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Social media competition analysis
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Social media competition analysis



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Competition Analysis on Social Media
  • 2.
    • Objective of the Analysis
    • Review of competing online selling platforms:
      • Flipkart
      • Tradus
      • Infibeam
    • Comparative Analysis of eBay and its competitors
    • Our Recommendations
  • 3. Objective of the Analysis
    • eBay is one of the most trusted brands amongst online selling platforms
    • However there is considerable negative sentiment on the brand on social media platforms, particularly Facebook
    • We have undertaken a thorough analysis of competing online selling platforms with the objective of:
      • Understanding how do they fare in the social media space
      • Seeking any learnings that can be applied to eBay
  • 4.  
  • 5. About Flipkart
    • What is Flipkart?
      • Set up in 2007 by a bunch of ex - Amazonians as an online book retailing venture
      • Their strength lies in their competitive prices backed by prompt delivery and excellent customer service
    • Details of Social Media presence:
      • Strong presence on Facebook with over 2.5 lakh fans
      • Not active on Twitter and other social media platform
  • 6. FANPAGE What makes Flipkart the Leader? Flipkart has 2,69,695 fans, easily making it the leader amongst online selling platforms on Facebook Only updates by Flipkart are displayed
  • 7. Active participation by fans on Facebook
    • Flipkart fans are contributing content to the Page
    • Fans are constantly giving suggestions on bettering Flipkart
    • Fans are proactively interacting on topics related to current affairs
  • 8. Limited experimentation with Facebook Nil utilization of tabs on the Fan Page TABS
  • 9. Innovative Product Promotion Updates Product promotions are done in a highly engaging and conversant tone
  • 10. Leveraging Celeb Power By innovatively using celebrities as talking points, they engage effectively with fans and encourage interaction
  • 11. Keeping it current CONTENT Use current affairs as talking points to connect to fans, never taking it too far from their main business of books Frequently seek opinions of fans and acknowledge and respect it
  • 12. Complaints by Flipkart fans Well there are none! In fact there is praise being heaped on aspects like service delivery
  • 13. Integrating social media into official website
    • Facebook Fan-box feature is integrated with each product page on the Flipkart site
    • Extremely effective method for Facebook Fan acquisition by leveraging the existing huge inflow of traffic to the site
  • 14. What makes Flipkart the Best?
    • The brand has attracted the maximum number of followers because they have effectively converted website visitors into social media followers
    • Quality interaction with fans has also led to higher interaction, retention and acquisition
      • Talk on the page is not limited to product promotion alone; very effective integration of current topics that hold fan interest
    • Constantly seeking customer feedback; also projects them as a brand that cares for its fans’ point of view
    • Lastly, flawless service delivery has helped them gain the loyalty and love of their consumers, which is freely expressed on Facebook
  • 15.  
  • 16. About Tradus
    • What is Tradus?
      • One-stop online shopping store for established brands
      • Offer best price guarantee for a wide range of products – books to electronics
    • Details of social media presence:
      • Tradus has 32000 fans on Facebook but otherwise very inactive on other social media platforms
  • 17. Tradus a distant second to Flipkart on Facebook With nearly 33,000 fans, Tradus only displays updates from the brand
  • 18. Fans contributing content to the page Limited contribution by fans and primarily limited to complaints and queries
  • 19. Tabs for product promotion Facebook tabs being used for product promotion and for directing fans to website
  • 20. Magic Vouchers doing the magic for Tradus!! Most updates are about product promotion and Deals Tradus provides a Daily Voucher only for Facebook and Twitter followers – a key tool for follower acquisition
  • 21. So how is Tradus doing on Facebook?
    • The number of fans have primarily come in because of the Daily Magic Discount voucher strategy
    • Besides the vouchers, very little value being provided to fans
    • Limited engagement with fans
  • 22.  
  • 23. About Infibeam
    • What is Infibeam ?
      • Claims to be one of India’s largest online stores
    • Details of their social media presence :
      • Over 5000 fans on Facebook
      • Not active on Twitter or other social media platforms
  • 24. Infibeam – a late entrant to Facebook Infibeam is way behind others in terms of number of fans – 5840 only - but is taking aggressive steps on social media
  • 25. Interaction by Fans on the Page Fans are not contributing any content on the wall other than complaints and queries
  • 26. Effective usage of tabs on Facebook Use of Innovative tabs like Rakhi tab and Books tab A books tab showcasing the Best books collection Hot Deals on Tradus fan page akin to eBay
  • 27. A mix of product promotion and contests Product promotion updates lack creativity Extremely contest driven strategy being adopted by Infibeam All contest winners win Discount coupons or vouchers
  • 28. So how is Infibeam faring on Facebook?
