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Prad times 2011 sept

  1. 1. In this Issue Art Of Living Mr Eric Chinje Filmciation Blood Donation Camp Symphonic Rhapsody A Pythian Ode Fight against Corruption Integrated Disaster Management Placements Creatives Achievements
  2. 2. Hon’ble Chancellor Principal Director Padma Shri Dr.S.B.Mujumdar, Founder and President, Neighbour’s envy, Owner’s Pride Symbiosis, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Pune Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director has been Festival Award’ of 2011, in appreciation of his invaluable bestowed upon with Punes Pride Award 2011. contributions in the field of education since past several decades. the University of Pune for over 10 years, Hon’ble Vice Chief of Academics of Manipal Education Chancellor Group for three years and also founding Director of Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore. He is founder Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine and one of the top cited authors of Elsevier SciTopics. He has been a Convener of national committee on Promotion of Indian Higher e r! Education Abroad (PIHEAD) of the UGC, an Pow Wom member of Boards of several Universities and national institutions such NIPER, CSIR ns NBRI, ICMR RRC, member Taskforce of National Knowledge Commission and atulatioma on Planning Commission, Karnataka C ongr hu Shar as Innovation Council, Consultant at WHO Ma d ent Mrs ppointm mbiosis Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan Geneva and SEARO. As Convener of Vision toDr.Bhushan Patwardhan who has over 20 Group of EDGE Forum he is providing her a ar of Sy iversity istryears in academic and University remarkable leadership for innovations in ngovernance brings a unique blend of higher education sector. As Vice Chancellor Reg ational U n InterIndustry-Academia executive culture. Over of Symbiosis International University he will200 publications, 8 Patents and 18 PhD lead the effort to strengthen research,students, he has attracted substantial innovation and entrepreneurship as well asresearch funding from national and addition of new disciples in biomedicalinternational agencies. He was Director of sciences and humanities.Interdisciplinary School of Health sciences of
  3. 3. INAUGURATION OF he inaugural program was hosted on Friday, June 17, 2011. The President of the The speakers of the induction program included Prof. Premkumar Parameshwaran, senior HR consultant;CLASS OF 2011-2013 program was Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director, Symbiosis and was Prithvijit Roy, business analyst specialist and entrepreneur; Dr. M H BalaSymbiosis Institute of Media and graced by two other visionaries, Dr. Subrahmanya, Chairman and Professor ofcommunication, Bangalore inaugurated the Santrupt Misra, CEO, Carbon Black Economics at the Department ofnew class (2011-13) students on Friday, July Business, and Director, Group HR, Aditya Management Studies, Indian Institute of17, 2011. The induction program started from Birla Management Corporation Private Science (IISc), Bangalore; Dr. GauravWednesday, June 15, 2011. The induction Limited and Gautam Rajadhyaksha, one of Manik, senior Corporate R&D specialist atprogram saw speakers from diverse sectors Indias leading screenwriter and 3M India; Sanjeeb Patra, part of HSBCso f t h e c o r p o r a t e w o r l d . photographer international manager cadre; Omprakash, VP, Human Resources at Deloitte; Dr. Shankar Venugopal, (co)inventor on 10 issued patents and Innovation Differentiation Leader for Emerging Market Growth at Honeywell Technology Solutions Ltd; and Vanitha Jain, Communications & Brand Management Professional in Insurance, Information technology, Advertising and HR sector. Gautam Rajadhyaksha stressed on how important it is to understand the people of India to succeed in the business world. He asked the students to never disregard their cultural background, and always have their feet on ground, despite all the success and a c c o l a d e s . The induction program was not only motivating but also an eye-opener of what is r e q u i r e d t o s u c c e e d t o d a y. -Synjini Nandy World Bank-Media Head source. His view on each topic was interesting and it was great for the students to be given this Mr. Chinje talked about what he did at the Mr. Eric Chinje World Bank and the communications opportunity to interact with such an accomplished individual sector there. It started off with about twentyThe future President of Cameroon stood people in the early 1980s and increased tofive feet away from the students of SIMC-B about five hundred in the 90s.on June 29th, 2011. His name is Eric Chinje The session was very informative,and he is currently the head of the Global covering a wide range of topics.Media Program at the World Bank.During his session, Mr. Chinje encouragedthe students to ask questions and received avariety of them. One of the questions wasabout television in Cameroon, which hehelped pioneer. Television started in 1984,fraught with political trouble. It was an elitethirty-four people who made the initial team.The French wanted control of the televisioncontent and Mr. Chinje found that hisnationalism fought that thought. Thanks tohim, 65% of the content was locally produced.Another interesting question was about theIndian media in the eyes of the globe. Mr.Chinje felt that the media hasnt caught upwith the fast rate at which the private sector isgrowing. He feels that though India is a powerto be reckoned with globally, the media is verymuch local. The Times Of India, which is one -Saroma Srinidhiof the most well known newspapers in India, &Supriya Charis not an internationally recognized news
