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F&b report

  2. 2. Surender Singh ThakurDirector Food & Beverage
  3. 3. Prithvi Raj SinghSr. Assistant F & B Manager
  4. 4. Roop Krishan PanditaAssistant F & B Manager
  5. 5. F& B Departmental Hierarchy BanquetsMukesh Jha Hanuman RawatAsst. Manager Asst. Manager
  6. 6. F& B Departmental HierarchyParvesh Kumar Manager Kitchen Stewarding
  7. 7. F& B Departmental Hierarchy 1911 Restaurant & Brasserie Bhopal Chauhan Sr. Manager Rohit WaliaAsst. Manager CHARLES DEAN SR. MANAGER
  8. 8. Brasserie “Nostalgia” Anthony Baretto Manager
  9. 9. F& B Departmental Hierarchy The Spice Route Rohit Prasad ManagerArpit Saklani Naveen SinghAsst. Manager Asst. Manager
  10. 10. F& B Departmental Hierarchy Bars & BeveragesKuldeep Rawat Asst.Manager
  11. 11. F& B Departmental Hierarchy In Room DiningSanjeev Dutt Prahlad Kumar Manager Asst. Manager
  12. 12. F& B Departmental Hierarchy San Gimignano Deepak Kumar Sharma Sr. Restaurant Manager
  13. 13. F& B Departmental Hierarchy Daniell’s TavernPuneet Chaudhry Akash Bansal Manager Asst. Manager
  14. 14. 1911 Restaurant1911 is the landmark year in the history of New DelhiIt was in year 1911 on December 12th that King EmperorGeorge V has declared New Delhi as the capital of India.On December 15, King Emperor Geroge V and QueenMary laid down the foundation stone of New Delhi.1911 Restaurant and Bar pays a tribute to this historicmilestone that led to the emergence of New Delhi as a seatof power. Décor: Designed by Hong Kong based architect Chandu Chaddha, Theme: Victorian Art . Cuisine consist of mainly continental dishes, with a small
  15. 15. 1911 Restaurant Located at the lobby levelOpens at 6:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M Manager- Mr. Charles Dean Mr. Bhopal Chauhan Mr. Rohit Walia Chef In Charge- Chef Alok (CDC) Chef Ashish& Rajiv (Sous Chef) Covers- 112 inside and 120 outside Extention-6602/6603Cuisine Served- Muti Cuisine restaurant servingbreakfast, lunch and dinner along with all day daydining.
  16. 16. 1911 RestaurantThe breakfast served in the restaurants are bothAlacarte as well as Buffet.Buffet Breakfast- It is quite elaborate menucomprises Indian,Continental,International alongwith Choices of cheese, fruits, juices and cereals.There is live egg counter placed in the restaurant.Choice of Omelette is made on request with thechoice of toppings and mixtures and served on theguest table with running order of tea and coffee.
  17. 17. 1911 RestaurantLunch is serve again in two different ways that isAlacarte and Buffet. Lunch Buffet is an elaborated menu which is divided into two, soup salads and deserts or a full buffet whichincludes main course as well.Buffet consits of different varities of cheese, coldmeat,sushi , salmon , salami , ham and eleven differenttypes of salads served. Main course buffet consits of both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes and different kinds of soup every day.
  18. 18. 1911 Restaurant The MuseumHolds old photographs of the Delhi Durbar.Pictures include the photographic portraits of both KingGeorge V and Queen Mary.Also included are the pictures of India Gate andKingsway.
  19. 19. 1911 Restaurant The GatewayThe walls adorned with emblems of states and provinces ofIndia, ruled by the Princes who attended the Delhi Durbar.Mural on the left wall, called the Panoramique View ofHindustan is the largest in the world.Length of 70 Feet and was painted in 1805 by French artistMognin.
  20. 20. 1911 Restaurant The VerandahThird section of 1911.Includes a terrace andlawns that open in the winter.