    • A highly contest driven brand which has managed to garner 5840 fans
    • Brand is using a mix of Tabs, Contests and product promotion but clear lack of quality engagement and interaction
  • 29. Social Media Comparative Analysis eBay is the only brand that listens to their fans. We give our fans the freedom to interact and express. Flipkart is leveraging the high number of impressions they receive daily on their website. A Facebook fan-box along with each deal has helped them achieve the 2.5Lakh fans. Flipkart is connecting and interacting with their fans. They talk about current affairs in a more conversational tone. Their interaction is not just about product promotion like others. Tradus provides a daily Magic Discount voucher only for their Facebook and Twitter fans. This has been their major strategy. Infibeam Tradus Flipkart eBay Fans 5,695 32,965 2,65,102 21,772 Wall by admin Yes yes yes No Product Promotion Yes Yes Yes Yes Facebook Fan-box on site No No Yes No Fans complaint Yes Yes Yes Yes spam Yes Yes Yes Yes Frequent Contest Yes Yes Yes Yes Updates other than Product Promotion No No Yes No Discount Coupon for Fans No Yes No No Twitter Followers 698 --- 1622 3837
  • 30. Our Recommendations for eBay
    • The interaction style needs to be revamped to reflect a far more engaging stance being adopted by the brand
    • Focus needs to shift from a product focused brand to a more consumer focused brand
    • A better process to be followed for customer service on handling spam, which can be done through separate tabs for both sales & queries
    • A closer monitoring required for negative influencers on the page without suppressing the genuine complaints
  • 31.  
  • 32. Facebook crowd Vs Twitter crowd The initial followers are always the loyal followers. Initial followers on Facebook were also positive and highly loyal In the growing stage you have both loyal and influenced fans. These influenced fans are the most difficult to handle. These influenced fans don’t It is always easy to handle when span of control is low. The increased span of control results in higher spam and negative influencers. Facebook is a channel used for fun and friendship and therefore the tonality should be more friendly. It is difficult to articulate negative influence in 140 characters. Twitter Facebook Number of Users 3895 22000 Stage of followership Initial Stage Growth Stage Span of control Low Medium Tone eBay tonality on Twitter is more friendly eBay tonality on Facebook is transactional. Different audience types Twitter is a micro blogging site where the crowd is restricted to 140 characters or less. Facebook crowd is more articulate and it is easy to write negative feedback without much effort.
  • 33. eBay a Customer Focused page
    • Making the page more general and friendly will make it more interactive.
    • A proper mix of product and interaction is required, eBay Daily updates will include:
    1) Daily Deal 2) GEB & Unique on eBay 3) eBay Fun facts 4) Celebrity at eBay: We will talk about celebrity in news 5) Current Affairs : News of the Day :completely general in nature
  • 34. Handling Customer queries Customer Service eBay Customer id: Complaint Category: Customer email id: Complaint Details: SEND All customer queries will be handled through the customer query tab. Customers enter eBay id and complaint details Based on the complaint category the query will be mailed to respective department Creating a customer query tab will reduce the negative comments on the wall, as all complaints will be deflected to the tab. This will be only effective if the eBay customer service team is efficient in resolving the customer queries
  • 35. Sellers tab to handle spam Direct Deals We will create a separate Direct Deals tab for the sellers. All the sellers will post their eBay products on this tab This will reduce the spam by the sellers on the wall
  • 36. eBay fanpage is majorly used as a customer service platform. There is a major issue with the customer service which is directly getting reflected on the page. There are highly unsatisfied customers who are being negative influencers
    • Some of the common issues are:
    • Bad customer service
    • Bad courier Service
    How to make eBay a loved brand
  • 37.
    • Since eBay sells everything, they have maximum competitors of various capacity in each product line. These competitors also are trying to promote themselves to eBay fans and trying to pitch their products in comparison to eBay
    • There are maximum 5 negative influencers on the page but the complaints and negative comments are much larger than this which and irrespective of these negative influencers. This indicates a need of complete transformation in customer service in order to become a loved brand
    • eBay fanpage is highly transactional and promotion driven. They lack an emotional connect with the customers
    How to make eBay a loved brand