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Content creator and solutions provider for corporate presentations, case studies, articles and speeches.

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Caerus Solutions

  1. 1. Caerus High Impact Communication Solutions
  2. 2. The paradox of communication requirements
  3. 3. Builds Awareness Improves Bottom-line Reduces Conflict Competitive Differentiation Perceptions of ExpertiseRole for organizational content, communication
  4. 4. Diverse Target audience Lack of uniform Template Talent Limitations of editorial Conflicting demand on TimeHowever, organizations face many challenges
  5. 5. Introducing content solutions from Caerus
  6. 6. Coherence Conciseness Consistency Connection ComprehensibilityThe Caerus ‘Co’ Principles
  7. 7. PresentationsCase Studies Articles Speeches Our services
  8. 8. WritingResearch, Content, Copy Rewriting Structure, Flow, Style Editing Usage and Structure #1: Content and editorial solutions
  9. 9. PrimaryResearch andUnderstanding Conceptualizing and Creating Content Developing Final Integrated Document The Caerus process
  10. 10. Credentials presentation for a new business Audience – potential clients Tonality – professional, classic and understatedExample: Process flow in credentials presentation
  11. 11. Communication for the 20th century Audience -Management Trainees Tone and approach - Simple, lucid, InstructiveExample: Training module for marketing interns
  12. 12. Skin care amongst teenage girls Audience- Brand and communication team Tone and approach: Young – representing the target consumerExample: Informal brainstorming session
  13. 13. The changing geography of ideas: Resurgence of India Innovation Inc Audience- Global pharmaceutical professionals Tone and approach: Statistical, data heavyExample: Seminar on Indian innovation
  14. 14. Branding Corporate consistency Theme Concept , Logic Aesthetic Illustration, Graphics,#2: Design and Layout Solutions
  15. 15. After BeforeExample: Drug development process
  16. 16. AfterBefore Example: Supply chain tracking
  17. 17. Example: Movie theme for youth
  18. 18. Caerus Edge : Communication for Performance
  19. 19. #1: Sharply focused solutions
  20. 20. #2: Time and cost optimization
  21. 21. #3: Customized content created for audiences
  22. 22. #4: Builds perception of domain expertise
  23. 23. #5: Quick turnaround times
  24. 24. Hand picked team of executives with over 10 years experience incommunication, brand management in reputed advertising agencies Our team
  25. 25. Bilcare Research* Anand Rathi * Pathfinders Destination Management Services*Thought Blurb* Thought Bubbles* Asli Ya Nakli* Our clients
  26. 26. Caerus SolutionsPranoti Sheldenkar-Thakur +91 9823268565/ Partner us
  27. 27. pronunciation: KY-russ,. Greek Καιρός, KairosCaerus Spirit of opportunity, luck and favourable moments Son of the King of Gods, Zeus Always represented as beautiful youth with winged feet and a single lock of hair, which can be grasped The lock which can be grasped. End-note
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