He has served on the advisory committee of the National Science Foundations engineering directorate andthe Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Dr. Majumdar was elected a member of theNational Academy of Engineering in 2005. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering fromthe Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1985 and his Ph.D. in 1989 from the University of California,Berkeley. Click here for indexParita Shah promoted to Deputy Director of Public Affairs in the Commerce DepartmentIndian-American Parita Shah has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Public Affairs in theCommerce Department after being the spokesperson of the US Commerce Department for more than twoyears.Besides managing a staff of about 15 in the office of the new Commerce Secretary, John Bryson, she willoversee the public affairs work in the departments 12 bureaus.Shah is also managing communications strategy and long-term planning for the Secretarys work oninternational trade, commercial relations with China, business relations and privacy - among other issues.Shah igraduated from the University of Southern California with major in Political Science. She went toColumbia Universitys School of International and Public Affairs from 2001-2003 for a Masters in Public Policy.Shah joined the Obama Administration in early 2009 as the spokesman of the Commerce Department. She hastraveled to India twice in this administration - once on President Obama’s advance team and once on a trademission with high tech companies with the then Commerce Secretary Gary Locke. Click here for index
  • 58. Number of Indian students in US colleges drops by 1%For the first time in five years, the number of students from India studying in the U.S. fell, down 1% in the2010/11 academic year. There were a total of 103,895 Indian students in the U.S., about 14% of all foreignstudents in the U.S., compared to 104,897 the previous academic year. Most of them, 61.2%, were graduatestudents, with 13.5% undergraduates and 23.7% in optional practical training.A reverse growth of sorts is happening too, with the number of American students studying in India growingby a whopping 44.4% from 2,690 last year to 3,884.A record 723,277 international students were enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities in the 2010/11academic year, up 5% from the previous year, according to “Open Doors,” the annual report of the Institute ofInternational Education.India has jumped to 14th place as a destination for U.S. students going overseas, up from 21st the year before.China remains the favorite destination, with 13,910 U.S. students, a rise of 2% from the previous year.California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts and Illinois remained as the top five host states, respectively, forforeign students. For the 10th year in a row, USC was the leading host institution, with 8,615 internationalstudents in 2010/11.Citing U.S. Commerce Department data, the report said the increase in foreign students has had a “significanteconomic impact on the U.S., as international students contribute more than $21 billion to the U.S. economy,through their expenditures on tuition and living expenses.”“We are extremely pleased that more Americans are showing interest in studying in India. It shows the level ofexcitement India enjoys among young Americans. I am also very pleased that Indian students continue toshow interest in studying in the US. The decline in figures is only marginal and such minor variations do notreflect a drop in overall interest in the US as the preferred destination abroad for Indian students”, said AdamJ Grotsky, executive director, United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF). Click here for index
  • 59. GM appoints Lowell Paddock to head India operations wsGeneral Motors (GM) said that it has appointed Lowell Paddock as president and managing director of its Indiaoperations, from 1 January 2012.Lowell Paddock will take over from Karl Slym, who has led the automakersIndian operations since 1 October 2007. Slym has been appointed as executive vice president of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, and equal joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry.Paddock will head the Detroit-based carmakers operations in India, including manufacturing facilities in Halol,Gujarat, and Talegaon, Maharashtra, as well as its Indian joint venture with SAIC."We are pleased to have someone with Lowells vast experience heading our rapidly expanding operations andthe growth of the Chevrolet brand in one of the worlds most important vehicle markets," GM InternationalOperations president Tim Lee said. "His background provides a perfect fit with what we aim to accomplish inIndia."Paddock has held several important posts in product planning and program management in the US, Europeand Asia since joining General Motors in 1992. His previous positions include Director of Portfolio Planning atGM Europe, vice president of Planning at GM Asia Pacific, and executive director of Planning and ProgramManagement at GMs Shanghai GM joint venture in China.Since September 1, 2009, Paddock has served as GMIO vice president of Program Management and Planning,where he has had oversight of GMs product lineup in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and theCommonwealth of Independent States.GM, the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in India, holds a 4.7 per cent market share, behind its homerival, Ford Motor Ltd, which holds a 3.7 per cent share. Click here for index
  • 60. U.S. Department of State Expedites Student Visa ProcessingWashington D.C. - During International Education Week, the U.S. Department of State highlights existingefforts to attract future leaders from abroad to take advantage of the exceptional educational opportunities inthe United States.U.S. Department of State said, "We recognize that foreign students bring with them tremendous intellectual,social, and economic benefits. As part of these efforts, the Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs givesstudent visa appointments special priority. All U.S. embassies and consulates expedite visa processing forforeign students to ensure qualified students are able to begin their academic program on time. Worldwide,the maximum wait for a student visa appointment is fewer than 15 days. Foreign students can apply for theirvisas up to 120 days before their academic programs begin. We always encourage all visa applicants to applyearly."At home and abroad, students continue to seek international education to gain the skills, the contacts, and theexperience necessary to succeed in the global marketplace. The consistent growth in international enrollmentsin the United States attests to the universally recognized pre-eminence of the country’s higher educationsystem. International education grew by nearly 9 percent during the 2010/11 academic year, and foreignstudents studying in the United States brought $21.3 billion into the domestic economy. Most importantly,educational exchanges foster mutual understanding, respect, and goodwill between Americans and peoplearound the world. Click here for index Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Singh before bilateral meeting, November 18, 2011PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it is a great pleasure, once again, to meet with my dear friend, Prime Minister Singh,and his delegation. Last year around this time, I embarked on what was an extraordinary trip to India, inwhich we continued to strengthen the bonds, both commercial, on the security side, and strategic betweenthe world’s two largest democracies. And since that time, we’ve continued to make progress on a wide rangeof issues. The bonds between our countries are not just at the leadership level, but they’re, obviously, at theperson-to-person level given the extraordinary contributions of Indian Americans to our culture, our politics,and our economy.This will be an outstanding opportunity for us to continue to explore how we can work together, not only onbilateral issues but also in multilateral fora, like the East Asia Summit, which we believe can be the premierearena for us to be able to work together on a wide range of issues, such as maritime security ornonproliferation, as well as expanding the kind of cooperation on disaster relief and humanitarian aid that’s soimportant.So, Mr. Prime Minister, it’s wonderful to see you again. I look forward to a productive discussion, and I verymuch appreciate all our cooperation.PRIME MINISTER SINGH: Mr. President, it’s always a great pleasure and privilege to greet you. And I recall withimmense pleasure your historic visit to our country by the same time last year. And in the last one year, wehave made progress in every direction, strengthening our bilateral cooperation -- in the economy, investment,trade, in the field of higher education, in the field of clean energy, and strategy and defense relations.
