Its time to rise and shine


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People today have the liberty to make use of the many available platforms in order to chase and achieve their dreams. Discussing in this ppt how online and social media have played a huge role in enabling change and empowering people. No matter how big or small one's dream is, with the right approach and determination, everything can be made possible.

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Its time to rise and shine

  1. Its timetorise andshine
  2. presented byPrateek Shah,www.prateekshah.comtweets @PrateekShahfounder, Green
  3. The Past
  4. most of thepower tomake publicopinion, influence thoughtsand passjudgments liein some hands
  5. The Present
  6. events whereonline andsocial mediaenabledpeople tochangethe world
  7. One manwas enoughto bring theleaders ofthe world totheir knees.without theinternet, Wikileakswouldn’thave existed
  8. Mobilising support duringnatural calamities has gota strong boost, as seen inthe case of Japan
  9. An unknown face fueled one of thebiggest modern day civil wars, a war that spread like wildfire because of social media
  10. The personalaccounts ofpeople fromTunisia helpedcitizens fromother countries also realise thatchange is possible. Egypt oustedHosni Mubarak
  11. Libyans followed. Gaddafi was next to go.
  12. The extent of Arab Spring
  13. At first, no media house reportedabout the Occupy Movement. After many tweets and posts, they all caved in.
  14. The issue of whether they are doing the right thing can be debated. but such a wellcoordinated hacktivist movementjust wouldn’t have been possiblewithout the net
  15. Websites wanted to protestSOPA/PIPA, they blacked out for a day. they won.
  16. Even though showing online support didn’tmean that all thepeople went and physically stood for the cause, itcreated enough buzz to move a nation
  17. Is the Kony campaign for real? Who knows. But did it createa never before seen impact?Yes it did. A YouTube video was allit took.
  18. Is this you?
  19. But thequestion is
  20. Which stepare you at?
  21. Lets learn some lessonsfrom ordinary people on how to achieve our dreams immaterial ofhow small, big or mediocre they are
  22. Uploaded Video on YouTube.Spotted by producer. Rest is history.
  23. Millions know Matt. And this guydoesn’t even dance well mind you.
  24. If a simple game can become sofamous, so can your idea. You have the power of the net with you. Freeware, free listing of apps, free social networks, everything’s free Its time you setyourself free as well.
  25. Pranav Mistry - Simple man, big dreams, followed them, madebreakthrough, did the rest.
  26. Site to register blood donors andhelp people when in need today has thousands of registered members
  27. Just two people running it. Noorganisational structure, no major donations. Happened online.
  28. all of 26, Sonal Kapoor is running PROTSAHAN, a successful NGO for kids. Garners a lot of supportOnline from different corners of theworld. Facebook empowered her.
  29. Young boy starts a portal to make relevant news reach out topeople. Site now reaches out toover 4.5 million people every month.Anshul Tewari.
  30. Simple community on facebookturns into a smile movement of sorts.50,000 members later, there is adedicated virtual helpline foranybody wanting tosmile. SmileSpreaders.Runanonymously.
  31. The Future
  32. An increasingly honestworld where you bringculprits to justice An era where your social or financial background don’t affect you anyway. A global village where you have access to help and the power to assist people anywhere
  33. Its time to follow your dream Its time to tell the world you can Its time to rise and shine
  34. Wish you All The Best!