  21. 21. 1911 Restaurant Meal Timings Breakfast: 6:00am to 10:30am Lunch: Mon – Sat : 12:30pm to 3pm Sunday Brunch : 12.00Noon to 3.30pm Dinner: 7:00pm to 1.00am Buffet PricesBreakfast: Rs.900+; Soup-Salad-Dessert: Rs. 1500+; Dessert Buffet: Rs. 850+ Lunch: Rs.2100+, Child – Rs. 1050+ Sunday Brunch: Rs.2500+, Child – Rs. 1250+
  22. 22. 1911 Brasserie1911 Brasserie presents Nostalgia unforgettable retro evening witha selection of all time western delicacies promising you a journeyback in time we transport you to the era that eptiomized grandeur poise & style. The restaurant opens for dinner only and also played live pianoand saxophone.Manager- Anthony BarettoChef – Chef AshishCovers – 48Extention – 6603Timing – 1900 to 2345 hrsCuisine – European Cuisine with Flambe Dishes , Ala Carte andset menu @INR 4500/+Music- Saxophone Friday & Saturday Piano – Sun, Mon,Wed & thursdaySpecial Champagne Display in Brasserie
  23. 23. 1911 Bar is a perfect setting for an importantbusiness or an informal evening. The bar is wellstocked with more than 500 varieties of fine wines ,liquors and spirits. Operational from 11:30 A.M. to 1:00 A .M. Ceiling designed like an inverted Viking boat.Cigar Humidor with an exciting selection of Cigars Elegant Island bar, & servers a wide variety of beverages, cocktails and wines
  24. 24. 1911 Bar The AnteroomsThe Blue Room, called Hardingsroom is dedicated to ViceroyHarding and stands for nobility.The Green Room stands for regal –ness and is called the Lutyen’sand Baker Room.Showcasing Original Victoria Cross,War Medals & TrophiesMedals displayed date from1858 to 1940 Mostly from the FirstBengal Cavalry.The wallpaper in the room isFLEUR d ’ ELISE.
  25. 25. The Spice Route Imperial’s pride ___________________________One of the ten best restaurants in the world ___________________________ Designed by Rajeev Sethi & hand painted with vegetable and flower dyes by painters from Kerala
  26. 26. The Spice RouteBuilt on the principles of Feng Shui & Divided into9 sections: Knowledge Three stages of life; Aartha, Kama, Moksha Help and support Creativity Relationship Fate & Fortune Wealth Ancestral Food & Health
  27. 27. THE SPICE ROUTE Located at the lobby level 109 Covers inside and 40 covers in courtyard Lunch 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm Dinner 7:00 pm to 11:45 pm Non-smoking restaurant.Traditional Khantok Seating at the Terrace. South-East Asian cuisine : Serves food from 6 countries. Dress Code : - Smart casuals
  28. 28. Daniell’s TavernDaniell’s Tavern traces a culinary journey in thefootsteps of Thomas and William Daniell’s – Thefamous landscape painter who arrived in India in1786 to paint its unrivalled scenery.It is remarkably noteworthy that restaurant is locatedat the same site where uncle and nephew team werecamped to paint Jantar Mantar, the astronomicalobservatory built in 1624 by a Rajput Prince, SawaiJai Singh. Daniell Tavern has a open kitchen and differentherbs and spices are used to ccook food. It has a live band of Animesh Bhaattacharya &group
  29. 29. Located at the lobby levelDinner : 6: 30 P.M. to 11:45 P.M.Maharani Thali @INR 3000+(Veg) Maharaja Thali @INR 4000+(N- Veg /Veg) Cuisine : North Indian Covers: 74 Live Indian Music: Animesh & Group Mon – Sun (Except Tuesday) Separate Hookah Lounge
  30. 30. PATIALA PEG Concept: Commemorates the exciting tent peggingencounter between the Irishmen and Maharaja of Patiala’s teamDécor: Remarkable collection of photographs of Maharaja of Patiala during World War II
  31. 31. The Atrium
  32. 32. The Atrium Located at lobby level with 32 covers.Open from 08:00 A.M. to 11:45 P.M. Tea Lounge & waiting area for other restaurants Service of alcohol from 11:00 A.M to 11:45 P.M. Champagne & Wine Display 06:30 P.M. to 09:30 P.M. High tea from 3.00 p.m till 6.00 p.m. at Rs.750 + taxes, Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Hi-tea buffet at Rs.1050/-+ taxes per person
  33. 33. San Gimignano San Gimignano is a town inTuscany region of Italy, known for its art, wine, olives & cuisine.Displays rare photos of town of San Gimignano.