  4. 4. Integrated Disaster A Symphonic Rhapsody Management Program Student Council installed, Clubs showcased Preventive medicine has played a very important role in reducing the mortality and morbidity in any population with regard to several important diseases such as plague, syphilis, cholera during several different times in the history of man. But, one grey area that has often taken us by surprise is the occurrence of disasters. The most recent example is Tsunami. The literature relating to disaster management is meagre and there are several hollows that need to be explored. For the very same, SIMC-B introduced the IDMP week as a compulsory module. The IDMP week was conducted from the 18th of July to the 24th of July. Eminent people from different walks of life were invited to speak on the different topics such as Hazard vulnerability, Management of Disasters, first Aid, Hands on training and examination, psychological warfare and terrorism etc. The students saw the likes of ATI, St. Johns, Mr. Pasha, Mr. Shankar Bidari, Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Rajesh, from KSPCB, Dr. AVK Rao, Head EHS, Biocon Ltd, Mr. MP Kanal, Head-Carbon and Energy, Mr. Jaishankar, KSFES, and Major General T M John, chief warden for civil Defence, Karnataka. The session proved to be an eye opener of sorts. -Synjini Nandy A Pythian Ode Various eminent achievers from different The Annual Sports Extravaganza sporting spheres such as Mr M P Ganesh, CEO of Karnataka State Cricket More Muscle ToThe Sports and Adventure Club SAC,SIMC-B organized the Annual sports Association, an Arjuna Awardee and Olympic Medalist with Indian Hockey team, ANNA!!!!extravaganza of SIMC-B on August 25th, Mr Robin Uthappa, Member- Indian2011 “A Pythian Ode”. As a part of the Cricket Team, Mr Arjun Halappa, Striker-National Sports Week commemorating the Indian Hockey Team, Ms BhaktiNational Sports Day, a Round Table on SharmaWorld swimming champion, Mr“The State of Sports in India” with eminent Shree Advani, Sports psychologist, Mssports celebrities participating in it, is being Sushmita Vishwanathan, Vice President,organized. Karnataka Rugby Football Union, Head Womens Division, Ms SaisudhaThe idea behind the event is to discuss the Sugavanam, Programme Director ofcurrent state of sports in India and to GoSports Foundation, Mr Joseph Hoover,support the spirit of Hockey. Former Sports Editor Deccan Herald andThe objective of the round table was to look Mr Kalyan Ashok, Former Sports Editorat sports achievers and talents beyond one the Hindu participated in the deliberations.single game. fight against corruption
  5. 5. businesses on its payroll. It acquired news, Rupert Murdoch story twisted it and dished it out to the unsuspecting public keeping in mind itsIt is soul searching and introspection time own vested interests. The recent scandalfor news media today. Recent happenings centers around the phone voicemailin the UK embroiling NewsCorp owned hacking of a dead British girl, that misled The Symbiosis Institute of Media andBritish tabloid "News of the World" in a her parents into believing that she was still Communication, Bengaluru, in association withphone hacking scandal has rocked the alive. Revelations of top UK cops being on the Electronic City Industries Association,media world and shaken public trust. This their payroll showed how complicit and ELCIA, under the aegis of the Lions Club,has not only resulted in the closure of the greedy public office was. In a mad Bengaluru, had organized a Blood Donationpaper but has ripped the veneer off the scramble to generate sensational news Drive on Thursday, 28th July 2011 at the SIMCface of an ugly media monster that is the thin line between ethics and greed was Campus.threatening the very credibility of crossed.investigative journalism. Students, faculty members, staff of the Institute Incidentally, it was another London based and the corporate world in Electronic CityNewsCorp as an organisation is notorious paper "The Guardian" that doggedly participated in large numbers for this activity.for following unethical means in its news pursued the matter and brought it to the Due acknowledgment was given to all thereporting machinery. It is headed by Aussie fore with some old style investigative donors by issuing them certificates of gratitude.Rupert Murdoch who is famous for his arm reporting. Rupert Murdochs favouritetwisting tactics in belittling the competition saying is "Bury your mistakes". But it Needless to say, the event proved to be aas well as bending the laws to suit his own seems like this time his mistakes are thumping success.whim and fancies. NewsCorp is a creeping up to bury him. Only time will tell.