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18  Services Marketing 18 Services Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The Marketing Machine Marketing Concept Environmental Analysis Behavior and Segmentation Analysis Marketing Research Marketing Mix Uncontrollables Needs Technology Competitors Government Marketing Strategy
  • The Marketing Machine
    • If you know how the marketing machine works, and can turn the crank, you will always produce the correct marketing strategy.
      • The machine does not change.
      • The only thing that changes are the inputs.
      • Different inputs produce different outputs.
  • The Marketing Machine
    • If the machine never changes, then there is no such thing as:
      • International Marketing
      • Industrial Marketing
      • Services Marketing
      • eMarketing
      • Non-Profit Marketing
      • ……… ..???
  • Services Marketing tangible intangible salt dinner in a restaurant hair style Services are a form of products .
  • Services Marketing
    • … but they have different attributes that affect marketing strategies:
      • Perishable
        • Cannot be stored or shipped
      • Inseparable
        • Consumer is present when service is produced.
        • Cannot separate service from service provider.
  • Services Marketing
    • Service Attributes (cont.)
      • Heterogeneity
        • Quality varies over time.
        • Demand varies over time.
      • Substitutability
        • You can always do it yourself.
      • Postponability
        • You can always stall.
  • Services Marketing
    • Gap Theory:
      • Satisfaction is a function of the gap between expected service and perceived service.
        • An extension of buyer behavior
        • What you thought was going to happen versus your perception of what happened
        • Key is to minimize the gap
          • Give the customer what they expect…?
  • Services Marketing
    • Non-profit organizations
      • Service Sector
      • IRS tax classification, not an operating strategy
      • Lack marketing orientation
        • Equate marketing to advertising
        • Have non-professional boards
        • Lack clear marketing objectives
            • What is the purpose of a charity?…the profit?
  • Services Marketing
    • Marketing strategy is different for services.
    • Different inputs, different outputs
    • Pricing
        • Must be more flexible
        • Service demand is highly volatile
          • Use price to shift demand away from peak periods
        • More negotiated prices
  • Services Marketing
    • Service Strategy (cont.)
      • Promotion
        • Must promote the benefits.
            • … dead bugs versus a safe, pest-free environment
        • Build a tangible image, personalize the firm.
        • Personal selling is critical for the professional service provider.
            • … and they do not want to do it.
  • Services Marketing
    • Service Strategy (cont.)
      • Distribution
        • Location/convenience are critical
          • Cannot store or ship.
          • Can postpone, substitute
        • Short, Direct Channels
          • Intermediaries are agents or brokers
  • Services Marketing
    • Non-profit organizations need two strategies:
      • Donors versus Clients
        • Rarely overlap
          • The people who give the money don’t use the service.
        • Need one strategy for each.
          • … but management is frequently less qualified to manage multiple strategies
  • Services Marketing
    • Organization Marketing
      • “ Sell” the organization itself
      • Public Relations
        • Perform image assessment
        • Then shift image toward goal
  • Services Marketing
    • Person Marketing
      • Create, maintain, alter attitudes toward a particular individual
      • Similar to organization marketing but with more dramatic life-cycles
            • Celebrity and sports agents.
  • Services Marketing
    • Place Marketing
      • “ Sell” a general geographic area
            • Houses, buildings, land, vacation locations
      • Market segmentation and information flows
        • Who might be interested?
        • How do we reach them?
  • Services Marketing
    • Idea Marketing (aka social marketing):
      • This is the ultimate intangible.
        • One time action
            • … vote, get flu shot.
        • Understanding
            • … food labels
        • Change behavior
            • … wear seat belts
        • Change a belief
            • … religion