  34. 34. Located at the lobby level Covers: 62 29 Covers inside and 30 Covers in courtyard Lunch 1230 pm to 2:45pm Dinner 7:00 pm to 11:45 pmServers authentic Italian cuisine Non-Smoking Restaurant
  35. 35. San Gimignano Courtyard also known as Paradiso di Vino
  36. 36. 24 hours In-room dining
  37. 37. In Room Dining Located in the Lobby Level Service round the clock Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & BeveragesElegant and tastefully presented meals, from any outlet served a’la carte in the rooms Prompt, Efficient and Courteous Service Special Menus : The Journey of Imperial, Child Menu, Champagne breakfast & Gourmet Sandwiches
  38. 38. Wide selection ofInternationalsnacks andbeveragesincluding pintWine bottles.Imperial selection– Golf ball set,Playing cards,Imperial tea andThe Imperial book
  39. 39. Only authentic Ballroom in the country Location: 1st Floor Dimensions: 4995 sq. feetCapacity: 250 pax - sit down; 500 pax -free standing Home to some of the rarest works of art Well decorated buffets and tables
  40. 40. BANQUET FACILITES – EMILY EDEN ROOM Location: 3rd Floor Dimensions: 1128 sq. feet Capacity: 48 pax (Sit down)
  41. 41. BANQUET FACILITES – HODGES’ ROOM Location: 3rd Floor Dimensions: 658 sq. feet Capacity: 24 pax (Sit down)
  42. 42. Location: Lobby LevelDimensions: 341 sq. feetCapacity: 18 pax (Sit down)
  43. 43. Audio Visual Features: Two in-built Roll down screens in the Hodges & Emily Eden Rooms 24 hour uninterrupted power back-up Broad Band Internet Connectivity available for Video conferencing Integrated Audio Visual equipment State-of-the-art equipment available
  44. 44. Located at the lobby level near Imperial Boutique 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.Named after the most popularand well-liked bread in France A wide variety of confectioneries, breads and merchandising on display One Cake and One Bread promoted every month
  45. 45.  How to start up Micros for Operation- Switch on the power button at the back of the desk and observe the status line on the screen. How to Sign in and Sign out- On micros when the screen is on swipe ID card reader , the card needs to be swiped from the magnetic strip side.- Before raising the check the serving period needs to be confirmed either breakfast ,lunch or dinner.
  46. 46.  How to close a check by room charge/cash/credit card payment.- Various modes of settlements are cash, credit card , room charge and off line.A. Pick up the check to settle.B. Place the check into the split printer.C. Select the payment method on the screen.
  47. 47.  Ho w to give discount- Discounts are limit to ID (Manager , MDH )A. Pick up the check on which discount to be givenB. Press the discount keyC. System will display various discounts possible for food, beverage , privilege card holder , Manager’s referral , Service recovery, A&G check for staff duty meals etc. Enter appropriate ID corresponding to the department head.
  48. 48.  How to place additional ordersTo place an additional order following steps to be considered.1. Pick up a check by entering table number2. The system print “ Pick up check”3. Varify the check displayed on the screen , if correct press enter else press clear and restart.4. Then enter the additional items asked by the guest and send a message as running order to get it done on priority.
  49. 49.  How to cancel (Void) an Item- Prior to saving the check a posting can be void by using the void key. The following is the procedure :1. Pick up a check by entering table number2. Varify the check displayed on the screen , if correct press the clear button and restart.3. Enter the line number of particular item to wish to void.4. Press the void key.
  50. 50.  How to enter open order- Open menu items are the items not included in the menu but are served on special request.- The procedure for posting open items on the system is as follows:- Choose the correct open item e.g. open food , open beverage etc.- Enter the selling price and the name of the item and serve the order.
  51. 51.  How to do a refund- As per the policy refund only possible from the back office (finance) with the approval of a division head. How to perform split check operation- Guest check information is entered acc. To table number:- Print the check- Pick up the check which needs to be splitted- Press the split check and enter to confirm. The items associated with the active guest/table are splitted to new check.
  52. 52.  How to present a guest check- Procedure to present check to guest is as follows:1. Pick up the check by table number2. Make sure no extra item is charged to the table3. Then place the check rightly in printer4. Then print the check and keep it in a folder5. Present the check on the table along with the hotel pen on side enabling guest to sign the check.
  53. 53.  How to close the cashier report- Press the report/procedure key from the main menu , the screen displayed- Two options:1. Report2. ProceduresSelect 1 and press enter There is option to view and print the report before closing the cashier Tally the cash , card and also make sure that no open check is featuring on the system.All the first copies to be given to front office.