  • 61. And I am very happy to report to you that there are, today, no irritants whatsoever in our working together ona multiplicity of areas, both bilateral, regional, and global issues. It’s a privilege for India to find you and youradministration as deeply invested in ensuring that India makes a success of its historic journey to have thesocial and economic transformation carried out in the framework of an open society, a democratic polity,committed to the rule of law, and respect for full human freedoms.Mr. President, in the last one year, we have strengthened in many ways the path that you set out in yourhistoric visit. And whether it is in civil nuclear cooperation, whether it is in humanitarian relief and disastermanagement, maritime security -- all these are issues which unite us in our quest for a world free from thethreat of war, want and exploitation.With these words, I once again thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet with you. And that’ssomething which the people of India value a great deal. To find the goodwill that you have shown in yourpresidency is something we deeply appreciate.Thank you very much.PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you, everyone. Click here for indexKalyan Banerjee, President of Rotary International meets Ambassador Nirupama RaoThe President of Rotary International, Mr. Kalyan Banerjee, called on Ambassador Nirupama Rao onNovember 1, 2011 at the Embassy of India. Mr. Banerjee, the organization’s 101st president and the thirdfrom India, described Rotary as an organization of service and fellowship, representing a universal blend of allkinds of cultures, countries, thought processes, and perspectives.He briefed Ambassador Rao on the work being done by Rotary in India in the areas of education, watermanagement, healthcare, particularly for eradication of polio, and on issues relating to women and children.Ambassador Rao wished Mr. Banerjee all success in his responsibilities as the President of RotaryInternational. Click here for index
  • 62. USAID announces $81 million assistance to IndiaU.S. Chargé d’Affaires, Ambassador Peter Burleigh, announced October 31 that the United States Agency forInternational Development (USAID) is providing $81 million towards its total commitment of $479 million overfive years in bilateral assistance to India.The United States has been a significant partner in India’s development for almost six decades.These funds will be used to strengthen the U.S.-India strategic partnership. In the area of health, funds will beused to strengthen health systems to better serve India’s most vulnerable populations. To improve foodsecurity, funds will be used to demonstrate advanced agricultural technologies to raise productivity. Funds willalso be used to improve access to clean energy and help sustain forests to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Click here for index Raytheon in race to provide missiles for combat aircraftThe United States may have lost the competition for the Indian Air Force Medium Multirole Combat Aircraftbut companies in the country remain in the race to support products for the fourth-generation fighter aircraftwith missiles and other technology.The loss of Boeing F18 Super Hornet and F16 Super Viper notwithstanding, American defence contractorRaytheon remains hopeful on the missiles the company thinks would go well with the aircraft the Governmentof India picks up. Part of the confidence arises from the fact that at least two of missiles – all-weather Pavewayand Advanced Multirole Air-to-Air Missile (AAMRAAM) that are being pitched to go on with the nextgeneration of aircraft have been tested by the IAF.While the IAF has to decide on the missiles that would eventually go with the Medium Multi-Role CombatAircraft (MMRCA), the company said it responded on Wednesday to another IAF Request for Information forHigh Speed Expendable Aerial Targeting offering the MALD (Miniature Air Launched Decoy).The company is pitting it as it has developed the missile that can be fitted onto the C130J Special Forcestransport aircraft that the Indian Air Force acquired recently. Raytheon is also seeking to enlarge itsengagement with India into a full-fledged relationship.“Raytheon is seeking industrial partners and seeks to work with Indian industry. We are looking at thecapability of the Indian industry without imposing risk of reliability and performance” Ed Miyashiro, VicePresident of the Missiles Systems told a group correspondents invited by the company to visit its facility here. Click here for index York University looks to team up with Indian institutionsA high-powered delegation comprising three deans from Torontos York University representing the Faculty ofScience and Engineering (Dr.JanuszKozinski), the Faculty of Health Sciences (Dr. Harvey Skinner) and theFaculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (Dr. Martin Singer) is currently touring India to explorecollaboration opportunities with educational institutions here.The team has already had meetings with several colleges, aspiring private universities and researchinstitutions in different parts of the country including Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, primarily to promotefaculty and student exchange programmes. York University is Canadas third largest university and one ofworlds leading inter-disciplinary teaching and research universities with 54,000 students in ten differentfaculties offering as many as 5,000 courses. The operating budget for 2010 was $890 million.
  • 63. Brainstorming workshop:The visit of three Deans to India follows a high level workshop — Canada-India Frontiers 2011 — held inToronto on October 11-12 where over 100 researchers, engineers, technologists and scientists from bothcountries brainstormed ways and means to collaborate in diverse areas such as life sciences, spaceexploration, energy and advanced materials.High level officials and specialists from Indias Defence Research and Development Organisation, Indian SpaceResearch Organisation, Indian Institute of Technology and several Indian universities participated, with Dr.Vijay Saraswat, scientific advisor to Indian Defence Minister and Dr W. Selvamurthy, chief controller DRDO, asthe key academic speakers.Energy sector: In an exclusive chat with Business Line last week during his visit to Mumbai, Dr. Kozinski, Deanof the Faculty of Science and Engineering who spearheaded the Canada-India workshop, said researchadvances made by his faculty have immediate application and use for India, a country where enormouspossibilities exist for collaboration in the energy sector, space and materials sciences.Defence to bio-war: Of immense importance to India is a technology developed by Dr. Kozinski himself, callede-WARN (Early Warning and Advance Response Network) which has the capability to detect, quantify andinitiate an effective response to chemical and biological warfare.It is learnt that e-WARN technology is under consideration at the highest level in the government. Click here for index World Trade Centre proposed in Bhubaneswar newsThe World Trade Centre Association has proposed to set up a World Trade Centre in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.WTC advisor Mr. Jayant Ghate and his colleagues made the proposal at a high-level meeting in the Odishacapital today. The setting up of WTC, which has 323 centres in 95 countries and nearly one million businessassociates, would help promote international trade and investment in Odisha, he said. WTC and its membersaccount for more than a third of world trade, Ghate pointed out. Ghate said since Odisha has a legacy ofinternational maritime trade, an effective combination of infrastructure and services could help promote anddevelop international trade in the state and the region.The WTC provides services in the field of trade information, trade education, trade research, exhibitionfacilities, meeting and conventions, shopping arcades, temporary residential facilities and import and exportactivities, state industries secretary T Ramachandru said.World Trade Centres Association will submit a detailed project report on the proposed WTC within two tothree months, chief secretary B K Patnaik said, adding that the WTC is likely to be come up on the outskirts ofBhubaneshwar. The World Trade Center concept and the World Trade Center’s Association (WTCA) have beendeveloped by an international team at the WTCA headquarters in New York to aid the membership.World Trade Center’s connect business community to the people, the companies, the data and thegovernment agencies that make up the fabric of global commerce. As branded facilities, World Trade Centersare landmarks in the regions that they serve. World Trade Centers have also value as high profiledevelopments catering to premier international businesses in highly desirable locations. Click here for index
  • 64. India, US looking to partner in education sectorIndia and the US were looking at a "range of ways," to partner across areas of education and promotingresearch and scholarship which has been a hallmark of the bilateral partnership, a senior US official said today."Promoting research and scholarship has been a hallmark of the US-India partnership, providing scholars theopportunity to collaborate and share their ideas with new communities," U.S. Consul. General, Ms. Jennifer AMcIntyre said.In her address at the Madras Christian College (MCC) near here while promoting International EducationWeek, she said while more than one lakh Indian students were currently studying in the US, "an increasingnumber of Americans are discovering India as a quality educational destination"."Our two governments are partnering to offer Fulbright - Nehru Awards, higher education fellowships for themost outstanding students, academics and professionals in India and the US to study, research and engage inwork experiences that benefit both countries," she said. India had the largest Fulbright scholar exchangeprograms worldwide, with more than 17,000 fellowships and other grants awarded to Indians and Americans,she added. Click here for index India eyes Raytheons airborne surveillance radarsTop US-based defence equipment major, Raytheon, has said the Indian Air Force, has sent two Requests forInformation (RFIs) for airborne surveillance and reconnaissance radars which would be used to strengthensecurity along Indias long borders, according to a top company official."We have received two RFIs from the IAF... We have responded to them but it is very early stages of formingthe requirements," Justin Monger, business manager for Raytheons Integrated Defence Systems, told visitingIndian reporters here in this city in Arizona state. Monger said the IAF was yet to decide whether it wanted toopt for