The Happiness Workshop for Team Building by Green Smyles


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The Happiness Workshop! :-) Designed with the objective of making people in an organization smile some more and bond better than before, the workshop aims to create a more congenial work environment leading to happier holistic growth of the organisation. Crafted in a way that makes employees take a mental break from work for a day, participants are made to relive their childhood by making them be a part of different activities centered on creativity, theatre, music and meditation.

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The Happiness Workshop for Team Building by Green Smyles

  1. 1. “So many deadlines to meet, there's such a hurry, ever increasing work pressure, everything's just adding to my worry!” Is This You?
  2. 2. Ever thought of taking a short little break? Relax, calm down and celebrate? Bring about a bit of change in your mental state?
  3. 3. Stress leads to lower efficiency at the workplace Decreases Stress Tighter work schedules call for official time outs Employees are able to recharge their batteries Relaxed mind leads to refreshed employees Refreshing Break Work pressure, stress and negativity leads to employees looking disgruntled and grumpy Why host the Happiness Workshop? Happier Employees The workshop helps in instilling smiling as a habit by bringing internal changes Internal friction causes external losses Better Bonding Motivate to work better Better bonding between employees is reflected in all results Lack of emphasis on employee’s happiness quotient leads to low motivation Through various activities, they are motivated to perform better
  4. 4. About Green Smyles We are a bunch of passionate people who love what we do. Smiling is the secret of our energy. We conduct happiness workshops, social media trainings, theatricals and offer social media marketing, writing & editing services. (Since we are happy -> we help you grow -> then you become happy -> so you help us grow ) - loop
  5. 5. About the workshop • The Happiness Workshop is conducted in the form of a contest, where through a variety of activities, on the basis of team work, creativity, and the H factor, winners are chosen at the end. • The activities are crafted in a way that they touch upon common workplace issues and subtly makes the participants themselves find solutions. • Through a shuffle format, every participant is given a chance to be a leader during different activities throughout the workshop therefore ensuring holistic participation.
  6. 6. Dancercise Activity: Often, some employees don’t listen to seniors / clients, questioning every action they are being made to take. Dancercise makes them understand how it is important to sometimes just follow the leader. Inference: Everybody should have the right to their opinion, but sometimes the wiser opinion must be adhered to without questioning too much.
  7. 7. Teampiece Activity: The bonding between the members of a team/ different teams may be weak due to many factors. Teampiece brings participants together and makes them come up with a masterpiece, enabling building of better bonds in the process. Inference: It may not be the lack of talent, but the lack of coordination that may be leading to lower efficiency. Building stronger bonds leads to better efficiency.
  8. 8. Puzzle Muzzle Activity: When given a task, sometimes people tend to just start off without giving the planning bit a considerable thought. Puzzle Muzzle tests team’s strategy skills and finds out the most patient yet efficient team Inference: Sometimes, in trying to do everything, nothing is accomplished. One needs to prioritise instead and try to achieve what is doable.
  9. 9. Crideate Activity: Marketing and sales as a function may be the responsibility of some, but at one level, every employee needs to develop the ability to be able to pitch their idea to others. Crideate makes the team members come up with innovative ideas to create an ad and sell a product. Inference: Its good to be good at one’s own role in the organisation, but learning other tricks of the trade helps in overall growth of the individual and thus the organisation.
  10. 10. Marshmallow Challenge Activity: Challenges are as easy or difficult as we want to make them look. With the right amount of confidence, skills and strategy, we can out perform our own expectations. Inference: Creativity lies at the core of all business functions. The simplest to the most complex problems can be solved through innovative ideas and solutions.
  11. 11. Office Charades Activity: Miscommunication and communication gap causes lots of issues at the workplace. We try to fill it by inducing a unique gap, in turn trying to resolve communication barriers Inference: Silence is golden, but expressing things at the opportune time is the best thing to do.
  12. 12. Human Chess Activity: In a unique game of chess, participants are made to test their strategy skills along with the courage to sacrifice their interests for the team’s overall benefit. Inference: Team Work is not simply about coordinating and surging ahead, but about lot of compromises and sacrifices as well.
  13. 13. Jenga Activity: Jenga’s the test of confidence, analysis and ability! Inference: Being over confident and undermining yourself, both can turn out to be harmful for you! Try to be a good analyst, and then move ahead.
  14. 14. Power Chairs Activity: Simulating the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory here by making people literally run for power. Inference: With ever increasing competition, people really need to be on their toes these days, one can’t afford to be complacent or inefficient.
  15. 15. Rely on Ally Race Activity: The blame game is a common feature at the workplace. People readily put the fault on others for any failure. The same is subtly addressed through the ‘rely on ally’ race. Inference: Sometimes, you end up getting happy or sad because of others. When you accept it when it makes you happy(victory), lets accept it when it makes us sad as well(loss)
