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Nothing Is Permanent Expect Change
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Nothing Is Permanent Expect Change


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Its simple message is that it's in every organization's best interest to capture the talent, energy and commitment of all employees. …

Its simple message is that it's in every organization's best interest to capture the talent, energy and commitment of all employees.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. is beautiful
  • 3. Here is a short motivationalstory on change
  • 4. Story about courage to createland of opportunities
  • 5. This story is about a peacockand many penguins
  • 6. There once was a time,in the not so distant past,when penguins ruled many landsin the Sea of Organisations.
  • 7. These penguins were not always wise,they were not always popular,but they were always in charge.
  • 8. The top management wore the same outlook intheir distinctive black and white suits.They believed that uniformity isthe way to do things;Uniformity is Unity.
  • 9. But there came a time when things beganto change inthe land of penguinsNew birds arrived –Birds of many shapes, size and colors
  • 10. These worker birds wore colours and outfitsthat reflected their work and lifestyles.
  • 11. Perry the peacock was one of these birds -He was creative , Imaginativefull of energy andenthusiasmAt first , both penguin andpeacock were pleased.“Together” they thought,“we will achieve great things”
  • 12. Initially, everyone was happy.The penguins were pleasedwith their new recruit.
  • 13. Perry was creative andhe brought in good results.==
  • 14. However, as time went by,the penguins began to murmur against Perry.Too colourfulToo Loud! Too manynew ideas!We are NOTcomfortable!
  • 15. Perry was also unhappy.The penguins tried to turn him into a penguin.He was told to “try to be like the rest of us,wear a penguin suit”.Both parties were unhappy.Perry was thus asked to leaveLAND OF PENGUINSBe like us!Wear a penguinsuit!
  • 16. Why don’t you wear apenguin suite“What’s wrong withthe way I am ?”Perry askedWhy cant you look atmy work rather thanfeathers
  • 17. Birds who aspired to move upthe corporate ladder were encouragedto adopt the penguins’ code of conductand wear the penguin suits.“Listen, You could have a bright futurehere”, Penguin RespondedU just need to change to fit in
  • 18. The Peacock resisted –Penguins persistedHis Ideas were discounted and dismissed
  • 19. When Perry asked, “why?”The penguin said“This is the way we’ve always done”- Perry’s heart was filled with sadness
  • 20. One day SARA –the seagull bird,told him of wonderful place, she had seenon of her journeyLAND OF OPPORTUNITIES“There ,”she said you couldbe colorful and they will appreciateyou
  • 21. Dare he hopes this was trueHe had to go check it out
  • 22. When Perry arrived inthe land ofopportunities he foundThatit was totally differentfromthe land of penguins
  • 24. Here every one wasdifferentSome birds swam, manyflew and some kept theirfeet planted on land
  • 25. This gave them differentperspective -Which they shared openlywith one anotherTheir shared knowledge madethem wise.And wisdom made them successful
  • 26. Perry knew , he has found his new home
  • 27. What’s more, he discoveredthat:It is openness to new ideas,a willingness to listenan eagerness to learna desire to grow,and flexibility to change
  • 28. What’s more, he discoveredthat:LAND OFOPPORTUNITIESIs actuallySTATE OF MIND
  • 29. LAND OFOPPORTUNITIESIs where we live and workWhenWe choose to see withnew eyes,Live from our hearts,Allow ourselves and other tobe who we truly areOurselves
  • 30. We see this story unfoldsin many organisations today.
  • 31. Creativity and innovation are seen to be“a breath of fresh air” in manyorganisations.Many “Perrys” are recruited for theircreativity. Yet, along the way, theircreativity is stifled bythe need to conform to the norm.
  • 32. Other than penguins and peacocks,there are also pigeons who arepeacemakers in the office,Sparrows who try to be neutralso as to keep a low profile orOstriches who choose tobury their heads in the sand.There will always be Penguins and Peacocks inany organisations.
  • 33. Peacocks bring in varietiesand new ideas,But, the stability provided bythe penguins must not be ignored.Penguins,being the backbone of the organisation,need to recognise thatdiversity can exist in an organisationif there is acceptance and trust.
  • 34. When we learn to appreciateone another’s differences,we become more willing to listen,more open to new ideas andmore eager to grow.Birds of different featherscan work together in harmony.
  • 35. Its simple message is thatits in every organizations best interestto capture the talent, energy andcommitment of all employees.
  • 36. Thank you.