the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) system or the Mechanically Scanned Arrangement."Given the long border and geographic challenges, the surveillance aircraft has to go high up, may be 40,000feet. In view of these fundamental constraints, a high powered AESA radar on board a business jet like GulfStream or Bombardier (is required)," he said when asked which of the two systems would suit the IAF needs.Monger said, however, IAF will have to specify its needs and the company would accordingly suggest asolution. "It will be a big jump (for IAF) to switch to AESA," he added.Providing details of the ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting, and Aerial Reconnaissance) Programme, hesaid the system could scan 34,000 square kilometers in a minute and assess and analyse an image within 15minutes. "Another aircraft can take over the reconnaissance and surveillance when the first aircraft has toland... The new aircraft can take over all the processed and unprocessed data from the first aircraft," he said.The ISTAR Programme is on the lines of ASTOR (Airborne Stand-Off Radar) Programme produced by RaytheonCompany for Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. Monger said the system provides a highly effective, allweather, day and night and target acquisition capabilities at the same time."It was used during Operation Herrick (in Afghanistan) and Operation Ellamy (in Libya). It was used for roundthe clock coverage in Afghanistan and is still doing 50 missions a month (each mission is around 11 to 12hours)," he added. Monger said the coverage provided by the AESA system will be in near real time. Click here for index
  • 65. India continues to be attractive for foreign investors: E&Y reportIndian economy has successfully weathered the global financial crisis, thereby proving its resilience and depth,suggests an Ernst & Young report titled, ‘Doing business in India’.The report explores India’s key sectors, investment climate, funding scenario, laws and regulations, to aidcompanies that are doing, or plan to do business in India.The study highlights that India is the second most preferred destination for foreign investors, next only toChina which leads the chart.FDI inflows in India from FY’05 to FY’11 has risen 31.5 percent reaching a figure of Rs 88,500 crore. Mauritiuscontinues to be the largest source of FDI inflows into India, with the leading contribution of 36%. Servicessector is attracting the maximum FDI with a figure of 18 percent, followed by telecommunications (8%) andautomobiles (7%).The report highlights that the aerospace and defence industry is an emerging market in India, with the Indianmilitary expected to spend roughly US$ 80billion, over the next four-to-five years. About 65–70% of Indiasdefence requirement is imported from global aerospace and defence companies. Automotive is anotherprofitable sector in India for foreign investors, as it is expected that by 2020, the vehicle production is set totreble from the levels in 2009 and the size of the component sector is set to grow from $30 billion to 110b.Banking is another key sector where the aggregate limit for all foreign institutional investors (FIIs) is restrictedto 24%, which can be raised to 49% with the approval of the board/general body.According to Gaurav Karnik, Tax Partner, Ernst & Young, “Over the past few years India’s average growth inGDP has ranged between 6 to 8%, which is inspiring to say the least. Despite the current global economicuncertainty, India’s GDP is expected to grow at 7.7%, which clearly underlines India’s potential as aninvestment destination.The fact that FDI has increased by 31.5% across major sectors further evidences the attractiveness of theIndian economy. India has a liberalized FDI policy and recent announcement of liberalization of FDI in multiand single brand retail, showcases the Government’s endeavor to continue to open up India for foreigninvestors.”The report further suggests that foreign investors should not miss out on Indian healthcare industry, which hasevolved tremendously over the years. Indian domestic pharmaceutical market size stood at $12.76b in 2010and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%, till 2015. While, medical equipment and supplies market during2010, was estimated at $3.6b and is expected to reach $ 6.41b by 2014 with CAGR of approximately 15.5%. Click here for index US B-school woos India Inc for jobsWith the American economy looking weak, universities, including the Ivies, are looking to prospectiveemployees in the East. For one, the Yale School of Management is here to woo companies to participate in thisyears recruitment process. Edward Snyder, the B-schools dean, was in Mumbai on Monday, with studentsresumes to explore possibilities with potential employers.Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra and Wockhardt have hired Yale MBAs earlier, so have companies such asMckinsey and Morgan Stanley. "I wanted to meet people who might be interested in employing our studentsso I am carrying the resume books of students who are interested in jobs in India," said Snyder. Most of thesestudents are Indian or first-generation immigrants. "We see a similar phenomenon with students interested inBrazil, south East Asia and China." Recruitment will be through a process of networking. The B-school hasaround 225 students per batch, with Indians accounting for 10% of the total, forming the largest contingent ofinternational pupils. Click here for index
  • 66. Ambassador Rao and Houston Mayor Inaugurate New Consulate OfficeA new spacious Consulate General of India here in the oil-rich US state of Texas has been jointly inauguratedto better serve the growing Indian American community.Indian Ambassador to U.S Nirupama Rao and Mayor of Houston jointly Annise D Parker inaugurated thepremises in an impressive ceremony which was attended mostly by Indian American community.This was Raos first visit to Houston, largest city in Texas, after she was appointed Indian Ambassador inAugust this year.The two storey sprawling and centrally located building, purchased by Government of India, has a total area of24,829 sq.ft and built-up area of 18,500 sq. ft. The new premises would further enhance the Consulatescapacity to serve the Indian American community.During her visit to Houston, Rao gave a lecture on "A perspective on India-US global strategic partnership" atRice University, which was open to public. Rao also held meetings with CEOs of energy companies and otherbusiness leaders at a luncheon meet hosted by Dr. Renu Khator, Chancellor of the University of Houston (UH)System & President of UH, which was followed by a meeting with Indian students at the main campus.Consulate General of India, Houston was established in October 1995 and has a jurisdiction over 9 states ofUSA - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. There hasbeen substantial expansion of the Consulates volume of work and activities since its inception. Seen in the picture are (from left): Consul General Sanjiv Arora, Houston City Councilman Hon. Mike Sullivan, Houston Mayor Annise Parker, Chhaya Arora, HE Nirupama Rao and Sudhakar Rao Click here for index
  • 67. US should conclude Free Trade Agreement with India soon: Senator Joe LiebermanPitching for a bilateral investment treaty with India, a leading US Senator has sought a subsequent stepping upof efforts towards a Free Trade Agreement within a decade, contending that Indias expansion does notprovoke anxieties in the world the way Chinas does. Senator Joe Lieberman said Americas leadership in the world was guided by more than the pursuit ofalignments of commercial or security interests and countries like India represent in Asia the values ofdemocracy US adheres to. He also noted that Indias rise; including its military buildup does not evokeanxieties, unlike China in the region. "Sometimes it is said that Chinas military spending is an inevitableconsequence of its rise, but the experience of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region suggests otherwise."India, for instance, is another Asian great power that has experienced spectacular economic growth over thepast two decades and lies outside the US treaty system," he said."But while India is modernizing its military, it has notably not chosen to invest in the kind of anti-access, area-denial capabilities that China has prioritized. That is perhaps one reason why Indias rise has not provoked thesort of anxieties in the region that have become associated with China," Lieberman said in his remarks at TheHeritage, a Washington-based think tank.He said the US needs to redouble efforts to move towards a Free Trade Agreement with India, starting with abilateral investment treaty."... we must redouble our efforts to conclude a Bilateral Investment Treaty with India, with the clearly statedgoal of concluding a full FTA with New Delhi before the decade is out," the Senator said.Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee, said Chinas "newassertiveness" has only exacerbated concerns over its build up in the region. He noted that China has of latestepped out of Deng Xiaopings foreign policy of keeping a low profile, and hiding ones capabilities, todisplay an aggressive approach. It has been "employing heavy-handed tactics in territorial disputes with abroad swath of its neighbors -- from the South China Sea to Arunchal Pradesh".He said these actions have raised worrying questions, not just in Asia, but around the world about how Chinawill exercise its influence as it grows more powerful in the years ahead."It is especially striking that these tensions between China and its neighbors have ratcheted up at the sametime that cross-strait relations with Taiwan have settled down. "This strongly suggests that the argument, once quite popular in Washington, that Chinas rise will be free ofturbulence unless there is a flare-up over Taiwan is far too simplistic," he said.Lieberman said the Obama Administration has pledged to push forward with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, orTPP, which would liberalize trade with eight Pacific Rim countries. "This is a promising American initiative and must be treated as nothing less than a national security priority,but more is also required. "In particular, it is past time for Washington to negotiate a Free Trade Agreementwith Taiwan, whose commerce with mainland China is arguably now more free than its trade with the US," hesaid. Lieberman said Americas leadership in the world is guided by more than the pursuit of alignments ofcommercial or security interests."It is rooted in our national values and principles like democracy, rule of law, and human rights that webelieve are universal - an assessment that is shared by many of our friends in Asia," he said.
