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Prad times 2012 jan june

  1. 1. January – June, 2012 AccoladesCountry’s Top Honour for Our Hon’ble Chancellor! Accolades for Our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, Hon‘ble Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, has been nominated as a Member of the Higher Education Steering Committee of Planning Commission, Government of India. He is also a member of the Steering Committee on AYUSH, Health and Family Welfare Division; Planning Commission, Government of India; Sectoral Innovation Council, Ministry of Health, Government of India; Member on the Boards of several Universities and national Institutions such NIPER, CSIRProf Dr S B Mujumdar, Founder and Chancellor of NBRI, ICMR RRC; Member Taskforce of NationalSymbiosis International University, was bestowed upon Knowledge Commission and Planning Commission;with the country‘s prestigious civilian honour, the Karnataka Innovation Council; Consultant to WHOPadma Bhushan Award by the President of India on Geneva and SEARO. He is Founder Editor-in-Chief of nd22 March 2012. This Award is in recognition of his Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine and onework in the educational fraternity, for setting high of the top cited authors of Elseviers SciTopics. Drstandards in quality education and research. Patwardhan has also been the Convener of National Committee on Promotion of Indian Higher Education Abroad (PIHEAD) of the UGC; He has spearheaded the effort to strengthen biomedical sciences and humanities. 1
  2. 2. January – June, 2012 More Power to the Power Couple of Symbiosis Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Dr Rajiv Yeravdekar, Principal Director, Symbiosis Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, SIUDr Vidya Yeravdekar was awarded the Pune‘s Pride Dr Rajiv Yeravdekar has been nominated as a MemberAward 2011, by the Residency Club, Pune for of the Board of Governors, Medical Council of Indiaexcellence in the field of education. She has received (MCI), by the Government of India. He is also amany awards including - Young EDGE Education Member of the Central Supervisory Board (CSB)Award and JIWO International Women Award. She is constituted under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natalthe member of University Grant Commission as well Diagnostic Techniques Act, the Indian Council for Cultural Relation. A Message from our Director "A great teacher never strives to explain her vision: she simply invites you to stand beside her and see for yourself." ~~ Rev R Inman We are very upbeat about the placements at SIMC-B. We have achieved 100% placements yet again. We are also very pleased with the quality of the students in the incoming batch. The new batch also has professionals who have worked in the industry for an average 4-5 years. They are well settled in their professions and are very serious about taking the plunge in the field of Advertising and Public Relations. As the deemed Centre for Excellence in AD & PR for the Group, visibility for SIMC-B is ever rising, we are indeed looking forward to more happening happening times ahead. Life at SIMC-B is surely going to be more exciting. Prof Maya Chakravarti V 2
  3. 3. January – June, 2012 Hon’ble Chancellor visits Bangalore CampusThe Founder Chancellor of Symbiosis InternationalUniversity Padma Bhushan Prof Dr S B Mujumdar,visited our Campus on April 19. The faculty and staff hadthe privilege of listening to Dr Mujumdar‘s address andinteracting with him. In his interaction with faculty andstaff Dr Mujumdar shared the genesis of Symbiosiswhich was envisaged by him over four decades ago. Hisclarity of vision and his purpose of determination hasmade the Group reach the glorifying heights that it is attoday.While narrating his real life experience at FergussonCollege, he said that it was then that he realized thedifficulties faced by foreign students, particularly thosefrom Afro Asian countries, studying in Pune. And soinspired by the ideals of Viswa Bharati of Gurudev Tagore and Antar Bharati of Sane Guruji, and with the desireof helping foreign students with a Home away from Home, in 1971 he established Symbiosis, which meansliving together of two different organisms for mutual benefit. He said that the motto of Symbiosis ―VasudhaivaKutumbakam" – ‗The world is one family‘ has been truly reflected and realized.His motivational message was that every human ought to have intellect in mind, compassion in heart andpassion in belly to succeed in life. During this visit Dr Mujumdar also toured the entire Symbiosis Campus andexpressed his contentment over the fine maintenance of the Campus. Visit of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor to Bangalore CampusHonourable Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Bhushan Patwardhanvisited SIMC-B on three different occasions.During his visit he interacted with the staff and faculty. Healso toured the Campus. Every visit by him has been alesson in professionalism and focus on excellence. 3