$32billion media conglomerate that has Sayantan Rayamassed a string of impressive mediaproperties all over the world but scratch alittle on the surface and you find it sidingwith suspect businesses and restrictivenations like China. It has a history ofgetting entangled in legal and ethicalmatters, a quagmire; it pays its way out of.News of the World was famous for eyeballgrabbing sensationalism that it achievedthrough a network of jailbirds, historysheets, public servants and heads of Tête-à-Tête with generation watches his movies more than the older ones. He said that it doesnt said that FTII exposed him to many other films and that film school sharpens theMr. Girish Kasaravalli matter if the audience is small, even a few sensibilities and gives shape to a persons thousand, because the ripple is created. creative abilities.Girish Kasaravalli is a seven time national He makes a film hoping that it would beaward winning director and one of the He stressed on the fact that he doesnt understood by everyone. He says that thepioneers of parallel cinema in the make a film just to narrate a story, but that true purpose of any art is to portray socio-Kannada language. He came to SIMC – B its rather his view point. He needs time to political issues.for “Filmiciation”, the film appreciation contemplate, think and research before heworkshop held in August. We were zeros in on an idea for a movie. This isprivileged to talk to him about his life, his why he has made only twelve films inmovies and his career. He shared his twenty-seven years.views with us about commercial cinema, If he had to identify films that he admires,parallel cinema and Kannada movies. he would suggest Roshomon (Kurosawa),His career has spanned for thirty-five Pather Panchali (Ray), Wild Strawberriesyears and he has done eleven films so far. (Ingmar), Ozus movies and movies of theHis films always address social issues, French filmmaker Henri Cartier-Bresson.some which are relevant in society even Out of his own movies, he says thattoday. He said that hes not a part of the Ghatashraddha is his personal industry, but rather a part of the group We asked him about the language barrier When asked about his future projects, heof film makers. He views film as a mode of because most of his films are in Kannada said that there is a script hes working onexpression and not as an extension of and if subtitles do justice. His reply was about an actor who wants to playtheatre and literature. simple saying that all aspects in a movie Mahatma Gandhi, but he finds it difficult to are equally important and that its not just understand the role.His biggest regret till date according to the dialogue. He cannot make a movie sethim is the time when he headed an in a particular place in another language As an end to the wonderful interview, weinstitution for eight years, rather than because it is issue specific, but others will asked him for advice to future filmmakersmaking films and that his films suffered be able to relate to it because human to which he said to not go into Bollywoodbecause of that. He is against compassion, relations and bonds or mainstream cinema, and I quotemainstream cinema, saying that “Its not in transcends languages. “Bollywood is not Indian cinema. It ismy blood”. synthetic cinema.” He gave us a short history about his startWhen asked about the target audience in the industry when asked. He said that We thank Sir for his time and we wish himand if he worries that the younger he was a pharmacist by profession, but all the best in the future and look forwardpopulation wont be interested in parallel took a chance and went to FTII after to his next film.cinema, he replies saying that its a watching Samskara by Satyajit Ray. He -Saroma Srinidhimisconception and that the younger
  6. 6. Filmciation @ SIMC- BStanley Kubrick once said “A film is - or should and Dr Girish Kasaravalli. The choice of films me that movies also have a mind of their - more like music than like fiction. It should screened were varied and belonged to Prof. Manu Chakravarthy provided deepbe a progression of moods and feelings. The different languages and genres. They included timeless classics, abstract films insights into the different aspects of worldtheme, whats behind the emotion, the and the finest works of legendary directors. cinema. Mr. K. Hariharan also delivered quite ameaning, all that comes later”. Being a self- Some of the movies showcased were Bicycle unique speech on his past experiences of film-confessed movie buff myself, I couldnt agree