  • 68. "Indeed, Indias prime minister has called liberal democracy the natural order of social and political organization in todays world. He is absolutely right," he said. Lieberman pointed out that while 65 years ago there were only two Asia-Pacific democracies in Australia and New Zealand, today the region has more people living under democratic government than in any other part of the world. "From South Korea to the Philippines, and from Taiwan to Indonesia, the past three decades have witnessed an extraordinary expansion of freedoms reach and rule," he said. Click here for index Maryland-Andhra Pradesh sign “Sister State” pact Maryland, a State in the United States of America, has signed the Sister State pact with Andhra Pradesh, the first with any Indian State. The pact will facilitate cooperation in the fields of trade, agriculture, life sciences research, and Education including healthcare sectors. Maryland Governor Mr. Martin OMalley, who is in India on a week-long tour, has said the pact would go a long way in exploring opportunities in various fields. After Hyderabad, the Maryland delegation, which comprises representatives from private sector, would go to Mumbai (November 29-December 1) and New Delhi (December 1-3). Maryland houses 3,070 firms owned by Indian-Americans with a combined workforce of 26,870. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, has called for technology exchanges in agriculture and life sciences. "With large number of small farm holding, we need know-how to increase productivity," he said. Marking the event, four memoranda of understanding were signed between Indian and Maryland firms. Click here for index Honeywell Develops Flying Competition to Educate Next Generation of Indian Aerospace Engineers Honeywell (NYSE: HON)has conducted Indias first Aero Club flying competition at the Air Force Bal Bharti School (AFBBS) in Delhi, to train the next generation of Indian aviation enthusiasts and engineers on the science of model aircraft design and air worthiness capabilities. Launched in July 2011, the Aero Club at AFBBS is an extension of Honeywell Hometown Solutions Science and Math education focus, a series of programs created to inspire the next generation of innovators by improving science, technology, engineering and math education around the world.  Putting Theory into Practice The Aero Club competition affords students the real-world opportunity to do what few other young students ever get to do.• It challenges students to design and build their own wood and paper aircraft, and flying it in a designated circuit.• Aircraft design must be based on students learning and understanding of aerodynamics and principles of flight.• Students are provided with kits specially designed by Honeywell Aerospace.• Students are asked to challenge each other on their respective theoretical and practical knowledge by flying aircrafts to test the air worthiness, speed and handling capabilities.  Enhancing Community Learning and Welfare through Aerospace The Aero Club is part of Honeywell Hometown Solutions global corporate social responsibility campaign aimed at enhancing community learning and welfare.• Currently, the Aero Club has approximately 40 students enrolled at AFBBS, from standard X to XII.• To complement their learning, field service engineers from Honeywell Aerospace have spent quality time in engaging, teaching and encouraging students at the club. Click here for index
  • 69. India, US Join Hands for Open Source PlatformThe US government has plans to launch a full-scale open source project early next year and the Indiangovernment has extended its support for this endeavor.The Indian government has joined hands with the US administration on, an open sourceversion of the Obama administration transparency platform.According to an Information Week report, the Obama administration has started to open source pieces of platform. The US government has plans to launch a full-scale open source project early next year andthe Indian government has extended its support for this endeavour. Indias partnership with US on this projectwas announced in the Open Government Partnership plan. The Obama government pledged $1 million tosharing open government best practices between the countries in October this year. Technical teams from thetwo countries have been working together on the project since August.Federal CIO Steve VanRoekel and Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra wrote in a jointly authored blog post, whileannouncing the code release, “The US and India are working together to produce an open source version [] available for implementation by countries globally, encouraging governments around the word tostand up open data sites that promote transparency, improve citizen engagement, and engage applicationdevelopers in continuously improving these efforts.”The open data platform, called, enables other governments to easily stand up their ownversions of It is worth mentioning here that developer and General Services Administrationsoftware architect Chris Musialek had earlier posted on the open source development site, Github, theexistence of some early test code for what appears to be a database management system and Web app thatwill serve as key pieces of, said the Information Week report.The release of the test codes was followed by a White House announcement. US administration made anannouncement about Open Government Partnership which is a multilateral government transparency effort.It involves dozens of countries and will be a step towards open sourcing to make the platformavailable for other countries. Click here for index Fewer U.S. students visit IndiaDespite touting to have a good English-speaking faculty and despite being the home ground of most SiliconValley entrepreneurs, India fails to attract students from United States of America.India stands at 14th place when it comes to number of US students going abroad for higher education.However, the sub-continent rank second as far students joining US educational institutions goes.The US Institute of International Education recently released the Open Doors report, which is a comprehensiveinformation resource on international students and scholars studying or teaching at higher educationinstitutions in the United States, and U.S. students studying abroad for academic credit at their home collegesor universities.Of the 2,70,604 US students going abroad for higher education only 3,884 came to India in 2009-10, anincrease of 44.4 per cent over the previous year’s figures. Countries like South Africa (13th rank — 4,313students), Costa Rica (10th rank —- 6,262 students), Italy (2nd place — 27,940 students) and Mexico (8th rank—7,157 students) have attracted more US students than India. However, students from India, the secondlargest international segment in the United States, decreased by one percent to a total now of nearly 1.04lakhs. While slightly declining in numbers, students from India still represent 14 percent of all internationalstudents in U.S. higher education. Asked about his comments on the issue, Dr. John E. Dooley, vice-president, Virginia Tech said it is because oflack of knowledge about the 21st century India among US students that the numbers are less. “I think US students need to visit India and interact with universities here to prepare themselves to see theglobal market place. US students don’t know India but they have learnt more about South Africa in the last
  • 70. decade as the football world cup in South Africa did a remarkable job to introduce the country to USstudents,” he said. Former Anna University vice-chancellor and member of state planning commission Prof. E. Balagurusamyrecalled that a couple of years ago University Grants Commission (UGC) constituted a committee andconducted visit India Programme but that did not yield any big results. “Indian Universities don’t offer different courses which the American students want to study and also theinstitutions don’t provide proper accommodation and security. So I don’t think we will get more US students.We should provide courses like study about Indian heritage, culture and temples which they would like to takeup”, he pointed out. Click here for index Pune to host Indo-US education conclaveThe city will be a first-time host to the three-day long national Indo-US education conclave, which will be heldfrom December 5th to 7th, which is an effort to explore partnership options in higher education betweenIndian and United States. The event is organised by the Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB) along with StateLegislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF), U.S, and D.Y Patil University."25 state legislators, who are real policy makers for the education budget, will be a part of the 90-member USdelegation visiting the city for the conclave. The delegation will also include education leaders from over 20state universities of the US," said founder and president of AUSIB, Sanjay Puri. The Government ofMaharashtra is a partner state for the event which is supported by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)and Maharashtra University for Health Sciences (MUHS). "The conclave will be an experiment to strikecollaborations between universities, benefiting students," Shishir Misra, head, new initiatives, AUSIB, said. Click here for index US supply chain managers body opens office at MumbaiThe US-based Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) recently opened its branch office atBandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai to serve the growing number of its members in India and surrounding areasas well as to expand its reach in South Asia, according to a release issued by the organization. “The Mumbaioffice will cater to professionals and corporates in this region by making available to them various CSCMPproducts”, said the statement quoting Mr. A.N. Basu, Regional Executive Director of CSCMP. Founded in theUS in 1963, CSCMP is a professional body dedicated to education, research, and the advancement of thesupply chain management profession. It has 9,000 members globally, representing business, government, andacademia from 63 countries, the release adds. Click here for index US studying new Indian rules for nuclear liability neThe United States said it was reviewing implementation rules for the civil nuclear liability law notified by Indiaand would withhold comments on the matter for the time being. After notifying the rules Indian authoritiessaid they had tried to address some of the concerns of US companies."I think were still in the process of studying the content. And once weve reviewed them thoroughly, thenwell have comment," State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters Thursday when asked if the USviewed the rules as sufficient to allow US nuclear companies to invest in India.The notified rules relating toCivil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act provide the nuclear plant operator the right to recourse for the periodfor which the supplier of equipment has taken liability for patent or latent defects or sub-standard servicesunder a contract. So far, US equipment suppliers have shied away from approaching India for contracts withWashington asking Delhi to harmonise its civil nuclear liability law with international conventions.Meanwhile in Delhi, the government said Thursday that the new rules notified under Nuclear Liability Actshould not deter US suppliers.