  4. 4. January – June, 2012Are We Really Growing? An Analysis of the Union Budget 2012-2013In the midst of The Greece debt crisis exempting basic customs duty on Right to Education - Sarva Shikshain Europe, political uncertainty in the import of fertilizer-making equipment Abhiyan to Rs 25,555 crores and byMiddle-East, the great North-East for 3 years, reducing excise duty on 29 per cent for Rashtriya Madhyamikearth-quake in Japan, slowdown in matches manufactured by semi- Shiksha Abhiyan.growth of the economy, deteriorating mechanised units by 4% andfiscal conditions and political increasing external commercial Fiscal deficit of 5.1% is being tooturbulence; Union Finance borrowing but was harsh on optimistic; because our country isMinister Pranab Mukherjee gold loan providers by subsidy handicapped .The subsidiespresented the Budget 2012-13. increasing the customs duty projected by the government are on gold. somehow dependent on theThe Union budget for 2012- dynamism of the international macro13 has largely been seen by Instead of boosting local economy factors.commentators as one that‘s manufacturing, thecautious and makes no budget proposed to raise The growth is not possible till we domajor game changing excise duty to 12 percent not deleverage, so that the Balancepropositions. from 10 percent which is likely of Payment is under control. As theDisappointing a large to hurt construction government‘s public borrowing issection of income tax payers companies and increasing which can be a majorin the country, finance minister infrastructure. Power utilities cause of instability and furtherPranab Mukherjee made a small are likely to benefit after the decrease the growth rate.raise of 20,000 in the exemption limit budget proposed a 2-year exemption So now it is on the financial advisorsfor individual tax payers. on import duty for companies to decide that are we going for importing thermal coal. meaningful deleveraging or are weThe budget opened the supermarket Agriculture continues to be a priority still subsidiary handicapped .Thesector to foreign giants bringing joy to for the Government. The outlay for budget does not really havethe lives of retailers. Though it made Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) something that is directing us towardsluxury cars, eating out at restaurants is being increased from Rs. 7,680 growth , and also no hopes that theor hotel accommodation expensive it crores in 2011-12 to Rs. 9,217 crores next budget will carry somethingfailed to deliver on diesel subsidies. in 2012-13. Another major point that beneficial as it is going to be theAt the same time it made life saving came across in this year‘s budget populous budget.drugs and iodine cheaper. The was the provision of Rs. 1,93,407budget was a heart-break for crores for Defence Services which Again as the tax slab has beenenvironmentalists, but it did give include Rs. 79,579 crores for capital revised in favour of common men, soagriculturalists a reason to cheer. expenditure. it is still left on personal discretion to Oil explorers such as ONGC, Oil take UNION BUDGET 2012 asIndia and Cairn India might prove to It showered blessings on the positive or else to be flat. And inbe the biggest losers of the budget. It education sector by proposing an times to come the practical aspects ofbrought relief to some by fully increase in allocation by 21.7 % for it will unfold. (contd…) 4
  5. 5. January – June, 2012Gains Losses Minimum exemption limit for income tax raised  Most daily use items will be dearer as excise to Rs.2,00,000 from Rs.1,80,000 duty on manufactured goods is raised by 2% Tax slabs raised: In Rs.2-5 lakh bracket levy  Treatment in private hospitals will cost more will be 10 percent, for income between Rs.5-10  Air travel, hotel stay, hiring a lawyer is going lakh levy would be 20 percent and above Rs.10 lakh it is 30 percent to cost more  Luxury cars, gold, polished gems to become Further exemption of Rs.5,000 for those going dearer for preventive health check-up  Cars whose length is more than four meters LCD, LED television sets will become cheaper and engine capacity (1,200 cc for petrol) due to excise duty cuts (1,500 cc for diesel) will be costlier Life saving drugs, branded readymade  Smokers and tobacco users will pay more for garments will cost less cigarettes, beedis, pan masala Electric vehicles may cost less as duty breaks  Buyers will have to shell out more for liquor extended to batteries too Drinking facilities and sanitation will be improved. - Akansha Agarwal4th BIFFES 2011One of the highlights of 2011 tirelessly right from Day-1 offor the city of Bangalore, as the festival to ensure that thewell as for the students of event was organized thSIMC-B, was the 4 successfully. The tasks of theBengaluru International Film volunteers includedFestival (BIFFES) held on everything from receiving th nd15 – 22 December 2011. high profile guests at theThe festival was organized by airport, managing things atthe Karnataka Chalanachitra the hotels where the guestsAcademy for the Government stayed, venue managementof Karnataka. at the locations where the films were screened, mediaVolunteers from SIMC-B toiled management and many 5
