Device channels v/s Responsive web design

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This Presentation details about advantages and limitations on Device Channels and gives a quick comparison on Device channel and responsive web design.

This Presentation details about advantages and limitations on Device Channels and gives a quick comparison on Device channel and responsive web design.

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  • 1. Device ChannelsPrepared by : Prashanth BS
  • 2. Advantages• Enables you to render certain site content, style your content, andeven change images—while maintaining the same URL across apool of different devices.• Target devices - Target different designs based on user agentstring for different devices. Device channels can be ordered andstored in a list.• Define channels for single devices or group of devices and Assignalternate “Master Pages” per channel• Ranking device channels - It helps for proper traffic routing byordering the most specific rules at the top for higher priority.• To define a mobile fallback Device Channel you have to defineonly one Device Inclusion Rule which has to be equal to$FALLBACKMOBILEUSERAGENTS
  • 3. • Selectively include or exclude portion of page layouts perchannel - Content inside a device channel panel is not renderedat all on the non-specified channels hence reduces the renderedsize of a page for devices by eliminating bulky content. Thisprovides a way to increase site responsiveness on bandwidth-constrained devices.• Image Renditions - helps you improve the user experience ofyour website by optimizing images.• From troubleshooting point of view where the user and thehelpdesk employee would see the same interface despite thepossible differences in their screen resolutions or browserwindow sizes.Advantages
  • 4. • This feature is only available for publishing sites.• Multiple Master page needs to created, since every channelneeds to be associated with a Master page• You can have a maximum of 10 device channels including thedefault configured on a specific site for an on-premisesinstallation, and a total of two device channels when usingSharePoint Online.• 150 inclusion rules per device channel.• Device Channels are designed to help you provide the visitors ifyour website with the best User Experience suitable for theirdevice. They are in no way a security measure and you shouldn’tbe using Device Channels to hide confidential data from yourvisitors. Because anonymous users can switch between DeviceChannels using query string parameters or cookies, using DeviceChannels for security purposes is a bad idea and could lead todisclosing confidential information to general public.Limitations
  • 5. Device Channels Responsive Web DesignDevice managementUses the identity of the browser onthe particular device to decidewhich presentation style to useProperty managementUses a device’s screen size todetermine the presentation layerDifferent HTML for every channel•Will always load the sameexperience for the same deviceregardless of the browser windowsize.•But depending on how manydifferent devices your site visitorsuse, managing the different devicesand experiences can becomecomplex.Same HTML for every device•Responsive web design can causedifferent experiences to be loadeddepending on the size of thebrowser window.Uses different master pages toensure that only the relevantmarkup is served to users andtherefore optimized performance ofthe website.Changes only the presentation layerof the website. Although you canhide some pieces of the page in thebrowser using CSS, they are stillpresent in the website’s code andtherefore loaded.
  • 6. Device Channels Responsive Web DesignMore flexibility•You can serve different content todifferent devices•You get more flexibility in controllingthe markup of your website for thedifferent devices•You can apply additionaloptimizations to your website, such asresizing images and videos server-side using the renditions capability,which further improves theperformance and user experience ofyour website.Limited by CSS support andcapabilities•Same content is served whenusing responsive web design.Custom Vary-By User Agentresponse header requiredPreferred by Internet searchengines - since the same HTMLis sent to every device, it’ssufficient for an Internet searchengine to index the contentonce, and it can be sure that thesearch results will apply thesearch query on every device
  • 7. Device Channels Responsive Web DesignMore management(support for new devices) – Anynew device to be supported willneed a separate Device channel/inclusion of ruleFuture proof (device size)
  • 8. • Combine responsive web design and SharePoint 2013 devicechannels to benefit from the strengths of both approaches• When combining responsive web design and device channels,you could use responsive web design to create the baselinecross-device experience• By using responsive web design to build the baseline for thecross-browser experience, we benefit from its future-proofnessand robustness. For the specific exceptions, we can benefitfrom the granular control that SharePoint device channelsoffer us.Combining responsive web design anddevice channelsCombining responsive web design anddevice channels