  • 71. The rules, made public on Wednesday, seek to operationalize the Act that was passed August last year.There is a reality post-Fukushima... You cant say Indian laws cannot apply. And certainly, it (the Act and itsrules) is not an obstacle, an unnamed government official has been quoted as saying in various mediareports. The official went on to say that, so far, equipment suppliers have been doing business with Indiawithout a liability law.The new rules partly address concerns of US commercial companies by clarifying that nuclear equipmentsuppliers will be able to specify a product liability period beyond which they will not be liable for anyaccident. The power plant operators will not have recourse to the supplier after the initial period is over. Theburden of compensation, in case of an accident, will rest on the operator. Click here for index Maryland, India Sign Agreement to Boost Exports, ImportsMaryland Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Christian S. Johansson joined Dr. V.Rangaraj, Chairman of the U.S. India Importers Council, to sign an agreement committing the two regions toboost trade.The Council was created to support Indian companies that import goods and services from the U.S. andadvance President Obama’s National Export Initiative, which was unveiled in February 2010 with a goal ofdoubling exports over the next five years and supporting two million jobs in America.As part of the agreement, Maryland and India will collaborate in business, trade and economic relations andassist companies in both regions with connecting to potential trade partners. Governor Martin O’Malley, whois leading the mission and its more than 100-member delegation, witnessed the signing.Marylands economic mission to India has already resulted in signings between 4 Maryland companies andtheir Indian counterparts, as well as signing of the agreement to boost trade between Maryland and India.“This agreement helps to build on the proactive steps Maryland has already taken to boost trade. We havelaunched the Maryland Export Initiative to complement President Obama’s initiative, are providing exportgrants to small and mid-sized business and continue to have a strong relationship with federal agenciesfocused on overseas trade,” said DBED Secretary Christian S. Johansson. “India is a very strong market forMaryland – both imports and exports – and we look forward to expanding that partnership.”“Maryland’s Governor O’Malley is leading the way in promoting exports from the U.S., and especiallyMaryland, in leading this historic trade delegation to India,” said Dr. Rangaraj. “For our part, we will help growMaryland exports that strengthen our US-India trade relations and create jobs for both Maryland and India.”In 2010, India was Maryland’s 12th largest export market with $233 million in goods and services, and was theState’s 13th largest import market, with more than $465 million. As of September, Maryland exports to India
  • 72. were valued at over $192 million, representing an 18 percent increase over the same period in 2010. In thefirst nine months of this year, the Port of Baltimore saw $341 million in trade to and from India compared with$229 million from the same time frame in 2010 – a 49 percent increase. Click here for index Governor O’Malley Meets with Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Joins Maryland Businesses as They Ink Deals in MumbaiGovernor Martin O’Malley along with his India trade mission visited Mumbai – the country’s most populouscity and one of the wealthiest – and joined the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Dajisaheb Chavan fordiscussions to explore a Sister-State relationship, which would commit the two states to working together onbusiness and industry, culture and arts and education and health.Governor O’Malley and Chief Minister Chavan also discussed a proposal for bilateral exchange of the sport ofcricket via the Washington Metro Cricket Board (WMCB), important education initiatives at the post-secondary level, and how state officials might work together to promote a clean economy for the future.Following the meeting, the Governor joined Maryland businesses – Premier Rides and TripleStone Real Estate– as they signed collaborative agreements with companies in India. A third Maryland business, DSMNutritional Products, announced a renewed partnership with an Indian company this week.“By committing to explore a Sister-State relationship with the State of Maharashtra – one of India’s mostprosperous regions – we are opening new doors for trade and investment, creating a cultural bond, sharingbest practices on education, and working toward a cleaner, more sustainable future for our children,” saidGovernor O’Malley. “These three business deals today will help us create jobs and expand opportunity soMaryland can compete in the global marketplace.”“The Maryland Sister States Program looks forward to welcoming our friends from the State of Maharashtraand thanks its leaders for their willingness to explore a partnership with Maryland,” said Secretary of StateJohn P. McDonough. “We believe that the citizens from both states would benefit from this relationshipmoving forward.” A Sister State Committee to explore a relationship with Maharashtra will be headed by Dr.Nayan Shah, a physician from Southern Maryland.“The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service is pleased to support Governor O’Malley’s mission to India,” said BillBurwell, Director of the U.S. Export Assistance Center, Maryland. “Over the past several months, we haveworked with Governor O’Malley’s staff and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Developmentto help Maryland companies expand their business in India and to bolster the state’s efforts to attractinvestment from India into Maryland. This mission is the culmination of our efforts.”Governor O’Malley toured the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients, one of the largest pharmaceuticalshows in India, and participated in the inauguration of the Lupin Pharmaceuticals pavilion, a company that has
  • 73. a large presence in Maryland. The Governor also delivered a keynote speech and helped cut the ribbon at aceremony to open the first Women in Bio chapter in India, an organization founded in Maryland a decade agoto promote leadership and entrepreneurship among women in life sciences.In addition, DSM Nutritional Products, a leading supplier of nutritional lipids, vitamins, carotenoids and otherfine products to the food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, announced its renewedpartnership with Bangalore-based British Nutrition’s, a subsidiary of British Biologicals and a pioneer in theIndian nutraceutical industry since 1988, for the use of DSM’s life’sDHA™, vitamins and nutraceuticals in thefortification of existing and new brands of British Nutrition’s. Currently on the market are British Nutritions’Pro-PL protein supplement for pregnant and lactating women and Kids-Pro Nutrition Drink, both fortified withlife’sDHA, a vegetarian source of DHA omega-3 important for brain, eye and heart health throughout all stagesof life DSM and British Nutrition’s will continue their partnership to develop a range of new innovativeproducts with life’sDHA and DSM’s vitamins and nutraceuticals.“We are thrilled to be working with such an esteemed Indian company and believe that our strong andgrowing partnership with British Nutritions demonstrates DSM’s commitment to expanding our presence inthe Indian market,” said Bruce Brown, a member of Governor O’Malley’s Indian delegation and director ofperinatal and nutritional supplements at DSM Nutritional Products in Columbia, Maryland. Click here for index
  • 74. Indo-US Trade Statistics 2011: U.S. Trade in Merchandise goods with India Month USExports USImports Balance to India FromIndia OfTrade January2011 1,391.9 2,532.3 -1,140.4 February2011 1,458.4 2,229.8 -771.4 March 2011 1,714.4 3,164.1 -1,449.7 April2011 1,912.0 3,253.7 -1,341.7 May2011 1,995.8 3,460.4 -1,464.5 June2011 2,100.9 3,303.5 -1,202.6 July2011 1,857.7 3,114.4 -1,256.7 August2011 1,823.7 3,374.2 -1,550.5 September 2011 1,731.1 3,089.4 -1,358.3 Total2011 15,986.1 27,521.7 -11,535.6NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified .Details may notequal totals due to rounding.India–USTradeTrade and commerce form a crucial component of the rapidly expanding and multi-faceted relations betweenIndia and US. From modest $ 5.6 billion in 1990, the bilateral trade in merchandise goods has increased to $48.75 billion in 2010 representing an impressive 771% growth in a span of 20 years.India’s merchandise exports to the U.S. grew by 24.3% from $ 22.14 billion during the period Jan. – September2010, to $ 27.52 billion in Jan. – September 2011. US exports of merchandise to India also grew by 12.7% from$ 14.18 billion during Jan. - September 2010 to $ 15.99 billion in Jan. – September 2011. India – US BilateralMerchandise Trade stands at $ 43.51 billion during this period.
  • 75. Indo-US Trade during the period January to September 2011 4.00 3.46 3.50 3.30 3.37 3.25 3.16 3.11 3.08 3.00 2.53 2.50 2.22 2.10 1.91 1.99 2.00 1.85 1.82 1.71 1.73 US Exports to India 1.45 US Imports from India 1.50 1.39 1.00 0.50 0.00 Allfiguresarein millionsof U.S.dollarson a nominalbasis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may notequaltotals due to rounding. i) Major items of export from India to U.S Select major items with their percentage shares, are given below.a) Textiles (17.7%)b) Precious stones & metals (22%)c) Mineral fuel, oils (10.9%)d) Pharmaceutical products (8.6%)e) Organic chemicals (5.1%)f) Machinery (4.8%)g) Electrical machinery (4%)h) Iron & Steel Products (3.4 %) ii) Major items of export from U.S to India Select major items with their percentage shares, are given below a) Precious stones & metals (22.7%) b) Machinery (13.5%) c) Mineral fuel, Oil, etc. (8.9%) d) Electrical machinery (7.1%) e) Optical instruments & equipment (5.6%) f)) Organic chemicals (4.3%) g) Fertilizers (4.5%) h) Plastic (3.7%) Click here for index