  6. 6. January – June, 2012more. Nobel Chor (Indian Cinema), Gandhi Smiles and Puttakkana Highway (Kannada Cinema).The event featured 130 foreign films from 40different countries, 30 from Indian Cinema and 15 The film festival saw the screening of many otherfrom Kannada Cinema. The venues for the films, making it an interesting and worthwhilescreenings were Fame Lido Complex, Central Inox, experience. As for the students ofJP Nagar, Rejoyz at Malleswaram, Department ofInformation on Infantry Road, Badami House at NR SIMC-B, apart from the pleasure of watching someSquare and Suchitra in BSK II Stage. of the best world cinema, the film festival was also an experience packed with learning and enjoyment.This year‘s Best film awards went to Lucky(International Cinema), Flying Fish (Asian Cinema), -Shaliny Chandy5th International Women’s Conference, 2012 thThe 5 International Women‘s Conference was held actress, performer and choreographer Shobhana,at the headquarters of the Art of Living Ashram, The St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre and Bulgarian rd thBangalore held on 3 Feb – 5 Feb 2012. Renowned drummer Elitsa Todorova performed at this event.personalities from all over the world had come to The audience were spellbound by each performance.attend this event. Over 55 countries were part of the The students of Symbiosis Institute of Media &conference. Celebrated women from different fields Communication, Bengaluru worked behind thecame forward to share their knowledge and make scenes and helped make this event a grand success.this world a beautiful and joyous place to live in. The They helped in the various fields of media,topic of the conference was ‗Women & Technology. photography, video-making, venue co-ordination,The impressive list of speakers included Ms. Ravina guest relations, webcasting and live updates onRaj Kohli, Director of Jobcorp, Hon‘ble Dr. Daggubati social networking sites among others. It was a greatPurandeshwari, Minister of State for Human learning experience for every one of them. Prof.Resource Development (Higher Education), Govt. of Maya Chakravarti V, Director of Symbiosis InstituteIndia among others. It was fascinating to listen to of Media & Communication, Bengaluru was one ofwhat all these intelligent women had to say about the distinguished speakers at the Conference. Hertechnology and what impact it has had in their thoughts were quoted as ―They say technology isrespective fields. devised by man. I believe that technology isPerformers from different spheres displayed their creatively harnessed by woman.‖wonderful talent for this occasion. Accomplished -Supriya CharThe Stage of LiberationSIMC-B had the wonderful opportunity in February presentation headed by Evan Hastings- theatricalof hosting Shadow Liberation- an interactive theatre educator, poetic performer and innovative activist, 6
  7. 7. January – June, 2012along with his team from the Srishti School of Art, of oppression and violence on stage, after whichDesign and Technology, Bangalore. people from the audience were asked to be a part of the drama by replacing any of the characters andEvan Hastings, theatre artist and drama therapist, bringing a change into the situation.has worked in various countries with several peopleand helped them address unresolved conflicts and The students of SIMC-B were immenselyissues that are universal in nature. He uses the enthusiastic to be a part of the performance andAugusto Boal‘s Forum Theatre style to carry out his brought to light various means of interventions thatShadow Liberation workshops. He has a vibrant could curtail the injustices happening in of youngsters who are specially trained bythem to carry out this form of theatre workshops. Shadow Liberation‘s unconventional andThe workshop conducted at SIMC-B involved breakthrough methods of creating an awakeningutilizing Drama Therapy to spread awareness and within us as individuals worked wonderfully. Theencourage people to engage in improvisational workshop motivated and inspired the audience tointerventions against gender violence and other look beyond themselves and make a positivesuch oppressions. The team enacted various scenes contribution towards the society they live in. - Aloka ChatterjeaCelebrating CommunicationCommunication Day was celebrated in the SIMC-B The guest of honor, CEO-Brandcomm, Mr Sridharauditorium on 9 December, 2011. The chief guest Ramanujam had the audience in splits with his wittyfor the event was celebrated journalist Sir Mark remarks, as he spoke about the various dimensionsTully, former Chief of Bureau, BBC, New Delhi. In of significant communication.his keynote address, he urged the importance ofmaintaining cordial media relations in order to The day also witnessed the unveiling of the SIMC-Bfacilitate effective communication. 2011 Yearbook at the hands of the esteemed guests on stage along with Prof. Maya Chakravarti V, Director SIMC-B. On this occasion, SIMC-B also presented ‗Mortal Men Immortal Memories‘ - a tribute to the stalwarts and legends from the world of arts, music and films; Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, MF Hussain, Shammi Kapoor, Gautam Rajadhyaksha, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Steve Jobs, jagit Singh, Bhupen Hazarika, Indira Goswami, Dev Anand and Anant Pai. Shadow Liberation group from Srishti College of Art & Design, took over the stage to give a presentation revolving around the work that they do concerning social oppressions. The presentation was highly 7
