ERP Application Features


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ERP Application Features

  1. 1. 1 ERP System (By Prasad Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)ERP System at a glance:Equip yourself with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarterdecisions—faster. Without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out implementations and with flexibility, soyou can add functionality as your business grows.From manufacturing, to comprehensive value stream mapping, our solutions provide all the necessary tools tohone your organization into a truly lean manufacturing operation. Our ERP solutions are designed by industryexperts. Whether you produce highly complex products from distinct parts and components, or goods made byblending a variety of ingredients, our ERP software can help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency,and give you the information you need to make better and faster decisions.In a market where no enterprise can afford to run at a stand-still, our ERP to keep your organization lean, agile,and ahead of the competition."We do not claim to be the cheapest web service provider around. At the same time we are not expensive. Whilesetting up a Quote for you, we make sure that we offer you a deal in which you get the best performance andquality service."Below are listed main features of ERP system which we had developed at Prasad Solutions.Inventory & Material Management ModuleMaintaining the exact level of stock in warehouseManage and report your inventory informationIdentifying inventory requirementsSetting targetsMonitoring item usagesReconciling the inventory balances and reporting inventory status.Sales and Distribution Modulecustomer Order ManagementSales ReportOrderSchedulingShippingInvoicingOrganizations e-commerce web sites.Manufacturing ModuleEngineering, Bills of Material, Scheduling, Capacity, Workflow Management, Quality Control, Cost Management,Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Projects, Manufacturing flowSupplier and Purchase Order ManagementStreamlines procurementRaw Materials,Packaging materials,Sub AssemblyNon-inventory materialsThe procurement plan in is derived from the Material Requirement Planning or a direct PO can also be indented FEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  2. 2. 2Supply Chain ManagementInventory, Order Entry, Purchasing, Product Configurator, Supply Chain Planning, Supplier Scheduling, Inspection ofgoods, Claim Processing, Commission Calculation.Total Quality ManagementQuality Control Management and Quality AssuranceThe TQM configuration and acceptable tolerance is a configurable feature, enabling the Quality Department to scale theERP even with any new product development.Real-time process capability index for quick reviewExcise ManagementMaintain excise duty is a tax on manufacture or production of goodsData to accounts is posted automatically.FinancialsGeneral Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets.Human Resource ManagementAdministrative tasksPayrollTrainingTime & AttendanceBenefitsPersonnel ManagementOrganization ManagementPayroll ManagementTime ManagementPersonal DevelopmentReport ManagementInformational reportsAnalytical reportsResearch reportsDaily, weekly, monthly and yearly reportsGraphical reporting FEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  3. 3. 3 Customer Management: Advance search feature enables to find customer Import and Export from in an easy way. excel is available to make customer handling easy. Filter options are available A quick view of all customer to filter out the customer available to make user and get what wanted. experience better. Image 1: Customer list View Get a list of customer who are making good business with you in a selected time period. VIP Customer for your Business Image 2: VIP Customer list View Fill Out all information about your customer like billing shipping address, emails, contact no. , tax information etc. Image 3: New/Modify CustomerHaving big customer who hasmultiple contact persons. Noworries!! Here we have wayto store all of them Image 4: Additional Customer Contact FEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  4. 4. 4Inventory Management: Filter options are available to filter out your material and get what wanted. A view for all of your material to see and manage them easily A quick view for latest Search option is available price configuration for to save your time while selected material. looking for right material. Image 5: Material list View Bulk Price update is available for selecting material range and updating price, surcharge, discount etc. Image 6: Change Price-Discount etc by Filtered Material Bulk update for search and replace text is as well available for all or selected material Image 7: Search and Replace Text by Selected Material Easy to manage stock from one place. A complete list of material with their stock, search filter functionality. Image 8: Stock Management at One PlaceFEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  5. 5. 5 Manage multiple price, surcharge, discount or fixed Store all information about price for different dates. your material like Material code, short text, Long text, unit, pack unit, qty /price etc. Manage supplier and their detail Image 9: New/Modify Material Information and Price for corresponding material. Image 10: Material Supplier ManagementEmployee Management: Image 11: Employee list View Complete detail of employee as well can be managed. Working hour for every employee for every single day can be managed as well. Image 12: Add/Modify EmployeeFEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  6. 6. 6Supplier Management: Image 13: Supplier List Individual Supplier can as well be managed. Image 14: Add/Modify Supplier Bank account detail of supplier can as well be managed. Image 15: Supplier Bank Account ManagementFEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  7. 7. 7 Quotation/Project Management: A view of all projects with their customer so easily search and filter out the records. Image 16: Project List Project Info and customer info for the project. Selection of material, Price, Qty, time, Unit etc. for the material. Discount is as well available for individual material. Import excel feature is as well available to make user experience better. Image 17: Add/Modify ProjectSelection of material hasinbuilt quick search feature tosearch and selected requiredmaterial easily. Image 18: Inventory Selection in Project Many other properties like overall discount on total price, vat, tax, payment terms etc are available on second tab. Image 19: Other Properties by Project FEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  8. 8. 8 No matter, your project has single material or combined material you will always be aware with individual main material Qty.From project itself you cancreate delivery, back deliveryor an order to your supplierfor selected material. Image 20: List of all materials by this project. With all such exciting feature you will as well get a great view of reports. While taking printout you will have multiple options to take the printout with required data. Image 21: Print and Preview Option by Projects You can always take printout or same report in format like PDF, WORD, RTF, XLS etc or even can directly send it from application in form of mail attachment. Image 22: Sample Report by Project FEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  9. 9. 9Invoice Management: Every invoice Selection as well shows for which project is this invoice, how many invoice has been raised for A quick summary of all the that project and how much money invoice with quick search we have got for these invoices. and filtering option. Colorful indicator shows if the invoice is completely paid, partially paid or totally unpaid. Image 23: Invoice List A view of new invoice screen where material selection, customer selection etc are available. Image 24: Add/Edit Invoice With multiple other options, there are options to save detail like bank guarantee etc for that invoice as well. Image 25: Extra option in Invoice detail While taking invoice as print out you will get report selection option as well to select your own configured report. Image 26: Report SelectionFEATURE‘S OF ERP SOLUTIONS PRASAD SOLUTIONS PVT LTD