  • 76. Calendar of IACC Events for 2011-12 (as on 1stNovember2011) Date Event Topic Hotel/City/Information 1-3Dec,2011 International Taxation Conference 2011,Mumbai ITC Maratha, Mumbai 9th Dec, 2011 Talk on "The Master Keys that Control World Trade” OHotel Koregaon Park, Pune16th Dec, 2011 Breakfast Series Session -4 Hotel Le- Meriden, Pune16th Dec, 2011 IACC organizes Site Visit to SJS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore17th Dec, 2011 “Sensitization Workshop on World Trade Varanasi Organization (W.T.O.)”20th Dec, 2011 SME Roundtable with Mr. Mitul I. Desai, Senior Advisor for Malabar Hill Club, IL Strategic Partnerships Bureau of South and Central Asian Palazzo, B.G KherMarg, Affairs, U.S Department of State. Walkeshwar, Near Hanging garden,Mumbai21st Dec, 2011 Social networking dinner Chennai10 Jan, 2012 Opportunities for Indo-US Partnership in Education Mangalore, Karnataka12th Jan, 2012 “LEADERSHIP THROUGH LAUGHTER” with World The Volte Art Gallery, Renowned leadership and Motivational Mumbai Coach Mr. Anand Chulani.13th Jan, 2012 Interactive Workshop on Transfer Pricing Hotel Hilton, New Delhi20th Jan, 2012 IACC Interactive Session on U.S Business Visa Update’ Kilachand Conference Room, Indian Merchant Chambers, MumbaiJan 19 –Jan 21, 2012 Conference on U.S & India : Key Legal Aspects of Cross Border Business, Supported by IACC Taj Lands, MumbaiFeb 07-Feb 12, 2012 Business/Social Delegation to Ohio, USA the Columbus Ohio, USA Organized by IACC, Gujarat Branch19-20 April, 2012 8th Indo-U.S Economic Summit Hotel Hilton, New Delhi23rd - 24th May, 2012 SUITE 2012 Washington D.C./Fairfax County, VAMay 28-June 8, 2012 IACC 2nd Delegation of Indian Higher Education Houston, TX Institutes to the U.S & NAFSA Conference Click here to read more Institutions to the USA Click here for index
  • 77. International Trade shows Major Trade shows in IndiaDate/ Event Venue/Location DescriptionAMS INDIA CONFERENCE 2011 Hilton Hotel, Janakpuri, New Global automotive05 December 2011 - 07 Delhi, India manufacturing and engineeringDecember 2011 congress for senior executivesCeMAT INDIA Bangalore International International Trade Fair for06 December 2011 – Exhibition Centre Materials Handling and Intra09 December 2011 Bangalore, India logisticsDairy Universe India 2011 Hall No.6 Bombay Exhibition DAIRY UNIVERSE INDIA 2011 is06 December 2011 - 08 Centre Goregaon (E) Nesco international event of dairyDecember 2011 Exhibition Complex, Mumbai, industry showcasing all steps of India products life cycle. The exhibitors of this event are food processing industries, catering and hospitality industries.INCAL 2011 Hyderabad International INCAL 2011 - 6th International06 December 2011 - 08 Convention Centre (HICC), Conference & Exhibition onDecember 2011 Hyderabad, India Aluminium will be an excellent platform for the Indian as well as overseas companies to show- case their state-of-the-art technologies and services being offered to this vibrant industry and to explore new business opportunities.Industrial Automation 2011 PALACE GROUND , Bangalore, Process and Production06 December 2011 - 09 India Automation and IndustrialDecember 2011 Building Automation.LASER INDIA 2011 Bombay Exhibition Centre, LaserTech India 201106 December 2011 - 09 Goregaon (E), Mumbai International Exhibition onDecember 2011 Application of Laser Systems in ManufacturingMDA INDIA Bangalore International MDA INDIA is a showcase for the06 December 2011 - 09 Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, latest trends and technologiesDecember 2011 India coming in from across the globe and is sure to attract decision makers from diverse user industries. The premier of MDA INDIA in 2007 was a big success featuring 222 exhibitors from 18 countries with a show size of 7000 sq.mts. 9247 high caliber professionals attended the
  • 78. event. The second edition of MDA INDIA 2008 saw 9567 visitors and the show had 211 exhibitors from 23 countriesSurface INDIA 2011 Bangalore International Being convoked in India, Surface06 December 2011 - 09 Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, India is a reputed trade showDecember 2011 India which will be focused towards Coating application technologies and equipment, equipment for cleaning and preparing surfaces, special chemicals.Sweet & Snack Tec India 2011 Bombay Exhibition Centre, International Exhibition on Sweet06 December 2011 - 08 Goregaon (E), Mumbai, Mumbai, & Snack Processing & PackagingDecember 2011 India Technology, Equipment & SuppliesAutomotive Logistics India 2011 Chennai Hotel Le Royal Meridien, Automotive Logistics India is the07 December 2011 - 09 Chennai, India conference for automotive andDecember 2011 Logistics industry. The professionals will convene at the Renaissance Mumbai Hotel to discuss Indias booming automotive market and its impact on business strategies and technical issues and see the latest production technology from all over the world.Bulk Pack 2011 NSIC Exhibition Centre , Okhla Bulk Pack is the first event07 December 2011 - 10 Industrial Estate, New Delhi, focusing on Bulk PackagingDecember 2011 India needs in the country. The event is unique and provides solutions for various industries at one platform.INDIA FLEXO SHOW 2011 NSIC Exhibition Complex, New International Conference &07 December 2011 - 10 Delhi, India Exhibition on Package, Printing &December 2011 ProductionIndia Automation Show NSIC Exhibition Center, New India Automation Show is one of07 December 2011 - 10 Delhi, India the most important and biggestDecember 2011 exhibitions in India. The event will showcase products and equipment’s for automation industry.PackPlus 2011 PragatiMaidan, New Delhi, India Pack Plus 2011 is the largest07 December 2011 - 10 Packaging, Processing & SupplyDecember 2011 Chain Event in India Today. The event is the correct platform for Suppliers of Packaging Machines, Materials & Finished products to users of Packaging from various industry sectors.Homeland Security India 2011 PragatiMaidanPragatiBhawan, Homeland Security India is the08 December 2011 - 10 New Delhi, India only event of its kind dedicatedDecember 2011 to the police industry. With the
  • 79. police modernization Programme taking place in India, covering 7 paramilitary forces and 30 state police departments and with a budget of 900 million dollars, the event is the ideal place to bring together leading supplier and senior decision makers from across the industry.INFOCOM - Kolkata Milan Mela Complex, Kolkata, INFOCOM Indias largest08 December 2011 - 11 India Information & CommunicationDecember 2011 Technology (ICT) conference and exhibition brings together ICT professionals, buyers-sellers, corporate leaders, academics, visionaries, and policymakers in India. The exhibition at INFOCOM is slated to be the largest showcase for business & consumer technology products in India.India Travel Mart-Lucknow TBA, Lucknow, India Indias Prominent International09 December 2011 - 11 Travel & Tourism Mart.December 2011UEs The Jewelry Expo 2011 The Gateway, Visakhapatnam, The most alluring exclusive09 December 2011 - 11 India jewelry exhibition and sale inDecember 2011 Indiai-Pack 2011 HICC (Hyderabad International i-Pack 2011 is a Corrugated09 December 2011 - 11 Convention Center), Hyderabad, Packaging show in conjubctionDecember 2011 India with Corrupack Summit 2011 the 40th Annual Conference of Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India. i-Pack 2011 to be held on 09-11 Dec 2011 at HICC (Hyderabad International Convention Center), Hyderabad.India & International Premier Ludhiana Majestic Park Plaza, The 8th India & InternationalSchools Exhibition - Ludhiana Ludhiana, India Premier schools Exhibition - IIPSE10 December 2011 - 11 is a unique annual schoolDecember 2011 education exhibition showcasing the finest Schools.Times Education Boutique 2011 - Hotel Manohar, Hyderabad, Times Education Boutique 2011Hyderabad India is going to be bigger with the10 December 2011 - 11 optimum mix of brilliant youngDecember 2011 minds, experienced guides and the best educational institutes.ENVIRO TECH INDIA 2011 PragatiMaidan, New Delhi, India Expo on Environment-Friendly11 December 2011 - 14 Technologies and SystemsDecember 2011 including Solar Panels, Hybrid Solutions, Waste Water Management, Effluent Treatment Plants and Solutions
  • 80. Medifest India NASC Complex ,PUSA, New Delhi, Medifest is an International12 December 2011 - 14 India Trade Fair and a uniqueDecember 2011 opportunity for all related to medicine and health care field to reach new horizons of effective cooperation and discuss vital issues.Raipur Machinery Expo Raipur Exhibition Grounds, Welding Machines and Heavy13 December 2011 - 20 Raipur, India Industrial ProductsDecember 2011Hospital Infrastructure India Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Hospital Infrastructure India2011 Ground, Off Western Express 2011 will set the standards and14 December 2011 - 16 Highway, Goregaon East, pave the way for such aDecember 2011 Mumbai, 400 063, Mumbai, India platform, which will bring the healthcare planners, engineers, architects of major healthcare building projects together with the hospital suppliers of the best services in planning, design, building, operations, management and refurbishment of hospital facilities.Kisan 2011 International Exhibition Centre, KISAN 2011: Indias largest Agri14 December 2011 - 19 Moshi, Pune Nashik Highway, Show in its 17th Year. Meet theDecember 2011 Near Bhosari, , Pune, India Largest gathering of Agriculture Community buzzing with ideas for the future.FFF - FURNITURE & Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India Trade Fair on Furniture &FURNISHINGS FAIR 2011 Furnishing Products15 December 2011 - 19December 2011India International Mega Trade Science City Exhibition Ground , . The event will showcase theFair-Kolkata Kolkata, India products and services directly to15 December 2011 - 25 lakhs of potential buyers. It willDecember 2011 provide a right platform to expand business contacts.Pune Expo 2011 Agriculture College Ground .Owing to its integrated nature15 December 2011 - 19 (New), Pune, India that is not segment-specific,December 2011 participant demography in the past has spanned sectors such as automotive, engineering, IT, electronics and electrical, polymers, food-processing, agriculture and wine-making, as well as service sectors such as insurance, banking and finance, education and research, thus proving to be an effectively platform for cross-sectoral interaction.ACMA 2011 Gujarat University Convention ACMA IT SHOW 2011 is a16 December 2011 - 18 Center, Ahmedabad, India powerful, flexible and highlyDecember 2011 cost-effective business tool - as well as being significant wealth generators in their own right.