  8. 8. January – June, 2012appreciated and commended by all. It showed a mesmerized the audience with their classicaldifferent aspect by the significance of percussion music.The performance was organizedCommunication- communicating to stop social by Spic Macay Society for Promotion of Indianinjustice and gender violence. Classical Music and Culture among Youth, in association with SIMC-B, as an initiative toThe event celebrations concluded with a wonderful communicate Indian classical music and culture.performance by the Mysore Brothers who -Aloka ChatterjeaPRAD Spotlight - Events & WorkshopsCentrestage 2011SIMC-B‘s Annual Inter-College Festival was held on 20September – 21 September 2011 with participants coming infrom SIBM-B, Narsee Monjee, Christ Univeristy, SP JainUniversity, IFIM and Manipal University. The flawlesslymanaged two day event provided a platform for diverse talentsto unfold and also served as a refreshing break from theacademically driven schedules.ECLIA Expo 2012ELCIA Expo 2012 has been the first ever initiative of its kindby the Electronic City Industrial Association, in an attempt tobring about a confluence of corporate entities within Electronic City for better networking and effectiveconsolidation and utilization of the pool of expertise available in the neighbourhood. This event was held on11 January 2012.SIMC-B successfully carried out Event Management for the same. Special accolades were also received for―Walk for a Cause‖ staged by the students of SIMC-B.Inauguration of Blossom Multi-Specialty CentreSIMC-B‘s consultancy client Blossom inaugurated its first Multi-Specialty Medical Centre earlier this February.The inaugural program was compeered by the students of SIMC-B; Saroma Srinidhi and Darren Pereira. 8
  9. 9. January – June, 2012CLIK 2012CLIK 2012- Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka, was heldat the World Trade Centre in Sheraton Bangalore on 11 February 2012this year. This event was managed by the students of SIMC-B. Theexhibitors comprised of personalities from the leading electronicindustries of Karnataka. The event provided both exposure as well asa wonderful networking opportunity for every participant. Union Minister,Shri Vir Bhadra Singh at our Stall (seen in the picture). PRAD Review Book ReviewReturn On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence MarketingBy Mark Schaefer to achieve your goals. TheReturn on Influence is one of the first books to explore book contains in-depthhow the world‘s most powerful bloggers, tweeters, and explanations of the sourcesYouTube celebrities are being identified and leveraged of online influence; andby brands to build product awareness, brand buzz, and how they can work for ornew sales. against you, as well as interviews with over 50The author, Mark W. experts. It gives an insider‘sSchaefer is a view into the controversialrenowned marketing social scoring company,consultant and college ‗Klout‘ and its process foreducator. His book assigning influence numbersprovides practical, to everyone.actionable tips toincrease your own Filled with fascinating case studies, interviews, andpersonal power and insider advice, this action-ready guide prepares you foronline influence and the next wave of social networking. This is low-cost,more than a dozen original social influence marketing high-speed, influence driven and powerful studies, to show how the latest breakthroughs in This is how to win friends and influence people in thesocial networking and Influence Marketing can be used digital age—with a ‘return on influence’! -Shaliny Chandy 9
  10. 10. January – June, 2012 Film ReviewMoneyball Mints MagicWhat is the relation between managerial skills and method of selecting players based on their On Basesports? Why is appropriate management required to Percentage. Together they plan out the team andget the right mix and talent, skill and select highly underrated playersvictory? ‗Moneyball‘ directed by Bennett who would not have beenMiller gives the answers to all these selected otherwise.questions. Brad Pitt plays the maincharacter of Billy Beane. The film is basically all about the journey of the team after usingThe movie is about Billy Beane, the this unique selection method.General Manager of Oakland AthleticsBaseball team, leading his team to win 20 The film is interspersed withconsecutive games. His team made an Billy‘s flashbacks where heAmerican League record by winning 20 ponders over his decision toconsecutive games. choose