Thieves, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam, Close up, making. He performed an in-depth analysis ofmore. To me, movies have always been a way of Sansho the Bailiff, Kanasembo Kudureyaneri, the movie Sahib,Bibi aur Ghulam. Apart fromescaping into a world of melodrama, short films by Shamiana etc. the intense sessions on movie reviewing, theremelodious songs, extravagant sets and graceful were interesting lectures on topics such asdances. I expected something along the same The distinguishing factor of the workshop was online media, future of moving image medialines from the film appreciation workshop, but the intense dissection of the movies that took and short films.who was to know that it would be so much place after the screenings. What I hadmore. considered abstract art and sometimes a route I strongly believe that all life is an experiment. to escapism became so much more. Movies The more experiments you make the better.The film appreciation workshop was suddenly seemed more complicated and And that is what moviemakers around theconducted from August 5th to August 7th . The intricate than I had ever imagined. The world do. They experiment. Some moviescourse director was Prof Manu Chakravarthy, a discussions which followed the screening become a thumping success, others dont; butwell known film critic and national award pertained to a wide range of topics such as what is important is to break the rigidity, pushwinner. The film appreciation workshop saw camera angles, expressions, lightings, editing, the boundaries and experimentthe likes of eminent personalities such as Mr. H sound design as well as history and the wholeheartedly!N Narahari Rao, Mr. G S Bhaskar, Mr. CyrusDastur, Mr. K Hariharan, Mr. Prakash Belawadi talented movie artists. It suddenly dawned on -Synjini Nandy
  7. 7. Placements for India TV, Hero Honda, Reliance, India TV, HT Media Ltd., and Indigo etc. Class of 2010-11 Students got offers and were placed in organisations like Zee Network, HUL, Unravelling the path of challenges and Wizcraft, Perfect Relations, Ogilvy, difficulties, SIMC–B entered the Idea Spice, India Infoline, Indigo, professional world and is making a Reliance Broadcasting Network Ltd., mark in the industry. At, SIMC – B, Impact, GroupOn, Mindshare, Amagi, learning is a participative and 2 0 : 2 0 M S L , A r c h i e s , U T V, interactive activity. Here, students Exchange4Media and many more. exude creative energies and balance The companies widely recognized academics with extra–curricular SIMCians for their their active activities. The final placements took involvement in the recruitment and place for the pioneer batch of post-recruitment process. Also, they 2009–2011 of SIMC–Bengaluru. indicated full support towards their The Corporate Relation Cell association with SIMC–B in future. contacted the most reputed Ad -Avneet Kaur agencies, PR and Events Agencies, Corporates, Media Houses and Research Agencies like ZEE Network, PepsiCo, HUL, Archies Ltd., Ogilvy, NDTV, Perfect Relations, Wizcraft,PLACEMENTS Summer corporates were appreciative and full of praise. Internship for Some of the agencies and corporates where the students got placed were Class of 2010-11 Ogilvy, Mc Cann Erickson, Leo Burnett, Pepsi Co, Revlon, Titan, Bosch, TATA Motors, Reliance Summer Internship is the time for Retail, Wizcraft, Metro Monkey, Big practical exposure and for tapping a S y n e rg y, S u m e r u Ay u r v e d a , students potential. Vaishnavi, L&T, JWT, Brand Comm, Class of 2010 – 2012 proved it right Big Synergy and many more. by walking an extra mile. They were It gave hands on industry experience placed for their summer internships and an insight into the functioning of in some of the best Ad, PR and Events agencies and corporates. Agencies, Corporates, Research and core Branding Agencies as well. Students did a lot of hard work with enthusiasm and dedication. The work profiles were Events Production, Market Research, Marketing Communication, Branding and Promotion Activities, Creatives, PR, etc. Also, some of the students got a PPO verbally from their industry guides. The feedbacks about the students of - Avneet Kaur SIMC–B by the agencies and
  8. 8. It is said that its wrong to judge a book by its film. But when a book is adapted into a movie, comparison of the two becomesHarry Potter, the name alone has the inevitable.ability to create manic excitement of sucha level that it cannot be expressed inwords. Who would have thought that thefigment of someones imagination wouldhave the power to make such an impactaround the world? Today, Harry Potter,created by J.K.Rowling, resides in many 1. Creative without strategy is calledhearts all around the world. art. Creative with strategy is calledBefore Harry Potter, reading books was advertising.considered a hobby by only a select -Jef I. Richardsgroup of children. Harry Potter broughtback the lost art of reading among them.The books are well written and extremely 2. The best ideas come as