  • 81. COMPONEX NEPCON INDIA PragatiMaidan, New Delhi, India ComponexNepcon India will16 December 2011 - 18 present a wide range ofDecember 2011 electronic mechanisms and production equipments. It will be a superb platform for the companies to show the latest electronic technology and apparatus.Pharmaceutical EXPO 2011 BIEC Bangalore, Manipal, India Pharmaceutical Expo 2011 is16 December 2011 - 18 most prestigious annual event ofDecember 2011 Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. It is an opportunity for the companies in the pharma sector including machinery & technology to showcase their capabilities & services.WoodStock India 2011 Gujarat University Exhibition WoodStock India is the most16 December 2011 - 18 Hall, Ahmedabad, India popular regional event in theDecember 2011 wood sector brings together technologies and products engaged in multiple processes of the production line, meeting the needs of exhibitors and visitors. It will be held at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, India & being organized by Vibrant Exhibitions.India & International Premier Birla Auditorium, Jaipur, India The 8th India & InternationalSchools Exhibition Jaipur Premier schools Exhibition - IIPSE17 December 2011 - 18 is a unique annual schoolDecember 2011 education exhibition showcasing the finest Schools.The Times Franchise Expo- AMBASSADOR PALLAVA, The Times Franchise Expo-Chennai Chennai, India Chennai will be a landmark17 December 2011 - 18 exhibition which will offer anDecember 2011 insight into all aspects of franchising both nationally and internationally. This is the Indias Biggest B2B MarketplaceTimes Education Boutique 2011 - PragatiMaidan (7 ABC), New Today, we see a whole newDelhi Delhi, India generation of youngsters in the17 December 2011 - 18 race of global competition. TheyDecember 2011 are researching brand new career avenues by breaking the traditional path of education.Agri& Horticulture India Expo Nizam College Grounds, Agri& Horticulture India Expo2011 and Dairy & Livestock India Basheerbagh, Hyderabad, India 2011 and Dairy & Livestock IndiaExpo 2011 Expo 2011, an Exhibition and20 December 2011 - 22 Conference on Agriculture,December 2011 Horticulture, Dairy & Livestock sectors at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India on 20, 21 & 22 December 2011.MSME World Expo 2011 N.S.I.C, New Delhi., Delhi, India MSME WORLD EXPO 2011 is an
  • 82. 20 December 2011 - 22 international Exhibition cumDecember 2011 conference for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises along with Large Industries to the share B2B Platform to understand their needs for demand & supply.State Level Mega Job Fest 2011 Ludhiana College of Engineering State Level Mega Job Fest is one20 December 2011 - 21 & Technology, Ludhiana, India of the comprehensive exhibitionDecember 2011 in India for carrier and placements sector. More than 1500 students from institutes of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Chandigarh & Uttar Pradesh participation in the exhibitionThe Vishwa Show 2011 Late Sanjay Kala Ground ,20 December 2011 - 24 PCNDTA Nagdi, Pune, IndiaDecember 2011Budget & Luxury Properties-2011 Chennai Trade Center, Budget & Luxury Properties 2011Expo Nandambakkam,Chennai, is an opportunity where various23 December 2011 - 25 Chennai, India companies showcase their newlyDecember 2011 launched and existing Projects to prospective customers.Building Materials Expo-2011 Chennai Trade Center, Building Materials-2011 provides23 December 2011 - 25 Nandambakkam,Chennai, a perfect platform forDecember 2011 Chennai, India construction and building materials. This event provides an opportunity to exhibit products and services to a highly focused target audiences.Expodent International India PragathiMaidan, New Delhi, New dental fair2011 Delhi, India23 December 2011 - 25December 2011GUJARAT JEWELLERY SHOW GUJARAT UNIVERCITY The grand success of Gujarat23 December 2011 - 25 EXHIBITION HALL, Ahmedabad, Jewelry Show - 2011 is very wellDecember 2011 India known in the whole Jewelry Industry of India. With this mega success, the commercial equation with Gujarat has been changed. We had around 45 stalls visited by around 10,000 to 15,000 visitors in GJS - 2010. But this year, nearly 22,000 visitors visited 165 stalls in just three days making it a grand success. These 165 stalls included the wholesalers from Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan.International Lifestyle Exhibition St. Geogre School Grounds(Opp. Lifestyle Show2011 to Pachayappa College),23 December 2011 - 01 January Poonamallee high road, Chennai,2012 India
  • 83. Delhi Book Fair PragatiMaidan, New Delhi, India Delhi Book Fair25 December 2011 - 02 January2012Inside Outside Mega Show Gujarat University Exhibition INSIDE OUTSIDE MEGA SHOW,Ahmedabad 2012 Hall, Ahmedabad, India the flagship production of05 January 2012 - 08 January Business India Exhibition is the2012 largest event of the interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries.Budget Home 2012 Palace Grounds, Bangalore, India The objective of BUDGET HOME06 January 2012 - 08 January 2012 is to exhibit an array of2012 Budget Home & Properties available from across Tamil Nadu at the reach of the visitors, for them to choose the one of their choice. BUDGET HOME 2012 has helped many home buyers to purchase their dream homes at affordable prices.GarFab-TX Surat SIECC, Surat, India Garfab-TX trade fair will06 January 2012 - 08 January showcase most innovative and2012 sophisticated machines of sewing, embroidery, and looms.KhadhyaKhurak2012 University Grounds, Ahmedabad, KhadhyaKhurak is organised with06 January 2012 - 09 January Ahmedabad, India the noble cause of uplifting the2012 Indian Food Industry.MY BUSINESS INDIA SHOW Vapi Industrial Association “MY BUSINESS INDIA SHOW” will06 January 2012 - 09 January Ground , Vapi, India be the 1st Industrial Exhibition2012 Where Manufactures, Dealers, traders, Suppliers of Raw Materials & Service provider are expected. “MY BUSINESS INDIA SHOW” will be held at V.I.A. Ground, Near G.I.D.C. Char Rasta, Vapi, MY BUSINESS INDIA SHOW is expecting participation by over 300 exhibitors.Travel & Tourism Fair-Chennai Rajah Muthiah Hall, Chennai, TTF is Indias leading exhibition06 January 2012 - 08 January India for the travel & tourism industry.2012 Since 1989, it provides an annual opportunity for organizations from India and abroad to showcase their products and services to a large cross section of the travel trade and consumers across major markets in India.MetroFair 2012 Suguna A/c Hall at Avinashi road, Metro fair is a Consumer11 January 2012 - 15 January Coimbatore, India Exhibition to exhibits all kind of2012 personal & house Hold products, toys, appeal and fashion products with a food court.