baseball over Stanford. These scenes, according to me,The movie starts with the defeat of the have been portrayed very well.Oakland A‘s to the New York Yankees in Also Billy‘s rapport with his2001. Billy Beane is upset as it marks the daughter has been shot verybeginning of all the best players of the leaving. Billy tries to build anefficient team but is unable to do so because of The film is a wonderful combination of humanshortage of funds. With the help ofa Yale Economics emotions, baseball statistics and the love one cangraduate, Peter Brand, Billy comes up with a unique have for his team. -Supriya Char PRAD Insight Innovations in AdvertisingAdvertising: A lot has been already written and spokenabout it. Now what makes advertising so special and Commercial advertising as a broad category includeswhy should you read this? Hasn‘t advertising been wall paintings, street furniture components, printedpresent with us for a long time now? What is being flyers and rack cards, banners, brochures, catalogs,done in the current market which helps the brand shopping carts, bus stop benches, human billboards,break through the clutter and reach the audience? sides of buses, taxicab doors, passenger screens,Innovation in advertising is the key answer. trains, supermarkets, backs of event tickets and 10
  11. 11. January – June, 2012receipts. Any place an ―identified‖ sponsor pays to advertising scenario is growing and so is the potentialdeliver their message through a medium is advertising. of the people employed within it. Innovations are doneThere are a lot of innovations that are being carried to capture the audience based on the AIDA model thatout in these mediums as the traditional mediums are is by attracting attention raising the interest, creatingincreasing facing ad clutter. A creative idea desire and stimulating an action. Companies want toimplemented with an innovative medium with low catch their target audience when they least expect it.spending is the key advertisers and marketers are This will help then to retain top of the mind recallusing to unlock consumer‘s minds in these especially if the idea is executed creatively. Lastly,recessionary times. A wall painting by a roadside is creativity will never go unnoticed. It has and willcommercial advertising; the same wall painting on a always be capable of amusing, entertaining andsix floored building constitutes innovation. The Indian leaving the audiences in awe! -Maithili Sawant Innovations In PRIn the advertising world, the right combination of is ever evolving, and technology has a lot to do withmoney and brainpower has meant the advent of the changes that are happeningtechnologies that are helping CMOs, CEOs, and CFOsbetter determine, with actual quantitative fact, how Be it in any field, the innovations in PR help theeffective their campaigns are. Its certainly where company or the agency to sustain and thus have acompanies are spending a lot of time and resources great reputation in the market. As a result, PRthese days. practitioners need technologies that can help them determine centres of influence and where attention In the past, influence on reputation was fairly easy to should be paid, much like algorithms help hedge fundpinpoint and it typically centered managers uncover goodon a set of journalists. The investment strategies. The righteffective PR professional could mix of capital and intellect canmanage influence through make the difference. Smart,strong media relationships and nimble PR firms need financiala good set of messages aimed backing to help them innovate. Atdirectly at the target group. For the same time, the best PR firmsinstance, one of the major will invest in their people. Thistrends in PR and social media approach will have enormoushas been the company- and exciting implications for thecustomer interaction. Lately, the industry. Gone are the days ofrule has become the closer you are with the people mere press release and press conference. With adventwho buy your products, the better off you are. People of technology, innovative PR is on the rise.want businesses that are open and personable, notcold grey buildings full of men in suits. Public relations -Maithili Sawant 11
  12. 12. January – June, 2012 PRAD Technology/New MediaFreedom of Expression, Anyone?It is a gargantuan task to monitor all the content that is not equipped with the technology to undergo andput on social networking sites. Mr Kapil Sibal however sustain such an initiative.feels differently. The Indian telecom minister hasappealed to popular social networking sites to form The Government is well within its power to ban ortheir own guidelines to monitor the content on the blacklist websites on the basis of noncompliance.platforms to bring sync with the culture of the country. Serious backlash may come forth from the mediaThis move in a way goes against the fundamental right itself. The traffic on the sites, coupled with ever increasing Ad sales could all be lost if the website fails to maintain this Herculean task. Online business may even shut down