  16. 16. Have less, Do more Activity: Lack of resources/ funds are often cited as excuses for things not happening at work. Through this activity, participants are made to think differently and change their perspective. Inference: You can do great things with even limited resources. You need to just make use of the most important resource at such times – common sense
  17. 17. Who Am I? Activity: A lot of employees tend to get lost in the crowd in an organisation. This could be because of their shy nature/ inhibition to speak up/ fear of seniors. ‘Who Am I’ gives each participants their few minutes of fame and makes them come out of their shell. Inference : Everybody is important and has something to express, all they may need is a platform that allows them to do the same.
  18. 18. Meditation Activity: Work will always keep getting more taxing, but if we learn ways to tackle stress, any amount of work can be handled effectively. There is no better way to deal with the same than meditation. Inference : True relaxation can only be experienced through meditation. Connecting with one’s inner self after a hard day’s work helps one be at peace.
  19. 19. Spread Smiles Activity: The negativity at the workplace can only be negated by infusing positive vibes in the atmosphere. Through ‘Spread Smiles’, people literally go around making others happy. Inference: We get what we give. The more positive we are at the workplace, the more happiness we will receive.
  20. 20. Results Announcing the results of the Happiness Contest! *End of workshop*
  21. 21. Happiness Workshop for NTPC Happiness Workshop for employees of NTPC at one of their townships
  22. 22. Happiness Workshop for Home Credit Happiness Workshop for HR team of Home Credit on the outskirts of Delhi
  23. 23. Happiness Session A shorter version of the one day workshop, ‘The Happiness Session’ can also be custom designed to suit an organisation’s needs. Pictures from one such session conducted for HP.
  24. 24. Testimonials We were looking for an offsite partner for conducting our annual offsite but wanted to gain the most out of it by clubbing it with a training for our employees. It is then that we got to know about the Happiness Workshop by Green Smyles and decided to hire them for the project. We were extremely glad with the arrangements made by them and the employees came back a happier lot with the after effects of the workshop staying with them long after we returned. All in all, a very pleasurable experience. - Aditya Parekh, CEO, FSDPL The programme was a nicely arranged one and full of learning activities. The faculty was very impressive in expressing the thoughts and conveying the message of the workshop. The overall rating would be 4.5 / 5. Such programmes should be conducted more often! – Saurabh Malviya, ET, NTPC The Happiness Workshop has been one of the best investments made by the HR team. The results have been extremely encouraging, with there being new found positivity in the working environment. The employees are more enthusiastic than before and the team is motivated as a unit. Extremely praise worthy work by Green Smyles! Look forward to working with them again. - Priyanka, Director HR, Fire Safety Devices Pvt Ltd
  25. 25. Testimonials A refreshing change from our mundane routines. It felt really good to do some activities without giving a thought to what others might think or say. All in all, a memorable experience. - Stuti Garg, Assistant Manager, NTPC It was fun, touched lighter side of life. Was happy after attending it. Small things do really give you large happiness at times. – Ansari Saba, Assistant Manager, NTPC Change from usual workshops that talk about work life balance. Kudos to the organisation for their endeavours. – Nupur Tiwari, Assistant Manager, NTPC Training workshops can be boring, and they very often are. But there’s something about the workshops that we conduct in association with Green Smyles that not only entertain along with educating our clients but also leave a lasting impression that only makes the participants ask for more. It is their spontaneity and the creativity with which they approach a workshop, that has helped their sessions a sought after affair for one and all. – Pranav Bhatia, Director, Zigedu Learning Solutions
  26. 26. About the trainer, Prateek Shah Prateek Shah is a dynamic trainer who conducts workshops & seminars at some of the leading organizations, institutes and corporates across the country. He has trained professionals at associations like FICCI, AMA, FISME; conducted workshops for employees of organizations such as SBI, L&T-PBEL, Citibank, Philips, Home Credit, CNN IBN, Hindustan Times; and is a regular speaker at seminars like International Youth Forum, Digital Marketing Conclave, iPolicy for NGOS & Journalists. His work has also been recognized by the media and his thoughts regularly appear in publications like Business Standard, The Times of India - NBT, Dataquest, Asian Age, The Sunday Indian Magazine and others. Prateek’s innovative methods of training along with his interactive skills make his workshops lively and fun for the audience, making them eager to participate and contribute in a collective manner. His key ability is to be able to adapt to change quickly and provide customized solutions. You can know more at
  27. 27. Journalists Workshop for Journalists at Mussoorie in association with CCS
  28. 28. NGOs Workshop for NGOs held in Delhi NCR in association with Center of Civil Society
  29. 29. Ahmedabad Management Association Conducted session at Ahmedabad Management Association
  30. 30. International Youth Forum At the International Youth Forum addressing an international audience of youngsters
  31. 31. Media Live chat show on Delhi based Total TV
  32. 32. Articles The Sunday Indian SMEntrepreneur Regularly invited to write articles on a host of subjects for various magazines.
  33. 33. Media Mentions DNA Dataquest DNA
  34. 34. Media Mentions Education Times, DNA DNA
  35. 35. We’ll be happy to make you happy :) + 91 98106 20791