Principles Of Computer Architecture And Maintenance 80 Marks Sample Question Paper


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Principles Of Computer Architecture And Maintenance 80 Marks Sample Question Paper

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Principles Of Computer Architecture And Maintenance 80 Marks Sample Question Paper

  1. 1. Sample Question Paper Course Name : Electronics Engineering Group Semester : Fifth for ET/EJ/EN/EX/IS/IC/IE/DE/EV/MU and Seventh for IU/ED/EI Subject : Principles of Computer Architecture and Maintenance Subject Code : 9120 9120 Marks : 80 Time: 3 Hours Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. 4. Assume suitable data if necessary. 5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order. Q.1. Attempt any Four. 16 Marks a. Define static and Dynamic RAM and Differentiate between them based on following points. i. Operation ii. Storage iii. Component density iv. Word length b. List different types of recording techniques used in hard disk ? Draw waveform for all the recording technique. c. Describe working of LCD monitor with neat block diagram. d. Describe working of external modem with neat block diagram. e. State operation of capacitive and Mechanical key switches used in PC keyboard. f. State function of RI (Ring Indicator) , RTS , CTS , CD(carrier Detect) related to RS232. Q.2. Attempt any Three. 12 Marks a. State the meaning of following characteristic of SMPS. 1. Efficiency 2. Rated wattage 3. Line regulation 4. Load regulation. b. List eight features of PCI Bus. c. Draw and label block diagram of CDROM drive. d. Describe read and write operations of DVD drive. Q. 3. Attempt any Three. 12 Marks a. Describe VGA adapter with neat block diagram. b. Draw sketch of opto-mechanical mouse and state how it functions. c. Describe interlaced and non-interlaced scanning of monitor with diagram with specification of scanning frequency. d. Draw block diagram of VGA monitor. 1
  2. 2. Q. 4 Attempt any two. 16 Marks a. Draw block diagram of HDC and state function of each block? State any two interface available for HDC. b. Draw block diagram and explain working of LASER printer. c. Describe POST sequence of Pentium? If machine is giving continuous beeps during POST state the cause. Q.5. Attempt any Three. 12 Marks a. Explain any four features of each USB and Firewire. b. State eight diagnosis which can be done by Norton utilities. c. State meaning of passive and active matrix of LCD display? State advantages of active matrix LCD over passive matrix LCD. d. State the use of STROBE, INIT, PE, BUSY signals in Centronics interface. Q. 6. Attempt any three. 12 Marks a. Describe the operation of Flat Bed Scanner with diagram. b. Compare Inkjet and Laser printer with respect to i. Speed ii. Power iii. Printing quality and cost iv. Maintenance. c. Observe the waveform and label as Blackout, Brown out, Sag and Surge and explain their meaning. d. “There are junk character display on the monitor “, troubleshoot the above problem. 2