Think and grow rich


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Think and grow rich

  1. 1. BOOK REVIEW SESSION By T.Prashanth
  2. 2. Author : Napoleon hillCountry: United StatesGenre(s): personal successPublisher: The Ralston societyPublication year : 1937
  3. 3. About Author :Patriot of young Napoleon hill Born :October 26 1883 Died :November 28 1970
  4. 4. One needs to have a burning desire to succeed.Have a Definite and Specific Goal and a plan ofaction on how to achieve that goal.
  5. 5. Have faith on you that you really can achieveyour desire. If you truly believe it, then it is more likely to manifest itself
  6. 6. AutosuggestionHave a mental picture in your mind that you have already achieved what you desire
  7. 7. Specialised KnowledgeKnowledge becomes power when it is used and put into definite plans of Action. Take the time to learn what you need to achieve your goals
  8. 8. ImaginationEinstein said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life’s coming attractions” Visualise and Focus on your desire
  9. 9. Organized planningDevelop a definite and practical plan to achieve your goal. Put the pieces in place that will help you achieve your success
  10. 10. Decision Make a firm decision and stick to it.Don’t let others make your decision for you and do not procrastinate.
  11. 11. Persistence Keep working towards your goal no matter what obstacles get in your way.Rise above the challenges that are thrown at you and keep focussing on your goal
  12. 12. Power of the master mindSurround yourself with like minded people who are working towards a common goal- this will create synergy which is an unstoppable force
  13. 13. The Subconscious MindThe thoughts you have determine what you get in your life.Focus on your goal and imagine you have already achieved it
  14. 14. The BrainIt is said that we only ever use between 5 and 10% of our brain. The rest of our brain power forms thesubconscious mind, which we need to tap into toachieve the success we desire.
  15. 15. The Sixth SenseThe ability to utilise the sixth sense is gained when you apply and master all the previous steps.It takes time to develop and is not something that can be turned on and off at will
  16. 16. My understandings"What the mind of human can conceive and believe, it can achieve" " Never give up in middle "
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