Google and yahoo search engine technology comparison
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Google and yahoo search engine technology comparison






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    Google and yahoo search engine technology comparison Google and yahoo search engine technology comparison Document Transcript

    • Google and Yahoo Search Engine Technology Comparison A search engine, such as Yahoo! or Google, is an online tool that helps users of the World Wide Web find the sites and information they're looking for. The internet is a huge and overwhelming place to look for things. Without search engines such as Yahoo and Google .it would be nearly impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. This is the precise reason that Google has continued to be a household name, they focus on saving your time and helping you find exactly what it is you are looking for on the web with their advertisements being relevant to the search topic. Yahoo more focuses on ad revenues and increasing page views. These are the eight major differences what I have found till now. 1 Well Google is faster than Yahoo. Google index the site and articles faster than yahoo and traffic more gather on Google. 2 Google updates very fast where as yahoo little bit slow. 3 Both search engines are good but in my opinion Google is best search engine because Google provide always relevant results against query. 4 Google and yahoo both differ from each other and use its own algorithm. Google much concern about off-page where as Yahoo much concern about on-page factors.
    • 5 As what I know their difference is Yahoo algorithm doesn’t have page ranking feature while Google has its own page ranking feature and most webmasters think meta description is quite important in yahoo, but only little importance in Google. Tim Mayor from Yahoo says 6 According to united state serve in April 2008, Google acquired more than 62% search engine market where as Yahoo 17.2%. It shows that there is very big difference in yahoo search market and Google search market. 7 Google is simplistic whilst Yahoo is overcomplicated. 8 Google is famous for decentralization and redundancy whereas yahoo isn’t.
    • The difference is explained with the help of table – Basis Google Yahoo Nature Simple complicated Relevant More relevant Less relevant Search technology Similar to yahoo Similar to Google ranking links Inbound links differently Inbound links differently Redundancy Redundancy present Less redundancy Update Update more frequently Update less frequently Algorithm more concern about off-page factors Much concern about on-page factors Page rank Have own page ranking features Doesn’t have page ranking features SUMMARY - In conclusion, the technology behind both Yahoo and Google is very similar but yahoo and Google differ in the rankings. It is quite obvious that Google, the most important search engine, is the hardest to penetrate and achieve high positions for competitive keywords. Yahoo has recently changed its policy and is now harder to manipulate and to its merit also holds the most accurate back link count. Yahoo is more complicated and advertiser-focused.