jokes. Makearticulate. The main attraction of the your thinking as funny as possible.books is the story. An exciting world of -David Ogilvymagic which was as big and real as the The difference between a book and aregular “muggle” world was unleashed. movie is in its representation. A movie isPeople have been known to lose 3. All life is an experiment. The more visual. In a book, although the writer isthemselves in the magical world of Harry guiding the path, the representation is left experiments you make the better.Potter while reading the books. to the creativity of the readers mind. The -Ralph Waldo EmersonJudging by the popularity of the books, Harry Potter series is no different. Theitseemed obvious at the time to make a only difference is that a Harry Potter fan 4. For a gallant spirit there can never be will love to read the book and watch itsmovie series as well which became a film adaptation. defeat.worldwide phenomenon. Four yearsafter the release of the last book, people - Supriya Char -Wallis Simpsonare thronging the theatres to watch thelast movie which released worldwide on15th July 2011. is slightly on the expensive side. But Ill restaurant another star for their Bangalore at a bet my favorite pair of danglers for a fact that you can barely stop beaming at the hospitality. Talking about finding a table, please make sure you book your table in glance ambience that almost looked ethereal. The soaring Buddha greeting us with a transcendental gaze gave me goose advance since its difficult to barge and catch some space (even on weekdays!) Coming to dining, the cuisine is strictly bumps the minute we set foot in. TheExploring Bengaluru was the first thing on oriental and a breather from the regular lighting, the music, the crowd - everythingmy list when I landed in the city. This Manchurians and the Schezwans. The seemed so finely picked.column was born out of a mere whim, conversations took a back seat in thewhen hit with the question, “What new process of relishing the food whichcolumns would you like to add to the makes me wonder if that was annewsletter to increase readership?” intentional conspiracy at Shiro! TheLanding in a new city is like a bag of crispy corn in warm Teriyaki sauce andopportunities spilling at its seams. So rock salt took no time in goes my first attempt at tasting the The pale sweetness of the corn with aCosmo spices this city has to offer. crispy texture glazed in the sauce can do wonders with your taste buds. Shiro hasSHIRO amazing brunch buffets at remarkable prices which not only boast of a variedUB City, Vittal Mallya Road menu each time, but also a supremeThe idea was a peaceful dinner and quality oriental cooking. I wouldnt bebuoyant conversations. It had been ages surprised to find myself sitting yet again insince I had a classy getaway and got in Shiro next month soaking in thetouch with the Sarah Jessica Parker in Shiro, means castle in Japanese. experience and coming back all starryme. The company and the light banter Exceptionally high ceilings, towering eyed with a warm smile… just enough towere screaming for a stage to brace a sculptures, Buddha heads, red teardrop nudge me into digging up another sparklepopular camaraderie. Shiro sounded curtains, giant red lanterns, thickets of in this city thats worth talking about in myjust right! bamboo and pools of water glowing with next venture. floating candles - redefining the concept -Anisha NairIf youre looking for a Vada Pav and an and experience of a Restaurant andiced latte at the end of the month with a lounge bar. The manager engaging ustight pocket and a craving tongue to into light conversations, the waitersshush, Ill suggest you wait till the next ushering us to our table just got themonth when the wallet is all smiles. Shiro
  9. 9. “Dude, I am so wasted right now.” The Good, Bad “I know girl. (Hic!) Wanna do AGONY AUNT something crazy?” and the Painful “I dont know. Like what?” “Like… like a tattoo. Hahaha. ” Do you have a burning question?The human mind knows no bounds. We “Ahan.” “You can get one of those dragons. Something in your horoscope not sit rightcontinue to hit newer lows every day. A with you? Is your girlfriend or boyfriend Or.. or something even crazier.”fact well demonstrated by the quality of acting weirdly? Do you feel like your life isnt “How about a kitchen sink dude?”ads that are spat out daily by the great, “Yeah. Thats badass. going where you want it to go? Is it not onbig media factory. Just when you begin to the yellow brick road? Or do you just wantthink that you have witnessed the most your name in the PRAD Times?criminal insult on human intelligence andgood taste, the industry churns out an Never fear, Amma is here! She will answerabomination to remind you that things all your questions, tell you the future (becan always go from bad to worse. warned, it will mostly not come true) and ask you to just dance and let it go!Wait, dont tag me a cynic yet. Im notsaying there arent any good ads. Im just Send