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Seca group1 can nice guys finish first

  1. 1. Can Nice Guys FinishCan Nice Guys Finish FirstFirst Anand Sivakumar JAnand Sivakumar J 12PGP00712PGP007 Bhairav MehtaBhairav Mehta 12PGP01312PGP013 Bir Bahadur SinghBir Bahadur Singh 12PGP01412PGP014 Karan JenawKaran Jenaw 12PGP02012PGP020 Llewellyn FernandezLlewellyn Fernandez 12PGP02312PGP023 Prateek SinghPrateek Singh 12PGP11012PGP110
  2. 2. SUMMARY • Adam Baker , currently the COO of Straus Event Specialists(SES), had a prior experience as a CEO in Tallyrymple. • Adam Baker is currently peturbed with the reply of his mentor & the CEO, Merwyn Straus. • Merwyn feels that Adam does not rank on the higher end when it comes to the PERSON- JOB FIT analysis for the position being discussed. 2 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  3. 3. SUMMARY • Tallyrymple had become embroiled in a turf war with an aggressive company that didn’t distinguish between ethical and unethical behavior • Merwyn Straus had eventually bought Tallyrymple at a bargain price and absorbed it. • Merwyn hired Adam and treated him like a son more than a mentor or a boss. 08/03/13 3 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR
  4. 4. SUMMARY • Adam Baker is a quick learner and extremely passionate towards his work. He is known for his qualities of far sightedness and empathy. • He strongly believed in the “Present Concept”; showed up, did the work and fulfilled expectations on time. • The acquisition of the hotel chain, although a highly profitable one, was a new venture for SES who had no prior expertise on the same. 4 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  5. 5. SUMMARY • Merwyn is portrayed as being a principled and experienced man. Adam respects him and appreciates his mentorship. To push for the job is to question Merwyn’s judgment. By doing so the bond of trust is stretched, making it that much more prone to breaking. • Adam is confronted with two decisions whether to confront Merwyn and use the debt to his advantage or accept whatever Merwyn has decided for him. 5 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  6. 6. SUMMARY • Before Adam puts forward his request, Merwyn expresses his wish that Adam won’t use Merwyn’s debt of the new hotel venture to his advantage. • Should Adam ask Merwyn to make him CEO of the new venture? 6 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  7. 7. ISSUES • Adam’s failure due to lack of right skill and expertise is foreseen by Merwyn and forms the basis of his judgement of not allowing him to proceed as the new CEO • Adam Baker had a regretful past during his tenure as CEO of Tallyrymple due to which Merwyn is skeptical regarding his decision to make Adam the CEO of the new hotel chain venture . 7 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  8. 8. ISSUES • Adam Baker is confused whether or not to ask Merwyn to make him the CEO of his new venture. He is calculating the chances of a win-win, win-lose or a no- win situation. • If not made CEO, Adam faces the dilemma whether to continue as COO or quit his current job and risk ruining his relationship with Merwyn. 8 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  9. 9. POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES • He goes ahead and asks the question as he feels Merwyn is testing and baiting him to see if Adam has it in him to become a shark. • Adam needs to critically assess himself and his abilities. The position of the CEO for the new Hotel venture requires a specific set of responsibilities and qualities. 9 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  10. 10. POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES • Adam should analyze whether he has learned from the Tallyrymple incident and whether he is in a good position to take on this new challenge in his own leadership style. • Meet Merwyn and review his work performance: what areas he is competent and what area needs to be developed. • Adam should request him to make him the TO-BE-CEO on a specific appointed date during which he will work on his shortcomings as the CEO. 10 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  11. 11. • Merwyn can foresee Adam falling under the “Peter Principle” in the eyes of the other employees. • The principle holds that in a hierarchy, members are promoted so long as they work competently. Eventually they are promoted to a position at which they are no longer competent (their "level of incompetence"), and there they remain, being unable to earn further promotions. 11 08/03/13 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES
  12. 12. • Strength  Visionary  Good natured and hence can influence people  Strong work ethic  Not an egotist  Situation different from before as then he was young and inexperienced 12 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13 SW ANALYSIS
  13. 13. • Weakness  Lacking sufficient self confidence & aggression  Prior bad experience at Tallyrymple  His niceness may led people to take advantage of him  Possibility of strained relations with Merwyn 13 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13 SW ANALYSIS
  15. 15. BEST SOLUTION • Merwyn hasn’t yet mentioned his choice of the new CEO although he mentions Adam as the number 2, he makes no clarifications on whether he has a number 1 in mind or not. • Merwyn could hence be testing Adam to see whether he can overcome his shortcomings and prove himself worthy of the position. 15 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR08/03/13
  16. 16. BEST SOLUTION • The Best Solution from the possible alternatives would be to request for a TO-BE-CEO position. • Adam should then sit down and discuss with Merwyn on the core competencies that he needs to develop and constantly improve on a regular basis, thus proving his zeal and enthusiasm to take up the role of a CEO. 16 08/03/13 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR
  17. 17. BEST SOLUTION • UNDERSTUDY ASSIGNMENT  Merwyn should coach and mentor Adam so that he can take the role of the CEO. Understudy is focused during Succession planning. If Adam fails even after the stipulated point of time, Merwyn shall appoint a new candidate for the position of the CEO. 17 08/03/13 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RAIPUR