as the users may feel ‗watched‘. It won‘t be long before the public discussions online are pre-screened. With someone over your shoulder all the time, it would be detrimental to the purpose if one circumvents the law. Corruption will only be fed further and no one stands to gain otherwise. The very Democracy that we uphold may come under the scanner. Knowledge is nothing if it is not coupled with freedom and learning is redundant without sharing. In a booming economy one needs to source the right information, unedited. If everything that goesof the public to share and express what they feel. up comes back down doctored then the nation remainsMoreover, the decision that stems from the Information merely engineered.Technology Act 2000 may actually never hold fort. It isobvious in more ways than one that the Government is - Sameer Roopawala STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENTS Extra Curricular  nd LIAR LIAR (Public Speaking & Literary Event of IIM UNMAAD) – 2 Position - Aloka Chatterjea  nd Poetry Slam (Christ University Fest)- 2 Position - Aloka Chatterjea 12
  13. 13. January – June, 2012  Apprentice" a B - School Marketing Case Study Competition at NMIMS- First position -Varun Shah  Ad MAD competition at Unmaad, IIM Bangalore - First position -Jayati Ahuja, Kriti Panth, Ravinder Purohit  Presented a research paper at The Banras Hindu University on the topic Breaking the Clutter in sustaining a brand - best research paper presented at BHU - Roshan Munot, Prativindya Patil, and Rakesh iyer  nd Looney Toons- cartoon strip competition, Unmaad IIM-B - 2 Position - Bhavini Mittal and Yadu Pradeep  Cartoon strip making – Inbloom Christ University - Third prize -Yadu Pradeep  Presented a research paper at the Banras Hindu University on Trends & Future of Subliminal Perception in Communication - the research paper was selected as the best research paper presented at BHU - Anisha Nair, Nakul Dutt, Saloni Arora  Marketing event Apprentice at NMIMS – Finalist - Kevan Anand  nd Nissan New product idea - Parth Shah -2 position  nd Centerstage- group dance - 2 position - Ankita Pal, Kevan Anand, Shraddha Mudliar, Shree DasAcademics- 1st semester topper – Akansha Agarwal 3rd semester topper – Nikita Sharma PRAD Digest Steve Jobs: The Story of a Legend Steve Jobs is a name that is He was only 56 years old and he left behind a wife and almost interchangeable with the four children. popular technological organization Apple Inc. The co- Steve Jobs has been associated with Apple Inc. since founder, chairman and Chief 1978 and ended his tenure there as the CEO in 2011. Executive Officer died a sad He also founded NeXT Computers in 1985, and its th death on October 5 , 2011, highlight was that Tim Green invented the World Wide sending the world into mourning. Web at CERN. NeXT was acquired by Apple Inc. 1997. 13
  14. 14. January – June, 2012In 1986, he bought The Graphics Group, which later splant in 2009, and appeared progressively thinner asbecame Pixar. When Disney and Pixar merged, he his health declined. On medical leave for most of 2011,became the largest stakeholder in Disney. He came Jobs resigned as Apple CEO in August that year andback to Apple Inc. when it bought NeXT. was elected Chairman of the Board. He died of respiratory arrest related to his metastatic tumor onIn 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreas neuro- October 5, 2011. Memorials were conducted for thisendocrine tumor. Though it was initially treated, he legend outside all Apple stores across the world.reported a hormone imbalance, underwent a liver tran -Saroma Srinidhi Oscar GloryThe glitz, the glamour, the fashion and let‘s not forget it went to Jean Dujardin for his work in ‗The Artist‘.the movie stars! There is only Crowd favourite, Meryl Streep,one event in the world that took home the award for Bestattracts the who‘s who of the Actress, beating Glenn Closeentertainment industry in and Michelle Williams to nameHollywood, and the eyes of a few.those beyond. This year will godown in history, as a silent film ‗The Artist‘ took home anotherhas won Best Picture award for coveted award with the Bestthe first time in 83 years. ‗The Director going to MichelArtist‘ is also the first French film Hazanavicius. It took hometo win the Best Picture award at five awards in total, includingthe Oscars. Original Score.Held annually at the Hollywood The Oscars, as usual, hasand Highland Centre in Los scandal attached to it, and thisAngeles, the Oscars is year, it was a homosexual slursomething that movie uttered by the former producerenthusiasts look forward to all Brett Ratner. The host Eddieover the world. This year, the Murphy also stepped downceremony took place on with Ratner‘s resignation and thFebruary 28 , and the the new host Billy Crystal wasnominations for the awards were announced on called in, marking his ninth time as the host. The event, thJanuary 24 . nonetheless, was a massive success.Though there were big names like George Clooneyand Brad Pitt in the nominees for the Best Actor award, -Saroma Srinidhi 14