How to do the DISK CLEANUP


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How to do the DISK CLEANUP

  1. 1.  The following instructions are in regards to a procedure that will help you service your computer. Everyday people think their computer is not functioning correctly because it is working slowly. This causes them to spend outrageous amounts of money on servicing their computer. I am going to teach you a simple way to service your computer and hopefully speed it up. Before we start let us get some basics down.
  2. 2.  You will need a PC (Personal Computer) with a Windows operating system. This can be almost any version of Windows. The most common Windows operating systems are Windows 7 and XP. You will use a combination of the computers mouse and keyboard. Internet access is not required.
  3. 3.  Running Disk Cleaner will delete your internet history and the contents of your Recycle Bin. Make sure you have bookmarks of your favorite websites as you will not be able to go by your internet history.
  4. 4.  Pictured below is the program Disk Cleanup for Windows 7. Prior Versions of Windows have a program that is similar. Its functionality remains the same across all Windows platforms. 1. Select the Windows symbol on your taskbar. Traditionally it’s located on the bottom left side of your computers view screen. The task bar contains all running processes and provides a gateway to your applications currently installed.
  5. 5.  Select “All Programs” By selecting “All Programs” you are able to access all your installed applications.
  6. 6.  Select “Accessories” The sub-menu titled accessories will allow you access to your system tools Next select “System” Tools” to open the next sub-menu
  7. 7.  Select “Disk Cleanup” From here you can access a program titled “Disk Cleanup” Make sure you select Disk Cleanup and not Disk Defragmenter as that is a different application.
  8. 8.  Disk Cleanup will analyze the contents of your computer
  9. 9.  Select “OK” “Disk Cleanup” will automatically run and analyze your system for old files and recommend to you what to clean out. All you need to do is select ok and the program will automatically clean your computer.  Disk Cleanup will warn you that you will permanently be deleting files. Select “Delete Files”.
  10. 10.  “Disk Cleanup” will automatically free up space and resources on you computer. The application will automatically close itself as well.
  11. 11.  By using these simple steps you have learned to run “Disk Cleaner” to free up some resources and speed up your computer. I hope you know have the confidence to explore the field of computer maintenance. This is just the beginning. Go out and learn more about computers. Who knows maybe you will like servicing computers and make find a new hobby and career avenue.