  • 84. Womens Shopping Carnival 2012 Tulip Star, Mumbai, India Womens Shopping Carnival is an12 January 2012 - 12 January event exclusively aimed at highly2012 affluent women of the age group 18 to 35 years.ELECRAMA 2012 Bombay Exhibition Centre, ELECRAMA 2011 is the largest18 January 2012 - 22 January Goregaon (E),Mumbai, India exhibition of power, electrical,2012 industrial electronics & allied products in eastern part of the world. This exhibition offers the international energy and electricity producing and supplying industry an attractive and successful market platform, with guaranteed customer contact.OGIC 2012 Renaissance Mumbai Hotel and SPE Oil and Gas Indian18 January 2012 - 20 January Convention Centre, Mumbai, Conference and Exhibition2012 IndiaIndia International Garment Fair PragatiMaidan, New Delhi, India The India International Garment2012 Fair, one of Asias largest and19 January 2012 - 21 January most popular apparel and2012 clothing trade shows is going to be in New Delhi. A perfect amalgamation of fashion, design and quality, the 48th India International Garment Fair is the ultimate destination for global fashion buffs and textile industry giants.VAS India 2012 Hotel Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai, In India, MVAS has become a big19 January 2012 - 19 January India part of the mobile users life2012 today. With over 450 million mobile phone subscribers in India today & having the second largest subscriber base in the whole world - Indian Telecom Industry has started witnessing an era when Users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, but to express themselves, their attitude, feelings & interests.UE The Jewelry Expo 2012 The Residency, Coimbatore, Indias Most Alluring Jewelry27 January 2012 - 29 January India Expo2012Udyog 2012 Surat International Exhibition Udyog 2012 is one of the most27 January 2012 - 30 January and Conventions Centre, Surat, prominent exhibitions for2012 India industry, SME and B2B sector, in India.International Mining Exhibition Netaji Indoor Stadium and IME 2012 is an International(IME 2012) Khudiram Hall Complex, Kolkata, Mining, Exploration Mineral28 January 2012 - 31 January India Processing Technology &2012 Machinery Exhibition. This expo will prove to be an ideal platform
  • 85. which brings both exhibitors and visitors of this industry together under one roof. It is an exclusive place for display and launch of new initiatives, products and technologies, establishing joint ventures, developing and renewing International and regional contactsThe Times Franchise Expo- RAJPATH CLUB, Ahmedabad, The Times Franchise Expo-Ahmedabad India Ahmedabad will be a landmark28 January 2012 - 29 January exhibition which will offer an2012 insight into all aspects of franchising both nationally and internationally. This is the Indias Biggest B2B Marketplace which will be take place at RAJPATH CLUBHOSTS 2012 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Indias first and largest trade31 January 2012 - 03 February Mumbai, India show for the Hospitality Industry2012 where industry from food and beverages will meet together. Click here for index
  • 86. Major Trade shows in U.S.ATrade shows in U.S.AEvent Name & Date Event Description Event Venue/Location detailsAmerican Gem Expo-Memphis American Gem Expo is a Beads, AgricenterInternational, Memphis,11-DEC-11 to 12-DEC-11 Jewelry and Fashion Accessory Tennessee,United States Of Show intended featuring America National Vendors within the United States selling Beads of all types for making Jewelry and Fashion Items, Finished Jewelry, Gifts and Fashion Accessories. The Show is intended for Retail and Wholesale Vendors and is open to the PublicPower Gen International Power Gen International is one Las Vegas Convention Center, Las13-DEC-11 to 15-DEC-11 of the most professionally Vegas, Nevada,United States Of organized trade shows in the America United States, dedicated exclusively to the power generation sector. The show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre and boasts of more than 19000 visiting participants at each of its editions.Gem Faire-San Diego Gem Faire San Diego is a unique Scottish Rite Event Center, San16-DEC-11 to 18-DEC-11 show which invites leading gem Diego, California, United States Of suppliers, providing them with America opportunities to showcase their products and network other players from the industry at a common industry platform.The International Gem & International Gem and Jewelry Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly,Jewelry Show Chantilly Show-Chantilly occupy the pride Virginia,United States Of America16-DEC-11 to 18-DEC-11 of place of being one of the most happening jewelry sector trade fairs in America. The show is held at the Dulles Expo Center and ranks high on the popularity count, drawing in a large number of visitors at each of its editions For 2 days, Bick International Coin Currency Jewelry & Stamp Imperial Palace, Las Vegas,Bick International CoinCurrency Jewelry & Stamp Expo is a leading trade fair for Nevada, United States Of AmericaExpo showcasing Philatelie, coins,
  • 87. 16-DEC-11 to 18-DEC-11 stamps, postcards, paper money and banknotes, historical securities & other related products, it is one of the important exhibition which will be held at Imperial Palace.International Auto Show-San International Auto Show-San San Diego Convention Center, SanDiego Diego, a mega show of Diego, California, United States Of29-DEC-11 to 01-JAN-12 automobile first time of its own America in USA. It is an excellent platform for you to generate good business fortunes, unparalleled exposure to automobile fraternity, cross- fertilization of ideas and opportunity to present your proposition to consumers.The International Gem & The International Gem and War Memorial Auditorium, Ft.Jewelry Show Ft. Lauderdale Jewelry Show FT.Lauderdale is Lauderdale, Florida, United States30-DEC-11 to 01-JAN-12 an event which hosts some of Of America the finest jewelry brands of the country showcasing superior quality gems and unique designs in various cities of the country. With a heritage of 44 years to boast of, this event is held in 90 towns and cities of the United StatesInternational Watch & Jewelry International Watch & Jewelry Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel &Guild-Las Vegas Guild-Las Vegas will showcase all Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, United03-JAN-12 to 04-JAN-12 the Jewelry, Watch and fashion States Of America accessories under one roof. The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to meet all the professional form this related industry and where exhibitor and visitors can meet and develop their business networks.Keystone Farm Show Keystone Farm Show occupies York Fairgrounds, York,03-JAN-12 to 05-JAN-12 the pride of place as one of the Pennsylvania, United States Of top commercial farm sector America trade shows in America.Silicon Valley International Silicon Valley International Auto San Jose McEnery ConventionAuto Show Show is an excellent platform for Center, San Jose, California,United05-JAN-12 to 08-JAN-12 generate good business States Of America fortunes, unparalleled exposure to automobile fraternity, cross- fertilization of ideas and opportunity to present your proposition to consumers.Charlotte Build Remodel & Charlotte Build, Remodel & Charlotte ConventionLandscape Expo Landscape Expo offers the latest Center, Charlotte, North Carolina,
  • 88. 06-JAN-12 to 08-JAN-12 and best products and services United States Of America to home owners wishing to remodel the home where they presently live or to build a new home.The International Gem & The International Gem & Jewelry Pontchartrain Center, Kenner,Jewelry Show-New Orleans Show New Orleans is one of the Louisiana, United States Of06-JAN-12 to 08-JAN-12 largest exhibitions of gems, America minerals and jewelry in the world. The show will showcase jewelry creations, gorgeous wedding bands and engagement rings, exotic gems, beads, exquisite fine jewelry, watches, estate collections and much more.Florida Home Show-Florida Floridas Largest Home Show is Tampa Convention06-JAN-12 to 08-JAN-12 an excellent place for showcase Center, Tampa, Florida, United home and home accessories States Of America products and services. Floridas Largest Home Show is geared to attract homeowners anxious to shop, compare and save. This event attracts thousands of consumers annually.San Diego Spring Home Show San Diego Spring Home Show is San Diego Convention Center, San06-JAN-12 to 08-JAN-12 the name of a renowned home Diego, California, United States Of show which is designed for the America benefits of home owners and home makers. Hundreds of exhibitors will come in this expo to showcase their products which are specially crafted for decorating a modern home.Value Merchandise Expo New The Value Merchandise Show is Jacob K. Javits Convention Center,York one of the top most trade fairs New York, United States Of08-JAN-12 to 10-JAN-12 attracting visitors and balanced America exhibitors from all over the world. The event display large variety of product line like house wares, consumers electronics, toys, hardware, health and beauty, gift items, novelties, apparel, sporting goods , automotive and much moreNorthwest Preview Show Northwest Preview Show will be Oregon Convention Center (OCC),09-JAN-12 to 12-JAN-12 held at Oregon Convention Portland, Oregon, United States Center. It is one of the best Of America events linked to retail industry. The visitors will interact with most important companies of the industry.
  • 89. Harborside Convention Center, FortFort Myers Senior Show Fort Myers Senior Show is one Myers, Florida, United States Of10-JAN-12 to 11-JAN-12 of the premier ventures of its America kind. This event of benevolence will be aiming to provide better services to the senior citizens of the region. This expo will be one of the biggest events organized by the Expo Marketing Inc. the happening is going to be hosted in the region of Harborside Event Centre.Indiana Green Expo Indiana Green Expo is one of the Indiana Convention Center,11-JAN-12 to 13-JAN-12 finest events held in the honor Indianapolis, Indiana, United of green industry in Indiana, the States Of America United States of America. Hosted by the Indiana Convention Center, this 3 day event occupies a place of pride in the trade fair history of Indianapolis, inviting in significant numbers owners and managers of nurseries, golf courses, greenhouses and landscape management firms.Washington DC International Convened at Washington Washington Convention Center,Motorcycle Show Convention Center, Washington, Washington, Michigan, United13-JAN-12 to 15-JAN-12 USA, the Washington DC States Of America International Motorcycle Show is titled as biggest event of Washington on Automobiles, Spare Parts and Accessories industry. It is the international event which gives a view ofMotorcycles, scooters, light motorcycles, mopeds, motors- assisted bicycles, special motorcycle fittings and structures during 3 days of event.Asian-U.S. Business Expo Asian U.S. Business Expo is an Fairplex Pomona, Pomona,13-JAN-12 to 15-JAN-12 ideal platform where industry California, United States Of representatives from all sectors America come together and network and socialize with each other. This event is the most apt opportunity for coming in a direct contact with key industrial players and to establish long term business relations. Click here for index
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