in your questions, burning hot or icesaying that there are three kinds of ads- cold, to and yougood ads, bad ads and the ones that will get the answers you seek!make you cry. Umm… So, anyway…The other day I decided to run a Google Lets do an analysis…search on the worst ads ever made. Just Unique Selling Proposition : Kitchenfor kicks. In no time I was bombarded sinks that make tattoo -worthy fashionwith a hundred blog entries, all pointing statements. Ooh, ooh! Ive alwaysout why Jessica Simpsons these boots wanted one of those!are meant for walking… probably wasnt Tagline: Make a REAL fashionsmartest choice of soundtrack for a bike statement! How- oh- how could anyonead (Bajaj Pulsar); or how Akshay Kumar disagree!using a Thumbs-Up bottle as a lightning Script: Hahaha. Thats badass.conductor to turn lightning into a soft Visual appeal: Yup, the sight of thatdrink might have been taking the tagline kitchen sink tattoo on the models arm(taste the thunder) a little too literally. just about defines badass for me.But somehow, I wasnt convinced. Those Message : Uh. Lets not go there… I rest my case.are definitely not the worst ads Ive seen.Thats when I came across this little gem -Shaliny Chandyof an ad: Façade r brains!! Tickle you ccording to their Lost in a maze searching a way out aker," a My mind looks at my heart with doubt he fresh m A) Who is "t slogan? Trapped in a cage thats so not Ruth wrigley Mentos ocolate b ar Where lies speak louder than the truth Secret lorone ch n with in the Tob No cry of prayers the sky receives t is hidde B) Wha log o? And even the very own shadow deceives A hunter A skier y face, A bear the smile Blinding away to the light shining hard ademark y tried to tr h compan With heart locked and sense of reason barred C) Whic iled? and fa Nike Verizon Wal-Mart nd of skin Caught in a room with thousand mirrors Kaya bra y owns the around h compan D) Whic ? clinics ited Lever Lim One true image and only reflections surround Hindustan arico Industries Laughing loudly at my helpless soul Dabur M lb rands of rt materia rcon are a Who cant spot the one who played its role E) Fevicryl and A ? pany The true self lost in those thousand views which com ilite The picture destroyed with so many hues nchor Pid Camlin A cricket wor ld With a single scar the whole face marred rry during tagline d id adidas ca And the real me dead in being a façade!!!! F) Which cu p? ing -Akansha Agarwal ible is noth ort Imposs Forever sp Just do it
  10. 10. participate in this and other events the Bhaskar Woman of the Year Award by the Accolades including crossing the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean DainikBhaskar Group -Shaliny Chandy Sea. Bhakti Sharma of SIMC-B comes In 2008 she swam the English Channel across as a confident, down-to-earth again in a relay of three swimmers young lady. Dig a little deeper and you including her mother Leena Sharma and will come across a list of achievements friend Priyanka Gehlot, which is in Asias that will baffle you and make you take a record. This is also the world record of second look at this remarkable young woman with renewed respect and admiration. first mother and daughter to cross the English Channel. Achievements An outstanding swimmer, Bhaktis jazz En vogue ( fashion show) achievements are too many to be Theme: Garage-1st mentioned fully and with justice. In 2010, she became the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim Natasha Asnani across seven seas, and the first Asian Chandni Mehta to swim four oceans including the Arjun Tiwari Arctic Ocean. Kavya Natrajan Sameer Roopawala In 2006, she crossed the English Parth Shah Channel from Shakespeare Beach, Sonam Jain Dover England to Callisport, France. In 2007, she stood first in the Singing competition at Key West 21 km race in Ankita Saha- 2nd the Atlantic Ocean and was the first Asian swimmer with Gold medal to And now in 2011, she has been awarded Duet Singing Alivia Bakshi-1st Dancing RAVINDRA PUROHIT role in short listing the final 20-25 entries from every region with the final round in 1st Runner up NISSAN BRAND MANAGER 2011 Mumbai comprising of 36 students. Kevan Anand Selection criteria were purely based on their Ruchika Sharma respective presentation skills, Shreedas communication skills and the approach Shraddha Mudaliar towards the project. Trilok Karkera 2nd Runner up Riddhi Choksi Tanvi BandalRavindra Purohit of SIMC-B 2010-2012 Nivedita Mattais among the 18 enterprising youth, Kruti Panthselected from across India as Nissan Jayati AhujaStudent Brand Managers and hasreceived the honorary title of Nissan A Pythian OdeBrand Manager 2011. CarromIncidentally the Nissan Student Brand Maithili SawantManager (NSBM) Program 2011 Pankhuri Kumarmanaged to garner over 2,843 studentregistration from over 450 colleges Tug Of Waracross 15 Indian cities, in only its Chandni Mehtasecond year showcasing the popularityof this unique student initiative to The 18-selected Student Brand Managers Star of the month- Julypromote the companys brand in India. will get an opportunity to be part of Nissan Indias marketing division with a six-month Senior Batch: Gaurav NarulaAs a part of the key initiative teamNissan had tied up with Bloomberg UTV internship during which they will receive a Junior Batch: Karthik Ramanathan monthly stipend of Rs 30,000 each, alongwho brought the jury for the NSBM 2011which comprised of eminent with Rs 20,000 as marketing budget to August execute their exclusive branding initiativespersonalities like Mr. Prahlad Kakkar, Ad to promote the Nissan Micra brand of cars in Senior Batch: Snigdha SharmaGuru, Genesis Films, Mr. Harish Bijoor, the country. Junior Batch: Sai VivekCEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, Mr.Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar -Synjini NandyIndia, V.G. Ramakrishnan, VicePresident, Frost and Sullivan India, MiniMenon, Executive Editor BloombergUTV, all of whom played an important
  11. 11. Shradhanjali SIMC-B deeply condoles the untimely demise of Prof. Gautam Rajadhyaksha on September 13th, 2011. We cherish the wonderful memories of his visit to our institute and his interactions with us. May his soul Rest in Peace. maximises the number of eye-balls that meets the eye and prefer dealing it with Mumbai Terror media finds attached to various channels during the days of such disasters. media-served, oversimplified predicates. While We so vehemently pontificate our beliefs in pointing fingers at the dire state Attacks One of the media trends that has emerged of late as the new in thing on such of administrative capabilities of those in power, we rather conveniently fail toA month ago, when Mumbai, the instances of collective sorrow is that of regard the idea that it is We that formcommercial capital of India, was taken broadcasting programs that stage They. In some direct or indirectaghast by a series of bomb blasts, people debates which mainly aim at analysing mannerisms, each one of us hasaround the entire nation were taken in for the present infrastructural capacities of contributed to the situation we are part ofanother shocker of its kind. However, the defence, intelligence and other today and even something as severe aswhat carves a niche for the latest attacks parallel armed forces to both prevent and terrorism too falls under the samein Mumbai is the fact that the tackle such repetitive attacks in India. umbrella. We must understand andconsequential events post the blasts were While in process of doing so, they fail not appreciate the fact that we are too densequite interestingly reduced to being to vent out their anger, spilling out venom a nation to remain completely shieldedpredictable and of little or no substance. with their words against the government, against all sorts of possible loopholes inThe reactions to the tragedy among the forces and any other official, security. The best therefore, we couldcircles in and around Mumbai were to an constitutionally recognized body. offer from our end is to educate ourselvesextent clichéd as they failed to offer enough to regard terrorism as our ownsomething fairly constructive to tackle the The key reason for the instantaneous success of these programs is they problem rather than the governments assituations of such measures. On a it compromises the lives of people whopositive front, India was once again immediately grab an emotional hold over a society steaming up with anger, are by all means one of our own.temporarily united and the spirit to lend ahelping hand was much on show as the frustration and grievance. When people A much needed indifference – that doespeople factor was largely the protagonist find these sentiments of escapist attitude not demand any inter-communal affectionduring the rescue acts conducted. being echoed on their television sets and – must be observed across all newspapers by the rich and famous ones, communities at this stage to ensure aIn the revolutionized face of both print and these conjectures start transitioning into slow, steady but certain elimination ofelectronic facades of new age media, the opinions at an alarming pace. anguish and resentment at all levels.terrorist attacks have accomplished a However, it only remains to be seen howsuccessful penetration in the minds of This thinking henceforth – that is brutally injected among the common minds – soon does the modern, technologicallycitizens across all corners, breaking the equipped and global India changes itsphysical and demographical barriers. The elevates the perceptions over stereotyped caricatures of terrorism to stance over terrorism and lets sanityimpact of the word terrorism has prevail over fundamentalism.therefore quite substantially acquired a another level. People fail to buy andstrengthened significance in the minds of acknowledge the idea of terrorism being aordinary mortals, which essentially way too far deep-rooted problem than -Parth Pandya
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